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Overview of IT Considerations

Student Access to Device Issues/Concerns Initial grant proposal identified devices to remain at home with students and a classroom set of computers Management of devices Initial grant proposal included Netbooks to remain at home and a Macbook cart classroom set debate compatibility of applications, user fluency of different operating systems, and teachers confidence to troubleshoot multiple operating systems. Explored iPads uncertain function of learning platform app for elementary students Discontinued Macbooks At the time of grant approval, Apple discontinued Macbooks Blackboard How to learn and teach using Blackboard with elementary students? Result(s) 1:1 device with a standard account and parental controls

Device Type

11 inch Macbook Airs as 1:1 device

Learning Platform

Professional Development: Connect and ConnectEd Research Created and implemented a course using CourseSites (free version of Blackboard) Blended Learning Teachers created curriculum and worked with an instructional designer Meeting with Dean Yoshida Network Support Services Branch (NSSB)

School Network Connection

Wireless: "Stand-Alone" or consumer based wireless access points (APs) Internet Connection: A Battle for faster connection to the internet

Wireless: One AP assigned to only the Blended Learning classroom location Internet Connection: Faster connection to the internet is a battle that we have no control over at the moment. (ie Aims Web, Peoples Choice, HSA, Math Whizz, Study Island, KidBizz, Weebly, etc). We are competing with everyone in the DOE.