renegade row / sandbag row Jungle Gym

db row Body Row Fat-grip ez-bar row Rope Row Cable Row (single and double) / Chest row

Roll Quad Stretch quad and hip flexor Stretch ankle Fire Hydrant Split Goalie Deadbug Lax ball on pec/back Double Pec stretch Birddog Band traction t-spine
Foot ball roll Knee stair forward bends Birddog Cossack

1-leg glute bridge Renegade row Band traction/pulldown/pullaprts Band walks Heavy tire flip Arm over arm pull Sled pull Prowler Push Sandbag Sledge swings Farm Walk Pushups Prowler Rope Pull + Push Sandbag Walking Lunges + Pushups A) Tire Flips x5 B) Burpee to Pullup x10 C) Sandbag clean x5 D) Sledgehammer x20 (10 each side) E) Prowler Pull+Push x75 feet .

Exercise Ball Pullup/ Rope Pullup Ring Work Pushup DB Press Farmers Walk Hill Sprint DB Row Fat EZ Row Hip Thrust Front Squat Fat Dead Sets x Repsx Weight 2x6 5x100 3x5 x75 33.5 2x5 105 bb rack 4x5 145 6 trips 6x8 5x12 73.5 3x20 53.5 110 5x3 10x2 215 225 L-sit/Abs Ball Leg Curl/Hip Thrust Tire Drag Sled Tire Flip Tire exercises Walk loop Jump Car push Sledge Stone Carry Medley 50s .

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