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Oleum Rhodia Product Data Sheet.pdf

Oleum Rhodia Product Data Sheet.pdf

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Oleum Rhodia Product Data Sheet
Oleum Rhodia Product Data Sheet
Oleum Rhodia Product Data Sheet
Oleum Rhodia Product Data Sheet

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Published by: Xiron Patrascu Marius on Jun 04, 2013
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Oleum Technical Grade
Formula Nomenclature H2SO4 + Free SO3 Oleum Fuming Sulfuric Acid Pyrosulfuric Acid 8014-95-7 Sulfuric Acid, mixture with sulfur trioxide In a sealed container, oleum is a clear to slightly turbid, colorless to light yellow liquid. In ambient air, oleum reacts with water vapor to produce a dense white “smoke” of sulfuric acid aerosol. 20% oleum: 104.50% H2SO4 25% oleum: 105.63% H2SO4 30% oleum: 106.75% H2SO4 65% oleum: 114.63% H2SO4 Other strengths are available upon request. Freezing Points: Specific Gravity: (60 oF /60 oF) 20% 34oF 1.916 25% 57 oF 1.935 30% 71 oF 1.952 65% 33 oF 1.992

CAS Number CAS Index Name Description


Typical Properties


22-ton net weight Tank Trucks 95-ton net weight Tank Cars 1400-ton net weight Barges Chemical: In the manufacture of organic sulfonates, detergents, and lubricants; in nitrating mixtures; as a dehydrating agent; as an SO3 source.


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