For the purpose of analysis, Mean and percentage methods are used for the calculation and the result was interpreted. This test was used to minimize the error of the data collected. Graphs were used to represent the data for the better and accurate interpretation of the result. Sample tools are used for analyze purpose, they are follows: 1. Percentage analysis 2. Mean method. 3. Chi-square test.


Percentage refers to a special kind of ratio in making comparison between two or more data and to describe relationships between the data. Percentage can also be used to compare the relative terms, the distribution of two or more series of data. Percentage= no of respondent/ total respondent100


Chi-square test is used to find whether two or more attributes are associated. In order to test the association of the attributes, null hypothesis and the alternate hypothesis are taken. Null hypothesis (HO) states: the two attributes are independent of each other alternete hypothesis (HI) states: the two attributes are dependent on each other.

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