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FEAR (a Vampire in Love a With a Human)

FEAR (a Vampire in Love a With a Human)


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Published by Kemi-Marie
This story is about a vampire who falls in love with a human....NOT ANOTHER TWILIGHT....this story was created before I saw that movie. I love to write stories....PLEASE ENJOY THIS.
This story is about a vampire who falls in love with a human....NOT ANOTHER TWILIGHT....this story was created before I saw that movie. I love to write stories....PLEASE ENJOY THIS.

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Published by: Kemi-Marie on Apr 23, 2009
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FEAR (A Vampire in Love with a Human


Characters Alicia ♥ Eric ♥ Mark ♥ Lacey ♥ Evelyn ♥ Melissa

Age 17 18 17 17 17 16

Species Human/Vampire Vampire Vampire Werewolf Vampire Vampire


Eric (Vampire)

Mark (Vampire)

Lacey (Werewolf)

Evelyn (Vampire)

Alicia’s Vampire Eye

Vampire Alicia

The Ring

Wedding Place

Wedding Dress

Wedding Cake

.::STORY STARTS::. Chapter One Author's POV

She ran through the woods. Fearing what was behind her. Her legs cried out in pain and her heart sped up as she drifted through the night. Whatever was behind her seemed to be able to keep up with her pace. Strange, she thought. She was determined not to look back because that would only slow her down. There was a light shining not too far from where she was. She hurried and moved as quickly as she could to reach it. As she reached the house she banged on the door yelling for helping, but there was no answer. Someone grabbed her from behind and leaped into the sky with her and back to the ground. She felt as if she was flying. She screamed and yelled in fear, afraid of what might happen to her. She hit the person but they refused to let her go. With one hard hit in the head she fell unconscious..... Eric's POV I dislike filthy humans. I love the taste of their blood after a good chase though. This human. The smell of her blood was extremely amazing. Her features were perfect. Her beauty glowed. I tied her to the bed post and covered her mouth with tape to avoid the loud screams and hassle she would give when she awoke. As if just on cue, she shook out of sleep. I smiled, "Good you're finally awake." Her bright blue eyes glared through me as if she was trying to pierce my soul. Too bad I don't have one. Who is he?, she thought. Not able to speak. Just how I liked humans. Easier to kill.

"My name is Eric," I said, replying to her thought. She gasped, realizing that I read her mind and responded to her. Did he just read my mind?, she thought. "Yes I did. Now stop thinking or I'll kill you!" What I said must have shocked her because her mind went blank. I looked at her, sighed, and walked away. This human out of all humans I've chased and killed has created a new emotion in me. Guilt. What was she doing to me? What made me feel sorry for her? She watched as I pulled a chair next to the bed. "Ok I'm going to take the tape off your mouth but don't scream ok?" I said to her calmly. She nodded her head in agreement. I slowly peeled of the tape. Her lips released a soft cry of pain as I thought she would from the peeling of the tape. I looked at her sternly. "Sorry," she said, barely at a whisper. I looked in her eyes and opened my mouth to say something but was immediately interrupted as the door flung open. Mark. My brother. "Well well, look what we have a here, a puny little human," he said, walking slowly toward the bed. "Were not killing her Mark." I said. He looked at me and grinned. "I'm serious were not killing her." "Why not? The little puny human deserves to die," Mark said.

The human glared at Mark with hate in her eyes, "I'm not puny and my name is Alicia, stop calling me human like your not one. You're just lucky that I'm tied to this fucking bed because I'd kick your sorry ass." I slapped her, "Don't you ever talk like that?" Her eyes widen in shock. Mark swiftly pushed me away and moved beside her on the bed, "Listen human, I will kill you even through my brother forbids me to. Don't test my fucking nerves. Or else you will suffer?" She laid still, but built the courage to ask, "What are you?" Instead of giving her and answer her showed her his fangs. He seemed to be moving closer to her smelling her neck. I grabbed him and flung him across the room, he hit the wall hard. "Were not killing her!" I growled. Mark shot up and ran after me. Attacking me.

Chapter Two Alicia's POV I was afraid. I wondered how I had gotten there and where I was. While the two vampires bickered and wrested, I tried to pull free from the

ropes. Eric looked at me. Mark did also. I froze. They both grinned at me. "Aww, the puny human is trying to free herself," Mark said. I was beginning not to like him. He was such a jackass. Eric on the other hand was less tense. Mark spoke again, "You know for a human you are rather cute. Too bad when your dead it won't matter." Eric growled. Eric didn't want to kill me, which was surprising. What did he see in me? I still did not speak. Eric sighed and walked over to me, "Listen Alicia, I really don't want to kill you but if you become a pain in the ass then that's what will end up happening. Ok?" I nodded. He smiled at me and patted my head which irritated the hell out of me. "I'm not a dog," I said, and soon regretted. He slapped me hard across the face. I winced in pain. Mark laughed and I glared at him. He slowly walked up to me, "You must love pain puny human. If you don't obey us, you'll die. Do you want that to happen?" Of course I didn't but I wasn't the type of girl to obey anyone’s rules but my own. I turned my head to the side refusing to respond to his question. "That's what I thought human, don't respond," he laughed again. He was starting to piss me off with the damn name "human". "I swore I told you my name is Alicia, so why won't you use it?!" I yelled, in frustration. I was expecting another slap from Eric but Mark pushed Eric out of the way and grabbed my neck squeezing it so I could not breathe. "You're fucking name is puny human. I will kill you! What don't you understand from that?!" He squeezed my neck tighter. I closed my eyes. I felt him release and as I re-opened my eyes I seen Eric pulling Mark away. I coughed and tried to regain my breathing. Eric's eyes turned black and so did Mark's. I gasped not knowing what else to do. It seems like I was the cause of the quarrel. “Stop!!” I yelled, but my voice didn't help at all.

In a blink of an eye Mark was in front of my face, hissing showing me his fangs. I screamed. Eric dragged him and Mark fell to the floor. “Stop fucking fighting!!!” I screamed, as tears fell from my eyes. They both looked at me. Mark's POV This human is strange. Eric seems to like her. I growled at him. We both looked at the puny human as she cried. “I want to go home,” she said. Eric walked over to her and knelt down. “That won't happen puny human,” I said, smirking as Eric looked at me. I want to know what's attracting Eric to her. Yes she is cute looking, but she's dinner not a love toy. It was making me mad, watching Eric untie the stupid human. "What are you doing Eric?!" I yelled, he didn't look or even respond to me. What I said next shocked all of us, "Don't tell me you like this bitch?!" He drifted toward me and slammed me against the wall. "Mark, shut the fuck up, or else I will kill you." He was protecting her why? I took his hand and rung it around, twisting it. The human stood up and walked toward us. I growled a loud deep growl. She froze. Eric released his arm and we began to fight. Chapter Three Alicia's POV There was no point in me trying to stop them from fighting. I gathered my thoughts and ran towards the door. I ran down the stairs and

through the front door. I don't think they even noticed I left. I ran my heart out, drifting through the woods. Then I hear sounds, like before I wasn't planning to turn my head to see what was behind me. I ran afraid of dying and afraid of the monsters. Mark was in front of me in a batter of my eyes. I screamed and turned around. There stood Eric. I stood still. "What do you want with me?" I asked, afraid of the answer. Eric grabbed my throat and lifted me up with one hand. He was extremely strong. I kicked my legs trying to let him let me loose but he didn’t budge. My face was turning pink. I felt a burning as if my head was about to explode. In the distance I could here Mark laugh, "I told you this bitch was trouble. This is great, I bet her blood taste sweet," he said. I wondered if Eric knew he was killing me. Then it hit me. Think. He can read thoughts. Eric, you're killing me. Stop please!, I thought. That’s when it registered to him. I was just a human. He let go of me and I fell to the ground. I placed my hands around my neck and tried to breath. He picked me up without struggle and placed me over his back. Holding on to my legs, he leaped into the sky as he did the first time he gripped me, but this time I was still awake. Eric's POV As we reached the cabin, I laid her down on the couch. This human is a real challenge, I told her I don't want to kill her but at the looks of things that's what might end up happening. As I walked to the kitchen towards the fridge to get a glass of blood, I looked around her neck and seen the marks that was left from my choke hold. Also her cheek was bruised from me smacking her. I sighed and gulped down the blood. Mark walked in and I throw him glass, he caught it without hesitation.

I walked over to Alicia. She must be hungry and tired. I didn't have any human food because human's never stayed alive this long to feed. We usually killed them and buried them in the woods. "Mark, she needs to eat," he looked at me as if I stabbed him. "I'm not getting any feeding for that puny human. She's a damn problem. Let her suffer and died. I just want her blood," he spat. I couldn't disagree with him. He was right. I'm so caught up with the fact that I'm attracted to her and forgot the one most important thing, she's a human. A filthy human. She looked at me with her blue eyes. I looked away feeling that emotion again. Guilt. I mumbled under my breath and dashed out the door. I reached out the house and turned right back in. I can't trust Mark alone with her. Mark was near her, covering her mouth. Shit. I yanked him off. "What don't you get about were not killing her?!” I hissed. He gave me one of his grins and said, "I was just fucking with her. I'm not thirsty at the moment I'm just bored." I yanked her up and dashed out the door. As I reached to a main street I let her walk. I didn't want it to look strange. "Look, I'm getting you food, but I'm trusting you not to run away and scream, or I will hunt you down and kill you." She nodded. I sighed and took her hand in mine. I felt her stare at me and down at our hands. Why did I do that?

.::STORY STARTS::. Chapter Four Alicia's POV

I looked below to see Eric take my hand in his. I was embarrassed and wondered if I should run. I couldn't. It’s like he had this control over me. This possession. He looked at me and said softly, "What do you human's like to eat?" At first I hesitated, but quickly regain my thoughts,"Um, McDonalds. It’s right now the block." Eric ordered some food for me and stared at me while I ate. I felt embarrassed. "You must have really been hungry," he said smiling. For some reason I loved his smile. It showed the peaceful side of him. I was beginning to like him, but it wouldn't make sense because like Mark said I was only food. We walked back into the woods. Eric gave me a choice, not the one I wanted to hear though, "Do you want me to carry you on my back or in my hands?" I didn't really care. I just wanted to be free, “Eric?” He looked me in the eyes. "Yes?" he responded softly. "When can I go home?" He didn't answer me. He just took me in his arms and leaped and dashed through the dark, cold woods. We reached the cabin in a matter of minutes. It was dark and it seemed like Mark wasn't there. Eric noticed this, “Where the fuck is Mark?" It seemed like he yelled because his voice echoed through the cabin. No answer. As Eric searched through the house, I found my way back to the bed I was tied to and laid down, falling asleep. Mark's POV

It seemed like Eric and the human were gone for hours. I took my time and explored the woods I knew too well. Humans were lurking around. I don't know what they were doing but I fancied their blood. I began to follow them. It happened so quickly. I grabbed a human, covered its mouth, and dug my teeth into its neck, not giving it time to attack. Its blood taste sweet and I wanted more. I grabbed the human who was screaming in shock and drank until there was no more. I felt like I needed more. What's happening to me?! Eric's POV Alicia fell asleep. I quietly sat next to her watching her. She looked so peaceful. I smile. Her blood was so tempting and now would be the easiest time for me to kill her, but I couldn't. That emotion came back. Guilt. She most be truly missed by someone. Why did I have to take her? She's so.......beautiful. I thought. I got up and kissed her lips softly not wanting to wake her up. She slowly awoke but instead of pushing me away she deepened the kiss. I got on the bed and wrapped her legs around me. I wanted to be inside her. Feel her warmth. I heard the downstairs door open and slap shut. I smelt blood. I jumped up leaving her scared and afraid, "What is going on? Who is it?" She asked frightened. "It's Mark, but he reeks of blood, meaning he's thirsty. Very thirsty. When he gets like this he can't control himself. He kills all the humans he comes in contact with. Stay here. Lock the door." I looked in her eyes which were fill of fear, "Don't go anywhere." I dashed downstairs. Hearing the door lock behind me. Good girl, I thought to myself.

Mark's eyes were blood shot red. His mouth was covered with blood and his fangs showing. "Where's the puny human Eric?" he questioned. I didn't answer. "Don't tell me you've already killed her without me. No fair." He tried to push me aside to go upstairs but I stopped him. Blocking him. "Go outside Mark. You need to calm down." I said, still blocking him from the stairs. He growled and demanded that I move. My eye's turned black. "No Mark. Move. Go the fuck outside." He pulled me and dragged me out of the way.

Chapter Five Eric's POV I grabbed Mark's leg before he got to the middle of the steps. He growled but I ignored him and pulled him outside. I couldn't let him hurt her, now that I developed feelings for her. This was bad. Really bad.

Mark and I never truly got along when it came to his feeding time. He always got what he wanted eventually so I had no idea how I was going to protect her from him. At least she's safe for now. I punched Mark in his head the same way I did to Alicia to knock him out while I thought. I looked around in the darkness but could see clearly because of my peripheral vision. I saw a rope. I dashed for it and drifted back to Mark and tied him up the best I could. As he slowly drifted back into reality, he seemed calm and confused. Mark's POV I was tied to a tree, staring Eric dead in his face. “What the fuck?” I asked confused. He smiled a bit, “You're back to normal.” That was all he said. I wondered and the memories came rolling back to the people I slathered in the woods. I reeked of blood. I was guessing it was theirs. Eric was still glaring at me like he was making sure I was ok. “Eric! Untie me jackass!” I hissed. He laughed and untied me. “Where's the hu-” I was cut off. Eric pushed me hard against the tree, making a thud sound echo through the cold woods. “You're not going to touch her or I'll kill you.” He was falling for her. This fucking human had an effect on him. Shit. I'll always obey my big brother but when I lose control I have to kill all humans in my sight. I brushed him off and nodded not knowing what else to say. We walked back into the house and upstairs to see the puny human. Alicia's POV

The door knob started to shake. I looked around the room to see if there was anything I could defend myself with, but there was nothing. “Who is it?” I asked, afraid of the answer. “Open up, Alicia,” it was Eric. I got up and opened the door. Hugging him. For a second he didn't hug me, but as it slowing registered he hugged me back. Mark pushed past both of us and sat on the springy bed. He didn't look at us. What happened? I thought, looking at Eric's eyes patiently waiting for an answer. Instead of Eric's response Mark replied, “Nothing human.” I was new to this mind reading vampire thing so when Mark replied it scared me. “We can both read your mind, Alicia.” Eric answered, taking my warm hand into his cold hand. “Oh,” was all I said. Not knowing what else to say.

Chapter Six Eric's POV I wanted to go out. Leave the cabin and take her somewhere. Then it hit me. "Do you want to go somewhere?" I asked her. "Um, I guess," was her reply. We made our way out the house and through the woods. I held her in my arms and told her to hold her breath and close her eyes. She did. "Ever been to New York?" I asked, she shook her head, I teleported to New York's Statue of Liberty.

I placed her on the floor, “You can open your eyes now.” I was standing in front of her. My lips almost touching hers. I felt her warm breath against my cold lips. I wanted to kiss her. I couldn't. So she kissed me. Wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me deeply. I kissed her back. I wanted her then and forever. I thought quickly, where can I go? Mark's at the cabin. Without her even noticing I chose a place near by the cabin, it was a building that I seen. Hoping there was no one there. No one was in sight. We never broke the kiss. I laid her down on the soft padded bed. Her lips released a soft moan against mine. It was perfect. Everything. Her being with me, her touch, this kiss. She broke the kiss and gasped for air. I took that time to take off pieces of cloths. This time we wouldn't be disturbed. I took my shirt, her shirt, my pants, and her pants off. What I remained in were boxers. Her in her bra and matching panties. Sexy. I looked in her eyes. Kissed her softly, moving down to her neck, inching my way toward her breast. I lifted her up and unlatched her bra. She shivered as my cold hands touched her warm skin. I wanted more of her. I kissed my way to her belly button. I used my thumbs to take her panties off, revealing her precious pussy. I touch it softly, she moaned loudly. Wait....does she want this? “Do you want me to stop?” I asked, she looked me in my eyes and shook her head. I slowly inserted a finger in her without warning. She melted. She felt so good inside. Alicia's POV Why would I stop him? Oh gosh. I don't know if I’m ready for this. Yes I've had many boyfriends. Many kisses. Many touches. But never did I have this feeling. Lust. It felt good. I totally forgot about him being a vampire.

He inserted another finger and it drove me crazy. I moaned in pleasure. He watched me. I felt him watch me. Felt his stare and his I felt his finger explore in my pinkness. My secret. It seemed like he was in me forever. I was in heaven. It felt wonderful. He leaned toward me and in an instant switched his finger for his dick. I let out a scream. It hurt but it wasn't my first time. It had been a long time. He inched deeper into me. My cries in pleasure grew louder. Minutes later, he released into me his cum and collapsed on top of me breathing hard. I was dizzy and in a daze. I looked around, wondering if we were actually in New York. I was confused, but slowly sleep took over me.

Chapter Seven Eric's POV What have I done?! I made a big mistake by sleeping with the human. My scent is all over her. Soon they will kill her. Not only Mark but the hunters. I watched her sleep peacefully and quiet. She steered quite a bit though like she was having a bad dream. I didn't want to wake her, she might attack me.

How do I feel about her? I mean, it's obvious that I like her, but is it deeper than that? No. I got up and walked around the abandoned room, pacing as if the walls would give me an answer. They didn't. I felt disappointed, not at the walls but at myself for getting so attached to a human. A filthy, worthless human. This human...this human was beautiful, kind, sweet, and so much more. I heard movement and it wasn't coming from Alicia. I sensed trouble. I had to get her somewhere safe. Before......WWWWWWHHHHHAAAAM! Alicia POV I woke up to a loud sound, it sounded like someone was being hit by a brick. Oh my gosh!!! I covered my mouth to hold back the scream that was peering its way through my mouth. Eric was lying on the floor. I froze. I wanted to get up but wasn't sure if it was safe to do so. Someone or something grabbed my neck and forced me to lay down. Mark. Thank goddess. Wait...what I'm confused how did you get here? Did you do that to Eric? I thought, knowing he would read my mind clearly. "No, I didn't do that. A werewolf did that. Look I need you to stay with him and don't make any sounds. I'm sending you somewhere safe." Before I could even let words release from my mouth, Mark drew Eric into my arms and transported us to a quiet place. I couldn't tell where we were. I looked down and tears felled my eyes as I watched as Eric not move. Yea he was already dead but she looked as though he died again. I was scared. Afraid of losing him. "Not now," I said out loud. I leaned back against the wall and tried to relax. Only time can tell, I thought. Only time.

.::STORY STARTS::. Chapter Eight Mark’s POV That human is in danger and so is Eric. I told him we should have just killed her, but he wanted to keep her alive. Why? What does he see in that damn human? Well he’ll learn sooner or later. I sniffed the air to find the foul sent of the werewolf. Their scent was easy to smell, but unfortunately they weren’t. I sensed someone

behind me. I didn’t move. It could have been a werewolf. Whatever it was, it lashed toward me. I dodge them and laughed. “Lacey?” Her name slipped out my lips. I haven’t seen her for what felt like decades. I thought she was dead. She smiled, “Yes Mark. I’m alive get use to it.” She looked at me to see my response. “I’ve been hiding out. Have you missed me?” I just stared at her. Lacey is my ex-girlfriend. Let’s just say, we didn’t get along very well. I’m a bit of a mad man. When I get angry I take it out on everyone. She was one of my victims. It was an accident, a mistake, but that didn’t stop her from wanting revenge. When were going together. She was a human. I was a still a vampire. I fell for her. Well come to think about it, my situation is almost the same as Eric’s and Alicia’s. Anyway, I was very angry one day and hurt her. She ran and I haven’t seen her until now. “Look Lacey, I’m sorry.” She appeared in my face in a split second. “Revenge.” Was all she said, and took me by the neck and slammed me against a tree. I couldn’t fight back. She’s a girl. Alicia’s POV Eric was slowly getting up. I said his name softly in near his ear. “Eric? Baby get up please?” What I said must have been afraid of what I said because he grabbed my neck and choke me. My lips mouthed his name. He stopped. He got up and drifted to the door. “Eric?” I was confused. It’s like he seen something different. It was hard trying to read him. He’s so unemotional.

He finally spoke, “Mark’s in trouble. You stay here.” He disappeared. How did he know Mark was in trouble? He’s not even here. Argh. Vampires. Eric’s POV What happened to me? I choked her again. I sighed. Mark was in trouble I could sense it. I found Mark tied to a tree. I smelled a werewolf, but didn’t see one. I quickly untied Mark. Out of nowhere someone attacked me. Lacey. “Stupid bitch.” I said under my breath.

.::STORY STARTS::. Chapter Nine Alicia’s POV They abandoned me. Jerks. I hate men. I can’t believe I’m here alone in this stupid place. I stand up and stand near the window viewing the outside for the first time. It was beautiful. Where was I? I looked around trying to read the nearest banner. I couldn’t. It was like it was in another language. I looked further out the window and seen a long wall. OMG!! I’M IN CHINA!!

I’ve just met these guys and they take me to China. Well they really left me in China but I’m in China! I can’t believe this. I sit down on the sofa. I might as well sleep. I lay my head on the sofa and drift to sleep, dreaming of Eric. Eric’s POV I thought we killed this bitch before. How is she still alive? There was only one way to kill her now is too ripe her head off and burn her. The problem is she’s really strong. Is she actually stronger than Mark and I put together? I guess we’ll find out. She was staring me in my now blacks eyes. I turned to look at Mark who was grinning. I didn’t find shit funny. “Are you ready to die again Lacey?” I asked, not really caring for her answer. She stared at Mark and wondered why he was laughing. Surprisingly we both asked him, “What the fuck is so funny?” He paused for a second, looked at us both and continued to laugh. She walked over to him and stood in his face. I realized what he was doing. He was trying to distract her so that I could kill her from behind. As she stood there, I walked behind her and grabbed her head. I slowly twisted it and then heard a loud snap. I continued to twist it as the head peeled off slowly. She was dead. “That was easy,” I said to Mark. Now I reeked of werewolf.

::.STORY STARTS.:: Chapter Ten Eric’s POV As Mark and I finished burning Lacey’s body, I felt like I was forgetting something. I looked at Mark who was posted on a wall. I slowly walked over to him and punched his arm, “Lacey, Mark? How could you ever fall for that?!” Then it hit me, “Alicia!!!” I screamed out loud. I transported to China. Mark could have sent us anywhere in the world, but he sends us to China. I found Alicia lying on the couch sleeping. She is beautiful, her body is the perfect shape, and she looks so flawless. She must have sensed me in the room because she woke startled. “Eric,” she said, in her soft voice. I just stared at her and smiled. She slowly got up and walked over to me and hugged me. I realized what she did and hugged her back. She smelled sweet like strawberries.

“Ready to go?” I said, breaking the silence. She pulled away from me and stood at the window, staring out at the view. “Eric?” She said. “Hmm,” I said admiring her. “Were in China, this is a once in a lifetime thing for me. Can we stay?” She looked at me, “Just for today?” How could I say no? I wanted to tell her that if she stayed with me she could travel anywhere in the world but “Yes we can,” was all that escaped my lips. I took her hand and we headed out the door. I never knew how much girls loved to shop! I bought her new shoes, pants, skirts, shirts, necklaces, earrings, and even bracelets. Time seem to be going by so fast. We walked streets for what seemed like hours. “Look a jewelry store.” She said, taking my hand and dragging me towards the store. As we went inside, she started circling the store eyeing all the diamond rings. She stared at one particular ring the most. “I want that one Eric.” She said. What happened to me demanding her to shut up and commanding her to leave? I couldn’t. I felt something for her. I sighed and paid for the ring, all my purchases in cash. I wanted her to have that ring, but that’s not the way I want to give it to her. “Name somewhere you always wanted to go,” I asked, taking her hand and leading her into an alley to transport wherever she request, placing the ring in my pocket for safekeeping.

It took her a minute to think about it but when she thought she said, “Paris!!” In a blink of an eye we were standing on the Eifel Tower. “Ahhh!” she screamed as I held on to her waist. It was time to confess, to admit what I was feeling for this girl, for this human. I started as simply as I could, “Alicia, remember when we met and you hated me because I kidnapped you.” She nodded. “Remember when Mark tried to kill you but I insisted on having you stay alive?” She nodded again. “I don’t know but you’re special. I’ve always killed my prey. I’ve always been strong enough to get over them, but you. You are the one I fell for.” She gasped, as I slowly went on my knee and took the ring out my pocket.

“I love you Alicia. Will you please marry me?” I took the ring out the box and placed it on her finger, still awaiting her answer. “YES!! YES!!! YES!!!!!” she yelled jumping up and down. I stood up and softly kiss her passionately on the lips.

::.STORY STARTS.:: Chapter Eleven Alicia’s POV Omg!! IM ENGAGED!! Eric’s looking at me and I’m crying. He wipes my tears away, “Let’s go.” We transport to the cabin and walk in. Mark is on the couch watching TV. “Where the hell you two been?” Usually I would want to slap him but I ran over to him and sat on him, hugging him tightly. “What the fuck?!” Mark pushed me off and stood up. “Were engaged!!!!!!” I yelled. Mark looked at Eric, “To a human!!! A fucking human?!” Eric said nothing for what seemed like a minute, “Go upstairs Alicia. I’ll be up there in a minute.” I did as he requested and skipped happily upstairs.

Mark’s POV “I knew you were falling for that puny human.” I said, eyeing Eric. Did he expect me to be happy for him? I wanted to kill her not have her for a fucking sister-in-law. “I love her so deal with it. I’m going to turn her as soon as I talk to her about it.” Eric said, I looked at him as if firecrackers were shooting out his head. “You’re going to what?!!” I stood in his face. “She’s a puny, pity, snobby human. She doesn’t deserve to live or even become one of us. She deserves death and if you don’t kill her I will.” His eye’s turned red. I never saw it go red before only my eyes did that. His hand moved so fast that I could defend myself. He grabbed my neck with one hand and pushed me towards a wall. My feet were dangling off the floor. “Touch her and I swear I will kill you. She’s going to become one of us if you like it or not!” He said sternly. He released my neck and I felt weak. “Fine. I’m not staying here because I might end up killing her.” I transported to a dark abandoned building. “How dare he do that?!” I yelled out loud, hearing myself echo throw the building. Eric’s POV I walked upstairs, I slowly open the door and look at Alicia dressed in a pink bra and matching thong. My mouth dropped!!! Sexy!!!! I closed the door, staring at her from top to bottom. “It’s not our honeymoon yet but I think you deserve a treat,” She said so soft. She starts to walk to me, pushing me against a wall and kisses me deep and passionately.

I couldn’t believe this was happening; it’s like purposing to her made all her sexual tension escape. “Wait,” I said, not wanting to stop. She whimpered, slowly nibbling my ear, whispering softly, “Yes baby.” “What do you think about becoming a vampire? You know like Mark and I?” She stopped immediately. “What?” She asked, slowly backing up. I could smell her blood, it was tempting. I wanted her to be like me so then I couldn’t be tempted to kill her. Her blood smelled like peaches. I closed my eyes trying to control myself.

::.STORY STARTS.:: Chapter Twelve Alicia POV “Listen before you go crazy, just hear me out. Ok?” He said, looking at me strangely. I slowly backed up further, hitting my foot on the wall. “Alicia, this has to happen before or after we get married.” Then I had a slight regrets of being engaged to him. “Listen, I know this may be a hard decision,” he looks at me but keeps his distance, “But if you don’t choose to “change” then you’ll be hunted for the rest of your life.” Those words shocked me. “What?! Hunted?!” I yelled, grabbing a shirt and putting it on. I turn around and find my pants on the floor. “I can’t deal with that! I don’t want to be hunted!” I yelled. He stood emotionless and in silence. He sighed and finally said, “Look I’m giving you a choice Lici, but if you don’t choose, I’ll choose for you.” That’s the Eric I met, the one who always wanted to make my decisions for me. “Can I sleep on it?” I asked.

“Tomorrow I need an answer.” With that he walked out. Eric’s POV I’m giving her a choice and I hope she chooses wisely. I didn’t want to do this to her but I have no choice. In order for her to keep safe, she has to become a vampire. The door opened as I walked down the stairs towards the kitchen. “Eric,” Alicia called out my name. “Kitchen,” she walked inside dressed in her pajamas. “Um, I made up my mind. I just have one question,” she said, I looked at her blankly. “Will it hurt?” “It doesn’t have to.” I poured a glass of blood from the jug. Lately since I haven’t been hunting, I substituted human blood for animal blood. It wasn’t the same, but it was all I have at the moment. She walked up to me, “Don’t drink that. Take my blood.” I looked at her, she was ready. I placed the glass in the fridge and in a blink of an eye I was in front of her. Alicia’s POV He kissed me gently; his hands were around my waist. I felt him pushing me against the wall. “It won’t hurt,” he said, kissing my neck. “Promise,” I said gently. Without warning his fangs dug into my neck. I couldn’t describe the pleasure I felt. It was so much better than any orgasm I had ever had.

My body felt weak, I felt like I was falling. He pinned me to the wall so I wouldn’t fall. I was in heaven. His body so close to mine. “Er…..ic” I could barely speak. He didn’t stop. It felt so good. My vision was failing and I couldn’t feel or move my body. I couldn’t feel anything anymore. I was blank. His hands were still around my waist. He took his fangs out and I wanted to fall on the floor. He wouldn’t let me. One of his hands moved away from my waist. I felt something drip on my mouth. Blood. At first I tried to resist. “Drink it,” he said. It was sweet. I drank all that I could. My body began to come alive. I drank. I could hear the door opened, “Finally,” Mark said. Eric pulled his hand away from my lips and fell to the floor bringing me down with him.

::.STORY STARTS.:: Chapter Thirteen Eric’s POV I opened my eyes. She was lying on the floor. Not moving. I got up and turn here over. “Is she ok?” Mark asked. For once he was showing that he cared for her. I didn’t answer him. I couldn’t answer; I didn’t know what was wrong. Oh my god, what’s wrong with her? I laid her on the couch and took her in my arms. She wasn’t moving. I got up slowly. “She’s de…” I was pulled back. “I’m what?” I turned around and couldn’t believe my eyes. Not only because she was alive but because she was beautiful. She was beautiful before but now she looks flawless. “You’re beautiful,” I said, I kissed her gently. I don’t know how she transformed so beautifully. Oh my god. It was Mark’s turn to input his opinion, “You look okay. You’re not a falling star but you’re near it.” He stared at her. I stared at her. “What?” she yelled, “I don’t know what you’re talking about?” She ran in front of the mirror and gasped. “Oh my god,” I smiled. “Told ya,” Mark and I said.

Alicia’s POV I felt like a queen. We decided to celebrate so we walked around the city of New York. Eric and Mark taught me how to transport. Eric held my hand and Mark walked slowly behind us. “How do you feel?” Eric asked me. I looked at him and smiled, “Better than ever.” Mark’s POV I looked at Eric and Alicia. I can’t call her a puny human anymore. She wasn’t a human. Argh. Life is getting better. All I need is a cute girl by my side. Damn and I think I found her. She was walking towards me and I froze as Eric and Alicia kept walking. “Excuse me,” she said, “But can I ask you a question?” “It depends. What can you do to deserve an answer from me?” I said. “Look, I know who you are Mark. What I want to know is why you’re still alive?” she asked me. “What?” I looked around quickly to see if anyone was watching, grabbed her by the throat and transported to an abandoned building. She broke free and pushed me. “I sent her to kill you.” “Lacey?” I asked.

“Yes you fucking nut. You’re suppose to be dead.” She said. Is this chick serious, “Listen you bitch, I killed her and if you’re trying to kill me I’ll kill you too. Don’t make you life end, with you being so cute and all.” She smiled, “I got a better idea,” she pushed me down and kissed me. What the hell is going on?

::.STORY STARTS.:: Chapter Fourteen Eric’s POV I turned back and seen no one that looked like Mark. I stopped. “Mark?” I said out loud. “Come on. He probably got bored and went hunting. He’ll be fine.” Alicia said, pulling me by my hand. Something was wrong and grabbed Alicia and took her in an alley transporting back to the cabin. Mark’s POV “Listen chick, I don’t know you.” I said pushing her off. Her eyes turned pink, I jumped back but she walked closer. “You will want me. You will love me. You will be mine.” She said. It was like she had power over me, I couldn’t control myself, “I will want you. I will love me. I will be yours.” I blacked out. Evelyn’s POV That was too easy. I grabbed him by the leg and dragged him to the couch. Lacey should have killed him while she had the chance. Now I have to deal with him myself. How could he kill my bestfriend?! He’ll pay. He’s under my spell now and he will die. Alicia’s POV

“Why are we here?” I asked Eric, who was sniffing the room searching for Mark’s scent. “This is stupid Eric,” as I said that the door opened and a girl stood there holding Mark’s by his leg. “What the fuck?” I said, Eric drifted over to where she stood, pushed her out the way and moved Mark to the couch. She came back in the room grinning from ear to ear, “He isn’t died, and he’ll be fine. I saved his life.” “What are you talking about?” I asked her, walking over to Mark. “I could have killed him. He’s useless.” She said it with pride, I looked at Eric, and his eyes were red. Even though I’m a vampire now I don’t know my abilities or how to control my strength. I’m just learning and I’m useless. “I will kill him.” The chick said. Ok now I was getting irritated, “Ok listen bitch, I don’t know who you are and I could care less, but damn bitch stop talking shit!” Everyone was looking at me like I blew up. “What?!” I yelled. “Look in the mirror,” Eric told me. Since I became a vampire my eyes were blue, green, and a little orange, but now their all different colors. What does that mean?!! ::.STORY STARTS.:: Chapter Fifteen

Eric’s POV Her eyes were all different colors. Its send in myth that if a vampire’s eyes are all different colors, they can rule and kill anyone however they want. She is powerful, maybe even too powerful for her own good. “Alicia…baby…just stay calm ok. If you show any sort of angry towards me you might kill me.” I said, she looked so scared and confused. “Kill? What are you talking about? I would never kill you.” She paused and looked at the girl, “I want to kill her.” It’s like her whole being changed. She looked different. What I didn’t understand is why she was so eager to kill her. “What’s so important about her that makes you want to kill her?” I asked. “Ask Evelyn,” She said. “How the fuck do you know my name bitch?!” Evelyn was frightened. “Tell them or I will.” Alicia said. Evelyn’s POV Ok this chick is creeping me out! I don’t understand where she’s getting my information from. I sighed, “Ok, I guess I’ll tell.” I looked over to Mark who was slowly waking up from his trance. Just in time. “What the fuck is going on?” Mark asked, looking around.

“Well Evelyn was just about to explain to us what’s really going on.” Alicia said. Dammit, I had to make up something and fast. “Mark, don’t listen to her. She’s crazy. I mean look at her.” I felt like something was piercing through my body. I felt a sharp pain in my side but I couldn’t see anything. “Alicia!!! YOU’RE KILLING HER!” Mark yelled, pushing Alicia to the floor. Since he’s under my spell her has no choice but to protect me. He doesn’t know what’s going on though. He doesn’t understand that I’m planning to kill her. Eric pulled Mark off of Alicia and Mark flew to the wall, hitting his head hard. He blacked out again. “The stupid bitch has him under a spell!” Alicia yelled. She can read thoughts?!! Dammit! “Spell? Well that explains a lot.” Eric said. “Ok Evelyn. Start explaining.” Alicia said. “Mark’s under my spell. He has no choice but to protect me. I’m going to kill him. Lacey was a set up, she was suppose to kill him but failed to. Mark is wanted dead for what he did to Lacey.” I don’t understand how that came out of me, it’s like I was forced to talk. This bitch was controlling me. “What did he do to make you want to kill him?” Eric asked. “He didn’t love me. He chose to love someone else and treated me like shit. I was hurt. I had to get my revenge.” I wanted to cry. I felt pain. “Kill me,” I said.

::.STORY STARTS.:: Chapter Sixteen Eric’s POV

Alicia is stronger than I suspected. I don’t know what to do our say because she might kill me. Evelyn is crazy. She just wanted to kill Mark all along. She deserves to die. “I will kill you if that’s what you really want,” Alicia said, with a grin on her face. “Yes I want to die. Kill me fast please,” Evelyn said. “Wait! Are you serious? Alicia doesn’t know exactly what she’s doing so if you ask for death that’s what you’ll get.” I said, making sure Evelyn understood. Evelyn’s POV They’re so dimwitted. Do they actually believe that I’d let them kill me. As the boy finished saying what he had to say I throw a stake in her heart but the boy seen it coming and pushed her out the way. Alicia’s POV “NOOOO!!!!” It happened so fast! She tried to kill me. She tricked me. I knelt down where Eric was lying and hugged him. “Eric, get up please. Please get up. Please.” Tears started running down my eyes. “I’m sorry,” Evelyn laughed. I looked at her, “I hope you burn in hell you stupid bitch.” I pierced my eyes though her empty soul.

Fire started to circle around her. The flames began to heighten and she was screaming, “Alicia stops! Stop!! Ahhhhhh!!!” As the screaming stopped, the flames died down. I looked back down at Eric, rocking him in my arms. Mark woke up confused, “What happened?” I didn’t look up or say a word. He knelt down beside me, “Who did this?” He looked me in my eyes. I could see my eyes reflect in his black eyes. I didn’t say a word. “Who the fuck did this to my brother Alicia?” I pointed to the ashes, “It was Evelyn.” I cried hard and took the stake out of his heart. “I love you so much, Eric. Please come back.” The wound slowly closed. I couldn’t believe my eyes. “He’s still alive!!” I yelled, I couldn’t believe it.

Chapter Seventeen Eric’s POV My eyes felt heavy, my mind blank. I slowly opened them open to see a beautiful pair of eyes staring down at me. Alicia.

“Eric. Oh god Eric. I thought I lost you. You’re alive. YOU’RE ALIVE!!” she yelled, Mark was close to being teary eyed also. I’ve never seen him like this before. “Good your ok. I thought I would have to live with Alicia by myself,” he laughed lightly. I looked again at my soon to be wife, her eyes now back to there regular brown, blue, and green. “I love you,” I said to her softly. “Sweet, but now can someone explain to me what the hell happened?” Mark demanded, ruining the moment. Before I could speak Alicia took over. “Mark, you were under a spell. Evelyn was planning to kill you because apparently you broke her heart. You went unconscious so she decided to try to kill me, I didn’t see it coming but somehow Eric did. He saved my life and took the stake to his heart.” She paused, crying softly. “I thought I’d lost him. I got so angry and flames started to surround Evelyn. She burst into ashes. You regain consciousness and when I pulled the stake out of Eric’s heart his wound healed.” “Wow,” Mark said. “I’m staying away from the lady’s for a while.” We all laughed.

::.STORY STARTS.:: Chapter Eighteen SIX MONTHS LATER Alicia’s POV I’m glad he’s alive. I never want to lose him. I sat reminiscing on how I almost did. That day, a day I never want to happen again.

I sat quietly on our bed planning our wedding. I decided to have a traditional one, which included all our family and friends. After I told my parents that I was a vampire they flipped but had to accept it. They kept looking at me, touching me time after time to see if I was really dead. I was. “You’re cold,” they’d complain and I’d just sigh wishing they’d be quiet. My mom placed it on herself that she wanted to help with the wedding. She took me wedding dress shopping. It was nice, just having a time with my mom. When I was human, my mom and I never talked or even looked at each other much. I love her. The dress we were in love with wasn’t white it was cream. It was ruffled at the bottom and little diamonds were around the waist. What I liked the most about this dress was that it was a strapless dress. The wedding was in 1 week…..

::.STORY STARTS.:: Chapter Nineteen DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING Alicia’s POV I didn’t know how to feel? I’m so nervous and afraid that nothing will go right. Eric keeps telling me relax and calm down but he has no idea what it feels like to be in my shoes.

“Baby, please try to relax its only one day. Nothing bad will happen ok.” He said, as calmly as he could. The problem was I couldn’t believe him, even through deep down in my heart I knew he was right, I just couldn’t say it in words. “No Eric. Something is going to happen and I know it. I just can’t sleep knowing that it may take away my happiness tomorrow.” His eyes gave me assurance. I didn’t want to give in on the bad luck that I felt was coming but I knew that I was right. Eric talked me into sleeping, seeing that I wasn’t going to sleep on my own he gave me two choices, “Ok baby, you can either A, let me knock you out and guarantee that you will be asleep for the rest of the night, or B, give you a sleeping pill which will also make you sleep for the remaining of the night.” My mind was set on A but I knew that that was just my self-conscious speaking, “B,” I told him. Within minutes I was in his arms sleeping like a baby. WEDDING DAY! ::.STORY STARTS.:: Chapter Twenty DAY OF THE WEDDING Alicia’s POV I woke up alone. My life felt too good to be true, unreal. I stretched and called out my soon to be husband’s name, “Eric.” I waited patiently but heard no one’s reply. I got up and walked out the door towards the kitchen.

“Eric?” I called again. I walked towards the front door and seen him outside talking to Mark. I smiled and walked out to him. Without hesitating he turned his attention to me, I turned to Mark who was wearing a grin proudly. “Baby, I woke up without you, I thought something was wrong,” he held my face between his hands and kissed me. “I’m fine Lici, Mark and I were just talking about you,” he said, I looked Mark who was now looking at me innocently. “Actually, I was warning him that you were going to flip when you noticed he wasn’t beside you,” he laughed, “and turns out, I was right.” Mark was playing around with his new specialty; he wasn’t too bad at it. Even though he hasn’t perfected it as yet he could still foretell the near future, and getting better at it as the minutes pasted by. Eric hit his arm and took my hand, entwining his fingers with mine. “So, how did my angel sleep?” Something was strange, different but I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it. “Um, I slept well,” I said, with a little giggle. He smiled, “Are you ready to be Mrs. Neal today?” He looked at me, swinging my hands as we walked into the kitchen. I paused for a moment remembering what was out to happen today. I was going to be his wife. It wasn’t as if I was having second thoughts, I just never thought I would be getting married so soon, so young. “Yes,” I said softly. As if he was reading my expression he asked curiously, “What’s wrong?” I shook my head assuring him that nothing was wrong, but he didn’t believe that. He pushed me against the wall, pinned my hands above my head and read my thoughts. “Baby?” he said, kissing my lips gently, “You have nothing to be afraid of,” he kissed my chin and moved to my neck nibbling it gently, “I

promise you everything will go as planned today,” he moved lower licking above my breast. The phone rang. I mumbled under my breath. Eric’s POV “Hello?”….. “Yes mom she’s awake,”…. “Ok yes I’ll tell her to get dressed,”…. “Yes ma’am,” he hung up. By the look on her face she could faintly hear what my mom was saying on the phone but I didn’t have to tell her, she pieced together what she could and ran off, while I trailed behind. “Wait, where do you think you going? I wasn’t finished with you!” I said, trying to get to her before she closed the door. She laughed and closed the door. I could hear the water running, “Your mom will be here soon and I look like a hot mess, we have all tonight to do what you want,” she yelled knowing that she wanted the same I did.

Chapter Twenty-One Alicia’s POV I was dressed by the time my mom and mother-in-law came. I turned to kiss Eric, “Ok baby, I love you be good. Make sure you and Mark aren’t later than I am.” We both laughed, my mom took my hand and we headed to her car. Mark’s POV I walked slowly to Eric, tapped his shoulder, “Come on man, let’s get ready for your wedding!”


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