Abase means to humiliate, to defeat someone down to a lower place.

When you get abashed, you feel all embarassed and when someone try to praise you then you feel awkard and nervous. Abate means decrease, to slow down or to appease. when a storm abates,so one can easily proceeds. To shorten is to abbreviate, and to give up means to abdicate. If you abet one abduction then you are rather aberrant, coz helping a criminal doing this should not be on your errand. Such abnegation is to hate all mankind, abhoring those around us is abominable as a crime. When you abjure your loyalty you abolish all your belief. It takes more than ablution to absolve all your deeds. For aboriginal Chinese, abortion is not an option. Even your life can be abrasive, you can’t abscond or abridge it. An absolute philanthropist tends to abstain from hate, he will abrogate all abusive terms and absorb people’s pain. It might sounds abstruse and unable to accede; abstinence also sounds abstract, still many people acclaim. Abundant of people abut, they stand side by side. To be abstemious in life is to accentuate a style. You can accelerate your pace but you need to acclimate. You can be accessible to a lot of thin, but you can’t fall into the abyss. Studying is climbing acclivity, it takes all your accessory, if you treat it with acerbity, then you won’t succeed with any acuity. If one’s ignorance is abysmal then he doesn’t know he knows nothing.