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Letter From Annapurna

Letter From Annapurna

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Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Janelle Marshall, currently staying in England, some days ago have passed your receptionist Shorna information with the urgent request to forward them to you. I hope and assume that you have received this information meanwhile.
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Janelle Marshall, currently staying in England, some days ago have passed your receptionist Shorna information with the urgent request to forward them to you. I hope and assume that you have received this information meanwhile.

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Published by: Christ Is Back on Jun 04, 2013
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Dear Ms. Reverand hood, Mr. and Mrs.

Brian and Janelle Marshall, currently staying in England, some days ago have passed your receptionist Shorna information with the urgent request to forward them to you. I hope and assume that you have received these information meanwhile. My name is Annapurna, I am a German, and I also would like to inform you now, that Jesus Christ is reincarnated since 11.01.1944 and back on Earth. I am in possession of my perfect mental abilities and I try to be as short as possible and concerning the Royal, Scottish genetic descent of Mr. Brian Marshall I ask you to watch the attached video link and read the script below. Because I am a German just like Emeritus Pope Benedict, I had the honour to report him after his resignation in an E-mail audience on 9th of March 2013 about Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall. From this time on Pope Emeritus Benedict and Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall and his wife Janelle Marshall had daily conversations via email. Very soon Pope Emeritus Benedict was convinced, especially when he saw a photo of him in comparison with the shroud of Turin, that Mr. Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall is the reincarnated Christ. Pope Emeritus Benedict proclaimed the return of Jesus to Pope Francis at the historic meeting of the two on March 23, 2013 when they had during 45 minutes a private conversation. Pope Francis however could not take this message and believe it and he has furthermore cancelled Pope Benedict's planned proclamation that Christ is back which has already been recorded by the Italian TV station RAI to be published in a broadcast about the shroud of Turin. From this point in time Pope Benedict and his staff were cut off from the outside world and held as prisoner. To investigate this case the Marshalls and I went in April/May to Rome. Like Pope Emeritus proclaims in his apostolic letter "In Christ Credunt" I now can tell and witness from my own, personal experience that Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall is the returned Christ. I was allowed to experience little miracles, I recognized much love, cordiality and acceptance for me and all other persons they met. I noticed Brian Marshall feeling uncomfortable being in the city Rome where so many Christians have been slaughtered. I saw how he was patient, not manipulating or forcing situations, he trusted in fulfilment of prophecy as he had commanded his Angels to take over to the right time. As the reborn Christ has Scottish ancestry and the Scots are the tribe of Judah, the course of history or the fight between Scotland and England and thus the bloody battle between two blood lines is understandable. It is the struggle between the bloodline of Seth (God) and Cain (Satan) since the history of mankind. And this too is the reason why the end time prophecy has to end here in Scotland. The circle will close there. It is also no coincidence that Pope Benedict has chosen the name Benedict (due to his unconscious soul memory) because Saint Benedict found old scriptures about the Essenes via St. Jerome’s' translations of the mysterious Hebrew fragments and his Benedictine monastery rules were influenced by these Essene teachings and in Scotland have been build many Benedictine monasteries. Mrs. Hood, I address to you because I think you too as a Scottish, intelligent woman and honoured church scholar, play a key role in the announcement of the Christ. By the announcement that Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall is the reborn Christ you can help and relieve Scotland, as well as your ancestors, whose blood had been shed through ongoing fights and suppression. But it is not just about Scotland but about the liberation of the whole world and humanity from the yoke of the Zionist usurpers. Because Jesus is back now at the end of days, of prophecy, like he had announced 2000 years ago, and because he is

the most royal man alive and has already served the Queen of England, he will overtake the reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords all over the world and build a new Kingdom of justice and peace together with the Church and his Saints. We owe it to our children, to give them hope and a new and peaceful unpolluted future. I know your time is limited, and yet I would like to ask you as a serious and in Christ believing responsible Christian like you are to take the necessary time to study the documents. It greets you warmly a Protestant sister from Germany

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNCUj_ribJY http://genforum.genealogy.com/golightly/messages/453.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZmTYIg72_c&list=PLA45E58D6C6483318 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GbQrkfrxOo&list=PLA45E58D6C6483318 “It is said in the Scriptures that Jesus emerges from the stem of Jesse, and thus out of the tribe of Judah and the sceptre will be never taken away from the hand of Judah. All seem to miss the words of Isaiah, which predict that the King must be genetically descended from King David. It would be logical to look for the one most Royal alive, see Isaiah 22:22 and when found, he is the King, the Christ. The throne of David is everlasting, according to the bible, and so the only throne of Judah, not the Jews, as they are Khazars of Russia which converted to the Jewish religion about 800 AD to gain power, and are not genetically linked to Judah's kingly line. You must look at the descendants (daughters) of Zedekiah (Tea Tephi and Scota) who were taken to Tara Ireland by Jeremiah, 583 BC. The throne was to merge with the Irish (the Pharezline with the Zahraline) and end up in Scotland. History of the British is controlled by Freemason hold on the throne, but one line of genetic royalty continued via the lions of King William I. The Lion, who had two wives, the first producing King Alexander II and he the father of King Alexander III, who died without offspring. This did not automatically lead back to the half-brother of Alexander II, who was much older than King William's youngest son by Isabel D ' Avonal, his name was Henry, as via D ' Avonal he was a direct descendant of William I the Conqueror and therefore more royal than any other heir. By 1290 there was a vacant throne and this called 13 competitors to vie for the throne, one of them was Patrick Golightly, the grandson of Henry who sir named by William I. the lion, his father as Henry Golightly. The eventual blood bath saw Robert Bruce, a Freemason (Templars) emerge as they believe Jesus did not die on the cross and married Mary Magdalene and his children by her, became the Fisher kings and descend to the royals of Europe. It wasn't possible to trace the Golightly line until the Internet came to the world, and become available from 1998 when search engines made available more information. At that time, Brian Leonard Golightly MarshalI had researched the family line of Golightly and Marshall, (MARESCHAL) as in those times, first cousins always married and second cousins were not permitted as it caused insanity. But politics caused the marriages of kings to women of second cousin genetics and insanity is rife. While all this interbreeding was going on, power struggles and wars kept the true genetic line from the eyes of the kings who would have killed off that line had they been vocal. Freemasonry was a child of Knight Templars that ran head long into the Catholic Church and Talmudic Jews infiltrated both. This began the assault on truth as the Jews from Russia had taken hold of an opportunity to developed with the occult teaching of the same thoughts that had devoured the Pharisee's at the time of Jesus. John 8:44. “

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