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Historical monuments of Azerbaijan Ahmadov Binyamin 9a2 Azizova Aygun

The Maidan Tower 

Decoration of the Ichery Sheher is The Maiden Tower. They tell be composition his in the century of XII. But archaeologists write being BC VIIVII-VI souvenir of the centuries of the Maiden Tower. The Maiden Tower stays build what the purpose Maiden Tower dark. As say, Maiden Tower has played the role of military fortification.  News about attack of the enemies was supplied with making a fire in the towers raised in different places of Azerbaijan in ancient times. Maiden Tower may be has served to the same purpose. He is sign naming of Maiden Tower of the castle his can buy of by enemies.

Shirvanshahlar Palace 

He has located in the high notable part of Shirvanshahlar palace, chari aharin. Palace have been built XV at the beginning of the centure and Shirvanshahlar's residence has been for a while. Shirvanshahlar palace organizes consisting a few from the beginnings complex.  Another court-house, tomb consists courtof Mosque of Shirvanshahlar, shah, reservoir, bath-house, sayyid Yahya bathBakuvinin tomb from this complex from the palace building from the gate of construction and the east considered conditionally. Sayyid has been moreover Yahya construction being was called Keyqubad Mosque near Bakuvinin tomb. Mosque of reservoir, bath-house and Keyqubad bathdestroyed at present and their tracks have stayed only.

Temple of Fire
FireFire-temple, Azerbaijan, especially has been noted region of Baku as place burnt eternal fires in the ancient sources.  Temple of Fire" fire temple Fire" located in the 30 kilometres of Baku, south-east part of the southSurachani district settlement of the Absheron peninsula. "Temple of Fire" is constructed Fire" in the place of the eternal inextinguishable flames went out in XVII-XVIII centuries natural XVIIgoose. Stable the earliest fashion of the temple is about 1713 of our era, but central has built altar of temple by merchant Kanchanaqara in 1810. 

Gobustan Rocks 

More than 4000 drawing (on-rock (ondrawings pulled on the basis of technique of engraving on stone) have been found out in the Gobustan today. Stages of animal and fishing, way of life, collective in these drawings dances, different, including symbol (svastika, spirals, cross) will fade and symbol have constellations tracks of descriptions of the animals, boat made from cane, cart and man as goat of gazelle, mountain, lion, goat to drawings. In the Gobustan in the on plates, stone and hollow which have been adorned by even patterns have stayed healthy. There are stones giving other simple "musical instruments", "musical instruments", strong voices here. Because timbre was "tambourine stone" be "tambourine stone" each carried and are said them.

Sheki Khan Palace
Poems have asked to build palace of only khan being Huseyn writing in 1762 Hu khan by originality by Mustaq Mustaq pseudonym in the world. Palace has style of special construction. It is sufficient to show him only that each square metre consists of net from parts dressing to five thousand each others.  Some kinds of the people the fine arts, especially have become generalized XVIIIXVIII-XIX examples of interesting wall the trade a painter of the centuries in the palace. It is necessary to note that palace should stay and palace have been encirclement in spite of being in inside, for cities of old the east by characteristic addition walls being. 

GalarsanGalarsan-Gorarsan Castle 

Sources show that Shaki khan Darvish Mahammad khan protected stay in 1551 and Kish which should stay buy time which has made an effort to run and he have been killed by persons of the shah. The same sources draw name of the castle connected with attack of rare shah to Shaki again in 1743. Haji Chalabi turned Shaki khan to independent khanate in 1743. Shaki was compelled to meet with anew with army of shah . Troops of the rare shah keep remainder in the siege with intervals. If he is to live in the siege which has fighted by enemy long time for Shakilies difficult, they have put up resistance "Galarsanthem hard. "Galarsan-Gorarsan" name is connected with these events.

Azix Cave 

Az x cave is located in the left shore of the river of the Guruchay. Cave is in the territory of the Fuzuli district of Azerbaijan.  Area of the Az x cave is 800 KVs km. There are length 8 corridors lie here till 600 metres. Height of the some is till of the corridors to 20-25 20metres.  One molars of the jaw bone which have stayed unbroken, but he had broken other partially. Scientists are in thought such were to the woman of 18-years-old. 18-years 18 age was considered for that time in the senility period, because those time was continuing life on average 2020-22 years.

Tomb of Nizami
Tomb had been built on grave of the Nizami district from white limestone since old times. Construction of the first tomb is done about the 13-14th centuries. 13Seyyid had paid a visit to less Shirvan namely this tomb in 1879. Tomb has been repaired Mirza Ad gozel bay Qarabagi and Asgaraga with Goraninin initiative. General restore from by souvenir later. Tomb has been raised on grave of the poet in 1947.  Tomb has been reconstructed in 19901990-1991. Tomb settles in the gateway of the Ganja. 

Tomb of Momine Xatun 

Grandiose monument of the national architecture of Azerbaijan,Tomb of Momine Azerbaijan,Tomb Xatun have been built west part of the Nakhchivan city in 1186. Founder of the Atabayla Atabaylar state amsaddin Aldaniz wife Momune where has decided to the tomb creation on Xatunun grave, Mahammad has finished his construction world son in 582  34 metres general height which has been, he has disintegrated foreign cover in the height of 8 metres later on. Temple consists metres of underground and ground-based parts. groundTomb part is decagon in the plan. According to some investigators, head of the Atabaylar Atabayla state have been buried amsaddin Aldaniz, msaddi Aldaniz, his wife Momune Xatun and son Mo Mahammad world athlete in the tomb. mma Tombstones of the graves bury in the tomb have been stolen once . Tomb has been with original structure, has from art point of view to rich arrangement.

AshabiAshabi-Kahf a place for pilgrimage 

13. We speak true their news [Ya Mahammad] you. He a few young besed which has brought faith to they God. We have increased their faith.  14. They said to Diqyanus: Our " Allah is God of the blue and places. We shall not pray besides to any God. Sulphuric which have got over the limit otherwise speaking, there were possible to the extreme!We had the given ", time that they said strength, steadfastness to their heart.  15. Our this people accepted another Gods from Allah . Adduce one evidence to such they God, but lie has invented against Allah and may who be my hall since made ?!

Yusif ibn Kuseir tomb 

Yusif ibn Kuseir tomb located in Nakhchivan have been built by geniuses Azerbaijan architect Acami Naxch vani in 1162. Monument has architect UNIKAL in spite of being the first work of Acami to architecture feature. Grave part of the tomb is/are under the place. This monument knows with name of Paternal tomb " between people.