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Published by: Tengku Sofea on Jun 04, 2013
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Model Solar Powered Boats

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Gallery Plans Components Boating science Boat kit SunDay Solar Boat Races Report on Puffin I, a radio-controlled PV boat using flexible cells and recycled materials

Solar Model Boat Educational Kit

The kit comprises:
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solar motor with gold-plated plugs propeller, shaft and plastic connecting tube Velcro hook & loop plastic card self-adhesive motor mount 2 1-Q/single cells kit - £41.00

If you decide to buy any cells at the end of leasing period then the leasing charge is subtracted from the normal buying price.VAT Leasing option for cells only: Deposit required of £10. 1 2-Q/double solar cell kit .00 ex. VAT 3-blade propeller (diameter 25mm) with threaded fitting for 200mm shaft & with brass tube bearing. £1. .VAT One flexible 2-Q/double solar cell £22.00.VAT 4-blue blade propeller (diameter 58mm) . £4. All leased PV cells to be returned to Schools & Homes Energy Education Project.00 ex.00 and £22. £1. 9:1.£28.00/cell AND £4/wk for the first week then £2 per week after that This leasing fee covers normal handling and wear and tear of flexible PV cells.90 ex.00 In addition you will need to find materials to make the hull(s). 27:1) + motor with gold-plated plugs + shaft for possible use with larger propellers.40 ex.00 ex. The recipient is responsible for any breakage and loss at the replacement value of £18. £2.VAT 3-speed gearbox (3:1.00 ex.VAT Solar cells:   One flexible 1-Q/single solar cell £18. Propellers and shafts: choose one of the following.     3-blade black propeller (diameter 25mm) for 200mm shaft with threaded fitting. If bought seperately prices shown below.

Build a solar boat and explore the world of sustainable energy .

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