Hardwick Community Development and Design Workshop
Faculty: Diane Gayer and guests Date & Time: 8 to 4pm MAY 25 to JUNE 5

Course Description: Workshop focus is community facilitation, development, and design working directly with the Center for Agricultural Economy in Hardwick, Vermont and their Atkins Field Project. We will look at how reclamation of the Woodbury Granite Company property as a sustainable agricultural education and resource center can facilitate community redevelopment and food self-sufficiency. Reclamation and reuse of the property includes understanding Burlington’s Intervale as a model, physical design needs for agricultural and building uses, ensuring ecologic functions, and connectivity to the larger regional context. The course will include examples of community projects from the Vermont Design Institute, participation by members of the Center, and guest speakers. Week One—May 25, 26, 27 Day 1 (8-1pm): Introduction to the workshop, course expectations, case studies from other community redevelop and design projects, expertise of participants in the course, etc. Day 2 (8 to 4pm): Field trip to Hardwick and Atkins Field Project to meet the members of the Center, visit the project site and town of Hardwick. Day 3 (8 to 4pm: Interviews and discussions with members of the Center; identify layers of meaning, objectives, expectations, and outcomes; pursue and research unknown elements; and set workshop priorities and directions. Week Two—June 3, 4, 5 Day 4 (8 to 4pm): Field trip to comparative site with focused discussion and observation. Day 5 (8 to 4pm): Workshop activity as a design charrette including guest participation and resulting in the development of presentation materials. Day 6 (8 to 1pm): Final development and design presentation for the Center and Hardwick.

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