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Lime Cordial

Lime Cordial

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receipe for those who don't have acces to Rose Lime Juice
receipe for those who don't have acces to Rose Lime Juice

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Published by: angelofglory on Jun 04, 2013
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Lime cordial


Lime cordial
Lime cordial is a mixture of concentrated lime and sugar,[1] sometimes used as a mixer for cocktail. While lime cordial can be diluted and consumed with vodka or water, any liquid will suffice. In some cases, you will receive lime-flavored syrup if you ask for lime cordial.

Recipe for Lime Cordial
Ingredients • • • • • Rind of 4 limes Juice of 8 limes 30g Citric acid 1½ kg Sugar 15g Tartaric acid

Cooking Instructions • Boil about 3 litres of water. • • • • • • • Combine citric acid, sugar and tartaric acid. Pour boiling water over the above-prepared mixture. Stir to dissolve. Add rind and juice. Cover it and leave overnight. Strain the mixture and keep it in a bottle. Dilute with water or soda water according to taste.

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