This practice-transforming evening is about implementing systems & tools to take your practice to the next level, so you

can make more money, be more efficient, have more fun and make a bigger difference.

for the The Holiday Inn 2970 Elder Street, Boise City, ID 83705
Friday, August 16th, 2013 8:30am-9:00am: Refreshments and Healthy Bites 9:00am-12:00pm: Live Event The special event is led by Gary Kadi, the Author of “Million Dollar Dentistry”. This 3-hour live event, is designed specifically for the doctor, spouse (or significant other), and team leader. Seats are available for the first 25 practices. Experience all of this for an investment of $397 for 3 people. Call 212-388-1712 to register or learn more today. Your time is NOW.

Using NextLevel’s Complete Health™ model, participants will discover...
How to get your team in the right place, doing the right things, at the right time! How to uncover lost revenue, resulting in more cash in your pocket (right now)! How to implement this model in a way that results in a “Triple Win”, for the doctor, the team AND the patient!

are up an average of

NextLevel Clients



, 32 775 * per month *

“Attending the course with Gary Kadi had an immediate impact on my practice. We saw a patient this morning, worked as a team to educate the patient, and the way we handled the trust transfer was incredible. Instead of collecting my usual $350 down payment for the records and trying to get further financial commitments down the road, we collected $4300 in interest-free options!” WAYNE MARKMAN | WATERLOO, IL “We’ve really built a wonderful team where we are working together. Everyone’s having a great time every day. We’re actually hitting our goals and making bonuses and everyone is so excited to be here.” JESSICA HOUSTON | KANSAS CITY, MO
Gary Kadi is the Author of “Million Dollar Dentistry”, “Raise Your HDL”, and “The Dentist: America’s Unsung Healthcare Hero”.




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