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Activity Planning Form Curriculum area: Outdoor Age: ____3-5__________ Day of the Week: ____Will be available all week

Daily Schedule Time 9:10am 9:30 am ___________

Planned by: ___Jennifer Avila _______________________ Title of Activity: Make a shelter Rationale for Selection: (Based on childrens culture, family, community experiences,
home language, specific assessed needs and interests) All children live in different types of homes. By having materials for children to build a shelter, the children will be able to build based on the experiences they know. The child will be able to work cooperatively as a team, use their fine motor skills and problem solve.

Goal and Objectives: The child will be able to build a shelter for the dinosaurs. The child will be able to work together to build a shelter. The child will be able to be persistent while building the shelter. *Anti-bias area Ability *Anti-bias skill To encourage children to try new experience. To encourage cooperation with peers and others. *DRDP measure(s) Measure 4: Impulse Control The children will be able to control their impulse by not picking up the rocks or hurting each other with the sticks.
Measure 8: Cooperative play with peers The children will work together to build a shelter for the children. Measure 40: Fine motor Skills

The children will need to use their motor skills to make shelter.

Materials Needed:
Rocks Sticks Dinosaurs

*Teacher Preparation: The teacher will need to set out rocks, sticks, and dinosaurs outside next to the tree. *Children Preparation: There is no preparation for the children. *Dramatic play props used/made: I did not use a dramatic play prop for this activity. *Book used:

I did not use a book for this activity. Safety: List safety considerations and your plan regarding them. I will make sure to tell the children to not pick up the rocks. I will tell them to keep the sticks on the floor and not use them to hurt others. Procedure: (step by step) Beginning: How will you introduce this activity? After clean up and after the morning routine I will tell the children: Outside there will be sticks, rocks, and dinosaurs. I would like to tell you to not pick up the rocks because you could get hurt or hurt someone else. Also, make sure the sticks are not used to hurt yourself or others. What do you think you can make with rocks and sticks? Oh a shelter for the dinosaurs? So they are safe? That sounds like a good idea. I will then call them one by one to line up by the door. I will have them act like their favorite dinosaurs. Middle: List open-ended questions that the teacher could ask: When we go outside I will observe the children that are in the area with the rocks, sticks, and dinosaurs. I will ask them: What are you making? How is a shelter going to protect dinosaurs? Why do we need shelter? Do all dinosaurs have the same shelter? That is just like people, not everyone lives in the same shelter.

I will support the children that are doing this activity by asking them: How can you keep that stick up? Is it going to stay up? What kind of dinosaur are you protecting? Who or what are you protecting it from? I will do a lot of observation and base my questions as I see the children doing activities. End: Plan for Clean-Up and Transition: I will give the children a five minute warning that it is almost clean up. Okay it is almost time to clean up everyone. Are you guys going to finish making your shelter for your dinosaurs? Does the dinosaur like the shelter you are making? What did you protect the dinosaur from doing? Okay its time to clean up everyone. Lets walk like dinosaurs to the line. List all references used in preparation of this plan: To help my anti-bias skills and areas I used the book Creative resources for Anti-Bias

Nadia. (1998). Creative resources for Anti-Bias Classroom. Delmar publisher.