JUNE 4, 2013

NR # 3124C

Belmonte: People’s involvement is antidote to economic retrogression
The country’s stunning 7.8% Q1 economic growth is a credit to the people and to this government, Speaker Feliciano Belmonte today declared. “This high-growth percentage is only the beginning of the long and hard road towards full economic development. Involving our people in this endeavor becomes the solid formula to ensure that such growth is translated into benefits which the country’s poor should actually receive,” Belmonte said. The Speaker took the opportunity to underline the all-out efforts of the Aquino government to instill a clean, transparent and efficient pro-people government. “Government exists to serve the interests of the people, not the other way around,” Belmonte stressed, adding, “Government, however, cannot be solely relied upon to do the job.” “The people’s confidence and real support are indispensable ingredients to national development and consistent growth,” he added. Furthermore, Belmonte -- who has been endorsed by the President and expected to earn a second term as leader of the bigger chamber -- emphasized the need for discipline among the people and among leaders themselves. “Remember that the latest high growth mark is only a signal for all Filipinos to be involved. It was a hard road getting there and an even more challenging path to sustain high economic growth,” the House leader stressed. He said that it calls for a responsive and responsible government that has earned the trust and support of the various sectors of society. “We salute the country’s business and economic sectors as our labor force. We at the House will gear our efforts to continuously upgrade our economic policies in order to attract more foreign and domestic investors,” Belmonte said. The Speaker said that the time is ripe for all Filipinos to unite under this vision and be fully involved because public indifference is the worst enemy of peace and development. “We must grab these opportunities that are put before us and take control of the nation’s future,” he said. (30) dpt

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