Giving Warning
We can use this way to warn someone or more about something that will happened. Some of the ways are just like giving commands to the others. Examples of the structure: a. Be careful, or you’ll... b. Watch out, you might be... c. Do not ... Examples: a. Be careful, or you’ll break my porcelain. b. Watch out, you might be killed. c. Hey! Those rocks upside are slippery, move away before it drop down to you! Example of the dialog: Andi Lahyaw : Hello, man. What are you doing here? Zaki Chen : Hello, too.Well, I’m repairing whole of this house. There are so much rusts on it. So, be careful with the things in this house. Andi Lahyaw : Is that so? This fence looks in good condition. Let me push it harshly. Zaki Chen : Hey pal, move out! That fence is... Andi Lahyaw : Huh? Whaa!...*wham*... Zaki Chen : See? I’ve warned you. Don’t touch that fence. It’s still unnailed. Andi Lahyaw : Argh... Darn it. You’re so late in warning someone. Zaki Chen : Stop blaming me. You’re just adding more job for me to repair whole of this house. Now get the hell out of here. Shoo, shoo! Andi Lahyaw : I don’t need your command, just shut your hole and eat your own work. I’m out of here. Zaki Chen : Yeah... See you in hell.

2. Giving Permission
We can use this way to give permissions to the others if they asked you to get your permission to do something. Examples of the structure: a. Okay, you may... b. Alright, you can do it. c. I give you permission to... Examples: a. Okay, you may go to your class. b. I give you permission to attend the great ceremony of the revival of that idiot, Adolf Hitler. Example of the dialog: Father: Hey, son! Where are you going? Sneaking off like a thief. Son : Err.. Euh... Yeah... Father: Ohoho... I know! You must be going to that girl’s home, right? Son : Well, actually you’re 100% right , father. Father: Okay, then. You may go to her home. But, if you mess with her or do something unnormally, I’m gonna kick your butt and slap your face! Son : Oh... Ha! Thank you, father! Don’t get me wrong! Father: Yeah, yeah, just go away and be careful. Son : See you, Father. Father;: See you, too.

3. Giving Advice We can use this way to give our advices or opinions to someone to solve problems that happened or will be happened. Example of the structure: a. In my opinion,... b. Maybe you should... c. How about... d. I think... Examples: a. In my opinion, you should go check your brain to the doctor. b. Maybe you should make a good report. c. I think he’s a good guy. Example of the dialog: Peter : Crap! My exam result is horrible. Hiro : Hm, that’s your own fault. Peter : What’s my fault? Hiro : You’re always watching “Heroes” TV show at midnight, so you always haven’t a good time to learn the lessons. You should learn more and... Go get a remedial exam. Peter : Well, you’re right. Dammit! With this score I won’t win against Sylar’s. Hiro : Ok, that’s it. Go learn. Peter : That’s easy for you to talk! You’re a nerd, so i think you won’t have problems in taking a lesson. Hiro : Peter, Peter, how idiot. I’m your friend, and of course I’ll help you! Now let’s go to the library, I got to teach you... Peter : Here the nerd’s talking... Alright, let’s go.


Group : 4th Group Members : Lelo Susilo M. Ikhwan Najmi Rio Prapuja Kael Class : XI IA 1 School : SMAN 2 Pahandut

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