By Dion “Urban Hermit” Valmoria
"Your highness, another son of yours is found dead in his royal chamber", announced the alarmed soldier. The king looked troubled yet there was not a trace of surprise on his face. He seemed to have known that this day would eventually come. He curled his brows thinking of something and took a deep breath before saying, "take his body to the lost valley and leave it where the vultures would feast on his flesh." Royal guards, though sympathetic to the dead heir, withdrew to follow what they were told. They won't dare to question the king again like what they did when the oldest son of their ruler was also found drained of his life and drenched in his own blood two months ago.

At the valley, they can’t help but be apologetic to the dead prince as the latter’s body commenced a banquet for the flying cannibals. The corpse became the main course of the beasts’ feast. Due to the death of the two successors to the crown, the general of the palace insisted on adding more guards to the remaining heir of the land.

Months passed and everything ran smoothly. And with everything in place, the coronation to the future ruler was scheduled by the royal advisers. The day prior to the ceremony, the night fell with the moon shining brightly. The next morning, the youngest son visited the resting chamber of his dying father. His father was lashed by his own sword the night before when everyone was busy preparing to welcome the prospect of their kingdom. "Father, I just don't understand why?" said the young prince with his eyes glittering with his own tears. Gently, the weak ruler said with pride, "One day, you'll understand why I had to crash your protectors and tried to take your life." he smiled softly before he continued, "For now, I'll begin a new journey in peace because I am leaving behind not a boy, but a true gentleman. You are my legacy and I know the beasts in the wilderness will never taste your blood."

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