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TWMC Selected as Shell Pipeline Tier One Motor Supplier
Shell Pipeline Company LP, a whollyowned subsidiary of Shell Oil Products US, recently named TECO-Westinghouse Motor Co. (TWMC) as their Tier One motor supplier. After extensive technical and commercial review, an agreement was reached that designates TWMC as the primary supplier of medium voltage induction motors. The agreement also allows TWMC to assist Shell Pipeline Company LP with engineering service resources.
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Modern DC Motors Maximize Cold Mill Production Reliability, Profits

In February of 2002, the United States Steel Corporation (U.S. Steel) and TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company (TWMC) began discussions involving outfitting the Irvin Works Cold Reduction Mill with modern DC motors. After evaluating plans to meet the cold mills present and future requirements, TWMC presented a strategic solution to design and build nine advanced 4500 HP DC cold mill motors at the TWMC plant in Round Rock, Texas, to replace each of the nine existing motors at the Irvin Works mill located in Pittsburgh. The existing main-drive DC motors were rated at 4000 HP, 200/500 RPM and required weekly outages for inspection and repair. Improvements realized from the installation of the new TWMC DC motors will allow the Irvin Works Cold Reduction Mill to more efficiently roll a greater range and gauge of coils. The upgrade will also maximize production reliability and profits for the mill. In August of 2002, TWMC began the design and manufacture of nine new drop-in replacement DC cold mill motors for all five mill stands. The new 4500 HP DC motors will provide a far greater thermal margin and still utilize the mills existing ventilation system.
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TWMC is designing and manufacturing nine advanced modern DC cold mill motors for the Irvin Works Cold Reduction Mill. Above: This single armature 4500 HP TWMC DC motor was installed into Stand 1 at the Irvin Works Cold Mill in Pittsburgh in June of this year. Left: One of the TWMC advanced 4500 HP DC armatures prior to shipment to the customer. Right: One of the 9000 HP double armature DC cold mill motors undergoing factory testing at the TWMC plant in Round Rock, Texas.


TWMC: Tier One Shell Supplier

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TWMC Repair Saves Time, Money for Air Separation Plant

TWMC recently repaired a 14,000 HP, 6 pole, high-voltage synchronous motor for a large air separation plant. Forced to shut down, the plant was losing significant revenue as a result of the motor failure. TWMC activated a team of shop repair personnel and key support functions to respond efficiently to the emergency. A field service engineer was dispatched to the plant site per the customers request. Subsequent site testing exposed problems with the wound field poles on the rotor. The nine-year-old motor was dismantled and shipped to TWMC in Round Rock, Texas for a full overtime repair. Upon the arrival of the motor, customer representatives witnessed the removal of the wound poles by TWMC shop personnel, who assessed the damage. Testing at TWMC revealed four grounded and shorted poles that required re-insulation. TWMC arranged for the re-insulation of the poles, and the remainder of the motor was reconditioned while the poles and coils were repaired. Upon completion of repairs to the pole components, TWMC shop personnel spent the

As part of the technical support package, TWMC designed and provided engineering data for over 30 induction motor ratings with speeds of 1200 RPM to 3600 RPM. With mechanical and electrical information readily available to Shell Pipeline Company units across the country, maintenance and engineering personnel and operators will be able to quickly determine the motor that best suits their replacement or new equipment application. Operating approximately 13,000 miles of pipelines in 22 states, Shell Pipeline Company's pipelines move over seven million barrels of crude oil and refined products each day.

Modern DC Motors Maximize Cold Mill Reliability, Profits

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The 14,000 HP, 6 pole, synchronous motor was repaired four days ahead of schedule.

The new cold mill motors feature an advanced, fully equalized armature winding, in conjunction with TWMC's Balanced Spring V-Ring commutators and high fatigue strength risers. In addition, the advanced insulation systems of both the armature and stator insure reliable and long-lasting performance in the harshest steel mill environments. The motor for the first stand in the series was installed in June of this year and is meeting all performance expectations of the Irvin Works Cold Reduction Mill operations team.

weekend assembling the rotor with the newly insulated poles and performing all necessary testing. All tests were completed successfully, including additional tests performed at the customer's request. The motor repair was completed and shipped back to the customer site four days ahead of schedule, and a TWMC field service engineer was present for the motor re-assembly and on-site testing.

NAQN Hails TWMC Crusher Motor

North American Quarry News (NAQN), a "rock-to-road trade magazine," dedicated its back cover and first feature article to TWMC this June. The feature focused on K.R.C. Aggregate, Inc., a producer of aggregates for the construction industry, and its success with TWMC motors. K.R.C. purchases its motors from TWMC distributor, Industrial Electrical Company. For around 90% of the equipment I order, I'll request that they come with TECO-Westinghouse motors because [they] last much longer than the others we've tried, Kelly Isaman, K.R.C. plant operations supervisor, told NAQN. NAQN Editor-in-Chief, Cuyle Rockwell called the article a powerful testimonial to the quality of TWMC motors. When a quarry operation clearly demonstrates its confidence in your productsit is viewed as impartial and in some ways more reliable than an advertisement alone he wrote by e-mail. A separate sidebar on the same page highlighted TWMC's history, growth and its success based on technological versatility. The fanfare concluded with a full-page ad, in color, on the back cover of NAQN. The articles are posted on NAQNs website at

Above: TWMC is installing upgraded DC cold mill motors for each of the nine existing DC motors inside the Irvin Works Cold Reduction Mill. Above left: Modern commutator and brush holder assemblies.

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EASA Convention: Golden Gate to Success

TWMC presented new products to current distributors who were among the 2000+ attendees at the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) TWMC meets distributors at the Convention in San EASA Convention in San Francisco. Francisco, CA from June 29 - July 1, 2003. We highlighted the expansion of our controls product line and our new crusher motor, the MAX-HT, said Wes Winter, General Manager for Stock Products. In addition to thanking current distributors for their partnership, TWMC unveiled its new logo at the convention.

GA7200 Out-performs for Demanding Applications

Magnum, a drives and controls original equipment manufacturer in California, is co-owned by Pat Mulligan and Dave Sandy. Mulligan and Sandy first heard of TWMC a few years ago when a TWMC customer mentioned that they had switched to TWMC drives and were very pleased with the results. Magnum then made their own inquiries, and as a result, started using TWMC drives for all of their new customers in 2002. Our applications are very demanding. We need a strong, reliable drive that can deliver low-end torque with rapid Strong and reliable, the GA7200 general inverter delivers the low-end torque r e s p o n s e , purpose with rapid response that Magnum needs. Mulligan said, and frankly there are only a few drives on the market that can supply that. Among the TWMC products, Magnum uses the GA7200 drives in situations where they do not need a vector drive. The GA7200 has plenty of torque and a rapid response time, Mulligan said. When evaluated on a price per HP basis, it out-performs any similar drive on the market.

TWMC Record Low LTAs

As of August 31, 2003, TWMC has had no Lost Time Accidents (LTAs) for 430 days. As shown in the graph at the right, TWMCs incident rate for 2003 (through August) is 3.33, an improvement from TWMCs 4.2 incident rate for 2002. The industry average incident rate for Motors and Generators (SIC Code 3621)* is 6.5.
* Industry statistics are from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics website (, with the most current numbers being from the year 2001.

Injury Comparisons
6.5 5.78 4.2 3.33 6.5 6.5

Incident Ratios
OverallTWMC OverallIndustry




Peak Attendance at 2003 EPRI Motor-Generator Rewind Seminar

From July 15-17, 2003, TWMC Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, hosted an Electric Power Texas and Washington - and the Research Institute (EPRI) sponCanadian province of British sored Motor and Generator Columbia. According to Oliver, Rewind Seminar at the TWMC this seminar attracted the highest plant in Round Rock, Texas. A attendance of any Motortotal of 44 pre-registered particiGenerator Rewind Seminar thus pants attended the three-day semfar in the history of EPRI sponinar conducted by Jim Oliver of soring the event. JARSCO Engineering and Elton EPRI seminar attendees stand in front of a 60,000 HP rotor shaft at the Attendees represented a wide Floyd of TXU, with additional TWMC factory. Forty-four participants attended the three-day event. variety of industries, including the given a guided tour of the TWMC mantopics taught by conference attendee petrochemical, electric utility, and ufacturing and repair facility. Hugh Zhu of Powertech Labs and motor-generator repair and service Seminar participants represented 22 TWMC engineers. industries. U.S. government test and different companies and were from 11 In addition to covering an extensive research facility representatives and states - Arkansas, Arizona, California, list of motor and generator repair topics industry consultants were also among Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, North in the seminar sessions, attendees were those who attended.

Spotlight: TECO Global Motor Research and Development Center

TECO Electric and Machinery Co., Ltd. (TECO) has expanded its Research and Development (R&D) capacity to form a new Global Motor R&D Center. The expansion began in 2003 and will increase TECO's competitive market position in the motor business. The mission of the new center is to lead the company to the forefront of the motor industry with new con- FEA study on a rotor spider with thermal and mechanical stress analysis. cepts and technology. The Global Motor R&D Center is headquartered at the TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company (TWMC) plant in Round Rock, Texas, and is divided into three Center of Excellence groups located in Round Rock, Taipei, Taiwan and Wuxi, China. The three groups are supported by TECO's global consulting network, and work together daily utilizing TWMCs video conferencing capabilities. TECO is in an excellent position to tackle the most complex disciplines and technical challenges of rotating machines, said Dr. George Gao, Director of R&D. Six Sigma certified, Dr. Gao holds a Ph.D. in electrical insulation engineering, and has over 20 years of experience in rotating machine development. The R&D centers boast comprehensive capabilities in rotating machine development with a staff of over 20 experienced, highly-qualified engineers and developers, including Ph.D.-level researchers in electrical, mechanical, thermal management and insulation system engineering. The centers utilize advanced engineering modeling software packages such as Magsoft, Ansys and Fluent, as well as an advanced materials lab with capabilities that exceed all industrial test requirements. Using these resources, the Global Motor R&D team is poised to lead the industry by inventing new concepts and technologies while improving performance in existing products. The team is developing new products, processes and materials to extend TWMC's competitive edge and will actively contribute to customer technical support and industrial standards development. With the support of top management Top: Electromagnetic Field Analysis for a four pole and the abundance of resources, the motor. Middle: Dynamic analysis for a motor fan. TECO Global Motor R&D team is Bottom: Materials testing section of the R&D lab. ready to overcome any challenge.

TECO Tech Tip

When re-greasing a motor, do not fill the cavity more than 30% with grease. If the grease cannot run off, the resistance to rolling caused by the excessive grease will result in hydraulic locking in the bearing, particularly during periods of rapid acceleration.

Wk2 vs. Gd2

Gd2 is used in European countries to represent a body's resistance to changes in rotational speed. Wk2 is more widely used in North America, but it expresses the same physical property as Gd2. The primary difference between Gd2 and Wk2 is that Gd2 is calculated using the diameter of gyration instead of the radius of gyration. When the diameter of gyration is squared, the value will change the number by a factor of 4 relative to Wk2. Gd2 is also a mass-based quantity, while Wk2 is a weight-based quantity. The units of Gd2 are expressed in kgmm2, while the units of Wk2 are lbf-ft2. It is important for end users to understand the difference between the two quantities. Consider the case where a customer specifies a load inertia as a Wk2 quantity but it is actually a Gd2 quantity. The motor vendor might design a motor for a load inertia many times larger than what the customer actually needs. This issue can be avoided by paying careful attention to units in which the load inertia is reported and by insisting that the number reported is accompanied by the units.
Converting Converting Wk22 values to Gd22 values:
Wk2 (lbf-ft2) / 5.93 = Gd2 (kgm-m2) where 1 kgf = 2.205 lbf, 1 kgm produces 1 kgf, and 1 m2 = 10.764 ft2 Gd2 is larger by a factor of 4 since d = (k/2), and d is then squared. Therefore 2.205 * 10.764 = 5.93 4

Motor Makeover Replacement Raises Cement Mill Efficiency

TWMC recently supplied Ash and as a second defense, abrasion Grove Cement Company's treatment was applied to the motor Foreman plant with a new 4500 windings to protect it from harmHP, 514 RPM, 4000 Volt wound ful dust and other abrasive materirotor motor. The motor, manufacals. The sliprings were also enclosed tured at TWMC's Round Rock, to protect operators from injury. Texas plant, was a replacement Protecting these critical motor motor for an existing parts increases the expected life Westinghouse wound rotor motor and efficiency of the motor withthat has been operating successout requiring constant shutdowns fully since the 1960s. With a for maintenance. At ten feet high series of protective upgrades to and 12 feet long, the 4500 HP the design, the new TWMC motor ranks among the largest wound rotor motor will save the The new TWMC 4500 HP, 514 RPM, 4000 Volt wound rotor motor at wound rotor motors produced by company considerable time and Ash Grove Cements Foreman plant. TECO-Westinghouse. The mill is costs over the next few decades. located in Foreman, Arkansas, and tion motor to drive its ball mill. This The largest American-owned cement is one of nine cement plants operating year, TWMC engineers upgraded the company in the U.S., Ash Grove comin the Ash Grove system, which are vintage design, adapting it to the dusty missioned Westinghouse Electric Co. in some of the most efficient and best environment of the cement mill. Intake the 1960s to build a wound rotor inducmaintained in the country. filters and exhaust screens were added

Stock Gr oup: New Pr oduct Expansions

TWMC recently announced the expansion of the GA7200 and the FM50 product lines. The GA7200 AC drive line has been expanded through 450 HP constant torque. Utilizing the latest in electrical design, these high HP drives are some of the most compact in the industry. The drives are offered in a standard NEMA 1 enclosure or as a custom package drive built to customer specifications. The FM50 AC drive is now available in a NEMA 4X enclosure which comes in two styles - Keypad Only and Keypad with Operator Devices. The Keypad Only model allows control via the keypad or remote control signals. The Keypad with Operator Devices model is designed for local control of the drive, and includes the digital keypad, line disconnect, speed potentiometer and a forwardoff-reverse switch.

Water Shortage Crisis: TWMC Called to Duty

When water shortages gripped the Las Vegas valley, TWMC was there. This September, TWMC will ship five synchronous, horizontal motors to Henderson, Nevada, for installation at the River Mountain Water Treatment Facility. The 3500 HP, 900 RPM motors will operate five pumps at the newly constructed pump station each pump with a capacity of moving 34 million gallons of water per day. This TWMC project contributes to the substantial base of motors - including over 20 large motors in the past five years - built for the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA), said James Janik, Team Leader of Special Products at TWMC. The River Mountain pump station, owned by SNWA, will supply fresh water pumped out of Lake Mead for the growing population of the Las Vegas valley. The recent influx of Las Vegas residents has forced SNWA to add another facility in addition to the existing Alfred Merritt Smith Water Treatment Facility. Another major drain of water comes from 25 southern Nevada golf courses, which the states government recently subjected to a stringent drought plan, beginning September 1, 2003.


TWMC Introduces New Look

TWMC introduced its new logo in June at the EASA Convention in San Francisco, CA. The logo is a result of a new corporate identity system passed down from its parent company, TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. (Taipei, Taiwan). It was developed to highlight the TECO Group's efforts toward continual improvement. The new symbol exemplifies the momentum of the TECO Group as they expand to new global horizons and is a totem signifying TECO's core business, the electric motor. The TECO Group will aim at expanding international horizons and broadening global networks to boost TECO's international brand recognition. Through diversified operation, TECO's businesses expand across various areas including heavy electrical motors, home appliances, IT systems, telecommunications, electromechanical components, key components, infrastructure, financial investment, food services, and distribution industries. As of the end of fiscal year 2001, TECO Group's total revenue from worldwide operations has reached US$3 billion.

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Power Project a Sweeping Success

TWMC recently performed a successful sweep of Florida Power and Light Companys (FLP) latest expansion project. In the project, FLP will add another 1,900 megawatts of generating capacity by expanding at its existing Manatee and Martin county sites to meet future demand and reserve margin requirements. For the project, TWMC will build approximately 90% of the medium voltage, induction motors required - 43 motors in all. TWMCs motors will be manufactured for six different applications including boiler feed, circulating water, auxiliary cooling water and condensate pumps, and cooling tower fans. Ratings for the motors range from 200 to 3600 HP. FPL serves approximately 3.9 million customer accounts in Florida. The ongoing plant development included in this project will allow FPL to provide electricity for 600,000 new customers by 2005.

AISE Convention in Pittsburgh, PA! September 28 - October 2, 2003 Booth 1655

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