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Mata Pelajaran Sat. Pendidikan Kelas / Program : BAHASA INGGRIS : SMA : XI ( SEBELAS )

PETUNJUK UMUM 1. Tulis nomor dan nama Anda pada lembar jawaban yang disediakan 2. Periksa dan bacalah soal dengan teliti sebelum Anda bekerja 3. Kerjakanlah soal anda pada lembar jawaban 4. Gunakan waktu dengan efektif dan efisien 5. Periksalah pekerjaan anda sebelum diserahkan kepada Pengawas

Read the following text. Then answer questions number 1 6 ! Text 1. 7 April 2005 Today, we have a new member in our family. It has soft white fur and likes to lick its paws. It is also very curious and likes to explore its new surrounding. It seems to like milk and fish a lot and waits eagerly as we prepare its meal. Yes! It is our new cat! Father saw it purring by the side of the road just now, and decided to bring it home. Now it has become our family cat. I love it very much and named it Ginger. Ginger seems to like me a lot too and follows me wherever I go. I like to tickle its belly and it will always purr in satisfaction. Father promised he will buy a cushion for Ginger to sleep on the next day. But tonight, it will share the bed with me! 1. The writer has got a new .. as a pet. a. cat b. family c. cushion d. friend e. surrounding 2. How could the writer get his new pet? a. she bought it b. she brought it c. she found it d. her father bought it e. her father brought it 3. What is the writer writing? She is writing .. a. story b. diary c. letter d. article e. folktale

4. What is the genre of the text .. a. hortatory exposition b. procedure c. narrative d. recount e. news item 5. What did the writers father pronounce to do ? To .. a. bring a cat home b. buy a cat for the writer c. buy a cushion for the cat d. share the bed with the writer e. follow the writer wherever she goes 6. The generic structure of the text is .. a. orientation event resolution b. introductioncomplication conclusion c. orientation reorientation resolution d. introduction event coda e. orientation complication conflict Read this text and answer the questions number 7 13 ! Text 2. You can make nice bookmarks from simply a few pieces of paper. Follow the steps on how to make one. Materials needed : A sheet of lightweight card Paper in 2 different colours A glass tumbler or cup ( one end with bigger circle and the other end with smaller circle) A pencil A ruler Scissors Glue Crayon or felt - tip pens

Instructions : 1. Cut a rectangle about 5 cm x 15 cm out of the card. 2. Draw a circle on the remaining card using one end of the glass tumbler or the cup. Glue this to the end of the card rectangle. 3. Draw a smaller circle on a coloured paper and cut it out. 4. Glue the smaller circle onto the centre of the larger card circle. 5. Using the other sheet of coloured paper, cut out a small semi circle for the head and glue it to the large circle. 6. Now you can decorate your bug. 7. How many pieces of coloured paper are needed to make a book bug .. a. one b. two c. three d. four e. five 8. What is used to decorate your book bug .. a. coloured paper b. small semicircle c. glass tumbler or cup d. crayon or felt tip pent e. a sheet of light weight card 13. The last step to make a book bug is to .. a. decorate the bug b. cut out a smaller semi circle c. draw a circle on the remaining card d. draw a smaller circle on the coloured paper e. glue the smaller circle to the end of the card Read the following text ! Then answer questions number 14 19 ! Text 3. The Princess and the Bowling Ball Once upon a time there was a princes. And this princes dad and mom (the king and queen) some how got it into their royal heads that no princess would be good enough for their boy unless she could feel a pea though one hundred mattresses. So it should come as no surprise that the prince had a very hard time finding a princess. Every time he met a nice girl, his mom and dad would pile one hundred mattresses on top of a pea. And then invite her to sleep over. When the princess came down for breakfast, the queen would ask, How did you sleep?

9. How many circles do you need to draw in all .. a. one circle b. two circles c. three circles d. four circles e. five circles 10. What is the glass tumbler used for? He is used for... a. draw b. drew c. draws d. drawing e. to draw 11. What is used for the bugs head?a.. a. circle b. smaller circle c. cart rectangle d. large circle e. small semicircle 12. What type of text is this .. a. report b. narrative c. procedure d. factual recount e. personal recount

The princess would politely say, Fine, thank you. And the king would saw her the door. Now, this is when for three years. And of course nobody ever felt the pea under one hundred mattresses. Then one day the prince met the girl of his dreams. He decided hed better do something about it. That night, before the princess went to bed, the prince slipped his bowling ball under one hundred mattresses. When the princess came down for breakfast the next morning, the queen asked, How did you sleep, dear? This might sound odd, said the princes. But I think you need another mattress. I felt like I was sleeping on a lump as big as bowling ball. The King and Queen were satisfied, and the prince and princess were married. And everyone lived happily, though maybe not completely honestly, ever after.

14. What problem do you find in this story .. a. the prince and the bowling ball b. the prince had a very hard time finding a princess

c. no body ever felt the pea under one hundred mattresses d. the prince decided hed better do something about it e. the princess felt like she was sleeping on a lump as big as a bowling ball 15. What is the function of the text .. a. to inform about the princess and the bowling ball b. to describe the story of a princes dad and mom c. to retell the events of finding a princess d. to give information how to find a princes e. to entertain the reader 16. Why did the prince slip a bowling ball under a hundred mattresses .. a. the princess who slept on it felt like she was sleeping on a lump b. no body ever felt the pea under one hundred mattress c. the princess would he good enough for him d. his dad and mom would be satisfied e. the girl of his dreams one day 17. What is the dominant structure used in the text .. a. past perfect b. present perfect c. simple present d. simple past e. present continous 18. The generic structure of the text is .. a. orientationeventsresolution b. orientationeventsturst c. orientationeventsreorientation d. orientationreorientation-complication e. orientation-resolution-reorientation 19. What is the type of the text .. a. narrative b. news item c. procedure d. fable e. recount Read this text carefully ! Then answer questions number 20 25. Text 4. After the Elections The former Prime Minister, Mr. Wentworth Lane, was defeated in the recent elections. He is now retiring from political life and has gone abroad. My friend, Crawley, has always been a fanatical opponent of Mr. lanes Radical Progressive Party After the elections, crawley went to the former Prime Ministers house. When he asked if Mr. Lane

lived there, the policeman on duty told him that since his defeat, the ex-Prime Minister had gone abroad. On the following day, Crawley went to the house again. The same policeman was just walking slowly past the entrance, when Crawley asked the same question. Though a little suspicious this time, the policeman gave him the same answer. The day after Crawley went to the house once more and asked exactly the same question. This time, the policeman lost his temper. I told you yesterday and the day before yesterday, he shouted. Mr. Lane was defeated in the election. He has retired from political life and gone to live abroad! I know, answered Crawley, but I love to hear you say it ! 20. What happen to the farmer prime minister, Mr. Wentworth Lane? He .. a. is retiring b. has gone abroad c. last his temper d. has been a fanatical opponent e. was defeated in the recent elections

21. How did crawley react to the farmer prime ministers defeat ? he .. a. asked if Mr. Lane lived in the house b. went to the farmer prime ministers house c. asked the same question to the same policeman d. retired from political life and went abroad e. loved to hear the policeman answer his question 22. What is the genre of the text? a. narrative b. procedure c. news item d. recount e. spoof 23. When did Mr. Lane go abroad? After a. defeating in the recent elections b. retiring from political life c. crawley went to the house once more d. asking the policeman the same question e. going the policeman the same answer 24. Which of the following sentences belong to the present perfect tense? a. he is now retiring from political life

b. the ex prime minister had gone abroad c. the policeman gave him the same question d. he has gone to live abroad e. I love to hear you say it 25. Who is now retiring from political life . a. Mr. Lane b. Mr. went Worth c. Mr. Crawley d. The policemen e. Mr. Lane and Mr. Wentworth Read this text and answer question number 26-29. Text 5. Whether a tree is coniferous or deciduous, whether it bears fruit or not, whether it grows in the tropics or in the temperate zone, every tree has three parts: the roots, the trunk, and the crown. The roots, the part of the tree underground, hold the tree firmly against windstorms and provide the tree with food gathered from the soil. The trunk, which is the most important woody part of the tree, is the body of the tree it carries the food from the roots to the branches. The crown of the tree consists of the branches, the leaves, and the fruit of the tree. The leaves use the food sent from the trunk for many purposes, one of which is a process that is particularly useful to humans. In this process, called photosynthesis, the leaves absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give oxygen to the atmosphere. The single process is essential to human life because humans breathe oxygen in order to exist. 26. The main information of the text is about .. a. the differences between coniferous and deciduous trees b. the climates in which different types of trees grow c. the common function of the parts of any kind of trees d. the description of the process of photosynthesis e. the usefulness of tree leaves to a human beings life 27. Trees are very important for the life of human beings because .. a. their leaves produce carbon dioxide b. photosynthesis absorbs carbon dioxide c. their trunks distribute food to the roots d. they contribute oxygen to the atmosphere e. they protect human beings against wind storms

28. The most important woody part of the tree is .. a. roots b. trunk c. leaves d. crown e. branches 29. The genre of the text is .. a. report b. recount c. narrative d. procedure e. news item 30. Kevin : I think computer makes people lazy. Raera : ... computer is very useful for people. a. sure b. really c. probably d. I deny that e. I think so

31. kevin : the farmer wants to transmigrate to another island in order to survive. Novitya: which farmer ? Kevin : the farmer .. family consists of a wife and four children. a. who b. whom c. that d. whose e. which 32. Fiera : can you turn on this electric store, Yuni ? Panji : Im sorry I dont know .. a. the way operating it b. how to operate it c. what is operated d. it is operate e. operating it 33. Farah : you look very busy with your work. .. Reidy : sure. If you dont mind. How kind you are. a. are you tired ? b. can I help you ? c. do you like to help me ? d. can you do me a favour ? e. would you like to help me ?

34. A : you seem to busy. May I give you a hand ? B : oh, no thank you. I can do it my self. The underlined sentence expresses .. a. offering help b. asking for help c. expecting help d. anticipating help e. waiting for help 35. clief : John lost his money on his way to school this morning. Frisda : oh, poor John. The underlined sentence expresses .. a. regret b. opinion c. sympathy d. obligation e. expectation

38. When did the incident happen? a. last Sunday b. last Monday c. last Tuesday d. last Wednesday e. last Friday 39. Who discovered the victims? a. the members b. SAR c. Rocky Asikin d. victims e. passengers 40. Who is the leader of the Kendari Sar? a. Aris b. Yakub c. Suharto d. Rocky Asikin e. Captain 41 Marisa said,I dont have to pay. The indirect speech of the sentence above is .. a. I didnt have to pay b. she doesnt have to pay c. I dont have to pay d. she didnt have to pay e. she hasnt had to pay

36. Dona

: I think the government should give more attention to the education. Norman : I think so. Because the school fee is too expensive for the poor to pay. The underlined words are used to express . a. offer b. surprise c. opinion d. pleasure e. agreement Read the text and answer the question. On Thursday a search and rescue team found three more victims from a ship that sank in the Banda Sea. They had been missing since the incidents occurred on Friday last week. They were Aris Triono, the captain of the Amami cargo ship, Yakub, a crewman, and Suharto, a passangger. They were found on Thursday floating in waters close to Menui Island, Central Sulawesi province is adjacent to the southeast Sulawesi province.and the Banda Sea. Two other victims were earlier saved by the SAR team in the Banda Sea on Saturday last week, only a day after the ship sank due to bad weather. The SAR team is still searching for ten crew members and a passenger still missing from the incident, said Rocky Asikin, The head of the Kendari SAR team 37. How many victims were there in the incidents? a. 16 b. 17 c. 18 d. 20 e. 21

42. My sister .. in a basket ball game when she injured her leg. a. played b. plays c. is playing d. are playing e. was playing Fill in the missing words to the following passage . On the morning of hari raya, the muslims (43) .. mosque services in their new clothes. After that, they will (44) .. for forgiveness from their elders. This is on important custom of the muslims. Visiting relatives and friends is another customary practice. They may also (45) .. their frends of other races to their homes where many delicacies are (46) .. on this special occasion. 43. a. b. c. d. e. 44. a. b. c. d. come reach attend find arrive say ask tell talk

e. said 45. a. b. c. d. e. 46. a. b. c. d. e. invite invites inviting invited to invite serve serves serving served to serve

Change into passive sentence! 47. Did my direction confuse you? a. Did you confused by my direction b. was you confused by my direction c. were you confused by my direction d. is you confused by my direction e. are you confused by my direction 48. People use hammers to pound nails. a. hammers are used to pound nails b. nails are used to pound hammers c hammers is used to pound nails d. nails was used to pound hammers e. hammers was used to pound nails 49. Do people speak Spanish in Peru? a. are Spanish spoken in Peru b. are Peru spoken in Spanish c. is Spanish spoken In Peru d. was Spanish spoken in Peru e. were Peru spoken in Spanish 50. Olga wrote that composition a. that composition was written by Olga b that composition is written by Olga c. that composition are written by Olga d. that composition were written by Olga e. that composition has been written by Olga

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