English Learning Workshop English Language Society By Victoria Ng Objective To improve students’ English speaking, writing and listening

skills. We also wish to introduce the beauty of English drama plays to our students. Summary We have a total of 38 members and 2 teacher advisors in our society. Our activity time is on every Saturday from 8.00pm to 9.30pm. We find that our members’ English communicating and writing skills still need to be improved. They are also eager to explore more about English drama plays. The workshops are open for the 38 members from our society and also another 22 school students, which make a total of 60 students. The workshops will last for 3 days, which falls on a Thursday, Friday and also Saturday. The date will only be decided and altered after we received a reply from your side. On Thursday and Friday, the workshops will start from 3.30pm till 5pm. On Saturday, the workshops will start from 8pm till 9.30pm and also 1.30pm till 4pm. Proposal Day 1, Thursday (3.30pm till 5pm) Creative Writing Workshop We wish to learn about short story and narrative writings. Exercises are to be given to the students so that they could attempt what they have learnt. Day 2, Friday (3.30pm till 5pm) English Communicating and Speaking Skills The students will learn about proper ways to speak with others in English Language. Lessons on accents and correct pronunciations will also be conducted. Day 3, Saturday (8am till 9.30am) Movie Learning Students will learn how to observe, understand and watch a movie.

30pm till 4pm) Dramas and Plays Students will learn how to present a play and also details for preparing a play. .(1. Macbeth or Hamlet. We would love to present a play of Shakespeare for example Romeo and Juliet. We hope that teachers and professions could be sent here to conduct lessons for free. Problems We need teachers or professions for the workshops.

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