Result Cheat Code God mode god Double health and can survive one grenade explosion demigod

All weapons give all Infinite amunition sf_use_ignoreammo 1 No clipping mode noclip Flight mode ufo Teleport to a node jumptonode Disable AI notarget List maps mapname Change maps map [map name] Change maps with cheat mode enabled devmap [map name] Black and white movie mode sf_use_bw 1 Photo negative mode sf_use_invert 1 Silent movie mode sf_use_chaplin 1 Commit suicide kill  Map names Use one of the following values with the "map [map name]" or "devmap [map name]" code: Mission Semper Fi Little Resistance Hard Landing Vendetta Their Land, Their Blood Burn 'Em Out Relentless Blood & Iron Ring Of Steel Eviction Black Cats Blowtorch And Corkscrew Breaking Point Heart of the Reich Downfall Nacht der Untoten Code mak pel1 pel2 sniper see1 pel1a pel1b see2 ber1 ber2 pby_fly oki2 oki3 ber3 ber3b nazi_zombie_prototype