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Wonderful Worms

Across: 2. What Moms dont want in the house, but worms love! (another word for soil) 5. Where earthwoms live in the winter. 10. Color of earthworms 15. Shape of earthworms, not flat or square. 16. These come from trees and plants and worms like to eat dead ones. 17. Would you find worms in a hot, dry place like a desert? 18. You use yours for walking. Worms must crawl because they dont have any! 20. Earthworms do this when hungry! 21. Worms live where its dark and they dont like this. (opposite of dark) 23. Where worms and plants live. 24. The end of the worms body where the mouth is found.

Down: 1. Some worms are brown, others are this color. 3. A bird that loves to eat worms! 4. A big black bird that might eat a worm. 6. Things that are good to find in your soil. 7. Another name for the hairs on a worms body. 8. Parts of a worms body, sometimes called rings. 9. Worms use a compost pile as a restaurant. This is what they do there. 11. Earthworms dont have this to breathe through. 12. Earthworms make these as they dig in soil. 13. A pile where earthworms make fertilizer. 14. A worms main job. 19. Fertilizer that comes from the worms body. 22. Earthworms live underneath this.

Word Bank bristles brown burrow casts compost crow dine dirt front ground eat leaves feet leaves light no nose recycle red robin round segments soil tunnel worms

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