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Pillars of a Prayer Meeting:

God-Centered Format
Focus on God Who he is What he can do His presence Getting his perspective Hearing his voice Respond from the heart Becoming God-centered Exercising faith Honesty with God Repentance Dependence on God Praise Seek first the kingdom Pray for the spiritual walk of nationals/workers Pray for unity among believers Pray for effective discipleship and evangelism Pray for dreams and visions of Jesus Present your requests Specific concerns from nationals/workers Revive Tunisia focus for the week Needs of individuals in the groups Close in celebration Thanksgiving Proclamation Praise

Involvement Activities
Focusing Leaders Word Scripture Music Testimony Drama Participation activities NUMERICALLY Ask people to have different roles in leading, testifying, reading Scripture, etc. Singing Small groups Praying aloud all at once Responsive reading Large group sentence prayer, etc. PHYSICALLY Clasp hands Place hands on a map/picture Kneel Stand in pairs Go to someone else during the prayer meeting Banner rotation Writing a prayer card note Prayer walking Ministering Activities Prayer chair Pray for focus group Have people pray for and bless one another by name

-Excerpt from And the Place Was Shaken by John Franklin