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Munchkin Door Cards: 94 Treasure Cards: 74 1,000 Gold Pieces 3,872 Orcs Amazon Ancient Baby Bad-Ass Bandanna

Bigfoot Boil an Anthill Boots of Butt-Kicking Boots of Running Really Fast Bow with Ribbons Bribe GM With Food Broad Sword Buckler of Swashing Bullrog Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment Cheat! Cheese Grater of Peace Cleric (3) Cloak of Obscurity Convenient Addition Error Cotion of Ponfusion Crabs Curse! Change Class Curse! Change Race Curse! Change Sex Curse! Chicken on Your Head Curse! Duck of Doom Curse! Income Tax Curse! Lose 1 Big Item Curse! Lose 1 Level (2) Curse! Lose 1 Small Item (2) Curse! Lose the Armor You Are Wearing Curse! Lose the Footgear You Are Wearing Curse! Lose the Headgear You Are Wearing Curse! Lose Two Cards Curse! Lose Your Class Curse! Lose Your Race Curse! Malign Mirror Dagger of Treachery Divine Intervention Doppleganger Drooling Slime Dwarf (3) Electric Radioactive Acid Potion Eleven-Foot Pole Elf (3) Enraged Face Sucker Flaming Armor Flaming Poison Potion Flask of Glue Floating Nose Flying Frogs Freezing Explosive Potion

Friendship Potion Gazebo Gelatinous Octahedron Gentleman's Club Ghoulfiends Half-Breed (2) Halfling (3) Hammer of Kneecapping Harpies Helm of Courage Help Me Out Here! Hippogriff Hireling Hoard! Horny Helmet Huge Rock Humongous Illusion Instant Wall Insurance Salesman Intelligent Invisibility Potion Invoke Obscure Rules Kill the Hireling King Tut Kneepads of Allure Lame Goblin Large Angry Chicken Lawyers Leather Armor Leperchaun Limburger and Anchovy Sandwich Loaded Die Mace of Sharpness Magic Lamp (2) Magic Missile Mate Maul Rat Mithril Armor Mr. Bones Mutilate the Bodies Nasty-Tasting Sports Drink Net Troll Out to Lunch Pantyhose of Giant Strength Pit Bull Platycore Plutonium Dragon Pointy Hat of Power Pollymorph Potion Potion of General Studliness Potion of Halitosis Potion of Idiotic Bravery Potted Plant Pretty Balloons Pukachu Rapier of Unfairness Rat on a Stick Really Impressive Title Sandals of Protection

Shield of Ubiquity Short Wide Armor Shrieking Geek Singing & Dancing Sword Sleep Potion Slimy Armor Snails on Speed Sneaky Bastard Sword Spiky Knees Squidzilla Staff of Napalm Steal a Level Stepladder Stoned Golem Super Munchkin (2) Swiss Army Polearm Thief (3) Tongue Demon Transferal Potion Truly Obnoxious Curse! Tuba of Charm Undead Horse Unspeakably Awful Indescribable Horror Wand of Dowsing Wandering Monster (2) Wannabe Vampire Warrior (3) Whine at the GM Wight Brothers Wishing Ring (2) Wizard (3) Yuppie Water

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