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Shipping Condition Route Determination And Loading Group

Where is the "Shipping Condition" maintained in a customer master? Shipping condition is maintained in the shipping tab under sales area data of customer master. The shipping condition is proposed from the sales document type if a shipping condition has been assigned to it. If not, the shipping condition is proposed from the master record of the sold-to party. Shipping conditions are maintained for which partner function in customer master? Shipping condition is maintain in Ship to Party partner function ( sales area data tab --- shipping.) Shipping conditions will be defaulted from the CMR of SP. If a value exists in the sales document type (eg. OR) then it will have priority and will replace the value defaulted from CMR. Does the system takes the shipping condition twice in search of the route? When the system search for the route it will search through route determination like this: Shipping point*(*Sales order)** and Departure Zone **(From the order shipping point*)*+Shipping condition*(*Customer master which you enter in the order*) *+Transportation Group*(*from material master which you entered in the order**) +destination zone*(*transportation zone of the Customer in the order**)-->Route System will determine the shipping point in the sales order based on these selection Shipping conditions+Loading group+Plant-->Shipping point. After determining the shipping point then only the system will start to search route. But system will not search the shipping point while searching the route.

So shipping conditions will not consider two times while searching the route. What is the significance of the shipping condition and loading group? Both the shipping condition and loading group are useful in Stock transport order. For the Customer assigned to the receiving Plant, check the Delivering Plant in Customer master record in XD02 & check the shipping point assignment in OVXC. Shipping point will be determined only if it is assigned to the plant from the config. Shipping condition and Loading group plays a vital part for shipping point determination . The combination of shipping condition (Master data of customer /Vendor) + Loading group (material master) + Plant, determines the shipping point.