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A promotional still for Family Gathering, 1969.

Vanity Fair, 2012.

Elizabeth Audrey
Elizabeth Carey Audrey, born May 11, 1948, is a Sim actress. Born and raised in the small town of Sunset Valley, Elizabeth was discovered by an agent at the age of 19 and she moved to Bridgeport a year later to start a modelling career. After a few cameo appearances in various Bridgeport theatrical productions, Elizabeth decided to quit modelling and pursue acting. She was thrust into international recognition with her portrayal of Graeme Mahers rebellious daughter in the comedic drama Family Gathering. Caroline Salt of The Guardian said of Audreys performance: An exhilarating portrayal, Elizabeth Audrey is an absolute thrill to watch. Her chemistry with Maher is very amusing, most especially during the confrontational scenes where the audience observes Mahers stern but controlled delivery contrast with Audreys bursts of untamed emotion. Her performance was critically acclaimed, receiving a Simmy nomination and winning Elizabeth the Green Orb Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy. Elizabeth further proved herself as one of the best actresses of the 70s with her roles in the critically lauded dramas, Harken Till in which she played the daughter of an aging oil tycoon, and as Elizabeth Taylor in the biopic: The Last Star. Both films have garnered her nominations for Simmys. It wasnt until 1986, at the age of 39 that Elizabeth won the Simmy for Best Actress for her performance in the crime drama film Lemon. Critically lauded for her deglamourized portrayal of an impoverished mother, Elizabeth was eventually praised as the greatest actress of her generation. Elizabeth, telling herself that she was too old to still be a successful film actress, retired from acting and moved to the small town of Moonlight Falls. She met and fell in love with Chauncey Grimm, and the two had children: Louis James, born on July 19, 1987, and Grace Marlene, born on November 29, 1989.
Elizabeth Audrey in a promotional still for The Last Star.