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July: From the show that brought you the new wonders of Asia, This is ___________ Carmelle: Ni Hao,

Chao, Kumusta, Namaste, and A pleasant after noon to everyone, Im one of your hosts for the day, Mary Carmelle Antonette Gindap Erla: Hello Galaxy, world and the land of the Picturesque, Scenic Asia! Im your ever Dynamic Gossipy Mademoiselle, Ma. Erla Camacho! July: And Im your gent for the day, Julio Mar Duarte. C: Today Let us be bedazzled by the talents of our own Asian Culture E: Let Us start with our contestants from ______________________, the Sayco crew -DanceJ: Wow that was indeed Superb dancing thank you Sayco Crew up next is our contestants from ____________ what do you think theyll do to impress our crowd? -KantaCarmelle: We have here, a representative from the previous group,________________, Hello, how do you feel after you performed in front of our audience and Judge? Saycotix: Well,it was, ummmm a~ very rare opportunity to perform and mmmm we thank god and our parents, thats all for now. C: Thank you ________. J: What will be the decision of our judge, will it be a yes or a no? Lets find out after this short break This is __________________!