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Volume 149, Number 14 Thursday, June 6, 2013 Mount Ayr, Iowa 50854 USPS No.

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Unique route allows Diagonal access to Cleareld students

A unique piece has been added to the Cleareld school district dissolution plan that will allow access for students to use Diagonal school transportation to attend Diagonal schools after the 2013-14 school year. After considerable discussion at a recent meeting of the Cleareld Dissolution Commission, a plan was approved that would designate a specic route Diagonal busses could follow to the town of Cleareld to pick up students. The route follows County Road J23 west of Diagonal to 130th Avenue, south one mile on 130th Avenue to 170th Street and three miles west on 170th Street to the Cleareld. Land 25 feet on either side of the center line on the roadways will be designated as property assigned to the Diagonal school district following the 2013-14 school year. The unique plan was devised to satisfy a state law that prohibits busses from one school district from crossing into territory governed by another district. As the commission asked for input from landowners within the current Cleareld district regarding their preference for which neighoring school district they would desire their land to be assigned, it became clear an unbroken series of land parcels reaching from the borders of the Diagonal district to Cleareld would be impossible if the commission followed the stated preferences of all landowners in that area. We tried very hard to keep everyone happy, said commission chair Doug England, in reference both to land owners and to Cleareld students who want to attend Diagonal. Although districts may sign agreements to allow neighboring

Record News
Snapshots of Ringgold County
Crossing the road...slowly
As part of our commemoration of the Record-News 150th year of publishing, each week we will feature a photo of life in Ringgold County. Snapshots of Ringgold County photos will vary as the seasons and events dictate. In this photo, a snapping turtle slowly crosses a county road in southern Ringgold county, hopeing to avoid trafc. This is the fourteenth of the photos in our commemorative series. busses limited access to roadways within their boundaries, those agreements can be temporary in nature. The plan adopted by the commission would allow students living in Cleareld permanent access to transportation provided by the Diagonal district. The dissolution plan will be presented to the Cleareld school board of directors June 18. The directors will then hold a public hearing in July to answer patron questions and to gather feedback on the plan. Based upon information gathered at the public hearing, the school board may adopt or amend the dissolution proposal. If approved by the board, voters in the Cleareld district will have the nal word as they go to the polls in September to approve or disapprove the plan.

Mount Ayr


Pool opening delayed

Baby pool issues, chlorine levels push opening back to June 12
An update on opening day for the city swimming pool and the opening of bids for work on Gareld Street were two of the items on the agenda of the Mount Ayr city council when they met in regular session Monday, June 3. Swimming pool Amanda Cannon, the citys certied pool operator, reported on the delay in opening the city swimming pool at Judge Lewis Park. She said as of Thursday, May 30, she thought everything was in order to open the pool, but that day some park board members met with pool manager Daniel Showalter and told him they wanted some items addressed in the baby pool before the pools could open. Cannon said the work included some patchwork and chipping all the old paint away and repainting the surface. It was so rough it could cut the bottom of a kids foot, she said. The ACCO company completed patchwork on Friday, and the lifeguards chipped away the old paint and completed the repainting over the weekend. Cannon explained the same ltering system operates both the main pool and the baby pool, and in order to drain the baby pool to complete the work, the pump system had to be shut down. Therefore, the main pool could not open until work was completed on the baby pool. The paint on the baby pool takes 7 to 10 days to cure, so Cannon plans to rell the baby pool Monday, June 10 after which two additional days should be allowed for the lter system to regulate chemicals. In addition, Cannon had detected a low chlorine level in the pool, so while the pool remains closed over the next few days, ACCO will drain the chlorine tank and install a new batch of chlorine to bring levels back to acceptable standards. Cannon said she hopes to have the pools open on June 12. Street work The council opened two bids for work on Gareld street. The council accepted the low bid of $42,903 from Blacktop Service Company out of Humboldt to apply an asphalt surface with a single chip seal on the street from Highway 2 north to Adams Street. A second bid of $54,869.50 was received from the Norris Asphalt Paving company. Work on the project has a completion date of June 28. During discussion about the project, city superintendent Brent Wise recommended installing a tube at Gareld and Madison streets to divert a large volume of water runoff in that area. Wise explained without the tube, runoff would likely continue to damage Gareld Street after the city had gone to the expense of the resurfacing project. The council will act on the recommendation at the next council meeting. Water system update Jason Miller from MSA, the engineering rm in charge of the water system improvement project, informed the council his company had received two bids for the water system improvement project, but one of the bids was rejected because the contractor said he had not received notication of an addendum to the project specications. To guard against a potential bid protest, Miller recommended the council reject all bids and advertise for the taking of new bids. He explained any time all bids on a project are rejected, the council needed to start the legal process again with a public hearing and a series of resolutions approving the project specications and seeking new bids. To that end, the council conducted the public hearing and passed the resolutions at Mondays meeting. Superintendents report Superintendent Wise reported on a number of items under his jurisdiction. He asked the council if they wanted to change the hours of operation or the phone number listed at the RV dump site. Currently the site is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. with the city hall phone number listed at the site. He explained those who want to use the site on weekends have no one to contact to open the site. The council said they wanted to leave the operation at the site as it is. Ringgold county has been ofcially declared a disaster area by presidential proclamation. Wise told the council the declaration means federal dollars will be available for repairs to city streets and sewers in the coming months. He said representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency will be in town this week to inspect damages and potential projects. Susan Kinney has asked the ____________________________ city
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This map shows the route that has been designated part of the Diagonal Community schools if the Cleareld Dissolution Plan is adopted by the Cleareld school board and approved by county voters. The route follows County Road J23 west of Diagonal to 130th Avenue, south one mile on 130th Avenue to 170th Street and three miles west on 170th Street to Cleareld. Land 25 feet on either side of the center line on the roadways will be designated as property assigned to the Diagonal school district following the 2013-14 school year.

Supervisors continue county road discussions

The Ringgold county board of supervisors met in regular session on Tuesday, May 28 due to the Memorial Day holiday on Monday. The majority of Tuesdays session was devoted to issues concerning county roads. Peru gravel County engineer Zach Gunsolley reported on costs/benets of hauling rock from Peru by contract versus hauling rock in-house from Watterson. Hauling costs for oneinch clean rock from the Peru site is approximately $21.28 per ton. By contrast, the same size rock at the Watterson quarry with hauling in-house costs $20.08 per ton. However, Gunsolley explained the rock quality at Peru is better. The average C freeze value for Peru and Watterson is 3.5 and 8.0 respectively. The average abrasion value for Peru and Watterson is 27.5 and 31.0 respecively. In both cases lower numbers translates to better quality. Gunsolley said he would monitor how much more time the better quality of rock will last on the road, but he added the $1.20/ton extra is worth investigating given the quality difference. Supervisor David Inloes asked when will it be known if the Peru rock worked on the Wishard Chapel road. Gunsolley said a better evaluation would be possible next year after the road had endured a winter. Road striping/lighting Gunsolley presented a recommendation to suspend striping county highways and lighting of intersections until such time as state and/or local funding to the secondary roads department increases enough to result in signicant improvements in safety to the countys road users by restoring the road surfaces to an acceptable condition. To support his recommendation, Gunsolley presented the following rationale: The board of supervisors has instructed the county engineer to make cuts in the FY 2014 budget. The board of supervisors has directed the secondary roads department to make sealcoating rock patches on sealcoat roads and more rock on rock roads department priorities. The grassroots public initiative for bringing a second bond question before voters to improve county roads appears to have stalled. The board of supervisors had planned to provide the secondary roads department nearly $500,000 of additional funding by raising property taxes to be used on county roads. After that plan was met with opposition by taxpayers at the budget hearing, the supervisors decided to leave property taxes at their current levels. The secondary roads department has cataloged approximately $1 million of ood damage from this springs ooding. The Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) funding to Ringgold county for state roads the state transferred to county maintenance is ending June 30. That pool of money will now be redistributed to all counties and cities, regardless if they took over the maintenance of state roads or not. IDOT ofcials conrmed

Gunsolleys research that Manual on Uniform Trafc Control Devices (MUTCD) standards from the federal government do not require any striping for rural highways with Ringgold county trafc levels. MUTCD does provide guidance that centerline striping should be provided for rural collectors with average daily trafc count of at least 3000, but most Ringgold county roads have trafc counts only 10-20 percent of that amount. Gunsolley has used engineering judgment to conclude that the current condition of rock, sealcoat ____________________________
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Bath house unveiled

The newly completed bath house/FEMA safe room at Judge Lewis Park was put on display last week in preparation for the beginning of the summer swimming season. Pictured are a view of the pool from the south entrance (bottom), the lobby (center) and the showers (right) in the womens rest room. Volunteers served food and drinks to all who attended the grand opening.

This little Raider/Raiderette fan is all decked out to support her favorite teams. Darsey Dredge is the daughter of Kasey and Derrick Dredge of Mount Ayr.

Forty years of marriage celebrated
June 2 is a big day of celebration in our families. Two years ago our granddaughter Esther was born. Eighty-nine years ago Valles mother Betty was born. Twelve years ago Peter and Erin were married. And 40 years ago Valle and I were married. Since it was one of those end in zero anniversaries for us, our children put together a weekend trip to Nauvoo, IL, for family members and friends from both sides of the family who could go along. I think I counted 28 in the whole group who spent the weekend together in celebration. We gathered at a church camp grounds Friday night for supper, a campre and games. I shared the now familiar story about how we met and how we felt so blessed in the 40 years we have had together -- with family being one of the major blessings. Saturday morning after breakfast of oatmeal and whole wheat cinnamon rolls, we spent the morning touring Nauvoo. The city on the Mississippi River holds a lot of interesting history with our church background, but some family history too. My mom and dad spent their honeymoon in Nauvoo, and we toured the room in the Mansion House where they spent their honeymoon. We had a special tour of the Joseph Smith Historic Properties led by a great-great-grandson of Joseph Smith, who is also a shirt-tale relative on the Loving side. We had our own special concert from the Nauvoo Brass Band which tours the historic sites area in a wagon. After nding lunch on our own in town, we did more sightseeing in the afternoon, then we did some more touring before heading back to camp. There my brother Steve cracked a bucket of geodes he had collected as the youngsters watched in amazement. Then it was time for the actual anniversary celebration. The kids had put together a meal of grilled salmon, spinach salad, broccoli, homemade whole wheat bread and apple pie and ice cream. What a feast. After the meal, we watched the video they made for our 30th anniversary, with an extension of 10 years added on for our 40th. It was fun reliving many old memories. We shared some more memories, then played a panel game of guess that year. Nathan had put together a presentation of many interesting things

Mount Ayr Record-News

Thursday, June 6, 2013

LOOKING BACK in the Early Files

Fifty Years Ago (From the Mount Ayr RecordNews, Thursday, May 30, 1963.) The board of directors of the Iowa Southern Utilities company today authorized a two-for-one split of the companys common stock, subject to approval by its stockholders and by the Federal Power Commission. Pursuant to the plan, stockholders would receive two shares of common stock of $10 par value, or a total of $20 of par value, for each share of $15 par value common stock held. The authorized number of shares of common stock would be increased from 1,100,000 to 2,500,000. The Mount Ayr residence property of the late Lulu Jean Whitmore, located at 502 S. Taylor Street, was sold Saturday afternoon at public auction to C. Arthur Hansen for $7,100. The sale was conducted by Lois Jean Walters, administratrix; Dennis Owens and Raymond Hutchinson, auctioneers, and Grant L. Hayes, attorney. James Markley, who submitted the highest bid of $2,900, purchased the residence at 605 West Madison, which was offered for sale Friday afternoon to settle the estate of Alta Shepherd. The sale was conducted by Ora Payne, administrator; Jack and Raymond Hutchinson, auctioneers, and Frank F. Wilson, attorney. Many outstanding varsity prospects are among the members of the freshman track squad of the Mount Ayr Community high school. These young athletes nished rst in the freshman division of the Raider relays. Members included John McFarland, Billie Thompson, Bruce Henderson, Jerry Monday, Ivan Gerard, Mike Combs, Duane Miller, manager Bob Clark, Monte Dailey, Gary Sefrit, Gary Son, Dick Rothert, Steve Johnston, Mike Duckworth, Craig Elliott, Jim Brand and coach Chet Roed. With a better than an A minus average for his four years scholastic record, Paul Lay is valedictorian of the 1963 graduating class of the Mount Ayr Community high school. Donna Walters and Jerry Waugh represent the class as salutatorians, both having maintained approximately A minus averages. Rick Defenbaugh placed third in the high and low hurdles in the Class A division of the state track meet held Saturday in Iowa City. He set new Mount Ayr school records in both as he ran 15.2 in the highs and 20.5 seconds in the lows. Adams, of Missouri Valley, placed rst and Ashland of Clear Lake was second in the two events. Both are seniors, while Defenbaugh has another year of competition. Eugene Ricker ran 10.3 to qualify for the nals in the 100-yard dash, but failed to place in the nals. The drawing for preliminary heats hurt Ricker in the 220. He placed third in his heat in 23.3, the third fastest time run in the 200 preliminaries. Since only the rst two qualied in each heat, he lost his chance to participate in the nals, in which he probably would have placed. James M. Richards, assistant associate warden at the Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison since 1958, will retire June 30, after more than 17 years of service. Mr. Richards, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Richards of Tingley, began his employment at the state penal institution on February 1, 1946. Births reported at Ringgold County Hospital this week were a daughter, born May 23, to Mr. and Mrs. Ted McWilliams of Kellerton and twin daughters, born May 27, to Mr. and Mrs. Terry Constant of Saint Joseph, MO. The obituary this week was Lena Maxine Gebhardt Rychnovsky. Twenty-ve Years Ago (From the Mount Ayr RecordNews, Thursday, June 9, 1988.) A Madison county girl was crowned queen and a Ringgold county girl was named princess in the District 10 Pork Queen contest held in Mount Ayr Saturday as part of the District 10 meeting held at the American Legion building. Janis Brownlee of Saint Charles was crowned as the District 10 Pork Queen and Tracy Ford of Ellston was crowned as the district 10 Pork Princess as part of the meeting. Ford is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ford of Ellston. Eight Mount Ayr Community high school band students have been chosen to participate in the Southwest Iowa Honor Marching Band which will march in the Cotton Bowl parade in Dallas January 1. The eight will be part of a 220-member band made up of students from across southwest Iowa chosen by audition recently. Members of the band will include Andrea Mekus, drum major; Nichole Landphair, ag corps; Kelly Mason, tenor saxophone; Jeremy Culbertson, tenor saxophone; Ron Schafer, trombone; Shonn Mapes, tuba; Brian Schafer, tuba, and Ryan Smith, snare drum. It took almost a month but the rst baby born at Ringgold County Hospital since Mothers Day made his debut here June 3 and the Ringgold County Cattle Women presented the parents a beef certicate to celebrate the event. Ringgold County Beef Queen Racinda Jackson presented the certicate to Brenda Hoffman of Shannon City, who with her husband, Scott Hoffman, are parents of new son, Caleb. Caleb was born June 3 at 12:35 p.m., weighing in at 10 pounds, 3 3/4 ounces and 22 1/2 inches long. He is welcomed at home by a sister, Naomi, eight, and brother, Eli, ve. A Mount Ayr Community high school senior will be featured on a public service announcement on WHO-TV in Des Moines on Thursday, June 16. Brenda Bickel will represent MACHS in a ve-second spot saying Make 1988 a class act - Please dont drink and drive. A tie meant that there were 11 top students given special recognition from the Mount Ayr Community junior high school when eighth graders were promoted at an awards ceremony where junior high students were honored for activities during the year. Students receiving the academic recognition included Erin Barker, Bryan Campbell, Dan Cormeny, Russell Hensley, Andrea Jackson, Craig McClure, Marty Moe, Russell Shields, Andrea Still, Janelle Walters and Angela Wimer. Two Mount Ayr Tae Kwon Do students have been selected to attend the national Junior Olympic Tae Kwon Do tournament in Naples, FL later this summer. They are Billy Hightshoe and Dustin Wiley. Three Mount Ayr residents picked up medals or ribbons in competition at the state Special Olympic meet in Ames recently. Steve Gilbert received a medal for placing second in the 800 meter race walk and received a sixth place ribbon in the softball throw; Sharon Lesan received a medal for second place in the 800 meter race

walk and Ralph Hampton received a sixth place ribbon in the softball throw. The three qualied for the state track meet with their placings in the district meet held in Creston. The birth reported this week was a son, born June 3, to Scott and Brenda Hoffman of Shannon City. Obituaries this week were Wilbur Everett Faris, Jessie Violet Doty Fouser, Mildred Pauline Vosler, Mary Catherine Stuck Baird, Clifford Lyle Webster, Helen Marie Smyth and Carolyn U. Brandon. Ten Years Ago (From the Mount Ayr RecordNews, Thursday, May 29, 2003.) Mount Ayr Community school superintendent Tyler Williams has accepted a position as superintendent of the Garner-Hayeld Community school district in north central Iowa with June 30 being his last day in the district. Also resigning just before the June 1 deadline when penalties kick in for certied staff in terms of helping pay for a replacement search is Jan Williams, who has taught in the elementary school for two years. A Ringgold county resident died as the result of an apparent suicide Wednesday, May 21, according to the Ringgold county Sheriffs Department. Roxie Ann Deutsch, 53, of Mount Ayr was found at her home at 2172 250th Avenue by her husband, Jim Deutsch, at approximately 6 p.m. Wednesday. Jim Deutsch is manager of the Hy-Vee store in Mount Ayr. Academic top 10 were named when the Mount Ayr Community eighth grade promotion ceremony and junior high awards day was held Friday. Top 10 included Stephanie McDonnell, Wendy Doolittle, Kati Kemery, Joe Catanzareti, Zach Lynch, Brian Inloes, Ben Graham, Chad Bailey, Lucas Smith and Danielle Chapman. Among the Raiders who will be going to the state boys track meet in Des Moines Friday and Saturday are Luke Larsen, Jesse Mason, Luke Still, Lyndon Hawkins, Nathan Weeda and Brad Wilson. Senior members of the Mount Ayr Community Raiderette girls softball team this summer include Amber Schuster, Jacque Baker, Jana Johnson and Nicole Hogue. Obituaries this week were Theola Aretta Moon Akers, Vena Juanita Padgitt Bonebrake, Roxie Ann Creek Deutsch, Lloyd H. Hudson, Florence W. Jessup, Gerald William Keller and Mildred Clayton Reynolds.


& other things

that had happened on June 2 from family events to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth and the wedding of President Grover Cleaveland in the White House and we had to guess the year of the event. The celebration was highlighted when Nathan, Erin and Cara sang an anniversary song that Nathan composed for the occasion. It was beautiful and icing on an already wonderful celebration of spending time together. Ill Walk This Path With You will be another classic family treasure. We even took time to share a video of the song with Facebook friends once we got home. When the kids went to bed, the rest of us played board games and visited away the rest of the evening. We had to be up and out of the lodge in which we stayed by 8 a.m., so we got everything cleaned up and went to Davids Chamber park for breakfast and exploring of the creek and water fall over limestone that is very picturesque. The whole group gathered there for a church service, led by son-in-law Peter, where more stories of Gods many blessings to the family were shared. Then we found a shelter in the state park for lunch, where we celebrated the birthdays of Esther and Nana and sang for Peter and Erin. After another big meal, we loaded up for the long trip back to our homes. Many of the groups had to change drivers a few times to nd someone who could stay awake after the big weekend, but we all arrived home safely. I dont know of any greater gift than to be able to spend a weekend together to celebrate 40 years of marriage. It was truly another of the many blessings we have been privileged to share over the 44 years Valle and I have been friends and much more.

More on county supervisors

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and paved road surfaces in the county have immediate safety hazards on the road such as ruts and lack of rock on rock roads, potholes and rutting and rock patches on sealcoat roads and road buckles and potholes on paved roads that pose greater and more immediate safety hazards to the traveling public than lack of striping on paved roads. Gunsolley has stated that some sealcoat roads have higher trafc counts than some paved roads. The sealcoat roads have never been striped, even though sealcoat roads are generally more dangerous than paved roads because of characteristics such as their narrow road tops and generally less passing sight distance. Gunsolley has stated concerns of possible liability exposure for the county taxpayer since only two intersections in the entire county have lighting, even though some other intersections throughout the county have higher trafc counts, higher density of poorly visible horse drawn carriages, poor stopping sight distance or location on curves. Other road discussion Gunsolley reported the Denko crack lling project is complete, and the supervisors were pleased the project came in under budget. The original quote for the project was $205,254.54 with trafc control provided. With negotiated trafc control by the county crew, the cost came to $189,720.77. The nal invoice paid this week was $173,863.14. Gunsolley noted he and Steve Trullinger will look at roads prior to contractors coming in June. The supervisors discussed safety concerns with 310th Street. The board agreed to turn the east mile of

seal coat back to gravel and asked Gunsolley to notify the two homeowners within this mile. Inloes asked if the remaining mile of seal coat near Redding on 310th Street also needs to be turned to gravel. Gunsolley said he felt that portion of the road is in better shape and may last through winter. Gunsolley reported he had hired three seasonal employees to assist the road crew: John Parrott, Tracy Freihage and Curt Jackson. Parrott and Freihage started May 28 and Jackson started June 3. Jackson will obtain a license to spray weeds throughout the summer. Josh Rusk from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources met with the board to discuss the countys plans to repair the bridge near the prairie chicken viewing site west of Kellerton. The supervisors said a culvert will replace the bridge after work is completed on the Lil Rinehart bridge. Gunsolley estimated the crew will begin work on the prairie chicken bridge in July or August. The board also discussed a possible amount for a FY14 budget amendment for chips and oil to patch sealcoat roads. They suggested $150,000 be taken from reserves to pay for sealcoat patchwork. Other business In other business the supervisors: discussed and approved revisions to the county employee handbook. County auditor Amanda Waske will distribute a copy of the handbook to each employee. reviewed applications for the Veterans Affairs Director position and forwarded them to the Veterans Affairs Commission for their recommendation. approved a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ringgold

County Fair Board and a liquor license permit for the Eagles Nest. June 3 meeting In their regular meeting Monday, June 3, the supervisors passed a resolution to suspend striping of county highways and the lighting of intersections in response to Gunsolleys recommendation at the May28 meeting. Gunsolley also told the board he had been notied that Ringgold county had been proclaimed a diaster relief area. The declaration will provide funds for repairs to county infrastructure. Gunsolley and the supervisors also discussed the possibility of hiring a roads superintendent. The consensus was by creating this position, assistance will be provided for Gunsolley and allow for more efciency in the eld. Further discussion will take place at a later meeting. Vicki Hodge with the Rural Iowa Crisis Center (RICC) met with the board to discuss funding for scal year 2014. Hodge reported the Rural Iowa Crisis Center will close sometime late this summer. She thought Ringgold county would be served by the Adel Program. The Council Bluffs Program will provide shelter services, Hodge added. The county allocated $2,000 for this program for scal year 2014. Hodge is requesting the amount be provided even though the program will be dissolved. She said these funds are necessary for staff wages as services still have to be provided through the end of June. The supervisors approved a resolution allocating the funds with the intent those funds will be repaid through a transition grant.

More on city council meeting

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city what she must do in order to sell a lot on property she owns on the north edge of Mount Ayr that is not platted in her original subdivision plan. Based on the recommendation of city attorney Richard Wilson, Kinney will be told she needs to comply to all facets of the subdivision plan including placement of utilities and the laying out of streets before lots in that part of the subdivision may be sold. A member of the city crew has asked if he may wear shorts on the job. Wise said he had checked OSHA regulations that simply stated employees must wear sufcient clothing to protect them from hazards on a jobsite. Wise said he would have no problem with shorts being worn on days when meters are being read if employees have long pants available in case of an emergency. On all other days he said he would prefer all members of the city crew to wear clothing purchased through the citys clothing allowance. Other business In other business the council:

approved the nal drawdown on the bathhouse/FEMA safe room project from Oakview Construction for $91,047.86. An earlier nal drawdown request for $119,202.60 had already been approved by the council, but it had been amended to the lower amount after nal expenses had been reconciled. established a committee of two council members and two members of the Sportsmens Club to review issues brought up at the last council meeting about Loch Ayr, including the waiting lists, liability insurance and electrical hookups. The committee will bring recommendations for any changes to the existing regulations pertaining to the lake at the next council meeting.

approved three appointments to the library board: Rosemary Hullinger, Cheryl Taylor and Darrell Dodge. set June 17 as the public hearing date for a proposal to enter into a general obligation solid waste disposal and refunding loan agreement and borrow money in a principal amount not to exceed $850,000. The funds not only will renance the current bonds for the water system improvement project at a lower interest rate but also will be used as start-up money for the citys residential garbage service. passed a resolution adopting and approving tax compliance procedures relating to tax exempt bonds.


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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Courthouse News
News & Notes
Ringgold County Courthouse
(MA) 2:38 p.m., call for ofcer. (MA) 3:10 p.m., report of cows out. (CO) 4:05 p.m., call for jail. (OC) 4:58 p.m., call for ofcer. (CO) 5:46 p.m., report of power outages. (CO) 5:56 p.m., caller reporting a scam. (MA) 6:34 p.m., call for ofcer. (OC) 6:57 p.m., call for jail. (OC) 7 p.m., call for jail. (OC) 7:33 p.m., report of a suspicious vehicle. (MA) 8:16 p.m., caller with message for dispatch. (MA) 8:20 p.m., caller reported hitting a deer. (CO) 8:23 p.m., passerby concerned regarding the deer accident. (CO) 8:50 p.m., REC call. 9:07 p.m., caller with inmate information. (OC) 9:22 p.m., caller reporting they had hit a deer. (CO) 9:31 p.m., caller with information regarding a stolen tailer. (OC) 11:06 p.m., ofcer reporting they had a at tire. (CO) Saturday, May 25 12:39 a.m., caller advising they were coming to the jail to bond out an inmate. (OC) 4:19 a.m., 911 call, caller reported their car quit working. (CO) 9:56 a.m., vehicle lockout. (CO) 10:14 a.m., call for sheriff. (MA) 6:11 p.m., caller reporting a suspicious driver. (TI) 8:18 p.m., Worth county MO advising they were bringing in a female prisoner. (OC) 9:13 p.m., sheriff checking in. (CO) 9:20 p.m., 911 call, caller reporting a car/deer accident. (OC) 9:26 p.m., call for ofcer. (CO) Sunday, May 26 12:17 a.m., Decatur county advising they were bringing in a male prisoner. (OC) 1:47 a.m., caller reporting a herd of horses hightailing it out of Kellerton. (KE) 2:01 a.m., caller with information on horse herd hideout. (KE) 6:45 a.m., 911 calls, several from Missouri. (OC) 8:05 a.m., 911 call, request for an ambulance. (MA) 11:01 a.m., REC call, report of power line down. (CO) 12 p.m., caller with information on inmate. (OC) 2;13 p.m., caller with information on inmate. (OC) 2:58 p.m., caller with a road complaint --- really big hole. (TI) 3:32 p.m., caller with information regarding an inmate. (MA) 4:38 p.m., caller with information regarding an inmate. (MA) 4:44 p.m., bondman calling about an inmate. (OC) 6:05 p.m., caller reporting a controlled burn. (RE) 7:29 p.m., REC calls, several calls reporting storm related outages. (CO) 8:17 p.m., 911 call, hang up phantom dial due to weather. (DI) 8:55 p.m., 911 call, request for an ambulance. (MA) 9:27 p.m., report of a car in the ditch. (KE) 7:06 p.m., National Weather Service calling with storm information. (OC) 7:20 p.m., caller inquiring about messages for inmates. (OC) 7:30 p.m., National Weather Service requesting an update. (OC) 7:32 p.m., state radio with questions regarding the weather. (OC) 7:35 p.m., caller with questions about the sirens. (MA) 7:41 p.m., caller with questions about the storm. (MA) 8:02 p.m., caller with questions about the sirens. (MA) 8:03 p.m., Des Moines Register inquiring about the storm. (OC) 8:06 p.m., caller with questions about bonding a prisoner out during the storm. (OC) 8:08 p.m., caller with questions about the weather. (KE) 8:13 p.m., Emergency Management with questions regarding the weather. (OC) 8:18 p.m., caller with questions about the sirens. (MA) 8:27 p.m., Worth county MO with questions about the weather. (OC) 8:46 p.m., Southern Iowa Trolley offering to help. (OC) 8:50 p.m., sheriff checking in. (CO) 8:58 p.m., Channel 5 requesting information regarding the weather. (OC) 9:17 p.m., National Weather Service requesting an update. (OC) 11:30 p.m., caller complaining about reworks. (EL) Monday, May 27 3:40 a.m., Emergency Management checking on the weather. (MA) 4:15 a.m., Emergency Management checking in. (MA) 8:15 a.m., caller setting up visitation with inmate. (OC) 9:04 a.m., call for jail. (MA) 9:32 a.m., caller setting up visitation with inmate. (OC) 10:40 a.m., caller asking about storm damage. (OC) 11:58 a.m., call for dispatch. (MA) 12:14 p.m., REC call, report of power outage. (KE) 12:39 p.m., caller reporting a vehicle in the road. (DI) 12:50 p.m., ofcer checking in - transporting a prisoner to jail from another county. (OC) 1:20 p.m., caller reporting a disabled vehicle along the road. (MA) 2:13 p.m., attorney calling to speak to inmate. (OC) 4:45 p.m., caller reporting a stolen grave marker/stone. (DI) 5:16 p.m., caller with questions about how to get information to inmate. (OC) 6:27 p.m., 911 call, hang up. 7 p.m., cattle complaint. (OC) 11:44 p.m., courthouse open for shelter. (MA) 10:58 p.m., caller wanting to speak with inmate. (OC) 11:14 p.m., caller needing information. (MA) Tuesday, May 28 1:01 a.m., REC call, report of power outage. (KE) 4:49 a.m., 911 call - out of county. (OC) 8:44 a.m., call for sheriff. (OC) 8:57 a.m., call for jail. (OC) 9:44 a.m., call for siren test. (SV) 10:26 a.m., report of a break-in. (CO) 10:36 a.m., caller wanting a road report. Dispatch suggests they call 511. (OC) 10:47 a.m., call for jail. (OC) 10:50 a.m., call for dispatch. (MA) 11:29 a.m., call for clerk. (OC) 11:50 a.m., call for chief deputy. (OC) 12:42 p.m., caller needing jail information. (OC) 1 p.m., caller returning sheriffs call. (MA) 1:25 p.m., caller wanting to speak to ofcer. (MA) 2:25 p.m., 911 call, dive team needed. (OC) 2:49 p.m., call for chief deputy. (KE) 3:29 p.m., call back requested from chief deputy. (MA) 3:44 p.m., 911 call, request for an ambulance. (RE) 3:51 p.m. 911 call. 3:53 p.m., call for ofcer. (MA) 4 p.m., call back requested for advice. (MA) 4:11 p.m., report of a reckless driver. (KE) 4:14 p.m., caller reporting a scam. (MA) 4:28 p.m., 911 call, request for an ambulance. (MA) 4:40 p.m., call for ofcer. (MA) 4:53 p.m., call for sheriff. (MA) 5:11 p.m., caller with jail/inmate information. (OC)

Mount Ayr Record-News

SIMPLE MISDEMEANOR AND TRAFFIC CONVICTIONS May 16 - 22, 2013 William Jared Munyon, Kellerton, $566.25, violation of nancial liability coverage. Larry Charles Clark, Pleasantville, $114.00, speeding 6-10 m.p.h. over the speed limit. Justin Michael Liesener, Diagonal, $168.00, speeding 6-10 m.p.h. over the speed limit. Taylor Sue Schaffer, Kent, $335.00, open container driver over 21. Curtis Ray Brooks, Pleasant Hill, $114.00, speeding 6-10 m.p.h. over the speed limit. Howard Harrison, Pine Bluff, AR, $114.00, speeding 6-10 m.p.h. over the speed limit. Adrian Dornall Richardson, Mount Ayr, $465.00, no valid drivers license. Nathan Wade Nickle, Cleareld, $127.50, seat belt violation. Neil Richard Weehler, Maloy, $127.50, seat belt violation. Darrell W. Adams, Kellerton, $114.00, speeding 6-10 m.p.h. over the speed limit. Benjamin Holt Saville, Delphos, $127.50, seat belt violation. FROM RINGGOLD COUNTY MAGISTRATE COURT May 29 - A judgment was led in magistrates court nding Nicole Dawn Supinger of Mount Ayr guilty of simple assault. Supinger was ordered to be conned in the Ringgold County Jail for two days and was given credit for two days served. Defendant shall pay restitution. A no contact order was cancelled. Court-appointed attorney fees are to be determined. Supinger was ordered to pay court costs of $60 and jail fees for two days at $40 per day for $80 for a total of $140. Cash bond was forfeited with balance to poster. All nes, surcharges, cots and restitution are payable to the clerk of court and must be paid by May 29, 2013. FROM RINGGOLD COUNTY DISTRICT COURT May 29 - Trial information was led in district court charging Thomas Pierce Holland of Clarinda with count 1 illegal carrying of a weapon and count 2 possession of a controlled substance/marijuana. Bond set previously continues and a preliminary hearing was cancelled. Holland was ordered to appear for arraignment on Monday, June 17, 2013, at the Ringgold county courthouse. RINGGOLD COUNTY SHERIFFS LOG

May 23-29, 2013 Thursday, May 23 14:13 p.m., call for jail. (OC) 3:45 p.m., call for jail. (OC) 3:50 p.m., report of kid in the mail box. (MA) 4:31 p.m., call for jail. (OC) 6:59 p.m., call for jail. (OC) 7:20 p.m., caller looking for information. (OC) 7:56 p.m., call for jail. (MA) Friday, May 24 9:41 a.m., call for jail. (OC) 10:54 a.m., report of suspicious vehicle. (MA) 11:19 a.m., call for sheriff. (OC) 12:03 p.m., 911 call, no one there. 12:12 p.m., call for clerk. (MA) 12:32 p.m., call for clerk of court. (MA) 12:34 p.m., ofcer checking in. (MA) 1:12 p.m., call for ofcer. (OC) 1:52 p.m., call about sheriffs sale. (OC) 2:01 p.m., call for sheriff.

(Call Origination Code: MA = Mount Ayr; KE = Kellerton; EL = Ellston; TI = Tingley; DI = Diagonal; DE = Delphos; MO = Maloy; BE = Beaconseld; BO = Benton; SC = Shannon City; BL = Blockton; RE = Redding; SV = Sun Valley; CO = In County; OC = Out of County; OS = Out of State)

5:23 p.m., caller with jail/inmate information. (OC) 5:51 p.m., REC call, (OC) 6:20 p.m., caller with jail information. (OC) 6:41 p.m., call back from ofcer requested. (MA) 6:44 p.m., weather service calling. (OC) 6:49 p.m., 911 call. (MA) 8:27 p.m., vehicle lockout. (MA0 8:38 p.m., weather update. (OC) 9:19 p.m., caller wanting to speak to an ofcer. (CO) 9:43 p.m., weather update. (CO) Wednesday, May 29 6:36 a.m., caller checking about storm damage. (OC) 7:55 a.m., caller with civil issue. (CO) 8:03 a.m., call for jailer. (MA) 8:12 a.m., call for sheriff. (MA0 8:17 a.m., call for jail. (OC) 8:34 a.m., call for dispatch and jail. (MA) 8:59 a.m., call for sheriff or chief deputy. (MA) 9:22 a.m., call for dispatch. (MA0 9:42 a.m., call about jail fees. (OC) 9:43 a.m., call for chief deputy. (MA0 10:11 a.m., caller needing assistance. (OC) 10:18 a.m., call for dispatch. (OC) 10:27 a.m., call for jail. (OC) 10:48 a.m., caller with civil issue. (OC) 1:22 p.m., caller reporting cows out. (OC) 1:36 p.m., call for chief deputy. (KE) COURTHOUSE NEWS Ringgold County Courthouse hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. unless noted otherwise. Ringgold county now has a website at www.ringgoldcounty. us. Assessor: Neil Morgan, 4643233. Auditor: Amanda Waske, 464-3239. Board of Supervisors: David Inloes, chairman, Royce Dredge and Kraig Pennington, members, 464-3244. Supervisors meetings are open to the public and are held in the supervisors conference room located on the second oor between the clerk of court and auditors ofce. On days the board is not scheduled to be in ofce, please direct all inquiries to the auditors ofce. To schedule a meeting time with the supervisors, contact the auditors ofce. Regular board meetings are held on Mondays with ofcial public notice of the meeting agendas posted at the Ringgold county courthouse, Mount Ayr Record News, Sun Valley Lake and Diagonal city hall the day before. Clerk of Court (a state ofce): Jackie Saville, 464-3234; fax: 464-2478. Ofce hours: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 8 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8 a.m. noon and 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. The clerks ofce handles alimony and child support payments, probates, civil and criminal lings, magistrates court and records and services of adoptions, conservatorships, court proceedings, divorces, estates, grand jury, guardianships, judgments, juvenile proceedings, mechanics liens, mental health admissions, petit jury, surety company certicates, state hospital, trafc violations, trust funds, trusteeships. Certied copies can be made of above listed records. Court records are also available at County Conservation Board: Kate Zimmerman, phone: 464-2787, email:

Please contact for information on rules and regulations, parks, trail ways, camping, shelter reservations, environmental education and more. Parks are open March 15 - November 15. Walk-in trafc is allowed year round. County Weed Commissioner: Brenda Adams, 641-783-2348. Development and Tourism: Karen Bender, Coordinator, 4643704. If anyone has any calendar events, please contact the development ofce at 641-464-3704. E-911 Service Board: Merle Walter, 307 N. Webster St., Mount Ayr, 464-3311. Emergency Management Agency: Teresa Jackson, Coordinator, 109 W. Madison St., Suite 105, cell: 641-202-9671; phone: 464-3344; fax: 464-0663, email: Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The tornado sirens in Mount Ayr will be tested the rst Tuesday of each month unless there is severe weather. Engineer: Zach Gunsolley, P.E., 464-3232. 707 South Henderson Drive. Ofce hours: Monday Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. General Relief: Gary Smith, 109 W. Madison St., 464-2397. Mondays and Thursdays, 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.; Tuesdays, 7:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.; Closed Wednesdays and Fridays. In case of emergency 641-464-2397 or 641-202-1199. Recorder: Karen Schaefer, 464-3231. Passport applications are taken daily from 8 a.m. - 11 a.m. and noon - 4 p.m. Certied vital records can be obtained from 8 a.m. - noon and 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. The recorders ofce serves as a passport agent. Items needed to apply are: certied copy of birth certicate, drivers license or state issued ID, two-inch square passport photos and passport application (both available at recorders ofce) and fees. Allow four to six weeks from date of application to receive passport book or card from the passport agency. Expedited service is available for an additional fee. Individuals with recent name changes can get their passport book/card updated without a fee within one year of issue. Forms may be obtained at the recorders ofce. For additional information call the recorders ofce or go to Sanitarian: Ringgold County Public Health Agency, 464-0691. Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Public Health Agency: 119 S. Fillmore, 464-0691. Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sheriff: Mike Sobotka, Emergency Only 911, Non-Emergency (Available 24/7) 464-3921 or 4642911. New location at the Ringgold County Law Enforcement Center, 801 West South Street. Hours are 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Road Conditions - dial 511 or online at www.IowaRoadConditions. org. Treasurer: Debbie Cannon, 464-3230. Property taxes can be paid online at with Visa, Master Card and Discover credit cards or e-checks. Payments made in the ofce may be with cash, checks or with a Master Card, Visa or Discover credit or debit card. All documents conveying real estate need to have the name and address of the person to whom the property tax statement is to be mailed. Please check renewal notices and tax statements for the correct information. If the information is wrong, contact the treasurers ofce. Motorists can now renew motor vehicle registrations online at if a renewal notice is received through the United States Postal Service that contains a personal identica-

Anna Shervheim of Redding (above) and her brother Nathan Shervheim (below) are shown receiving their awards for rst place in the Christopher Columbus High School Essay Contest and American History Sixth Grade Essay Contest, respectively. The contests are sponsored annually by the Daughters of the American Revolution. The awards were presented at the DAR state convention by JoAnn Peterson, state DAR chairman (left) and DAR state regent Barbara Halpin. In addition, James Hardy, history teacher at East Union, was named state Amercian history teacher of the year at the convention.

tion number (PIN). Please be aware that the PIN can only be used one time. Contact the treasurers ofce for more information. Those with June birth dates are reminded to register their motor vehicles by July 31, 2013. Bring in the renewal statement received in the mail so renewals can be quickly processed. Drivers License Ofce: Located in the Treasurers Ofce. Drivers licenses may be renewed any time during the period

of 30 calendar days before and up to 60 calendar days after the drivers birth date. The drivers license station hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Phone 464-3230 with questions. Veterans Affairs: Gary Smith, 109 W. Madison St., 464-2397. Mondays and Thursdays, 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.; Tuesdays, 7:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.; Closed Wednesdays and Fridays. In case of emergency 641-464-2397 or 641-202-1199.

Fair Queen Candidates

Young Ladies Age 16 - 21 Years Old


Fair Princess Candidates

Girls Age 6 - 7 Years Old (Limit 15 candidates) If you are interested, please contact

Sarah McAlexander 641-782-0734

by the deadline Saturday, June 8, 2013
Ringgold County Fair

2 p.m. at the Ringgold County Courthouse with the crowning during fair week on Wednesday, July 10, 2013, 7:30 p.m.

Queen and Princess Contest Judging Sunday, June 23, 2013

The City Council of the City of Mount Ayr, Iowa will meet on the 17th day of June, 2013, at the City Hall, Mount Ayr, Iowa at 6 oclock p.m., for the purpose of instituting proceedings and taking action to enter into a loan agreement (the loan Agreement) and borrow money in a principal amount not to exceed $850,000 for the purpose of paying the cost, to that extent of (1) acquiring a vehicle and bins for the Citys solid waste disposal program and (2) current refunding the G.O. Sewer Improvement Bonds, Series 2006. The Loan Agreement is proposed to be entered into pursuant to authority contained in Section 384.24A of the Code of Iowa and will constitute a general obligation of the City. At that time and place, oral or written objections may be filed or made to the proposal to enter into the Loan Agreement. After receiving objections, the City may determine to enter into the Loan Agreement, in which case, the decision will be final unless appealed to the District Court within fifteen (15) days thereafter. By order of the City Council of the city of Mount Ayr, Iowa. PAMELA POORE City Clerk

3076 130th Street, Ellston, Iowa




2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Cover Charge $7


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JUNE 9: Jim George and the Country Swingers with special guest Roxanne Gregg JUNE 16: Wayne Hoover and the Countrysiders with special guest Cindy Roberts
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Social Community Calendar

NOTICE - If you would like your organizations meeting dates to appear in the calendar, please contact Record-News staff at 464-2440. Thursday, June 6 Ringgold County Master Gardeners will meet at the Iowa State Extension ofce at 5 p.m. Southwest Iowa Shutterbugs will meet at the Creston Pizza Ranch. Chatter and food begins at 6 p.m. Regular meeting begins at 7 p.m. Sons of the American Legion will meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Mount Ayr Legion hall. Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at 8 p.m. at the Neighborhood Center, Mount Ayr. Saturday, June 8 Deadline for Ringgold County Fair queen and princess candidates. Breakfast for supper at the Benton community building from 5 to 7 p.m. Freewill offering. Sunday, June 9 Descendents and relatives of E. G. and Belle Sickels will meet at the Southwest Iowa REC building for a potluck dinner at noon. Ellston Pioneer Center is open from 1 to 4 p.m. or by appointment for groups of ve or more. Call Linda and Bob Swanson at 641-783-2155. Kids Fishing Day at Fifes Grove in Mount Ayr from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Cake being served for Eugene and Lucy Comers 63rd wedding anniversary at their home from 2 to 4 p.m. If unable to attend, cards and correspondence may be sent to them at 2518 Co. Hwy. J55, Mount Ayr, IA 50854. Monday, June 10 Teen babysitting course at the Mount Ayr First Christian Church from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Thin Within support group will meet at 5 p.m. at the Lighthouse. Mount Ayr Community School board meets at 6 p.m. in the MACS board room. Jam session at the Mount Ayr American Legion building from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Mount Ayr Golf and Country Club board will meet at 5:30 p.m. at the clubhouse. Sowing in Tears Support Group will meet at 7 p.m. at the Lighthouse Church, two miles west of Mount Ayr. Tuesday, June 11 Deadline for removing arrangements and decorations from the Rose Hill Cemetery in Mount Ayr. Mount Ayr American Legion Post 172 will meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Post. V.F.W. Lamoni Post will meet at 7:30 p.m. at Lamoni Community Center. Wednesday, June 12 Card shower for Leo (Jocko) Hackers 100th birthday. Cards and correspondence may be sent to him at 2413 North Ashton Pl., Mesa, AZ 85215. Teen babysitting course at the Mount Ayr First Christian Church from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. $1 sack day every day at the Ringgold County Neighborhood Center. Public is invited to attend a support group, Touching Our Grief, sponsored by HCI Care Services (formerly Hospice of Central Iowa) from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the Extension ofce. For more information, contact Kathy Rinehart, 464-2088. Ringgold Outdoor Alliance monthly meeting at 6:30 p.m. at Iowa Roadhouse. Thursday, June 13 Mount Ayr Lions will meet at 6 p.m. Board meeting at 5:30 p.m. Waubonsie Memorial Center meeting at 7 p.m. in Benton. Topaz Lodge #438 A.F. & A.M. meets at 7:30 p.m. at the Temple on Main Street in Kellerton. Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at 8 p.m. at the Neighborhood Center, Mount Ayr. Friday, June 14 Card shower for E. Ray and Helen Sheldens 60th wedding anniversary. Cards and correspondence may be sent to them at 4500 Indian Creek Rd., Marion, IA 52302. Teen babysitting course at the Mount Ayr First Christian Church from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tingley dance at the Tingley community building from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday, June 15 Southern Iowa Parks & Recreations breakfast for supper at the Kellerton community center from 5 to 7 p.m. Sunday, June 16 Card shower for James Pollocks 80th birthday. Cards and correspondence may be sent to him at 1594 U.S. Highway 169, Mount Ayr, IA 50854. Ellston Pioneer Center is open from 1 to 4 p.m. or by appointment for groups of ve or more. Call Linda and Bob Swanson at 641-783-2155. Monday, June 17 Teen babysitting course at the Mount Ayr First Christian Church from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Thin Within support group will meet at 5 p.m. at the Lighthouse. Ringgold County Hospital board meets at 5 p.m. in the hospital conference room. Mount Ayr City Council will meet at 6 p.m. at Mount Ayr City Hall. Jam session at the Mount Ayr American Legion building from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Chapter CK, P.E.O. will meet at 7 p.m. at the Senior Citizens Activity Center. Hostesses will be Nida Solliday, Marcy Crain and Pam Hudson. Program is BEE Involved and report of convention of Iowa State Chapter. Program presenter is Ruth McDonnell.. Sowing in Tears Support Group will meet at 7 p.m. at the Lighthouse Church, two miles west of Mount Ayr. Tuesday, June 18 Calico Quilters will meet from 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon at the Senior Citizens Activity Center, Mount Ayr. Wednesday, June 19 $1 sack day every day at the Ringgold County Neighborhood Center. Teen babysitting course at the Mount Ayr First Christian Church from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Parenting Plus will meet at 5:15 p.m. at the Neighborhood Center, Mount Ayr. There will be a WIC Clinic at the First Christian Church in Mount Ayr from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information contact the MATURA ofce in Creston at 641-782-8431.

Mount Ayr Record-News

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Library Leangs

Mary Kathryn Gepner

June 3 - Memorial Day is a time reserved to honor service and sacrice. Forty years ago, in 1973, the United States ended its combat role in the Vietnam War. American troops came home and prisoners of war were released. As in all wars, the cost in blood and treasure was great. The names of 58,000 American soldiers are etched on the Wall of the Vietnam War memorial in Washington, D.C. Between 1965 and 1975, the cost to American taxpayers was $111 billion. The Omaha World Herald Monday, May 27 issue, paid special tribute with stories of the men from Nebraska and western Iowa who served. The Memorial Day tribute listed the names of the veterans from Nebraska and western Iowa that appear on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall and told some of the stories of those who didnt come home -- still missing after all those years. Missing and unaccounted for are more than 1,600 Americans, not forgotten by their families and the nation. The search goes on for their remains. Forty years later people still debate the wars meaning and its lasting impact but not the service and sacrice of the Vietnam War veterans. The nations highest military honor, the Medal of Honor, was awarded to 247 Vietnam War servicemen. Seven went to men with Nebraska or western Iowa ties for their actions of extraordinary courage. Between 1996 and 2000, the U.S. Senate had six members who were Vietnam combat veterans including Medal of Honor recipient Bob Kerry of Nebraska. Others were Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, Max Cleland of Georgia, John Kerry of Massachusetts, Chuck Robb of Virginia and John McCain of Arizona. Vietnam was the rst televised war. Some argued, that the nonstop photos and video found in daily newspapers and on the nightly TV news shaped Americans attitudes toward the war and led to the U.S. withdrawal. The library has a number of books on the Vietnam War including, Love Revisited, U.S. First of the Fifth, First Cavalry, Bravo Unit by Judy Hill donated by Judy and Don Snedeker. Don Snedeker, formerly of Mount Ayr, and Bob Graham of Benton were in this unit. New books in the library: In regular print nonction: Lincolns Battle With God, A Presidents Struggle With Faith and What It

Comers to observe 63rd anniversary

The family of Eugene and Lucy Comer are hosting a card shower in honor of the couples 63rd wedding anniversary. The couple were united in marriage on June 10, 1950 in Thurman. Family will be serving cake in the couples home on Sunday, June 9, from 2 to 4 p.m. Friends and family are welcome to attend and deliver cards in person. If you are unable to attend, cards and correspondence may be mailed to them at 2518 Co. Hwy. J55, Mount Ayr, IA 50854.

Lucy and Eugene Comer

Sheldens to celebrate 60th anniversary

E. Ray and Helen Shelden will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on June 14. They were united in marriage by Rev. George Pennington at the Combs residence at 200 West Jefferson, Mount Ayr with a reception following the ceremony and honeymoon in Des Moines. Ray was on leave from Paris Island for the ceremony. Ray and Helen have two children and three grandchildren, daughter Andrea (John) Schindler of Marion and grandchildren Baily and Dalton and daughter Caprice (Walter) Rich of Amana and granddaughter Meghan. Cards and correspondence may be sent to Ray and Helen at 4500 Indian Creek Rd., Marion, IA 52302.

Ray and Helen Shelden



Mount Ayr Class of 1949 The Mount Ayr high school class of 1949 held the celebration of the 64th anniversary of their graduation Friday evening, May 24, 2013, at the Mount Ayr Restoration Branch Church. The group enjoyed visiting, picture taking and the meal prepared and served by Sue Beck and Kathy Myers. The group was especially pleased to welcome Don Daughton and wife Sally of Arizona who had only attended one other reunion. Also welcomed as special guests were Lyndon Sheldon and wife Edie of Colorado. He had started to school with this class and later moved to Des Moines. Other classmates attending were Dean Grindstaff and wife Anne of Lansing, KS, Ed Bryan Meant For America and The Mormonizing of America, How The Mormon Religion Became A Dominant Force in Politics, Entertainment, and Pop Culture by Stephen Manseld. Grace For The Moment: Inspiration for Each Day of the Year by Max Lucado. In CD: The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. In DVD: The John Wayne 100th Anniversary Collection. In regular print ction: Guilty Wives by James Patterson.

and wife Phyllis of Des Moines, Walter Pritchard and wife Nola of Clarinda, Shirley Boothe and husband Harold Sandage of Ottumwa, Jim Mahan of Leon, Harold Cooper and wife Phyllis of Kellerton, Elbert Irving of Afton, Margaret Turner and husband Laurance Bishop (both members of the class), Daryl Holden, Norma Rees Creveling and Iona Baker Triggs, all of Mount Ayr. There have been two deaths since last years reunion -- that of Verle Saltzman and Belle Sickels Guthland.

Brian and Chelsie Inloes of Bentonville, AR are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl, Amy Lynn Inloes, who was born on Wednesday, May 1, 2013, in Bentonville. She weighed seven pounds, 15 ounces and was 20 inches long. Grandparents are Dave and Beverly Inloes of Kellerton and Doug and Sherry Burris of Memphis, TN. Great-grandparents are Frances Heermann of Norfolk, NE, Margaret Lee Inloes of Quinter, KS and Mark and Glenda Justice of Ozark, MO.

Hacker to celebrate 100th birthday

Leo Hacker

Pollock to observe 80th birthday

James Pollock

The family of Leo (Jocko) Hacker would like to host a card shower for his 100th birthday on June 12. Cards and correspondence may be sent to Leo at 2413 North Ashton Pl., Mesa, AZ 85215.

James Pollock of Mount Ayr will observe his 80th birthday anniversary on June 16. His family would like to honor him with a card shower on this special occasion. Cards and corresponence may be sent to James at 1594 U.S. Highway 169, Mount Ayr, IA 50854. RUBBER STAMPS We o er notary stamps, rubber stamps, ink pads, pre-inked stamps, re ll ink and more. Mount Ayr Record-News, 464-2440.

Harley ride stopping at Mount Ayr library

Roudybush reunion to be held June 23

The 61st annual Roudybush reunion will be held on Sunday, June 23, at Jim and Sally Browns farm, 1251 Vail Avenue, Lenox at noon. Bring a dish to share, drink, tableware and folding chairs, if you can. Please remind others in your family of the reunion,

The Mount Ayr public library is one of the sites of the Harley Ride Across Iowa - CSI Cruisin Scenic Iowa, sponsored by Big Barn Harley-Davidson of Des Moines. The purpose of the ride is to promote communities around the state. In March a geocache was placed on a location around the library. Riders were given a booklet entitled CSI Cruisin Scenic Iowa that included a number of clues to solve the mystery of where the geocache was located. On Sunday, June 2 a group of riders arrived at the library searching for the geocache box but were unable to solve the mystery. The library is pleased to participate in CSI Cruisin Scenic Iowa and to welcome visitors to our community, said library director Mary Kathryn Gepner.

Friday, June 14
6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Special Guest: Jennifer Brittan $5 Donation. Bring food for half time. Drinks available. No alcohol please.

Tingley Community Building

Descendants and relatives of E.G. and Belle Sickels will hold their annual potluck

Sunday, June 9 Noon
Please let your families know.

5 p.m. Freewill donation

Side dishes Please help the bowling alley. Support their endowment fund.

Please remove arrangements and decorations that you wish to save from the Rose Hill Cemetery, Mount Ayr, Iowa by Tuesday, June 11, 2013. Thanks.


meeting at the Southwest Iowa Rural Electric Cooperative building meeting room located along Highway 2 on the west edge of Mount Ayr.

Rose Hill Cemetery Board

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Benton Community Building

5 to 7 p.m.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

County Columns
Senior Citizen

Mount Ayr Record-News

the site being open. When the reorganization takes place, July 1, meal sites will not be allowed to be open any holidays. This writer cant be more detailed about the program because everyones name didnt get written down. Everyones help and extra effort to make this day possible sure was appreciated. Peggy Skarda felt really proud to have her granddaughter and husband and two great-grandchildren present to share her day. They included Al and Josie Johnson, Becky and Colby. Tingleys alumni banquet was held over the weekend. Several friends and classmates chose to have dinner together a the meal site Monday. They included Judy Pottorff, Hank Smith, Liz Welsh, Norma Jean Jones and Lucy Maudlin. Lucy was, once upon a time, a cook at the site. It was also good to have Jim and Joyce Ward present again. They have been visiting and spending the holiday with her sisters, Iona Triggs and Bill and Norma Webb, and other relatives in this area. Tuesday found the sites regular Tuesday group, the band, present to entertain. Tingleys so lucky. Not only did they have their regular members, they were joined by a special guest visiting Lloyd and Kay Drake this day, George Schunk, with his concertina. They al sounded so good. They made everyones toes start tapping. More visitors, Harold and Peg Rice of Colorado, stopped in to visit and renew some acquaintances. Also, Lois Halm of Florida was a guest of Mary Sue McIntosh. These visitors were all in this area for family reunions. All sure were glad to welcome them back. A good number of Friday Singers were present to provide the entertainment Friday. One difference was noted. They were directed by Virginia Walden. Like always, they sure were enjoyed. You can tell its summer. Theres always more guests and visitors at this time. Lee and Shirley Brand were proud to have three of their children as their guests at the site Friday. They included their two daughters, Sheila Janssen and Mary Chapman, and son and wife, Ron and Rhonda Brand. It sure is fun to have visitors and guests at the site. Everyone was sure happy to have Bonnie Manders able to be at the site again Friday. Its been a long time. Happy birthday wishes were extended to Elaine Wiese Friday, May 31. She was observing her birthday that day. Gary and Dorothy Burgher brought another jar of dill pickles for folks to enjoy with their meals while Dave Patch share some rhubarb. Nancy Jarred attended a site managers meeting held Wednesday morning at the Creston ofce. Theyre all assured therell be no drastic changes come July 1. Farmer market checks are now available at the Tingley site. See Nancy. Diagonal, Ira White of Ames and Susan Ferber of Greeneld went to the Greeneld Manor in Greeneld Thursday to help their mother, Wilma White, celebrate her 95th birthday anniversary. They served ice cream and cake and lemonade to all the residents and staff and had a good visit with their mother. Visitors during the week of Joan and Don Stringham were Mike, Malinda, Shane and Mitchel Swank and Russell Holmes. Kay Hove and Mary Gepner went shopping in Creston Saturday. LeaAnn Swank of Skidmore, MO visited Saturday and Sunday with Joan and Don Stringham and Mike, Malinda, Shane and Mitchel Swank. Mary and Junior Swank hosted a barbecue at their home Saturday evening. Guests were Mike, Malinda and Shane Swank, LeaAnn Swank, Richard Swank and Karla and Jarred Larson. Mary Gepner was a Saturday supper guest of Kay and Don Hove and houseguest Brad Hove for a sh fry. Patty and Wallace Sobotka visited Sunday with JR Miller at the Clearview Home in Mount Ayr. Nancy Saville of Creston was a Sunday supper guest of Patty and Wallace Sobotka. Sunday supper guests of Joan and Don Stringham were Mike, Malinda, Shane and Mitchel Swank. Sunday evening Mary Swank, Mary Gepner and Nancy Gepner attended the mother-daughter banquet at the Mount Ayr Methodist Church which was hosted by the United Methodist men.

Activity Center

June 3 - The Activity Center was host to Clearview and Mount Ayr Health Care nursing home residents and assisted living tenants Monday with beverages and snacks. They had a really good turnout and set up a couple of extra tables for the different groups who came. They have vans carrying people and Southern Iowa Trolley also brings in a group from Clearview. Some have a little bit of trouble navigating walkers and canes over the damaged sidewalk. Hopefully they will have sidewalk repair done soon. With a lot of Activity Center hostesses being gone for the week of June 10-16, they will be having some substitutes. Stop by and see who is taking care of the Center during this week. They will still have the regular activities. Regular hostesses will be back the week of June 17. One of the summertime activities is starting at 1 p.m. Thursday, June 6, with bridge coming to the Activity Center. They hope all you bridge players come join in. They also have dominoes, Mexican train and Rumicube on Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. There is plenty of room in the main room or there are tables in the Broshar board room or the kitchen that can be utilized so they can have lots going on. The June potluck will be held on Tuesday, June 18, at noon. Bring a covered dish and join in for some good food and companionship. Stay and join in playing bingo afterwards. Bingo usually starts a little earlier when they have the potlucks, so head in on that day around 1 p.m. if you did not make the potluck. Otherwise, they start bingo at 2 p.m. on Tuesdays. The Center will have the monthly snack and game night back on June 23 starting at 5 p.m. Come and join in the fun.

and grandsons Kenton and Kendall Fuller of Lincoln visited Monday with Berta and Kenny Quick. The Quicks went to Carson Friday and Saturday to watch Morgan Quick in the rodeo there. Gladys Jones visited with Betty and J.W. Robertson Saturday. Dean and Mary Ewing and family of Gainsville, FL are visiting with Jan and Melinda Shervheim and family. Myron and Ardys Shervheim of Johnston are also visiting. Stephanie and Tom VanOsten left Tuesday to return home to Salt Lake. Matthew Bainum is visiting Bobbi and Michael Bainum and other relatives. Caitlyn Bainum was a Sunday lunch guest of Bainums. David Hunt was an afternoon visitor.

Mount Ayr Meal Site


Bobbi Bainum 767-5211

June 3 - Several people helped with the ags at the Redding cemetery for Memorial weekend. Bev and Robin Murphy of Des Moines visited with Dorothy Barber Monday. Rick, Deloris and Oney Brumeld were in Creston Saturday. Morris Carpenter, Cal Carpenter and Chris Risser of Bedford went on the KSIB tractor ride Saturday. Mary and Morris Carpenter went to Saint Joseph, MO Sunday and had lunch with Jim, Elaine, Taylor and Ashton Bryant. Nola Olney of Sacramento, CA called on Helen Combs Friday. Among those attending the Combs cousins reunion Monday in Mount Ayr were Helen Combs, Lil Rinehart, June and Vance Combs, Bonnie and Hal of Cape Girardeau and Ed and June Combs of Des Moines. Helen Combs went to Jane and Doyle Savilles 50th wedding anniversary party at the Mount Ayr First Christian church Sunday. Sandra Knapp and Iaden Oleman of Wichita, KS visited with Steve and Tracee Knapp and family over the Memorial weekend. Reas Knapps Tingley Lions baseball team was in the tournament Friday and Saturday in Lenox and won second place. Tracee and Lew Knapp worked at the Grand Avenue Temple homeless shelter in Kansas City Saturday. Others from the area who went were Karla and Jerry Hynes, Kelli Goodale and Teresa Pendegraft of Creston, Billi Larsen of Mount Ayr, Paul and Nancy Dykestra of Kellerton and Lacey Frank of Kansas City. Gladys Jones went to the prayer service Wednesday at the Assembly of God Church in Grant City, MO. She worked at the Mission Possible thrift store Thursday and had lunch at the Eatery. Gladys went to the Bible study at the Christian church Friday and had lunch at the Eatery with Alice Miller, Dean Miller and Bev Cadle. She went to the seminar Living Free at the Assembly of God Church Sunday. Lawrence Jefferson of Gallatin,

June 3 - The site had visitors from Colorado last Wednesday. Harold and Peggy Rice of Commerce City, CO were in town visiting his sister, Helen Reynolds, and they all came to the meal site. The June birthday dinner will be Friday, June 14. Louise Frost will be celebrating a June birthday and, as a special treat, will be furnishing homemade ice cream made by John Campbell. Fried chicken will also be on the menu that day as well as birthday cakes made by ladies from the meal site. Please call ahead for reservations. Max Smith has recently had cataract surgery on both eyes and is getting along well. He is also healing from a severe cut on his foot as a result of a motorcycle accident. All wish good health and safety for him. Max and Joyce Smith will be in Washington state a couple of weeks. While there they will attend granddaughter Emilys high school graduation. Emily is Sherris daughter. Of course, they will be visiting all of their Washington family as well. Those at the site are sorry to be losing Bernard as his last day is June 14. They will miss him and are hoping to get a replacement soon so they can still have meals. Volunteers this past week have been Evelyn Sickels, Shirley Ingram, Louise Frost and Richard Larson. Everyone appreciates them helping out. Come meet your friends at the meal site. And remember the words of William Shakespeare, There is attery in friendship.

ta Cobb Burr came for lunch and to visit with Dean and Marietta Cobb. Jim and Anita will be moving to Texas soon and also Anitas daughter, Anjee, and family. Sunday Betty Blessman and her two children, Sue and Jim and wife Beth, came to Tent Chapel Church of Christ. They, the Cobbs and Richard Reinhardt went to Allendale, MO and met up with Jacque and Brooke Nelson where they all had lunch. Sunday afternoon Ron and Toni Schlapia and Jacque and Brooke Nelson visited in the Cobb home. Josh and Nicole Crain were at school for Delbert Molts retirement party. David and Mary Kay Loutzenhiser, Maureen Carpenter and Ben, Peggy and Gabriel Roed attended the graduation party for Cassidi Moses in Lenox. Some of the Blockton students who graduated from Bedford in 1963 met in the Blockton park for a little get-together. Those present were Ed Hobbs, David Bell, Marion Jennings, Lynette (King) Amrine, Jane (Abernathy) Saville, Albert Key, Lynn Schoenmann and Charlie Brown. Steve Campbell from the class of 1966 saw them and stopped in to visit also. Richard and Joyce Brown went to Arkansas to visit Bob and Judy Wilt. Helen Moon enjoyed celebrating her birthday with family and friends and the Missionary Church in Bedford. Ryan and Lacee (Lawrence) Hughes are the proud parents of Arabella. Local great grandparents are Ivan and Sharon Groff. Dennis and Sammi (OConnor) Elliott are the proud parents of Maci Jo. Local grandparents are Jim and Selina OConnor. Ben and Peggy Roed are the proud parents of Gabriel David. Local grandparents are David and Mary Kay Loutzenhiser. Caleb and Matthias Ballantyne, Calebs friend, Christen, and her daughter, Savannah, visited Lynn King and had lunch. The alumni banquet had over 100 alumni and friends there to enjoy getting reacquainted. Remember: There are 152 distinctly different ways of holding a baby -- and all are right. -- Heywood Broun

Levi and Rosa Miller attended a Keim reunion in Holmes county, Ohio Saturday, traveling with family from Jamesport, MO. Junior and Lydian Miller and several children and Rosanna Troyer went to Homer, MI over the weekend. Reuben and Ada Troyer, Lucinda, Andy Ray, Michael and Nelson, Mrs. Paul Troyer, Sara Mae, Jonas, John and Aaron went to Jamesport, MO last Wednesday visiting family and stores and also brought home a new buggy grandpa Jonas Mast built for Reuben Troyer.


Mary Swank 785-2205

Down Redding Way

June 3 - Its June. Hard to believe. When attending baseball games this weekend, it felt more like football season than baseball. Schools out for the summer. So be extra careful when youre driving. Its time for another birthday party at the meal site already. All June birthdays will be celebrated at a party to be held there Friday, June 7. Friday Singers will provide the extra entertainment for the occasion. Last Monday was memorial Day, a holiday. The Tingley site chose to be open but the reason for the holiday wasnt ignored. Peggy Skarda put together a very meaningful variety program that included a bit of everything, some solos, group songs, a reading Thanks to the American Warrior, a dance Yankee Doodle Dandy, a song God Bless the U.S.A. and closed with The Star Spangled Banner and the Pledge of Allegiance. Recognition was given the three veterans present, Neil Johnston, Al Clough and Chet Munyon. Peggy Skarda donated and presented a meal ticket to the eldest veteran present, Neil Johnston, and one to the veteran serving his country the longest, Chet Munyon. Homemade ice cream made by Lloyd and Kay Drake was a special dessert enjoyed by those at the site that day. Those present sure appreciated

June 3 - Joan and Don Stringham and Mary Jane Garrett were Memorial Day lunch guests of Mike, Malinda and Shane Swank. Junior and Mary Swank, Mike Swank and Richard Swank attended a picnic at the Greeneld park on Memorial Day in honor of Wilma Whites 95th birthday anniversary. Mary Jane Garrett and Allisa and Christian Weehler of Colorado Springs, CO visited Thursday with Joan and Don Stringham. Mary Swank, John White of


Friday and Saturday Evenings, June 7 and 8, 7 p.m. Sunday Matinee, June 9, 2 p.m. COMING UP: June 14-16 Fast & Furious 6- Rated PG-13
Animation Adventure: A teenager finds herself transported to a deep forest setting where a battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil is taking place. She bands together with a rag-tag group of characters in order to save their worldand ours Friday - Sunday


EPIC On the square in Mount Ayr Ph. 641-464-2466

Rated PG Admission - $5 September 24 - 26

Mary Troyer
June 3 - June is starting out cool and damp. Blackberries are in bloom so perhaps this is what is called blackberry winter. The total four-inch rain the area got in eight days time is a big boos to pasture and hay elds as well as corn and beans and also gardens and yards. Eli and Rachel Miller and family moved to Priez, MN last Wednesday. Going along to help unload were Jacob Plank, Herman Mast, Robert Detweiler, Jesse Troyer, Joe and Rosa Miller, Mrs. Albert Yoder and Aaron and Malinda Beechy. Nelson and Lucy Troyer and three children took two buggies to Barry, IL that he (Nelson) built for someone. They stayed the weekend and attended church. Eli and Lydia Yoder attended the funeral of Elmer Bontrager in Clark, MO last week.


Mary Kay Loutzenhiser 641-788-2450

June 3 - Mothers day weekend guests of Donna Melvin and Terry Henson were Brad, Rachel, Abby, Brent, Kate, Craig and Alyssa Melvin and Jenny and Zane Blevins. They all enjoyed a picnic lunch at Bibbins Park and shing at their uncles Saturday. Saturday, May 19, Jim and Ani-

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School Second semester high school, college honor rolls released

MAC middle/high school honor roll
Honor rolls for second semester have been released for students at Mount Ayr Community middle/ high school. Students earning the A Honor Roll include seventh-graders Bailey Anderson, Mercadez Birkenholz, Madyson Henson, William Hunt, Alyssa Johnson, Dylan McAlexander, Abbey Schafer, Hallie Still, John Young and William Young; Eighth-graders Hope Fletchall, Sadie Frost, Macy Larsen, Tessa Shields and Megan Warin; Freshmen Cheyenne Gillespie, Madison Mobley and Trina Restauro; Sophomores Laneesa Brand, Melody Davis, Shelbie Greene, Ashton Johnson, Kevin Ralston and Mariah Restauro; Juniors Leah Klejch, Matthew Poore, Brook Rychnovsky, Jacob Sobotka and Allison Wallace; Seniors Jasper Abarr, Jennifer Blair, Hannah Fletchall, Emily Fox, Caitlin Giles, Madison Hoseld, Jena James, Maggie Jennett, April Shields, Johnathan Triggs, Kylie Wilson and Logan Wimer. Students named to the B Honor Roll include seventh-graders Eian Adams, Cauy Bickel, Alex Booth, Marcus Daughton, Brianna Dory, Logan Eaton, Adelyda Ebersole, Addyson Flammang, Caylie Hickman, Mitchell Lutrick, Craven Martin, Bradley Phelps, Amarillo Reyes, Kenisha Ross, Katie Sickels, Jeb South, Brayden Swank, Mitchel Swank, Chania Vos, Bradley Wurster, Lucas Wurster and Kirsten Young. Eighth-graders Triston Ackley, Molly Anderson, Heath Andresen, Cassie Brand, Cal Daughton, Haylea England, Jacob Garrett, Blair Glendenning, Breanne Haley, Michael Hanan, Cheyenne Haveman, Mike James, Mitchell Jennett, Kyler Martin, Megan Reasoner, Ashton Sheil and Kelcie Shields; Freshmen Trevor Anderson, Samantha Crawford, Kirsten Dolecheck, Kyle Dolecheck, Jessica Fricke, Lincoln Lutrick, Shaley Miller, Ashton Quick, Baylee Stark, Taylor Wilson and Alexandra Young; Sophomores Brittani Bogan, Quintin Chumbley, Christiana Overholtzer, Adrian Richards, Allie Shields, Grant Staats, Tyler Triggs, Riley Weehler and Tucker Winemiller; Juniors Jacob Beamgard, Erik Freed, Jack Jones, Noah Larsen, Mason Mercer, Naomi Richards and Hagan Willis; Seniors Erin Dolecheck, Bill Geer, Levi Martin, Braydee Poore, Zane Sickels and Taylor Still.

Mount Ayr Record-News

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Inloes graduates from Naval Academy, heads to Navy ight school

U.S. Navy Ensign Jeffrey A. Inloes, son of David and Beverly Inloes of Kellerton, graduated from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD on May 24 and was commissioned as an ofcer in the U.S. Navy. Ens. Inloes successfully completed four years of intensive academic, physical and professional training, resulting in a bachelor of science degree with a major in mechanical engineering. As a graduate of the Naval Academy, Ens. Inloes completed a four-year, total immersion program where a strong, balanced academic program, focused on the educational needs of the Navy and Marine Corps, is superimposed on a strict, professional military training environment emphasizing the development of leadership skills. Following graduation, Ens. Inloes will stay in Annapolis to continue his research in advanced computational uid dynamics that focuses on rotorcraft performance, before reporting to ight school in Pensacola, FL where he will be trained as a Navy pilot. Ens. Inloes is a 2009 graduate of Mount Ayr Community high school.

Northwest names honor students

Academic and presidents honor rolls for the spring trimester have been released by Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville. To be included on the academic honor roll a student must carry a minimum of 12 credit hours and attain a grade point average of 3.50 or above on a 4.00 scale. Students named to the presidents honor roll have attained a perfect 4.00 GPA for the trimester. Area students appearing on the honor rolls include: Daniel V Leonard - Cleareld President . Levi J Cameron - Diagonal Academic. Adler M Adams - Kellerton Academic. Ashley M Phelps - Kellerton Academic . Daniel E Showalter - Mount Ayr Academic. Lucas J Smith - Mount Ayr Academic.

Angus named at Northwestern

Omaha, NE. Budach is pursuing a bachelor of science degree in nursing. She is the daughter of Mark and Betsy Budach.

Budach makes Clarkson list

Jennifer Angus, a student at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa, has earned a spot on the Academic Deans List and a designation as a Collegiate Scholar for the spring 2013 semester. The Deans List is comprised of students who have achieved a semester grade point average of 3.50 or above while carrying a minimum of 12 graded hours. Students who earned a GPA of 3.75 or higher are considered Collegiate Scholars. Angus, a graduate of Mount Ayr Community high school, is a senior Spanish and social work major at Northwestern College. She is the daughter of Jodi Angus. This semester 394 students qualied for the Deans List, 248 of whom earned the Collegiate Scholar honor.

Erin Budach of Mount Ayr has been named to the spring 2013 deans list at Clarkson College in

Snapshots of History

Cleareld holds spring arts program

Cleareld elementary PK-6th students recently presented the Cleareld Spring Fine Arts Program. The preschoolers opened the show with a grand procession into the gym to a marching beat played by sixth-grader Morgan Parrish! Their performance included Quack, Quack, Quack, Three Little Ducks and a dramatization of Little White Duck. The Oriole Band then played two jazz tunes by Count Basie: Satin Doll and C Jam Blues, which included improvisation choruses. The third graders then displayed what they had learned this semester on recorders and bells. The 5-6th graders percussion ensemble performed Nick Nack Rat-a-Tat followed by the K-2nd graders demonstration of classroom game/dance activities. Members of the audience were invited to participate in this activity. The Oriole Singers (grade 5-6) wrapped up the rst half of the program with an excellent encore performance of selections they performed as part of the SWICDA honor choir earlier this spring. During the break, Cleareld principal Jackie Hopkins presented the 2013 sixth grade graduates: Jacob Estrella, Kristina Marcum, Jimmy OConnor and Morgan Parrish. The graduates introduced their parents and shared where they were planning to attend school during their seventh-grade year. The second half of the program featured favorite tunes from Disney movies. The opening number featured the entire student chorus singing When You Wish Upon A Star from Pinocchio. The kindergarten followed with Healing Song from Tangled and were joined by the third grade for Zipadeedoodah. Each of the third grade students had featured solos during the singing of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. The K-2nd graders sang and showed the audience their fancy dance moves in Hakuna Matata and Bear Necessities. Singers from the fth and sixth grades followed with a performance of Colors of the Wind. To close the program, all K-6th grade students lled the gym with their voices in a very enthusiastic rendition of Lets Go Fly a Kite from Mary Poppins. Following the program, the audience was invited to view student art including displays of many award winning works from the second semester. NEED A RESUME? We can professionally design your resume and have a selection of ne paper and envelopes at the Record-News.

Dr. Moffet getting gas at Cross Service Station in the early 1950s. BY MIKE AVITT ofce was but in the summer of Remember when doctors drove 1946 he had the old ofce of Dr. black Cadillacs? You can see High- C. T. Lesan torn down and a new way 2 and the Willys-Overland doctors ofce was built with an sign in the background. This Ames apartment in the rear. The building Cross station was located at the in- still stands at 115 South Fillmore tersection of Highway 2 and Ring- on the west side of the Mount Ayr gold Street in Mount Ayr. Thanks square. to Ron Cross for this weeks phoDr. Moffet died November 11, tograph. 1954 having practiced in Mount Thomas Irven Moffet was born Ayr for 26 years. Sylva continued in Harrison County, Missouri on to live in the apartment alone until February 9, 1893 and attended her death in 2001. grade school at the Lee School in I have a policy of not printing Riley Township, Ringgold County. hearsay, rumor, myth and legend After attending high school in Hat- but... Im going to make an exeld, Missouri, he enrolled in the ception in this case. I was told a Kirksville School of Osteopathy story by one of the attendees of and Surgery, receiving a degree on the Mount Ayr high school alumJanuary 25, 1918. ni banquet that I must share. The Dr. T. I. Moffet served in World story goes that Dr. Moffet had a cat War I and followed his service that had domain over the doctors with a post graduate course. He ofce. Dr. Moffet taught the cat to practiced medicine in Michigan use the toilet in the doctors ofce. and married Sylva Ann Schneider It was said the cat straddled the toithere on August 6, 1928. Dr. and let bowl before making a deposit. Mrs. Moffet moved to Mount Ayr I didnt hear whether the cat was on September 1, 1928. able to ush the stool or not. I dont know where his rst OK, Im going to take a month

off to catch up on other commitments. I belong to several organizations and I need to fulll my obligations to those clubs, so Ill see you in about four weeks.

Blood drive here June 11

Two offerings at SWCC

A business conference and expo will be held Monday, June 10 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Tech Center I on the Southwestern Community College Creston campus. The conference will hold concurrent break-out sessions in marketing, website and social media and other business-related topics. Also scheduled are one-one-one consultations dealing with selling to federal, state and local governments as well as exporting. Oneon-one sessions must reserved in advance. Cost of attendance is $30 with preregistration or $50 at the door. The Iowa Small Business Development Center in Creston will host a series of two QuickBooks training classes in the multipurpose room in YMCA in Creston. A Basic QuickBooks class is set for Friday, June 14, with the Advanced QuickBooks scheduled for Friday, July 19. Both classes will run from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day. Instructor for both classes is Brandi Shay, a certied QuickBooks trainer from Mount Ayr. The classes cost $50 each and includes lunch. Pre-registration is required. To register or for more information call 641-782-1449 or register on-line at sbdc.

Each year, thousands of volunteer blood donors give freely and generously of themselves by making a blood donation with LifeServe Blood Center. Through this simple act, countless lives are saved because the right product is available for the right patient at the right time. LifeServe relies on hard-working, dedicated individuals, such as Mike and Heather McLain, who believe in the mission of LifeServe and want to make a difference in their community. We are so fortunate in Ringgold county to have people who are willing to step up to the plate and volunteer their time and resources because they are vested in the future of our communities, said the McLains. There is true ownership and pride in our communities and we have many positive, forward thinking people right here in Mount Ayr. The McLains invite residents to make a difference and help save lives at the Mount Ayr Community Blood Drive on Tuesday, June 11 from 3-7 p.m. at the First Christian Church at the southwest corner of the square in Mount Ayr. For more information, please call 800.287.4903 or visit www.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

County Columns
Kathryn Still and Jan Holmes 783-2123

Mount Ayr Record-News

Record-News and Diagonal Progress to a group of residents before going into residents council with Kathi. Kathi also played match card with the residents in the afternoon with Abbey Schafer assisting. Charles Hawkins was in to lead Bible study to nish off the afternoon. Friday residents assembled the June Chatterbox, now available to everyone. Helping were Anna Linkey, Gerata Scott, Joan Hill, Anita Hayworth, Helen Banks and Donnie Johnston. Janis Taylor also assisted. They also stapled some scratch pads together for the staff to use. Bingo was played in the afternoon. Special guest caller was Bill Rusk. Winners were Vera Daughton, Donnie Johnston, Doyle Murphy, Laura Osborn, Henry Peterson, Gerata Scott, Anna Linkey, Shorty Umbarger and Thelma Grimes. Volunteers were Bessie Parker, Nina Fricke and Kelly Kern. Kathi was in on Saturday to play high rollers. Going out rst was Iris Osborn. Adam Triggs was in for Sunday school in the morning Sunday. Visitors last week were Linda Konnath with Roxie Trullinger; Dave and Lisa Richards with Marilyn Richards; Peggy Wagenknecht with Marilyn Richards and Bill Rusk; Joyce England with Lois Anne Sobotka; Raymond Banner and Thelma Rusk with Bill Rusk, Eddie Overholser and Helen Banks; Trenneth and Joan Johnson with Winifred Johnson; Shirley Erickson with Don Strange; Bill Breckenridge with Minnie Breckenridge; Janis Taylor and Carol Lee Bentley with Anna Linkey; Carol May with Virginia Weaver; Leo and Thelma Miller with Ray Miller; Rich and Peggy Hunt and Larry Hunt of Kansas City, MO with Rose Hunt; Sharon and Angel Miller with Iona Veatch; Nancy and Neal Greenberg with Carmeta Shields; Kay Sickels with Vera Daughton; Larry and Tommie Hull with Larry Hull; John Walkup with Vera Carson; Sue Richards and Turk Allen with Twilla Lininger and Lois Anne Sobotka; Dorothy Barber with Doyle Murphy; Becky Saville with Ron Hein; Doris Todd with Shirley Martin and Mildred Peterson; Leola Dolecheck with Shirley Martin, Mildred Peterson and Pauline Wood; Louise Frost with JR Miller, Twilla Lininger and Joan Hill; Penny Hymbaugh with Mary Lou and Doc Pennebaker; Wallace Sobotka with JR Miller; Lywanda Case with Irene Spencer and John, Lesa, Aaron, Baylee and Alexis Darrah with Berniece Hoffman. ers Day. Paul Smith, Elladeen McGahuey, Donna Benegas and Frances Goff all enjoyed going out for Mothers Day with family. Tenants have enjoyed having some guest speakers for social hour -- Kathy Hemann, daughter of Donna Benegas, who shared interesting information about William Shakespeare, Pat Kemery who styled hair in observation of Hairstylist Day and Carolyn Burtis who shared her rug making talents. Marjorie Ibbotsons grandchildren, Joel Ibbotson and Anna Mathew visiting from Michigan and Ankeny, entertained everyone with wonderful piano music. Many activities have been enjoyed throughout the month such as musical activities, dominoes, shopping, bingo and enjoying books with Mary Kathryn Gepner each week. All are looking forward to many fun summer outings and activities during the next few months. Tenants also love visitors so please feel free to stop by anytime. Visiting during the month of May were Lloyd Miller, Jim and Rita Beran, Frank and Ann Marks, Kay Henderson and Paul and Cindy Wendt with Marjorie Ibbotson; Rod Adams, Rhonda Cooper, Bobbie and Anne Rinehart, Sharon Smith, Jessica Snow, Diane Drake, Ron and Carma Rauch, Doug Wilson, Brad and Janet Augee and kids, Verna Martin, Cleone Hoseld, Grace Moser, Jim and Judy Stalcup, Jean Howie, Ailene Taylor and Donna Wilson with Margaret Wilson; Gary Main, Allan and Sharon Higgins, Dave and Carolyn Crigger, Bonnie Summa, Les Johnson and Betty Smith with Dick Fuqua and Vergene Higgins; Jim and Joyce Johnson and Wyatt and Lee and Shirley Brand with Annabelle Jones; Irene Freeman and Alma Harris with Phyllis Faubion; Ron and Cheryl Alexander and Justin, Jess, Sadie and Dawson Frost with Elladeen McGahuey; Amy Mobley and girls, Mary Pat Brazzell, Irene Freeman and Drex and Patti Musick with Frances Goff, and Ken Smith, Gary and Marcia Allen, Erin and Micah Parks and Rachel and Tobey Edwards with Paul and Frances Smith. We can laminate it for you at the Record-News!

June 3 - This writer believes they just might have enough rain for a few weeks, at least until the farmers can get the crops in, but they will receive whatever the Good Lord gives them. They should not have to worry about having enough water at this time. The pastures are all so green and the trees are so full of green leaves. They live in a world with many naturally beautiful creations. Thank you, Lord. Theresa, Nicholas and Eleanor Jackson of Des Moines spent Saturday night with Dick and Camille Jackson. Randy Jackson joined them Sunday for a potluck dinner after church. Esther Jackson celebrated her 93rd birthday Monday, June 3, with family. Those present helping Esther celebrate were Jenny, Abi, Bekha, Rachel, Sam, Eli and Jon Swersie of Newton and Dick and Camille Jackson. Penni Hewlett of Iowa City, Ari and Ahnie Hewlett of Osceola, Wyatt Hewlett of Murray and Wyatts cousin from Winterset visited in the Judy Doolittle home over the weekend. Jeff and Teena Hash were Friday evening visitors. Judy, Penni, Ari and Ahnie visited with Loreen Reed Saturday morning. Chad and Jami Holmes and boys, Travis, Traivyn and Cortlynn Holmes and Deb Holmes stopped by also. Judy Doolittle had lunch with Deb and Rod Holmes Sunday. Casey Campbell of Bethany, MO came up late Saturday and attended the Rice-Weeks wedding at the Winterset park with his grandma, Sandy Campbell. He later spent the night and drove back to Bethany early Sunday morning to work at Toot-Toot Family Restaurant. Marlene Greimann went to Chariton Friday to Tracey Goddards for her birthday. Marlene, Tracey and Tiana went to Des Moines and had lunch at Applebees. Marlene spent the night with Tracey and returned to her home Saturday. She had a very enjoyable birthday. Betty Stuart went to Bethany, MO to the fair and the baby contest with her daughter, Marilyn Parkhurst. She had a wonderful time. Gina Still stopped by and visited with Kathryn Still and Jan Holmes Wednesday. Wednesday evening supper guests of the sisters were Ronche, Katie, Jesse, Cassie and Jacob Still. Ronche helped his mother with some projects. Thursday the sisters were Osceola shoppers. Katie Still stopped by on her way home from work. Cassie Still stopped by for a short time Friday afternoon. The sisters went to church Friday evening to hear Bear and Terri Brockleman of Reeds Spring, MO with Spoken Word ministries. They had a very inspirational message. Saturday the sisters had lunch in Allendale, MO with Larry and Beth Doolittle and were Grant City, MO shoppers. The sisters went to Pizza Hut for lunch after church Sunday morning and had supper with Ronche, Katie, Jesse, Cassie and Jacob Still and Jessie Woollums in Mount Ayr after church Sunday evening. The sisters went to Mount Ayr Monday for the baseball game during the evening.

an open house to honor Dorothy Prahl on her 80th birthday. The open house was held Saturday and ve other couples who neighbor in Arizona attended. JoKaye and family returned home Sunday. Ronnie and JoKaye Shields were supper guests Sunday evening of Rod and Stacy Shields. R.C. and Sheryol Rush visited Thursday evening with Ronnie and JoKaye Shields and Josh Waske and Ella. All enjoyed supper with Cricket Waske at the OldTowne Cafe in Allendale, MO. Saturday Gene Motsinger and Bill Stringham were in Cleareld watching the tractor ride as it went through town. Sunday morning visitors with Gene were Allyn Jarred and Buford Weddle. In the evening Billi Adli and Molly were visitors. Supper guests with Charlie and Vickie Jeanes were Charlie and Linda Pickering. Sunday dinner guests with Rose James were Neil and Irma Johnston, Kevin James and Susie Catanzareti. Later in the afternoon Roses grandson, Joe Catanzareti, was a visitor. Ronnie Overholser of Des Moines and Gary Overholser of New Market were visitors Thursday and Friday with their mother, Doris Overholser. Ronnie stayed overnight Thursday with his mother.

wiener roast and shing. Saturday evening Tim, Mel, Lauren and Luke Burton went to visit friends at their campgrounds. Sunday the family went fourwheeling. Richard and Carole Davison went to Maryville, MO Sunday to attend church at the Laura Street Baptist Church with their daughter and son-in-law, Diana and Dave Pedersen. The Warin family attended the Iowa Junior Simmental Association Field Day in Indianola over the weekend. Megan showed her Simmental heifer and placed ninth overall. Katelyn Warin was one of the recipients of the IJSA Scholarship for the year. Congratulations to these young ladies.

they showed cattle at the Iowa Junior Gelbvieh Fun Days. They made lots of new friends that they will also meet at the state fair. Carol Ann Weeda and Sandy Armstrong attended a conference of Expected End Ministries in Minneapolis this past weekend. Connie Richards attended the dance recital in Norwalk Saturday to watch granddaughters Lexie, Sadie and Macy dance. Anyone who would like to go to Casting Crowns Christian concert at the state fair on Thursday, August 8, please see Barbie Belzer or call her at 641-414-3292.

Maple Ridge
Assisted Living
June 3 - Happy summer to everyone! It is nally warm and tenants hope it stays that way! Wow! Believe it or not, snow kept them from traveling to Tingley to the meal site on May 3. That didnt keep everyone from having a good time listening to and singing along with Marlys McPherson as she led a lively sing-along that snowy afternoon. They even sang Let it Snow and a few other winter songs. By May 6 all was well and Margaret Wilson, Dick Fuqua, Vergene Higgins, Phyllis Faubion and Annabelle Jones went to the Senior Center for coffee and visiting. Tenants also made a trip to the Mount Ayr Legion hall to enjoy the Ringgold Singers spring concert which was wonderful. Going along to this were Dick Fuqua, Vergene Higgins, Frances Goff, Margaret Wilson, Phyllis Faubion and Annabelle Jones. The month of May found everyone busy making garments, practicing and performing in a style show. This style show had a special twist as it included clothing with personal touches and much imagination. All who watched it and those in it had a blast. Three performances were put on and models included Dick Fuqua, Vergene Higgins, Margaret Wilson, Frances Goff, Annabelle Jones, Phyllis Faubion, Dorothy Hughes, Marie Still and Julie England. May 11 was such a nice day that Lanette Shields gathered with residents on the patio with ve different kinds of ice cream avors to choose from. Dick Fuqua provided a homemade raspberry pie for the occasion. Each told of a special memory of their mothers in remembrance of Mothers Day. Sharon Smith was a special guest of her mother, Margaret Wilson. Margaret Wilson and Dick Fuqua teamed up to play the piano and sing for all mothers on Moth-

Clearview Home
Activities Staff

Wishard Chapel

Carol McCreary 464-3178

June 3 - Another good Sunday at Wishard Chapel was had this week. Many activities are coming up. This Wednesday the WOW women will be meeting at the home of Connie Richards at 7 p.m. A vacation Bible school meeting will be before at 6:45 p.m. Anyone interested in helping is invited to attend. Next Sunday, June 9, there will be a congregational meeting followed by a potluck. Coming up on June 23 will be baptisms at Loch Ayr. Baptism is open to anyone over the age of accountability. Baptism is open to you if you have never been baptized, were baptized as an infant or want to rededicate your life to Jesus. Anyone who would like to be baptized on June 23 is invited to come to a baptism class at the church on Wednesday, June 19, at 7 p.m. The church is sponsoring a bake sale at the courthouse on July 3. Bring baked goods to the courthouse between 7 and 7:30 a.m. and please come to buy some great food for your Fourth of July celebrations. Wishard Chapel is having Bible school on July 21-25. Call Sandy Armstrong for more information. Theolas news: May 19 Theola and Mary Lee Foltz attended the graduation of Donna Jo Eason in Panora. On May 25, Myrtle Smith and Joyce Berry of Shirley, AK came to help with the alumni banquet. Joyce and Rick Berry spent Thursday and Friday with Mary Lee and Elizabeth. Then they spent Saturday and Sunday with Terry Eason at Waukee. Saturday Theola Weeda and Myrtle Smith of Shirley, AK and Skip and Donna Eason of Waukee attended the alumni banquet. Sunday Mary Lee and Elizabeth Foltz joined family at the graduation party of Dyllon Smith in Waukee. Myrtle spent Sunday with Skip and Donna in Waukee and then returned home to Shirley, AK. Saturday, June 1, Theola Weeda and Mary Lee Foltz attended the KSIB tractor ride. The Ed McCreary family and the Nial Belzer family traveled to Cedar Rapids last weekend where

Joan Jackson 785-2210

June 3 - Mallory Weehler danced in a recital in Creston over the weekend. Joyce Weehler was there Saturday evening to watch her. Laura Davison, Madie Mobley and Megan Warin played softball in Milo Friday night. Amy Mobley and Marci Bjustrom went to watch the girls. Joe and Donna Warin attended the middle school awards program Wednesday. Megan Warin received several awards during the program. Donna and Megan enjoyed lunch with Haylea and Julie England, Sadie Frost and Cathy McGahuey after the program to celebrate the girls moving on to high school. Wednesday Paige Lynch and some other Mount Ayr girls play league basketball in Leon. Friday night the Lynches watched PJ Lynch play baseball in Maryville, MO. Riley Weehler competed in the high school rodeo in Carson over the weekend. His parents, brother and Dick and Joyce Weehler were there to watch him. Friday Tim and Mel Burton and family went to Winterset to visit with her parents. Saturday night Craig and Kathi Braby went to Norwalk to watch Hattie Dukes in her dance recital. Emma Mobley spent Sunday afternoon with friends at the Mount Ayr lake. Sunday the Lynch family went to a cattle show in Leon. Paige Lynch and Cole Mobley showed their heifers. PJ Lynch showed his steer. Robert, Julie, Laura and Amber Davison went to Keith and Nancy Sacketts Sunday evening for a

June 3 Coming up this week at Clearview will be the monthly nature program at 9:30 a.m. today (Thursday). The general store will be open this afternoon at 2 p.m. The Friday Singers will be welcomed back from a long break. They will be in Friday at 2 p.m. Don Strange will be celebrating his 101st birthday with family, friends and Clearview residents on Sunday, June 9, at 2 p.m. If you are unable to attend, send cards to Don at P.O. Box 552, Mount Ayr, IA 50854. The south picnic is scheduled for Monday, June 10. If you received an invitation, RSVP was due Wednesday, however, if you havent contacted Liz whether or not you will attend, please do so soon. Monday Liz was in with her girls on Memorial Day. They played trash with two groups of ladies in the south lobby. Abbey played with Vera Daughton, Anna Linkey and Berniece Hoffman. Elsie and Emmalee played with Joan Hill, Anita Hayworth and Laura Osborn. A lot of laughing was going on. Cheese and crackers were served for coffee club Tuesday. This was followed by the piano sing-along with Carmene James and Peggy Wagenknecht. Bingo was played in the afternoon. Going out for blackout bingo were Frances Saltzman, Thelma Grimes, Permelia Fletchall, Helen Banks, Ruth Nickle, Iris Osborn, Jessie Woollums and Anna Linkey. Wednesday the activity staff was busy with hand care all morning. Sandy Crandell was in for church in the afternoon with Carmene James on the piano. Kathi went to the special care unit to provide some hand care for the residents. After church Sommer popped buttered popcorn and kettle corn to be served while residents enjoyed watching The Honeymooners in the south lobby. Sommer read the Mount Ayr

Thursday Night, June 6 Authentic Mexican Food and Margarita Specials Friday Night, June 7 Slow Cooked Ribs Smoked Pork Chop or Fried Chicken
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Sunday, June 9

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June 3 - Ronnie Shields participated in the annual KSIB Creston ride Saturday. Friday JoKaye Shields, Cricket Waske and Ally Waske left for Waterville, MN where they attended


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Raiderettes go 1-2 to open 2013 campaign

The Mount Ayr Raiderettes have gone 1-2 in the opening week of their 2013 season. Villisca 11, Mount Ayr 9 Mount Ayrs Raiderette softball team started their season, Tuesday, May 21 with an 11-9 loss at Villisca. Villisca took the early lead in the rst two innings, scoring six runs to Mount Ayrs one. The Raiderettes came back within two runs in the top of the fourth with what coach Ranae Klinkefus called, aggressive base running and nding ways to get on base. Shelbie Greene took the loss on
R HE 0 12 30 30 9 3 2 4 0 2 3 0 0 11 6 Pitching MA - Greene (L) 6 H, 6K, 3BB, 0ER. Villisca - Greene (L) 6 H, 6K, Mt. Ayr Villisca


Mount Ayr Record-News

Thursday, June 6, 2013

the mound, giving up no earned runs on six hits. She walked three and struck out six batters in the contest. The Raiderettes scored their nine runs on three hits with Paige Daughton reaching base on each at bat and scoring three runs for the Raiderettes.

3BB, 0ER. Hitting MA - Daughton 1-4, 2 runs; Rychnovsky, 1-4, 1BB, 2 runs; T. Shields, 0-4, 1 run; Quick, 1-4; Greene, 0-4, 1BB, 2 runs; Billi Stark, 0-4, 1 run; A. Shields, 0-3, 1BB, 1 run; Macy Larsen, 0-3, 2BB Villisca - Seinfeld 2HR, 4RBI; Catanza 2-3, 2RBI; Newman 3-3, 2B, 3B, 1RBI. Mount Ayr 12, East Mills 6

Mount Ayr got in only one game, Saturday, June 1 in the Corning Tournament before it was called for rain. The Raiderettes won 12-6

against East Mills. Macy Larsen made her rst varsity appearance striking out nine batters and allowing only two hits (one for extra bases). Coach Ranae Klinkefus credited aggressive base running for a lot of runs. Once we got on base we took advantage and moved girls around, she said. Offensively, Hannah Glendenning led the team going 2-4 at bat with a single and a stand-up triple. Tessa Shields was also 2-4 with two singles.

Shes out! Macy Larsen lays the tag on a Lamoni baserunner at second base in Mondays game.

Middle school opens with wins

The Mount Ayr middle school softball and baseball teams opened their seasons with wins over Lamoni Monday. Raiderettes The Mount Ayr middle school softball A team opened its season with a 5-4 win. Six Raiderettes collected singles in the game. They include Anderson, Hickman, Winemiller, S. Schaefer, Booth and Johnson. Sam Schaefer picked up the win on the mound as she allowed six hits and gave up only two walks. We started off making very silly errors, rst game blemishes, said coach Tori Braby. Sam did a great job pitching strikes today, and we came back from behind in the last inning to get the win. Raiders In the B game the Raiders pulled out a 5-4 victory, thanks to a great pitching performance by Lucas Wurster, reported coach Joe Catanzareti. Lucas pitched four innings and struck out ve batters. Lucas also had a base hit and scored two runs. Others contributing to the victory were Marcus Daughton, scoring two runs; Dylan McAlexander, who had a base hit and scored a run; Tristin Holmes, who had a base hit, and Bradley Wurster, who also had a hit. It was a great allaround ball game by both teams, added Catanzareti. Coach David Showalter agreed with Catanzaretis comments. Lucas Wurster threw strikes and did a great job on the mound today, he said. The team played well for their rst game of the season. In the A game Tristen Ackley struck out 11 and pitched a two-hit shutout over Lamoni, 2-0. Offensive contributors in the win were Braydon Swank with a double and a single, Tristen Ackley with a single and a run scored, and Zach Murphy who scored a run and did a great job behind the plate, said Catanzareti. It was a great opening day effort by all the kids, summarized Catanzareti. Both teams are to be commended for their efforts today.

Lamoni 4, Mount Ayr 0 The Raiderettes nally got to see action on their home eld, Monday, June 3 but lost to the visiting Lady Demons from Lamoni, 4-0. We made contact with the ball, but hit it right at them, commented coach Klinkefus. Shelbie Greene took the loss, striking out one batter and recording no walks for the night. Offensively, Morgan Quick reached base twice on singles. On a note of interest, former Raiderette player Tess Myer was the opposing coach and complimented the Mount Ayr fans and the Raiderettes on a great game!
R HE 1 01 00 11 4 0 00 00 00 0 4 Pitching MA - Greene (L) 8 H, 1K, 0BB, 4ER. Hitting MA - Greene, 1-3; Quick, 2-3, Bailea Stark, 1-2. Lamoni Mt Ayr

R HE Mt. Ayr 3 1 4 1 3 0 0 12 7 East Mills 1 0 2 1 2 0 0 6 2 Pitching MA - Larsen (W) 3 H, 9K, 2BB, 2ER. Hitting MA - Daughton 1-4, 1RBI; Rychnovsky, 0-4, 1RBI, 1BB, 3 runs; Arends 1-2; A. Shields, 0-2, 1RBI, 1 run; Billi Stark, 1-4, 2RBI, 1 run; Glendenning, 2-4, 3B, 2RBI, 2 runs; T. Shields, 2-4, 1RBI, 2 runs; James, 0-4, 1BB; Dolecheck, 0-3, 1BB; Larsen, 0-3, 1BB, 1 run.

Paige Daughton awaits the throw at third base as a Lanoni runner beats the play.

Raider JV blanks SE Warren

The Raider junior varsity started out their season with a 10-0 win against Southeast Warren, Friday, May 31. Playing as the home team due to a location move for weather, Mount Ayr scored all ten runs in the second inning. Levi Jarred was on the mound for the young Raiders, and coach Tanner Rinehart remarked, Levi did a nice job of throwing strikes and not giving up many free bases. Jarred recorded two strikeouts, three walks, no runs and one hit in the contest. With only two hits for the game, the Raiders took advantage of opportunities, reaching base on errors, walks and hit batters. Raiders crossing the plate included Quency Vos and Kyle Dolecheck with two apiece and Levi Jarred, Nick Wurster, Rhett Murphy, Jacob Taylor, Lincoln Martin and Logan Stark with one each. Our defense played a solid game and made the routine plays to get our rst win, said Rinehart.

Varsity start times 6 p.m. unless noted MS start times 10 a.m. unless noted

Mount Ayr Sports Calendar June 6 - June 13

Tingley Lions place in tourneys

New adult hunting course offered

Adults who have prior hunting or rearms handling experience and are looking to satisfy their hunter education requirement to purchase a hunting license will have a new option beginning July 1 a hunter education course online. The online course will have the same materials as their classroom counterparts and students will be tested in the same way. The online course will last seven to eight hours and students will need to pass a quiz at the end of each chapter, plus a nal exam. For a current listing of hunter education courses, go to

June 6 MS BB/SB @Lenox BB/SB H June 7 MS BB/SB @SW Valley BB/SB H June 8 BB - Raider Tourney TBA SB - Creston Classic 9:00 June 10 MS BB/SB @Wayne BB/SB H June 11 MS BB/SB H BB/SB @Afton June 12 MS BB/SB @Murray BB @Murray SB @Osceola

The Tingley Lions major baseball team placed second in the Shorty Brown Memorial Tournament last weekend in Lenox. Team members are (front row, L to R) Keelan Klommhaus, Cole Clymer, Tyler Jarred, Cole Mobley and Tyler Jones; (back row) Christopher Kemery, Reas Knapp, Grant Anderson, Cade Clymer, Austin Greenland, Isaac Grose. (Not pictured: Kolben Klommhaus.) Coaches for the team are Kelly Klommhaus, Spence Jones, Eric Clymer and Dan Pearcy. The team took third place in the Tingley Majors Tournament May 18.

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Sports Raiders win one, drop two in weeks action

The Raiders won one and dropped two in games played last week. Southeast Warren 4, Mount Ayr 2 The Raiders traveled to Milo due to wet eld conditions in Mount Ayr to face Southeast Warren, Friday, May 31. The Raiders came up short, 4-2, as Southeast Warren claimed the win. Jake Still took the loss on the mound, giving up four hits, four runs, six walks while recording four strikeouts. It was a cold night at the plate, with freshman Jacob Taylor recording the lone hit in his varsity debut, commented coach Tanner Rinehart. Erik Freed was the only other Raider to score on a walk, two stolen bases and a throwing error at home.
SE Warren 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 Mt Ayr 0 00 11 00 Pitching MA - Still (L) 4 H, 6BB, 3ER, 4R, 4K. SEW - Hoch (W) 1H, 4BB, 1ER, 2R, 7K. Hitting MA - Schnoor,0-2,1BB; Taylor, 1-3, 1-2B; Doman, 0-2, 1SB; Still, 0-2, 1BB; Freed, 0-1, 2SB, 1BB. SEW - Judkins, 1-3, 1 run; Horton, 0-2, 2BB, 1SB, 1 run; Baker, 0-3, 1RBI; Hoch, 0-3, 1BB, 1RBI; Sherman, 1-4; Seuferer, 0-3, 1BB; Tarwater, 0-2, 1BB R HE 4 4 2 1 1

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mount Ayr Record-News

two-for-two. Weston Schnoor, John Triggs, Zane Sickels and Erik Freed each contributed one hit. Heath Evans took the loss on the mound giving up 12 runs on nine hits with four walks and two strikeouts.
Perry Mt Ayr

R HE 8 0 3 1 0 0 0 12 10 0 0 00 00 00 0 0 0 Pitching MA - Evans (L) 9 H, 4BB, 10ER, 12R, 2K. Perry - Thompson (W) 7H, 1BB, 0ER, 0R, 4K. Hitting MA - Schnoor,1-21BB; Sickels, 1-2; Doman, 2-2, 1SB; Freed, 1-2. Perry - Ellett, 1-3, 1SB, 2 runs; Whiton, 2-3, 1-2B, 1SB, 3RBI, 2 runs; Lansing, M, 1-2, 2BB, 1RBI, 1 run; Wilhelmi, 1-3, 1RBI, 1 run; Lansing, B, 1-3, 1-2B, 1RBI, 1 run; Daniels, 1-2, 1SB, 1RBI, 1 run; Finn, 0-2, 1BB,1RBI, 1 run; Roberts, 2-2, 1BB, 3 runs; Halling, 1-3, 2RBI.

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Perry 12, Mount Ayr 0 (ve innings) The Raiders lost their rst game, 12-0, in the Nodaway Valley Tournament, Saturday, June 1 to a solid Perry team in a game ending on the 10-run rule. The contest started with Perry taking an early 8-0 lead after just one inning of play. The Raiders were able to do a better job of hitting according to coach Tanner Rinehart, but were unable to string together their hits to move baserunners. Dylan Doman and Heath Evans led the team offensively going

Mount Ayr 6, Orient-Macksburg 2 In Mount Ayr s consolation game of the Nodaway Tournament the Raiders picked up their second win of the season after what coach Rinehart called a well-rounded performance. Quency Vos took the win in this contest, pitching ve innings. Vos gave up only two runs on four hits, recorded three walks and struck out four batters. I thought Quency did a nice job nding the strike zone consistently, and letting our defense make some plays behind him, said Rinehart. Weston Schnoor picked up the save by pitching the nal two innings. Schnoor gave up only one hit, struck out four batters and had three walks. Schnoor also led the Raiders offensively, going 3-4 at the plate with two runs scored and stealing two bases. Contributing one hit each were Dylan Doman, John Triggs, Jake Still, Heath Evans and Erik Freed. Coach Rinehart credited Austin

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Weslon Schnoor res a pitch in Mondays 11-1 loss to the Murray Mustangs in Mount Ayr. Quick with a great game, going 2-4 at the plate, scoring three runs and picking up two stolen bases.
OM Mt Ayr 1 10 00 00 2 03 01 00 R HE 2 7 6 10 Pitching MA - Vos (W) 4H, 3BB, 2ER, 2R, 7K ; Schnoor, (5) (S) 1H, 3BB, 0ER, 0R, 4K. OM - Davidson (L) 3H, 1BB, 2ER, 6R, 3K; Caviness (5), 1H, 0BB, 0ER, 0R, 3K. Hitting MA - Schnoor,3-4, 2SB, 2 runs; Quick, 2-4, 5SB, 3 runs; Taylor, 0-2, 1BB, 1RBI; Sickels, 0-3, 1RBI; Doman, 1-3, 1SB, 2RBI; Triggs, 1-3; Still, 1-3; Evans, 1-3; Freed, 1-3, 1SB, 1 run. OM- Johnson, 0-4, 2BB, 3SB; Thompson, 1-4, 1BB, 1 run; Nichols, 1-4, 1SB; Davidson, 2-4, 1RBI; Caviness, 2-4, 1BB, 1SB; Mikkelsen, 0-4, 1 run; Walker, 0-4, 1BB.

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Iowans may sh free June 7-9

Iowa residents may sh without a license on June 7, 8 and 9 as part of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources free shing weekend. Free shing weekend is the rst weekend in June each year. It allows Iowans an opportunity to try shing without purchasing a license. All other regulations remain in place. We are experiencing some of excellent shing across the state right now at Twelve Mile Lake, Green Valley Lake, Clear Lake, Meadow Lake, and our trout streams and our sheries at Prairie Rose Lake, Badger Creek Lake, Lake Pahoja and Lizard Lake are being improved to provide better shing in the future, said Joe Larscheid, chief of the Iowa DNRs Fisheries Bureau. We hope that someone who gives shing a try during free shing weekend will enjoy the experience and want to go shing more often and become a license holder, Larscheid said. Free shing weekend is scheduled during what is traditionally the time when bluegills are close to shore and aggressive. This is a great time to take kids shing because the chance for success is pretty good, he said. The best way to catch bluegills, according to Larscheid, is to use small tackle little hooks, a bobber no larger than a quarter, fourpound test line and small bait. The DNR is creating shing videos teaching inexperienced anglers how to be more successful at catching sh. Two videos are currently online crappie shing and bluegill shing and other species and techniques will be added through the summer and fall. Anyone catching their rst sh is encouraged to take a photo of it and send it in to receive the DNRs rst sh award. The DNR will commemorate the event with a certicate suitable for framing and the submitted photo. Information on the rst sh program is available in the Iowa Fishing Regulations and online at MasterAnglerFirstFish.aspx. Qualifying sh caught during free shing weekend are also eligible for master angler recognition. For bluegills, the minimum length for master angler award is 10 inches.

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Raiders to host 18th annual tourney

The Mount Ayr Raiders will host their 18th annual baseball tournament Saturday, June 8. The rst game will at 10 a.m. with the Raiders taking on Lamoni. The second game, Nishnabotna vs. Clarinda Academy, is set to start at 12:20 p.m. The consolation game will start at 2:45 p.m. with the championship game at 4:45 p.m. The Iowa High School Athletic Association has mandated all games, including tournament games, must last a minimum of seven innings, unless in the cases where the 15- or 10-run rule takes effect. Even with the seven-inning mandate in effect, Mount Ayr activities director Delwyn Showalter reminds fans that start times are only estimates -- if the tournament gets ahead of schedule, start times will be moved up. A championship trophy will be awarded to the rst place team, and player of the game plaques will be given to one member from both teams in each game. Admission is $5 for adults, $3 for students, and one admission is good for the entire tournament.

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Raider senior Dylan Doman takes a big cut in the game against Murray.

Water clarity aids area anglers

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has released a shing report for the period ending Thursday, May 30. The report is compiled from information gathered from local bait shops, angler creel surveys and county and state parks staff. For more information, contact the Mount Ayr Fisheries Station at 641-464-3108 or the southwest Iowa regional ofce in Lewis at 712-769-2587. Fogle Lake S.W.A.(Ringgold): The water level has risen to within six inches of full. Clarity is very good. Largemouth Bass - Fair: Several largemouth bass are moving to structure near shore. Crappie - Fair: Some mid-sized to large crappies are being caught from along the dam and gravel areas surrounding the jetties. Mount Ayr Old Reservior (Ringgold): Water clarity is good. Crappie - Fair: A lot of crappies are being caught from the face of the dam during the evenings. Walnut Creek Marsh (Ringgold): The water levels are full. Boat access is normal. Three Mile Lake (Union): The water level is full. Boat access is easy. Water clarity at mid

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lake and the dam is good. Crappie - Fair: A few crappies are moving off-shore to the deeper structure. Walleye - Fair: A few walleyes are being caught using crank baits from the face of the dam and some of the larger points. Wiper (Hybrid Striped Bass) - Fair: Some anglers are hitting schools of wipers in the coves near the dam or from over the tops of the deeper tree piles located in the ski zone. Twelve Mile Creek Lake (Union): The water levels are full and boat access is easy. Bluegill - Excellent: A few anglers are catching a lot of bluegills on small black jigs. The ooded trees close to spawning areas seem to be the best. Largemouth Bass - Excellent: Several largemouth bass are being caught from the structure near shore and the ooded cedar tree piles. Crappie - Good: Several crappies can be caught from the rock and rubble areas around the

jetties, spawning beds and armored points. They are starting to move into deeper water. Walleye - Fair: An occasional walleye is being caught on crappie-sized jigs from gravel and rip rap areas. Green Valley Lake (Union): The lake has lled. Clarity is good. Bluegill - Good: The bluegills are starting to move a little shallower. Some are being caught on jigs tipped with crawlers. Largemouth Bass - Excellent: A lot of mid-sized largemouth bass are being caught from the shoreline structure. Crappie - Good: The crappie spawn is winding down but several can be caught from the spawning areas or deeper areas nearby. Summit Lake (Union): Water levels are full. Boat access is easy from the main ramp. The shery has been restocked. Garage Sale? Let us help you draw a crowd in the Record-News Classi eds.


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at Fifes Grove, Mount Ayr, Iowa 5 tagged fish, $100 in prize money Prizes awarded for winning fishing categories. Bring your own fishing gear, or it will be provided by the DNR. Bait provided. Hot dogs provided by Hy-Vee.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, June 6, 7 and 8
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County Columns
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Mount Ayr Record-News

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Activities Staff
June 3 - Sunshine and warm weather, what a great way to begin a Monday morning. Residents hope that this weather continues at least through Thursday afternoon as they plan to take their rst shing trip. Residents are all excited and ready to sh, not only because it has been a long time but this morning Ranger Kate Zimmerman gave a program on sh. They learned all about the most popular sh in the local ponds and lakes and when and where to catch them. Residents can hardly wait until Thursday comes. All are also looking forward to listening to music by Marlys this Friday afternoon beginning at 2:30 p.m. She always livens things up with her upbeat music. Everyone said so long to Dorothy Hughes last Friday afternoon. Dorothy has worked in the activity department for several years and will be missed by both residents and staff. All wish her the best as she retires but are happy to have her stay with them as a volunteer. Dari Sweet ice cream was enjoyed after wishing her a happy retirement. Dorothy Sobotka had a great time out with family over Memorial Day as did Earl Brand. Evalee White went out with her daughter over the past weekend as did Maxine Werner. Ruth Angus enjoyed going out with her daughter, Marie Still, over the weekend also. Sylvia Hall had a nice time as she went out to lunch with her daughter. Patti Page-Jones and Junior Karr joined Elaine McCampbell for lunch on Memorial Day and this past weekend. Sylvia Hall was happy to have her daughter, Phyllis Sickels, as her lunch guest while Larry Campbell enjoyed having Linda Wilt and Kurt Campbell with him for lunch. Neil Stanley was a lunch guest of his mother, Ada, this past week as well. It seems that no matter what the weather residents always feel a bit chilled. This is where those nice lap robes made by a group from the First Christian Church come in handy. Nida Solliday and Mary Hixson delivered lap robes to all of the new residents this past week. Pictures of a trip to Pella during Tulip Days were shared by Virginia Albers at ladies club recently. Ladies also enjoyed remembering backyard games for both youth and adults. Several enjoy dominoes and Skip Bo most everyday and it is nice to have Cheri Dessinger and Phyllis Sickels stop in to join these games. Pastor Charles and Mrs. Hawkins arrived last Tuesday afternoon to lead Bible study. The group was very interested in the lesson brought forth, not to mention the good company and visiting after the session. Residents enjoyed shopping on Wednesday morning before gathering for church services. The minister was Sandy Crandell with Ellen Powell playing the piano. The afternoon was spent enjoying bingo. Phyllis Riggs, Cheri Dessinger and Phyllis Sickels were the helpers. Winners included Sylvia Hall, Elaine McCampbell, Virginia Albers, Phyllis Faubion, Paul Campbell, Dorothy Main, Vergene Higgins, Kathryn Adams, Catherine Crawford, Alma Harris (guest of Phyllis Faubion), Lorene Triggs, June Steinman and blackout winner Paul Campbell. Nail care with Phyllis Riggs and Dorothy Hughes, exercises, devotions and a movie took up most of Thursday. Friday many enjoyed clue trivia and exercises in the morning and planting owers in pots on the patio after lunch. You may want to check out the many pots of pretty owers as they certainly brighten up the patio. Bingo found several gathered as usual. It is not often that they get to enjoy their favorite game twice in one week. Helping this time were Phyllis Riggs, Cheri Dessinger, Corwin Karr, Phyllis Sickels and Harold Crawford. Guest players were Judy Doolittle and Neil Stanley. Winners were Corwin Karr (guest of Elaine McCampbell), June Steinman, Kathryn Adams, Nina Poore, Sylvia Hall, Margaret Campbell, Darlene Minnick, Virginia Albers, Ada Stanley, Dorothy Sobotka and Catherine Crawford who also won blackout. Karen Schaefer was in to teach Sunday school Sunday morning with Charlotte Swank playing the piano. Welcome visitors over the past week have been Jack South with his mother, Doris; Ellen Powell, Marie Still, Tate Dugan and Florine Murray and Chase Clabaugh of Jewell with Ruth Angus; Steve and Marilyn Werner, Fred Keske of Elmavurst, IL, Viola Herderson of Madison, WI, Drew, Natalie, Trenton and Cadence Ingram of Waukee and Race and Nancy Kelly of Winterset with Maxine Werner; Norma Lee Jones, Barton Shields, Pastor Ed Shields, Lanette Shields, Josh Shields and Betty

Davenport with Mabel Shields; Ethel Campbell with Don Campbell; Terri Main, Mary and Sandy of Des Moines and Roger and Terri Main of Creston with Dorothy Main; Connie Worthington of Des Moines, Hank Smith and Judy Pottorff with Margaret Fletchall; Ann Beech of Des Moines, Marla Crawford and Harold Crawford with Catherine Crawford; Dale and Lynn Gray of Milan, MO, Austin Gray and Megan of Blue Springs, MO, Betty Miller of Creston and Larry and Pat Teply and Missy the dog with Gerald Gardner; Rhonda Cooper of Kent and Bobbie and Anne Rinehart of Hateld, MO with Kathryn Adams; Phil and Merna King of Bedford and Dan King with Ed King; Jenny Triggs of Evansville, IN, Lois Triggs, Lee Brand and Steve Gilliland of Huxley with Earl Brand; James Ruby, Lois Grace and Betty Miller of Creston with Betty Ruby; Joyce Colajezzi of Anchorage, AK and Kim Driftmier of Gretinger with Kenny Driftmier; Janice Richman of Mercer, MO, Shirley Willis of Princeton, MO, Lorrie Haver, Roland Buck and Frank and Joan Gunsolley with Wayne Bohn; Vera Moore with Bev Moore; Neil Stanley with Ada Stanley; Judy Doolittle and Penni, Aryc and Ahny Hewlett of Iowa City with Loreen Reed; Elsie Creveling of Creston with Nova Giles; Harold and Peg Rice of Denver, CO with Irene Hogue, and John and Mary Howell of Glenwood with Nina Poore and Paul and Marie Campbell.

Clearview Home
Jeani Swartwood
June 3 - We just cant seem to get nice, warm days yet. If it is nice, its windy! Maybe one of these days! Amy took Bev Stream and Helen Lyddon to the Cleareld, Lenox and Bedford cemeteries on Saturday before Memorial Day. They really enjoyed getting out and seeing how green everything is and the crops that are coming up. Gladys Gose went out for the weekend with her son and daughter-in-law and returned Monday. Evelyn Stevenson enjoyed her son, Ed and Georgia Morey, visiting and eating lunch with her Saturday. Heather got residents out for exercise Memorial Day and Scott Marcum arrived for Bible study and brought homemade cookies for everyone. A new tossing game was played Tuesday morning and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Bingo was Tuesday afternoon with Clara Kilgore, Evelyn Stevenson, Darlene Gilbert, Ona Knott, Evelyn Lund, Bev Stream and Dorothy Wetzel. After bingo Ethel Helgeson, Donna Gray and Helen Burman enjoyed sitting on the patio and soaking up the sun. Cowboy Jim came Tuesday evening to entertain. He always brings his entourage with him so everyone can participate. Harriet Garretts granddaughter and great granddaughters helped with the program. He always draws a big crowd and they look forward to his


next visit in August. Exercise and trivia started off Wednesday morning with a large crowd. Terry Roberts was the minister for church Wednesday afternoon. Residents enjoy listening to him sing and his sermon. He will be the minister on the third Wednesdays. The shing game was Thursday morning with everyone catching a sh and getting a prize. That is a fun game. Thursday afternoon residents came to the dining room to ll their ower pots they had decorated earlier in the month. They sure look pretty in their rooms. Friday morning after exercise, Jeani and the residents taxed their brains with state capitals and their nicknames and how much they knew about their bodies. The monthly birthday party was Friday afternoon. They played card bingo, which was new to them, and had a good time. All enjoyed ice cream drumsticks after the party. Visitors have been Liz Kilgore, Kerry Saville, Gordon Kilgore and Kathy and Elena Valenzuela with Clara Kilgore; Judy Mozingo, Jeannine Hampton, Donna Keenan, Normie Beggs, Leona Mahoney and Ed and Georgia Morey with Evelyn Stevenson; Kelly Allee, Ray and Carol Lee Fisher, Jacquie Timmons, Max and Kathy Whitmore, Sharon and Bill Wiley and Cindy Sandene with Helen Lyddon; Jack and Dixie Taylor and Norm and Mary Ann Calhoun with Lorabel Taylor; Denzel and David Young, Tom and Janice Maxwell and Ryan and Marie Maxwell with Pauline Young; Rick and Marvin Garrett and Mesha, Emily and Avy Curtis with Harriet Garrett; Marcia Nickell and Dwight Wetzel with Dorothy Wetzel; Alvin Gaule, Dorene Rusk, Stoney Gaule and Tracie Johnston with Nioma Gaule; Pat and Dave Ahnen with Mabel Root; Wayne and Vada Calhoun with Bev Stream; Kate Delzeit, Theresa Luce, Ray Bradley and Bernita Stansberry with Coletta Bradley; Robert and Jan Imhoff with Juanita Matthews; Sundae, Meghan and Ben Nordstrom with Ona Knott, and Ber and Delbert Routh with several.

Clearview Estates
June 3 - Rain, rain go away, we just cant be happy can we? We got some much needed rain. Wish it could have fallen as a nice gentle rain and without the storms, but the ponds have lled up nicely. Tenants got their tornado drill practice and also the real thing this month. After a few stormy nights they looked forward to a night without having to worry about the weather. June has came in quite beautiful. The other good thing about the rain has been that they have not needed to water outside very often. May started out on a Wednesday so tenants had the regular events of exercise in the morning, church after lunch and this was with Terry Roberts and then shopping/errands uptown followed by dominoes. Other folks having

church this month included Scott Marcum, Alan Smith, Mike Maddy and Sandy Crandell. Liz and the gals had the general store open for business on May 2nd and May 20. The store has quite a variety of things to purchase and, if you just let them know, the girls will be sure to have what you wanted the next time they go to the store. Friday mornings are an extra special coffee time. Tenants have visitors including Janet Hickman and Pastor Skip and others from the Methodist church. On Friday, May 24, tenants also had morning bingo, followed by the Laplanders. Pancakes are enjoyed every other Friday. Pancakes bring out a crowd. May is special for May baskets that all enjoyed on the rst and Mothers Day. They had a nice crowd for the pie social on Mothers Day afternoon. Not only did everyone enjoy good conversation, they had some wonderful pies to eat. Trips this month included Creston, Mount Ayr, Jamies Coffee Mill and Deli, Beantown, Lamoni, Bethany, MO and cemeteries in and around Ringgold county. The Tingley Kitchen Band came on May 14 to entertain. Tenants enjoyed a picnic lunch on Memorial Day and there were folks in and out all weekend to visit. They have enjoyed walks outside and sitting on the porch swings on the days they could and look forward to more swinging. It is so relaxing. Tenants were excited to get new cushions and a sunshade for the west patio since many afternoons and evenings are spent outside. All are also enjoying watching the tomatoes and cucumbers growing. They really took off this last week of May. Other visitors in were Jeannie and Vic Ruff, Aaron Ruff, Emily and Cecilia Burroughs, Sandy Stuck, Hugh and Kay Terwilliger, Wanda McGahuey, Bill Boesch and Thelma Rusk with Donella Johnson; Jerry and Pam Cooper, Louise Frost, Corky Grimes, Debbie Berliner, Cindy Miles and Sandy Stuck with Thelma Grimes; Ron and Karen Saltzman, Barbara Foy, Steven Saltzman, Jan Cannon, Cole Clymer, Gerald and Janice Farley, Ken and Ann Dunshee and Allan and Janetta Heggs with Nina Saltzman; Randall and Candy Nickle, Leann Baker, George and Leona Barker, Jim and Nancy Ross, Judy Scheffer, David and Susan Cole, Brynn E. Nickle and Luella Wilson with Ruth Nickle; Keith and Rhonda Hunt, Doris Overholser and Estelle Hull with Amon Hunt; Diane Saltzman, Patty Herrington, John and Sharon Sheumaker, Andy Abarr, Allan and Janetta Heggs and Sandy Stuck with Frances Saltzman; Marvin and Melonie Lane and John and Kathy McFarland with Marjorie McFarland; Dick and Camille Jackson and the Werners and Chenoweths with Esther Jackson; Doug and Sherri Hymbaugh with Dwight Cunning; Benson and DAmbra Hainline, Randall and Donita Lynch and Diana Wilson with Ermil Hainline; Jim Ward, Roxie Trullinger,

Donella and Randy Drake and Dave and Ellen Brand with Jessie Woollums, and Ted and Ronda Smith, Helen Terry and Terry Lininger with Rena Smith.

Coffee With The Girls

News from Cleareld Linda Bell

May 27 (delayed) - Its been a busy week with lots of things going on. Graduations and receptions were held over the weekend. In Cleareld there were several graduates -- Dalton Kinder, Ashley Parrish, Zack Miller, Allison Powell, Maggie Jennett and Kylie Wilson. Others with Cleareld ties were Celine Beggs and Cassie Flowers. Everyone wishes them all well as they go forward. Thursday evening the Lions met. The district governor was there as speaker and also had four awards to hand out to people who did a lot of service for the club and community. They were Ivan Longfellow (daughter Dixie accepted it for him), Jerry Ewalt, Al Rusk and Linda Bell. Linda Bell worked at school today and the only kids in the building were the pre-school kids. All the rest went to Adventureland. During lunch there were more adults than kids there and Linda suggested they all hop in a bus and go have some fun too. Bob Cameron was there too and came down for lunch. Linda said he could drive. Theyd take the handicap bus but thought theyd probably get caught so they just stayed there. Friday Linda Bell helped the custodian, Dennis Brown, set up chairs in the gym and had him set up the sound system so they could use it for the alumni banquet. Saturday, while they were working on the meal for the banquet, Linda turned it on and tested it and it worked ne. But when it was tried out at the banquet, is screeched and squeaked so Linda ran uptown and got the Lions little portable speaker -- battery-operated handy little thing -- and it worked better. The 2013 Cleareld alumni banquet was held on May 25 at 6 p.m. at the school gym. They had 111 reservations and served 115. The United Methodist Women served the meal. Kathy Flams class was the 50-year class this year and she did most of the plans to get together. They were also going to the Lions hall afterward too for more visiting. Delbert Routh had his 65th class together Darlene Stamps her 60th and Carolyn Nelson, the 40th. She told Linda that of her class most of them stayed and made their lives there in Cleareld, so different from other classes. Laura Siverly conducted the meeting and also had some information about the schools dissolutions plans. Next year will be the last year that classes will be in the school. The last graduation ceremony there in school was the class

of 1984 but the alumni banquet will go on. Theyll just have to hold it at the Lions hall or church. Carroll Baker did the roll call and Kathy Flam had the biggest group there, 40 or so, and about 16 of them were the classmates. A good time was had by all and Linda is sure next year there will be a crowd twice as big as usual. Closing this week with: There are deep sorrows and killing cares in life, but the encouragement and love of friends make all difculties bearable. From the coffee table, Linda B. June 3 - Sunday - They were blessed this morning at the Methodist church, Kathy (Nelson) Leonard sang for them. The song she picked was Precious Memories, which was so perfect for Memorial weekend. It was beautiful and it brought a few tears, as they remembered loved ones who are gone but they still have precious memories. This evening it got a little scary around the area. Around 5:30 p.m. they got a call for their daughter, Marcy, to get to the basement. There was a tornado on J23 between Cleareld and Diagonal. Their TV had gone off, No Signal. So, they went out on their deck and were looking east, right over the river there were clouds churning around and some even dripping down and going back up. No, they didnt go to the basement. They watched as it moved south but they turned on KSIB and listened as they had spotters out and their radio did an excellent job of keeping them all informed as to what was going on. There was a touchdown over by Lincoln Parrishs house and three miles south of there. At Carolyn Nelsons place the machine shed had a lot of it blown away. They were fortunate again. It was nothing like the tornadoes they had down in Oklahoma and Missouri this week. Linda Bell worked at school Monday and Tuesday, the last two days of school. It was fun. It as in the pre-school department. If you get the Lenox paper and saw the picture of Jerry Ewalt and his as-

paragus, well, he brought it over to Gaylan and Linda Bells house and left it. Linda took it to school to show the kids and also took a spear to show them what it was supposed to look like. Wow! It was about three and one-half feet long and three to four inches wide. Linda Bell had errands around town Thursday and Friday which also included coffee with the girls at the store. Jeannie always joins them for her break. There was quite a group of them. They talked about what was going on in their lives and also the tractor ride coming to town on Saturday. Linda also got some more donations of bars and pies and asked if more were needed and she said, Yes. There are more than 270 signed up. Saturday - The weather isnt the greatest for the tractor ride but everyone is having a great time. They started rolling into town around 1:30 p.m. Barkers were there with 10 gallons of ice cream in a freezer of the Lions hall and they were out front cranking up another ve gallons. Linda had two coolers of ice water for them but decided to make some coffee too and that was the most popular drink. They hardly drank any water. Linda Bell talked to Dave Reick and he was eating cherry pie with his ice cream and he said, This is soooo good. The Cleareld break stop exceeded his expectations. They had three groups who came through. First was the fast tractors and then the next slower and the last were the turtle speed. They had the Lions hall lled up three times. One bunch would get done. Theyd get the tables wiped off and the next bunch would get to Main Street. They completely lled the street. Chris Leonard had his scaffolding up to the building on the east end of Main Street and Linda gave him her camera to take pictures. She said he really got some good shots. Linda cant wait to get them printed. The last group of tractors pulled out around 4 p.m. and they all went past the nursing home on their way out of town so they could see all the tractors, too. From the coffee table, Linda B.

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80 acres located in Taylor County Located 6 miles northeast of Bedford, Iowa. 66 acres tillable with a CSR of 46. Seller willing to rent back for 5% of asking price. 148 acres located in Ringgold County Located on hard-surface road just north of Mount Ayr. 110 acres tillable with average CSR of 50. Excellent site for new construction with views over farm and Loch Ayr Lake.



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June 14-16, 2013



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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mount Ayr Record-News

is survived by her four children, Meridee (Glen) Steffensmeier of Mesa, Arizona, Tamara (James) Borland of Riverside, Iowa, Kristen Cassidy of Dacula, Georgia and James Morrison of North Liberty, Iowa; nine grandchildren, Nicole, Sarah, Megan, MacKenzie, Michael, Sydney, Lauren, Zachary and Logan; mother, Boonie Peavy of Birmingham, Alabama; brother, James Buzz (Lee) Peavy of Kansas City; sister, Jane (Wayne) Rasco of Birmingham, Alabama; a niece and nephew; four greatnephews; one great-niece; three aunts, and two uncles. From a young age Daphne loved school and reading. As a shy but inquisitive young adult she embarked on a train to attend Graceland College in Lamoni, Iowa where she was to meet her husband, Meredith John Morrison. After Merediths stint in the Army and arrival of their rst born, Meridee, the new family moved from Fort Benning, Georgia to Ames, Iowa where Tamara joined the family in 1969. Daphne put off nishing college to have her family and enter the work world. In Des Moines Kristen and James joined the family in 1971 and 1972 respectively. Daphne explored the world through the written word. Her diverse reading interests included all types of ction and non-ction and ranged from gardening, cookery, philosophy, poetry, health and religion. She was a voracious reader, and it was rumored she could read a 1,000-page book within a single weekend! Daphne returned to college in 1989, joining her daughter Tamara at Iowa State University. Daphne excelled and graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in English. She returned to Graceland to work in admissions. While Daphne never lost her love of the beach or her mothers southern cooking, she came to love Iowa and Merediths family farm. She loved the rolling hills, the woods and creek. She and Meredith retired there. Daphne was diagnosed with Alzheimers at age 65. The disease took its toll but did not rob her of her sense of humor, her love of family or pride in her children and grandchildren. She passed away on May 23, 2013 in Mesa, Arizona. Following cremation, memorial services are 10:30 a.m. Monday, June 10, 2013, at the Cheville Chapel at Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa, with burial following at Elk Cemetery west of Decatur, Iowa. Arrangements are through Slade-ODonnell Funeral Home of Leon and Lamoni, Iowa. She attended the Mount Ayr public school and graduated in 1942. Annabelle won many music honors in high school. She was a lover of music and participated in many music activities in Mount Ayr, Des Moines, and later in Lamoni. After high school she worked as a secretary to Clyde Lesan Co. in Mount Ayr. Later she moved to Des Moines and continued her secretarial work for the Meredith Publishing Co., working there for over 30 years. During these years she married Harry Boesch. Their three children are Bob, Bill and Barbara. Later she married Don Sweeten and they raised a son, George (Skip). After retiring Annabelle and Don returned to Dons hometown, Lamoni, where they enjoyed golf, church activities and former friends. Don died in 1992 and later Annabelle moved into The Village in Indianola, close to her son, Bill. She was preceded in death by her parents and husbands. Left to mourn are Bob Boesch, Bill Boesch, Barb Beaty, Skip Sweeten, 13 grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren, and her sister Donella Johnson. A memorial fund is established to the Lamoni United Methodist Church. Services were held on Friday, May 31, 2013 at the Watson-Armstong Funeral Home in Mount Ayr with Pastor Jodie Rushing ofciating. Burial was in the Rose Hill Cemetery at Mount Ayr, Iowa.


Church Notes
Mount Ayr Larger Parish United Methodist Churches Pastor Skip Rushing Redding 9:00 a.m., Worship. 10:00 a.m., Sunday School. Middle Fork 9:00 a.m., Sunday School, all ages. 10:00 a.m., Worship. Mount Ayr 10:30 - 11:00 a.m., Refreshments and Fellowship. 11:00 a.m., Worship. St. Josephs Catholic Church 100 N. Polk, Mount Ayr Fr. Bashir Abdelsamad, Pastor Saturdays, mass at 5:30 p.m. St. Patricks Catholic Church Grand River Fr. Bashir Abdelsamad, Pastor Sunday mass, 8:00 a.m. United Church of Diagonal Pastor Ed Shields 9:00 a.m., Sunday school. 10:00 a.m., Church. Tingley First Christian Church Al Rusk, Pastor 10:00 a.m., Church school. Margaret Hull, Superintendent. 11:00 a.m., Worship. First Lutheran Church Mount Ayr - LCMS Vacancy Pastor: Rev. Jonathan Watt Sunday, June 9: 8:00 a.m., Worship. Free Methodist Church Charles Weiman, Pastor 10:00 a.m., Sunday school. 11:00 a.m., Worship service. 7:00 p.m., Evening worship. Wednesday, Family Night Prayer meeting; F.M.Y., C.L.C., 7 p.m. Kellerton Assembly of God Church Pastor Barton Shields 9:30 a.m., Sunday School. 10:30 a.m., Worship service. 6:00 p.m., Sunday evening worship. Wednesday, 7:00 p.m., Adult Bible study. Blockton Christian Church Scott Marcum, Pastor 9:30 a.m., Bible School. 10:45 a.m., Worship. Second and fourth Sundays of each month, Youth Groups. First Wednesday of each month, Church Night. Tent Chapel Church of Christ Richard Reinhardt, Minister (3 miles south of Blockton, Iowa) Bible study, 10:00 a.m. Morning worship, 11:00 a.m. Watch In Search of the Lords Way - 7 a.m., Sunday on Ch. 17; KDSM Dish 259, 6:30 a.m. or Direct TV 364, 6:30 a.m. Sundays, 6:30 p.m., evening services. Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m., Bible study. Regular Baptist Church Mount Ayr 464-3293 (Church) Pastor Seth Denney 9:45 a.m., Sunday School. 11:00 a.m., Morning worship service. Nursery available. 6:30 p.m., Evening service. Wednesday, 6:30-8 p.m., AWANA; 7 p.m., Midweek Bible study and prayer. 7 p.m., Youth service. Hickory Grove Advent Christian Church Sherry Wiley, supply pastor 11:00 a.m., Worship service. Mount Ayr Assembly of God Pastor Doug Rohrer (515-783-7712) See our facebook page 8:15 - 8:45 a.m., Prayer 9:00 a.m., Sunday school for all ages. 10:00 a.m., Fellowship. 10:30 a.m., Worship service. Nursery available. Childrens church. 5:00 p.m. Men of Valor First Saturday each month, 8 - 11 a.m., Open Closet. Thursdays: Revolution Youth - 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesdays: Kids Club - 5-7 p.m. United Baptist-Presbyterian Church 2343 State Highway 169 Mount Ayr Michael Maddy, Pastor (641-464-2127) Sunday, June 9: 9:00 a.m., Sunday school. 10:00 a.m., Church service. Greeter, Oleta Jones; Call to worship, Deb Larson; Musician, Becky Gordon; Drums: Lew Knapp; Childrens sermon, Julie Davison; Message: Mike Maddy; Snacks, Leslie Dredge Murphy/ Meredith Dredge. Communion/board meetings/potluck dinner following church/meeting. Monday, June 10: 5:00 p.m., Stretch exercises. Tuesday, June 11: 7:00 a.m., Mens breakfast-UBP Church. Wednesday, June 12: 5:00 p.m., Stretch exercises-UBP Church. No choir practice during summer. 6:30 p.m., Bible study at Mount Ayr Health Care. Platte Center Presbyterian Church Delores Dench, Pastor 9:15 a.m., Sunday school. 10:00 a.m., Fellowship. 10:30 a.m., Worship. Kellerton United Methodist Church Rev. Robin Thomas, Pastor 9:30 a.m., Sunday School 10:30 a.m., Worship. Beaconseld United Methodist Church Rev. Robin Thomas, Pastor Sunday, 9:00 a.m., Morning Worship. No Sunday School. First Christian Church Pastor Chris Conklin Sunday, June 9: 9:00 a.m., Sunday school. 10:00 a.m., Church. Tuesday, June 11: 3 - 7 p.m., Blood Center of Iowa. Thursday Prayer group - 9:30 a.m. Bank of Christ Outreach and Hope Center 2nd & Ringgold, Kellerton 10:00 a.m., Sunday school for children and adults. 11:00 a.m., Church service with Kathy Johnston speaking. Wishard Chapel Community Church Pastor Bill Armstrong 9:30 a.m., Sunday school. 10:30 a.m., Worship. Women of Wishard (WOW): Every rst Wednesday at 7 p.m. Ellston United Methodist Church Rev. Robin Thomas, Pastor Sunday, April 28: 9:00 a.m., Church services. 10:00 a.m., Sunday school and Bible study. 10:30 a.m., Breakfast with freewill offering for Imagine No Malaria. United Methodist Women: Every second Monday at 1:30 p.m. United Methodist Men: First/third Saturdays at 7:30 a.m. Youth Group: First/third Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m. Second Sunday - potluck; fourth Sunday - fellowship time. Tingley United Methodist Church Rev. Robin Thomas, Pastor 9:30 a.m., Sunday school. 10:30 a.m., Worship. United Methodist Women: Every Third Wednesday. Youth Group: Second and Fourth Sundays, 5 p.m., at Ellston. The Lighthouse Christian Center Non-Denominational Fellowship Doug Greene, Pastor (west 2 miles on Hwy. 2) 9:45 a.m., Sunday school. 10:30 a.m., Worship. 5:30 p.m., Mens room/womens room. 6:00 p.m., Evening worship. Mondays, 5 p.m., Thin Within Support Group; 5:30 p.m., Prayer meeting. 7 p.m., Sowing in Tears Support Group. Wednesdays, 6 - 8 p.m., Crew Kids Club. More information available online at Area Bible Fellowship Church 204 North Van Buren, Cleareld Pastor Ron Christian 10:00 a.m., Worship service. 11:15 a.m., Sunday school. Wednesday: 6:30 p.m., AWANA. Trinity Christian Church Terry Roberts, Minister 446-8654 (Hwy. 2 West, Decatur) 8:15 a.m. and 10:45 a.m., Sunday morning worship services. 9:30 a.m., Sunday School, all ages. Wednesday: 7 p.m., Youth/Small group Bible study. Nursery available. The Community of Christ Tony and Sandy Crandell, Co-pastors Sunday, June 9: 9:50 a.m., Sunday school. 11:00 a.m., Worship service with Chad Hensley speaking. Mount Ayr Restoration Branch Sherman Phipps, Presiding Elder Alan Smith, Assistant Sunday, June 9: Welcomers: Rob Rolfe family. 9:45 a.m., Family Worship, Norman Nelson family. 10:00 a.m., Classes. 11:00 a.m., Worship. Pat Bolingbroke, pianist; Rob Rolfe, special music. Custodians: Bob Rowland. 6:00 p.m., Family fellowship at Ron Smith home. Wednesday, June 12: 7:00 p.m., Prayer service.

Obituaries Obituaries
JUNETTA BARRETT Junetta Barrett, age 93 years and six months, passed away May 18, 2013 in Roswell, Georgia at the home of her daughter. Junetta was born November 20, 1919 near Hateld, Missouri, the daughter of Raymon and Florence Barnhouse. She attended Northwest Missouri State College and graduated in 1941 receiving a bachelor of science degree. Upon graduation she taught high school in Van Wert, Leroy and College Springs, Iowa. She later worked at Trinity Lutheran Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. She married Elmer Mumford of Maryville, Missouri in 1942. He was killed in the Burma Theater as a pilot in the Army Air Corps ying The Hump. A daughter, Alicia, was born to the couple in 1944. In 1947 she moved to Yuma, Arizona where she was employed as nutrition director in the Yuma City Schools. She met and married Howard Barrett of Yuma and a daughter, Julie Ann, was born to this marriage. She continued her position in the Yuma City Schools until she moved to Phoenix to become the state director of school nutrition. She retired from that position in 1981. After retirement she moved to Grant City, Missouri and was active in the First Christian Church and community activities. Junetta was a resident in Clearview Assisted Living in Mount Ayr, Iowa for 10 years before moving to Georgia. She treasured the staff and residents during her time there. She is survived by her daughter, Alicia, and son-in-law, Tim Fish of Roswell, Georgia; stepdaughter, Barbara (Chas) Putran of Gravis Pass, Oregon; brother, Hugh Barnhouse of Hateld, Missouri; three grandchildren, Brian (Bernadette) Fish and Julie (Robert) Percy of Roswell, Georgia and Aimee (Dave) Briglio of Ponto Vedra, Florida, and eight great-grandchildren, Carter and Melanie Percy, Jane, Claire, Mary Katherine and Celia Briglio and Ian and Sarah Fish. She was preceded in death by her daughter, Julie Barrett; second husband, Howard Barrett; parents, Raymon and Florence Barnhouse; brothers, Verdo Barnhouse and Frances (Hank) Barnhouse, and sisters, Marjorie Barnhouse, Bonnie George and Alice Boyd. Interment was May 25, 2013 in the Grant City, Missouri cemetery alongside members of her family whom she loved so dearly.

law Clella Gunsolley and husband Gene. A memorial fund has been established to the United Church of Diagonal. Funeral services were held on Thursday, May 30 at the Watson-Armstrong Funeral Home in Mount Ayr with Pastor Ed Shields ofciating. Musicians were Nancy Sackett and Sherry Wiley. Casket bearers were Frank Gunsolley, David Richman, Jim Goins, Chuck Willis, Eldon Starmer, Steven Richman, Matt Starmer and Todd Richman. Honorary pallbearers were Bill Bohn Jr., Roland Buck and Byron Gunsolley. Burial was in the Diagonal Cemetery at Diagonal, Iowa. WILLIAM BILL EDWIN DUKE William (Bill) Edwin Duke was born on April 2, 1953 to William Ernest Duke and Ruby Marie Duke in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He passed away on May 26, 2013 at his home in Mount Ayr, Iowa. Bill was raised and educated in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He had one year at Creighton Prep in Omaha, Nebraska. He graduated from Lake Side high school in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Bill participated in swimming and basketball during his school years. Bill resided in Nebraska, Iowa and Hot Springs, Arkansas. He enjoyed shing, bird hunting and the best of it all, his chocolate lab, Laudie. Bill is survived by his sister, Deirdre Duke, and son Alexander of Portland, Oregon; son, Justin Stevenson and his wife, Cindy, and their two daughters of Cheyenne, Wyoming. The last 26 years of his life were spent with his partner, Karen Arnold, and her children, DeLoris Hardnett and Shelly Hayes. Their grandchildren include Dylan, Anthony, Alexa, DeAndra, Quentin, Charlene, Ashley, Tyler and Alyssa, whom provided him with love and joy for the remainder of his life. Watson-Armstrong Funeral Home in Mount Ayr was in charge of the arrangements. Graveside services were held at North Fairview Cemetery in Lenox, Iowa on Tuesday, June 4, 2013, with Larry Hayes ofciating. Casket bearers included Larry Hayes, JJ Tholen, Joe Gasnick, Rob Coop, Dylan Coop and Quentin Hingeley, Sr. Honorary pallbearers were Wendell Prindle, Dave McCullen and Tom Vaught. Burial was in the North Fairview Cemetery in Lenox.

Public Notices

Ringgold County Supervisors


Services pending for Mabel Shields

Mabel Shields, 91, of Mount Ayr, passed away June 3, 2013 at the Mount Ayr Health Care Center. Services are scheduled for later this week and her obituary will appear in next weeks edition. Watson-Armstrong Funeral Home in Mount Ayr is in charge of the arrangements.

The Mount Ayr Record-News is like a weekly letter from home to keep up with all the news of Ringgold County.

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May 20, 2013 The Ringgold County Board of Supervisors met in regular session Tuesday, May 28, 2013. The meeting was called to order at 9 a.m. with the following members present: David Inloes, Royce Dredge and Kraig Pennington. A motion was made by Royce Dredge and seconded by Kraig Pennington to approve the agenda. AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None. A motion was made by Kraig Pennington and seconded by Royce Dredge to approve the previous minutes. AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None. The board discussed and approved the employee handbook. Waske will distribute a copy of the handbook to each employee. Josh Rusk with the DNR met with the board to discuss the prairie chicken bridge near Kellerton. Rusk requested an update on the status of repairing this bridge. The board said a culvert will be put in as opposed to a bridge. Pennington said the next bridge to be repaired is the Lil Rinehart bridge. Following this will be the prairie chicken bridge. Pennington added that he is not sure of the time frame on this but will check with engineer Gunsolley and let him know. Rusk felt this is a reasonable plan. The board reviewed applications for the veterans affairs director position. They will forward them on to the veterans affairs commission for their recommendation. Engineer Zach Gunsolley met with the board to provide updates on secondary roads. Gunsolley provided a letter report at Kraig Penningtons request investigating costs of hauling rock from Peru by contract versus hauling rock in-house from Watterson. Peru one-inch clean rock with contract hauling cost approximately $21.28 per ton. By contrast, the same size rock at the Watterson Quarry with hauling in-house cost $20.08 per ton. Rock quality at Peru is better, he said. The average C freeze value for Peru and Watterson is 3.5 and 8.0 respectively. The average abrasion value for Peru and Watterson is 27.5 and 31.0 respectively. Lower numbers mean better quality. Gunsolley added it is unclear how much more time the better quality of rock will last on the road, but it will be monitored. Still, the $1.20/ton extra is worth investigating given the quality difference. Inloes asked when they will know if the Peru rock worked on Wishard Chapel. Gunsolley said it will de___________________________ pend
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Irene Marie Bohn IRENE MARIE BOHN Irene Marie Bohn was born June 9, 1928 to Homer and Marie Todd near Diagonal, Iowa. In 1938 the family moved to Mount Ayr, Iowa where she nished her education. She taught in rural schools in Ringgold county. On June 15, 1950 she was united in marriage to Wayne C. Bohn at Diagonal. She made her home in rural Diagonal and Kellerton until moving to Fort Madison, Iowa in 1956. She did temporary employment throughout her residency there. In July 1992 she moved with her husband to Mount Ayr where they maintained a home. Irene was a member of the Mount Ayr Methodist Church. Irene entered the Mount Ayr Health Care Center in August of 2006. She passed away on May 26, 2013. She is survived by her husband Wayne of Mount Ayr, Iowa; sister Janice Richman of Mercer, Missouri; nieces and nephews. Irene was preceded in death by her parents; a sister in infancy; her parents-in-law John and Elma Bohn; brother-in-law Bill Bohn and his wife Viola; and sister-in-

Daphne Morrison DAPHNE MORRISON Daphne Morrison was born on a cold fall Alabama morning on October 11, 1941 to Elma Boonie and James Peavy. She

Annabelle L. Sweeten ANNABELL L. SWEETEN Annabelle L. Sweeten, 88 passed away on M ay 26, 2013 at The Village in Indianola, Iowa. Annabelle Louise Taylor Sweeten was born on March 9, 1925, in Mount Ayr, Iowa to Faye Davis Taylor and Leo H. Taylor.

I would like to thank all of you who sent birthday cards, gifts, flowers, phone calls and to my family for having a birthday party to celebrate my 95th birthday. God bless you all.

Thank you Kellerton Volunteer Fire Department for putting up and taking down our Avenue of Flags. Your dedication and service to the community is very much appreciated. Thank you to the ladies who put the small flags on the graves of the veterans in Kellerton (Camille Jackson, Linda Swanson, Donna Payton, Shirley Ingram and the ladies of the Legion Auxiliary.



The Morris-Herrold Post #395 of Diagonal would like to thank all the spots and Legionnaires of Ringgold County who took part in the Ringgold County Freedom Rock Dedication ceremony on Monday, May 27, 2013. The posts represented and/or taking part in the ceremony were: Tingley-Dewey #516 Mount Ayr-Ringgold #172 Kellerton-Kellerton #676 Ellston-Emmet Liles #541 Diagonal-Morris-Herrold #395

The family of Forrest Shields would like to express their deepest appreciation for every kind thought, prayer and gesture received since his passing. We are very thankful to Watson-Armstrong Funeral Home, Mike Maddy, Bart Shields, Mary Davenport, Margaret Bickers, Nancy Sackett and those representing the military for the highly honorable memorial service. We are especially grateful to the Clearview Home staff for your tender loving care of Forrest, treating him like a member of your very own family. With too many to individually mention, the outpouring of everyones kindness has been truly overwhelming to us. May you be richly blessed in return for your compassionate care and concern. Carmeta Shields David, Kim, Alicia and April Shields Amber, Brian, Trey and Kenleigh Fooken Nancy, Neal and Aaron Greenberg Ashley, Mike and Avery Denker Freda Shields


Fee: $15 per student Dates: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays June 10, 12, 14, 17, 19, 21 and Saturday, June 22 (Certification and Graduation) at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) TIME: 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. AGE: 13 - 18 years old INSTRUCTOR: Lisa Richards, R.N. Purpose Statement: This class is geared toward preparing teens to confidently utilize their learned skills in caring for infants, toddlers and children. Basic CPR Nutrition First Aid General Child Development Safety in the Home Business of Babysitting Organization/ Life Skills Expectations/ Transportation/ Contacting Parents Being a Role Model for the Children CONTACT INFORMATION: This training Lisa Richards - 641-202-1400 is sponsored Rev. Chris Conklin 641-234-0360 by the Parish * Application must be completely filled out Nursing Program and payment made to the First Christian Church. of the First Christian * Participation in all classes are mandatory Church (DOC) for completion of certification. of Mount Ayr, Iowa


All electric units/utility allowance USDA/S.I.R.H.A. rent assistance Snow removal/lawn care provided Handicap accessible units Rent based on income Professional management Water and trash free
Qualified applicants must be 62 years of age or older, handicap/disabled regardless of age. For video tours and additional information, visit: For an application or more information, contact: Elsie Morris, Project Manager Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Ph. 641-342-2718 Fax: 641-342-2314 This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


Mount Ayr Record-News

Thursday, June 6, 2013


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rock on rock roads department priorities. -- The grassroots public initiative for bringing a second bond question before voters to improve county roads appears to have stalled. -- The board of supervisors was going to provide the secondary roads department nearly $500,000 of additional funding by raising property taxes to be used on county roads but was met with opposition by taxpayers at the budget hearing and therefore the board of supervisors decided not to provide the secondary roads Department this additional funding and left property taxes at their current levels -- The secondary roads department has cataloged approximately $1,000,000 of ood damage from this springs ooding. -- The IDOTs funding to Ringgold county for state roads it transferred to counties and cities was only available for 10 years and is ending June 30, 2013 and will now redistribute this funding to all counties and cities, regardless if they received state roads or not. -- IDOT ofcials conrmed Gunsolleys research that MUTCD standards do not require any striping for rural highways with Ringgold county trafc levels. MUTCD does provide guidance that centerline striping should be provided for rural collectors with ADT 3000, but most Ringgold county roads have

Ad Deadline Tuesdays at 9 a.m.

trafc counts only 10 to 20 percent of that amount (MUTCD Chp 3B.01, 3B.06, 5E.02, and 5E.03). -- The county engineer has used engineering judgment to conclude that the current condition of rock, seal coat and paved road surfaces in the county have immediate safety hazards on the road such as ruts and lack of rock on rock roads, potholes and rutting and rock patches on seal coat roads and road buckles and potholes on paved roads that pose greater and more immediate safety hazards to the traveling public than lack of striping on paved roads. -- The county engineer stated that some seal coat roads have higher trafc counts than some paved roads and the seal coat roads have never been striped, even though seal coat roads are generally more dangerous than paved roads because of characteristics such as their narrow road tops and generally less passing sight distance. -- The county engineer stated concern that there was possible liability exposure for the county taxpayer that only two intersections in the entire county have lighting, even though some other intersections throughout the county have higher trafc counts, higher density of poorly visible horse-drawn carriages, poor stopping sight distance or located on curves.
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Ringgold County Supervisors


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pend on the weather. He thought it will probably be closer to a year after they go through a winter. Gunsolley mentioned he knows the priority on rock hauling is the Maloy road but at this point the crew

needs to haul rock for the Jericho road treatments. Following this, the crew will focus on the Maloy road. The board discussed a possible amount for a FY2014 budget amendment for chips and oil to patch seal coat roads. They suggested $150,000 be taken from reserves to pay for seal coat patchwork. Gunsolley submitted a letter report recommending to the board of supervisors to suspend striping county highways and lighting of intersections until such time where state and/ or local funding to the secondary roads department increases enough to result in signicant improvements in safety to the countys road users by restoring the road surfaces to an acceptable condition. Gunsolley gave the following supporting information for the recommendation: -- The board of supervisors has instructed the county engineer to make cuts in the FY2014 budget. -- The board of supervisors has directed the secondary roads department to make seal coating rock patches on seal coat roads and more

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When you go to parks or rest areas, pick up garbage that you did not leave and still clean up your own. Submitted by Rachel Sobotka

Help Wanted: Cook-Site Manager

20 - 24 hours, 3 days per week Prior cooking experience a plus. Reliable transporation IPERS benefits For applicaiton, contact: Area XIV Agency on Aging 109 N. Elm Street, Creston, Iowa 50801 Ph. 1-641-782-4040 or Mount Ayr Meal Site Ask for Bernard Ph. 641-464-2190 E.O.E.


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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mount Ayr Record-News


Public Notices
Ringgold County Supervisors


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The Denko crack lling project is complete. $205,254.54 was the original quote with trafc control provided. With negotiated trafc control by the crew the cost came to $189,720.77. The nal invoice paid this week is $173,863.14. Gunsolley and the board were pleased the project came in under budget. Gunsolley noted he and Steve Trullinger will look at roads prior to contractors coming in June. The board discussed 310th street. The safety of the road is becoming an issue, they said. The board agreed to turn the east mile of seal coat back to gravel. The board asked that Gunsolley notify Preston Hayse and Paul Brummeld as they have houses within this mile. Inloes asked if the remaining mile of seal coat near Redding on 310th street also needs to be turned to gravel. Gunsolley feels that portion of the road is in better shape and may last through winter. Pennington agrees with this. Gunsolley mentioned he hired seasonal employees to assist the road crew. There were ve applicants. John Parrott, Tracy Freihage and Curt Jackson were the three hired. Parrott and Freihage started 28th and Jackson starts June 3. Jackson will obtain a license to spray weeds throughout the summer. Gunsolley mentioned July or August the crew will begin work on the prairie chicken bridge. Assessor Morgan met with the board to provide an update on a property tax bill. He also talked to the board about the possibility of creating a county logo to use on letterhead, the website, etc. Pennington will look into this. Morgan also talked to the board about the website. He and Waske are working together to come up with options to improve the site. RESOLUTION RC13107 WHEREAS, the Ringgold County Board of Supervisors hereby approves the Memorandum of Understanding with the Ringgold County Fair Board. THEREFORE, a motion was made by Kraig Pennington and seconded by Royce Dredge stating such. The vote on the resolution: AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None. ATTEST: Amanda Waske, auditor. Passed and approved May 28, 2013. RESOLUTION RC13108 WHEREAS, the Ringgold County Board of Supervisors hereby approves the liquor permit for The Eagles Nest. THEREFORE, a motion was made by Royce Dredge and seconded by Kraig Pennington stating such. The vote on the resolution: AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None. ATTEST: Amanda Waske, auditor. Passed and approved May 28, 2013. RESOLUTION RC13109 WHEREAS, the Ringgold County Board of Supervisors hereby approves the Ringgold County Employee Handbook. THEREFORE, a motion was made by Kraig Pennington and seconded by Royce Dredge stating such. The vote on the resolution: AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None. ATTEST: Amanda Waske, auditor. Passed and approved May 28, 2013. RESOLUTION RC13110 WHEREAS, the Ringgold County Board of Supervisors hereby approves claims that will be paid on Wednesday, May 29, 2013. (see separate claims register). THEREFORE, a motion was made by Royce Dredge and seconded by Kraig Pennington stating such. The vote on the resolution: AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None. ATTEST: Amanda Waske, auditor. Passed and approved May 28, 2013. ACS, recorder computer services contract, $600.00. Adams, Brenda Sue, sheriff jail school meals, $18.77. Alliant Energy, sheriff utilities/ Kellerton, $2,016.87. American Express, safety training, $101.52. American Legion Post 172, sheriff ags/agpoles, $243.00. American Target Company, sheriff targets, $888.25. Benton Post Ofce, recorder postage, $336.00. Briggs Corp., public health nursing supplies, $93.17. Cannon, Debra, treasurer ISAC, $345.40. Carr, Matt, sheriff school meals, $43.99. CenturyLink, E-911 trunking, $161.47. CNH Capital/Vetter, parts, $1,149.57. Computer Man Ken, LLC, assessor stationery/forms/ofce, $96.47. Creveling, Deborah, assessor board of review expense, $122.90. Culligan, courthouse water, $17.25. CVS Systems, Inc., veterans affairs grave markers, $155.21. Denco Corp., crack lling project, $173,863.14. Deralds Garage, courthouse mower parts, $16.46. Dollar General - Charged Sales, RCSS custodial/recreation, $130.45. Department of Administrative Service, attorney telephones/telegraph, $31.14. Employee Benet Systems, county insurance, $64,119.41. Farm Plan/NAPA, parts, $7.21. Ford, Larry, veterans affairs commission meeting, $46.96.

Glendenning Motor Co., parts, $1,652.78. Goobs Repair, tires, $25.00. Grandma Jans Bake Shop, public health I-Walk meeting expenses, $224.00. Green Valley Pest Control, public health extermination services/sheriff pest control, $84.00. Greene, Curtis, sheriff jail school meals, $19.19. Haley, Rob, sheriff postage/training meal, $16.33. Hensley Trailers, sheriff guard repair, $45.00. Hy-Vee Accounts Receivable, EMA mitigation meeting items/ RCSS groceries, $186.93. ICEA, ICEA meeting, $55.00. Iowa Counties Public Health, public health membership fee, $75.00. Iowa Law Enforcement Academy, sheriff training, $725.00. ISAC, suervisors legislative district meeting, $150.00. Ivans, Inc., public health Medicare connect fee, $49.99. Kilgore, Cathy, veterans affairs commission meeting, $51.56. Law Enforcement Systems, sheriff citation forms, $169.00. Lawson Products, Inc., parts, $877.17. Lucky Lanes, RCSS recreation, $237.00. Mail Services, treasurer postage/ print, $150.38. Medline Industries, public health nursing supplies, $324.83. Meyer Laboratory, Inc., sheriff jail supplies, $109.28. Mid-Iowa Sales Co., tire supplies, $233.03. Minnick, Lyle, veterans affairs commission meeting, $48.80. Mount Ayr Community School, public health I-Walk activities, $500.00. Mount Ayr Post Ofce, RCSS postage, $46.00. MTE Ofce Center, attorney/ sheriff jail/ofce supplies/ofce items, $277.31. Munyon Plumbing & Heating, air conditioner repair ofce, $294.47. Murphy Tractor and Equipment, parts, $441.81. National Elevator Inspection, courthouse elevator inspection, $58.00. OKeefe Elevator Company, Inc., courthouse elevator maintenance, $261.65. OKelley, Denae, sheriff jail school meals, $12.87. Ramada, sheriff hotel rooms, $672.00. Reasoners Garage, Inc., miscellaneous oil supplies, $74.70. Richards, Doyle, sheriff seeding, $45.00. Rinehart, Tanner, mowing county yards, $190.00. RK Fuels, Inc., gas/Diagonal/ Tingley/Beaconseld/Kellerton, $7,441.58. Schaefer Gravel & Grain, LLC, rock hauling from Peru to 180th Street, $24,006.60. Schildberg Construction, rock, $564.95. Shirley & Daves Computers, assessor ofce equipment/furniture, $1,435.00. Shopko, public health nursing supplies, $326.08. Shopko Pharmacy, sheriff inmate meds, $131.99. Smith, Gary, veterans affairs/ general relief contracted hours, $457.88. Sobotka, Michael, sheriff seeding, $155.00. South Central Iowa Community Foundation, public health transfer of DEKKO grant funds, $46,819.97. Southern Iowa Rural Water Association, Beaconseld, $19.00. Southwest Builder Supply concrete repairs P-68, $257.31. Southwest Iowa Rural Electric, conservation utility/Tingley light, $204.00. Splash-N-Dash, sheriff car wash, $17.00. Staples Credit Plan, public health ofce supplies, $240.51. Stephens Tire and Oil, tire repair, $110.00. Timekeeping Systems, Inc., sheriff training, $795.00. Upper Limits Teen Center, public health June 2013 rent, $450.00. US Bank, public health Chec Charles/PAT supplies/postage, $56.58. US Cellular, public health PAT/ case managment wireless modems, $103.04. Wallace, Shirley, veterans affairs commission meetings, $84.72. Walmart Community/GERCB, sheriff investigation supplies, $80.86. Walter, Merle, E-911 sign repair mileage, $21.60. White, Landon, sheriff jail school meals, $14.18. Windstream, DHS/E-911 phones/ treasurer/telephone/fax, $310.76. Windstream Communications, E-911 trunking, $509.70. Ziegler, parts, $291.30. Fund total = $337,962.80 FUNDS TOTAL RECAP General Basic ................. $55,531.92 General Supplemental .......64,119.41 Secondary Road ............. 212,516.85 Case Management ................. 588.35 Jail Sales Tax Account ....... 2,638.76 Emergency Management......... 12.03 E-911 Surcharge .................... 839.27 Sheriffs Commissary Account .............................. 61.84 Assessor ............................. 1,654.37 Grand Total = $337,962.80 There was no further business. A motion was made by Royce Dredge and seconded by Kraig Pennington to adjourn the meeting at 3:30 p.m. DAVID INLOES Chairman ATTEST: AMANDA WASKE Ringgold County Auditor

Public Notices
NOTICE OF SHERIFFS LEVY and SALE IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR RINGGOLD COUNTY STATE OF IOWA Court Case No. EQCV506312 Special Execution WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A., Plaintiff, vs. KELLOGG, TIMOTHY S. - IN REM, KELLOGG, LEONA A. - IN REM, FIRST BANK - IN REM, PARTIES IN POSSESSION - IN REM, Defendants. As a result of the judgment rendered in the above-referenced court case, an execution was issued by the court to the sheriff of this county. The execution ordered the sale of defendant(s) rights, title and interest in real estate property to satisfy the judgment. The property to be sold is: Lot No. 776 in North Shore Heights Subdivision, which is a Subdivision of the following described realty: The Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (NW 1/4 NW 1/4) of Section 22, and the East 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of Section 21, and the SW 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Section 21, Township 70 North, Range 28 West of the 5th P.M., Ringgold county, Iowa. Street Address: 1341 Lakeview Drive, Ellston, IA 50074. The described property will be offered for sale at public auction for cash only as follows: Sale Date: 06-28-2013. Sale Time: 10:30 a.m. Location of Sale: Lobby of the Law Enforcement Center at 801 West South Street, Mount Ayr, Iowa. THIS SALE IS NOT SUBJECT TO REDEMPTION. Property exemption, certain money or property may be exempt. CONTACT your attorney promptly to review specic provisions of the law and le the appropriate notice, if applicable. Judgment Amount: $61,502.36. Interest: $4,652.21. Accruing Costs: $2,235.13. Attorney: ERICKSON, DAVID M., 515-288-2500. MIKE E. SOBOTKA Sheriff Date: 05-29-2013 13-2t NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR, AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR RINGGOLD COUNTY Probate No. ESPR208712 IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF LYLE FREDRICK WILSON, Deceased. To All Persons Interested in the Estate of Lyle Fredrick Wilson, Deceased, who died on or about August 2, 2012: You are hereby notied that on the 6th day of December, 2012, the last will and testament of Lyle Fredrick Wilson, Deceased, bearing date of the 26th day of January, 1985, was admitted to probate in the above named court and that Lisa Colleen Wilson was appointed executor of the estate. Any action to set aside the will must be brought in the district court of said county within the later to occur of four months from the date of the second publication of this notice or one month from the date of mailing of this notice to all heirs of the decedent and devisees under the will whose identities are reasonably ascertainable, or thereafter be forever barred. Notice is further given that all persons indebted to the estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned, and creditors having claims against the estate shall le them with the clerk of the above named district court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance, and unless so led by the later to occur of four months from the second publication of this notice or one month from the date of mailing of this notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) a claim is thereafter forever barred. Dated this 26th day of March, 2013. Lisa Colleen Wilson Executor of Estate 1968 State Hwy. 25 Cleareld, IA 50840 Andrew J. Knuth ICIS PIN NO: AT0004226 Attorney for Executor Knuth Law Ofce P.O. Box 405 Atlantic, IA 50022 Date of second publication, 6th day of June, 2013. 13-2t NOTICE OF PROPOSED ACTION TO INSTITUTE PROCEEDINGS TO ENTER INTO A LOAN AGREEMENT AND BORROW MONEY IN A PRINCIPAL AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED $850,000 (GENERAL OBLIGATION) The City Council of the City of Mount Ayr, Iowa will meet on the 17th day of June, 2013, at the City Hall, Mount Ayr, Iowa at 6 oclock p.m., for the purpose of instituting proceedings and taking action to enter into a loan agreement (the loan Agreement) and borrow money in a principal amount not to exceed $850,000 for the purpose of paying the cost, to that extent of (1) acquiring a vehicle and bins for the Citys solid waste disposal program and (2) current refunding the G.O. Sewer Improvement Bonds, Series 2006. The Loan Agreement is proposed to be entered into pursuant to authority contained in Section 384.24A of the Code of Iowa and will constitute a general obligation of the City. At that time and place, oral or written objections may be led or

made to the proposal to enter into the Loan Agreement. After receiving objections, the City may determine to enter into the Loan Agreement, in which case, the decision will be nal unless appealed to the District Court within fteen (15) days thereafter. By order of the City Council of the city of Mount Ayr, Iowa. PAMELA POORE City Clerk. 14-1t ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS 2013 WATER SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS CITY OF MOUNT AYR RINGGOLD COUNTY, IOWA NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: Sealed proposals will be received at City Hall, located at 200 S. Taylor, Mount Ayr, Iowa 50854, until 2 p.m. on Thursday, June 13, 2013, for the 2013 Water System Improvements. All bids will be publicly opened and read aloud a that time. The City Council will consider the bids received on Monday, June 17, 2013 at 6 p.m., at City Hall. The work for which bids are asked includes the following: Installation of approximately 1,182 lineal feet of 8 diameter trenchless water main, approximately 763 lineal feet of 8 diameter trenched water main, a water meter and pit, a water booster pumping station, and other related items of work. The work must be commenced within 30 days of Notice to Proceed. The work will be substantially completed within 210 days of the Notice to Proceed, and will be completed and ready for nal payment within 240 days of the Notice to Proceed. The BIDDING DOCUMENTS may be examined at the ofces of MSA Professional Services, Inc., 1555 SE Delaware Avenue, Suite F., Ankeny, Iowa 50021; The City of Mount Ayr City Hall; and Master Builders of Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa. A planholders list will be updated interactively on our web address at under Bids. Paper copies of the BIDDING DOCUMENTS may be obtained at the ofce of MSA Professional Services, Inc., 1555 SE Delaware Avenue, Suite F., Ankeny, Iowa 50021 upon receipt of a refundable handling fee of $35.00 for half size (11x17) sets of plans. Bidding documents in

electronic portable display format (PDF) will be provided on a single compact disk for a non-refundable fee of $20.00. Any planholder upon returning the BIDDING DOCUMENTS within 14 days after award of the project and in good condition will be refunded their handling fee. Additionally, copies of the BIDDING DOCUMENTS are available at You may download the digital plan documents for a non-refundable fee of $20 by inputting Quest eBidDoc #2740437 on the websites Project Search page. Please contact at 952-233-1632 or info@questcdn. com for assistance in free membership registration, downloading and working with the digital project information. Each BIDDER shall accompany its bid with a bid security as security that the successful BIDDER will enter into a contract for the work bid upon and will furnish after the award of CONTRACT a corporate surety bond, acceptable to the OWNER, for the faithful performance of the CONTRACT, in an amount equal to 100 percent of the amount of the CONTRACT. The bid security shall be in an amount of 5 percent of the total amount of the bid and shall be in the form of a cashiers check, or certied check drawn on a statechartered or federally-chartered bank, or a certied share draft drawn on a state-chartered or federallychartered credit union. The bid Bond shall contain no exceptions. By virtue of statutory authority, a preference will be given to products and provisions grown and coal produced within the State of Iowa and to Iowa Domestic Labor, to the extent lawfully required under Iowa statutes. OWNER is designated a Tax Exempt Entity. As such, CONTRACTOR, and any subcontractors, under this contract, shall be provided a Tax Exempt Certicate and authorization letter from the OWNER. Tax Exempt certicate and authorization letter shall be used by CONTRACTOR to secure building materials or equipment intended for completion of this project without payment of sales tax. CONTRACTOR is not mandated to complete Iowa Department of Revenue Form 35002 - Iowa Contractors Statement upon execution of agreement. CONTRACTOR

agrees to this method of sales tax exemption and it shall not be modied during the course of construction. BIDDER shall satisfy themselves of the accuracy of the estimated quantities in the BID schedule by examination of the site and review of the contract documents; including ADDENDA. After BIDS have been submitted, the BIDDER shall not assert that there was a misunderstanding concerning the quantities of WORK or nature of the WORK to be done. The Successful BIDDER shall be required to furnish a performance BOND and a payment BOND, each in the amount of 100 percent of the CONTRACT PRICE, with a corporate surety approved by the OWNER, within ten (10) calendar days of the date when the NOTICE OF AWARD is delivered to the BIDDER. The NOTICE OF AWARD shall be accompanied by the necessary AGREEMENT and BOND forms. In case of failure of the BIDDER to execute the AGREEMENT, the OWNER may at his option consider the BIDDER in default, in which case the BID BOND shall become property of the OWNER. BIDDERS must indicate on the BID form the proposed equipment and subcontractors who will be performing the major portions of the work. No bid submitted by any BIDDER which contains a condition or qualication shall be recognized or accepted by the OWNER and any letter or communication accompanying the BID which contains a condition or qualication upon the BID which has the effect of qualifying or modifying any provision of the contract documents in any manner will be construed as a qualifying BID and will be rejected by the OWNER as non responsive. Any bidder or equipment supplier whose rm or afliate is listed in the GSA publication List of Parties Excluded from Federal Procurement and Non-procurement Programs will be prohibited from the bidding process. Anyone submitting a bid who is listed in this publication will be determined to be a non-responsive bidder in accordance with 40 CFR Part 31. A contractors Suspension/Debarment Certication will be contained in the specications; however, this

certication should not preclude any interested party from ascertaining whether the certifying person is actually on the List of Parties Excluded from Federal Procurement and Nonprocurement Programs. By the submission of its bid, each bider acknowledges that he understands and agrees to be bound by the equal opportunity requirements of EPA regulations (40 CFR Part B, particularly Section 8.4(b)), which shall be applicable throughout the performance of work under any contract awarded pursuant to this solicitation. Each bidder agrees that if awarded a contract, it will similarly bind contractually each subcontractor. In implementation of the foregoing policies, each bidder further understands and agrees that if awarded a contract, it must engage in afrmative action directed at promoting and ensuring equal employment opportunity in the workforce used under the contract (and that it must require contractually the same effort of all subcontractors whose subcontracts exceed $10,000). The bidder understands and agrees that afrmative action as used herein shall constitute a good faith effort to achieve and maintain that amount of minority employment in the on-site workforce used on the project which corresponds, for each trade used, to the minority population in the serving labor market area from which workers are reasonably available for hire for the project. No bidder may withdraw his bid within 60 days after the actual date of the opening thereof. OWNER reserves the right to waive any informalities or to reject any or all bids. Published by the authority of the City of Mount Ayr. CONSULTING ENGINEER: MSA Professional Services, Inc. 1555 S.E. Delaware Ave., Suite F Ankeny, IA 50021 Jason Miller, P.E. 515-964-1920 14-1t

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News Ringgold cattlemen to participate in beef promotion

Central Iowa commuters will have visions of beef dancing through their heads while traveling throughout the Des Moines metro area during June. Twelve digital billboards will be enticing consumers to choose beef for their grills this summer with larger than life mouthwatering photos of beef positioned throughout the metro area. The six-week promotional campaign, which started in mid-May, is being funded by a partnership between the Beef Checkoff and eleven county cattlemen associations. The Des Moines metro area has 134 times more people than we do in Ringgold County, said Trent Johnson, President of Ringgold County Cattlemens Association. By pooling our money together we can make a greater impact on getting beef on grills this summer. In order to increase demand for beef we need to reach larger population areas. This cooperative effort is allowing us to do just that. The beef industry is concentrating advertising efforts to reach Millennials and Gen X consumers, those between 25 to 45 years of age. This consumer group is not as familiar with the benets of beef as generations before them. They also represent a large portion of our nations growing population. Consumer research indicates this group of consumers drives 153 miles each week. Billboards are a cost-effective tool to reach an inuential consumer group, said Doug Bear, Direct of Industry Relations for the Iowa Beef Industry Council. This billboard campaign is expected to reach nearly 68,000 consumers each day in the Des Moines metro area for a total of over 2.8 million media impressions with an impression cost of less than $0.005. The eleven County Cattlemen Associations participating in this Des Moines metro beef promotion include Adair, Chickasaw, Dallas, Greene, Ida, Madison, Polk, Ringgold, Sioux, Story and Taylor.


Mount Ayr Record-News

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nominations sought for Iowan of the Day

Have you ever been star-struck by someone in your community? Do you know someone who deserves to be in the spotlight for their service to others? The Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation and Cookies Food Products are in search of ten outstanding Iowans to honor at the 2013 Iowa State Fair. The 17th annual Iowan of the Day program honors Iowas nest for going above and beyond. Nominations should be based on acts of relentless community involvement, leadership and an outstanding sense of Iowa pride. Support materials such as testimonials, photos or newspaper articles that demonstrate the greatness of your nominee are encouraged. Nominees must currently reside in Iowa. Each Iowan of the Day winner will receive his or her own day of stardom at the 2013 Iowa State Fair. This day of honor includes an introduction on the Anne and Bill Riley Stage, VIP parking, gate admission, use of the Iowan of the Day golf cart and grandstand show tickets for the evening of their award day. In addition, all winners will receive $200 in cash, accommodations at the Des Moines Downtown Marriott Hotel the night before their day of recognition and a one-year subscription to The Iowan & Iowa Gardening magazine. For those feeling star-struck, The Iowan of the Day remedy is here to help. You can obtain a nomination form by calling the Blue Ribbon Foundation at 1-800450-3732 or online at Nominations are due by July 1. The Blue Ribbon Foundation is a non-prot 501(c)3 organization. Since its inception in 1993, the Foundation has generated more than $95 million for renovations and improvements to the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

Iowa farmers interested in signing up for the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) in 2013 should submit applications by June 14 at their local Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) ofce. CSP is a voluntary program that allows producers to go the extra mile in conserving natural resources, while also maintaining or increasing the productivity of their operations. Eligible lands include cropland, pastureland, rangeland, nonindustrial private forest land and agricultural land under the jurisdiction of an Indian tribe. Acting NRCS chief Jason Weller recently announced the USDA agency will provide about

CSP sign-up deadline June 13

$175 million in funding nationally, for up to 12.6 million additional acres. In 2012, NRCS awarded 552 CSP contracts in Iowa worth nearly $34 million over ve years, covering about 288,000 acres. A CSP self-screening checklist is available to help producers determine if the program is suitable for their operation. The checklist highlights basic information about CSP eligibility requirements, stewardship threshold requirements and payment types. For the checklist or additional CSP application materials, visit your local USDA Service Center or go online to www.ia.nrcs.usda. gov.

ISU answers tree questions

apple cultivar and moist conditions exist. Small, yellow spots begin to appear on the upper leaf surface shortly after the infection. Spots gradually enlarge and become a bright yellow-orange color. These brightly colored spots make the disease easy to identify on apple leaves. Heavily infected leaves may drop prematurely. In late summer, small tube-like structures develop on the underside of the apple leaves. Spores are released from these structures and are blown by wind back to susceptible cedars or junipers, completing the disease cycle. In most cases, cedar-apple rustdoes not cause serious harm to cedars (junipers), apples and crabapples. Apple cultivars, such as Haralson, Red Delicious, Redfree, Liberty and Jonamac, are resistant to cedar-apple rust as are many crabapple cultivars. There are gray-green patches on the trunk of my tree. What are they? Are they harming the tree? The gray-green patches are probably lichens. Lichens are unusual organisms. They consist of two unrelated organisms, an alga and a fungus. These two components exist together and behave as a single organism. The alga provides food via photosynthesis. The fungus obtains water and minerals for itself and the alga. Lichens are common on trees because the bark provides a suitable place to gather sunlight and grow. They grow especially well on dead branches because they receive more sunlight. In addition to growing on the trunks and branches of trees, lichens can be found on exposed soil surfaces, rocks, wooden fence posts, shingles, gravestones, stone walls and other sunny surfaces. Lichens may be at, leafy or branched and hairlike.

Why is the ash tree in the front yard dropping leaves? What are those brownish, orange things in the cedar tree out back? Horticulturists with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach answer questions about trees. Why are my ash trees dropping leaves? The leaf drop is probably due to anthracnose. Anthracnose is a common fungal disease of trees in Iowa. Anthracnose may occur on ash, sycamore, maple, oak, walnut and other deciduous trees. Cool, rainy weather in spring favors anthracnose development. Symptoms of anthracnose vary with the tree species. On ash, brown or black blotches typically appear on the leaets. Affected leaets often become distorted (they tend to curl toward the blighted areas) and fall from trees. Fortunately, anthracnose does not cause serious harm to healthy, well established trees. The affected trees continue to leaf out. Leaves that develop later in spring usually are not affected, as weather conditions are less favorable for anthracnose development. There is no need to apply a fungicide to affected trees. There are some strange looking brownish orange structures in my cedar trees. What are they? Cedar-apple rust is likely responsible for the brownish orange structures. Cedar-apple rust is a fungal disease. It requires both an apple and cedar or juniper to complete its life cycle. On the cedar, the fungus produces reddish brown galls that are up to golf-ball size on young twigs. During wet weather, these galls swell and begin to push out bright orange gelatinous tubular structures. Wind carries fungal spores from these gelatinous structures to susceptible apple or crabapple cultivars. Infection occurs when these spores land on a susceptible