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Only Gastronomy, Only the Best.

Experience, Professionalism and Vision

Founded in 2007 by Annette Abstoss, Abstoss World Gastronomy (AWG) is the sum of a brilliant career in the gastronomical world AWG helps position top quality products in the market. We work with small and big companies that require profesional consulting, and a vision from inside the industry. Perfectionism and Quality are what we believe in. In AWG were passionate about what we do. For this reason, the words it is not possible do not exist in our vocabulary. If there is a way , we will find it.

The keys of success

There are 4 main points that have brought AWG to represent some of the best brands within the gastronomical world today: 24 years of experience within the gourmet world. 12 years of experience supplying the most exclusive restaurants and hotels in Spain. Contact with the best chefs in the country as well as international ones. A constant search for new products all over the world and market tendencies. A representation of the best products only.

Our center, gastronomy

AWG provides a wide range of services, however they are always centered around the best in the gastronomic world:

Distribution Network Brand management

Events and Fairs


Gastronomic Trips Training

What are we cooking?

Brand Management Brand Ambassador
Innovations with Top Chefs

Web and Social Media

Events, Fairs and Raffles

Demonstrations and tastings

Some of our best dishes

Network Distribucin Food-hun4ng

Miracle Berries

*7 countries in Asia


Were still cooking

Events and Fairs Training

Madrid Fusin

Cultivar Alimentaria World Gastronomy Demos

Hotel Condes Solidario

OFF Menu

Master Ingredients Watatsumi

The icing on the cake:

Gastronomic Adventures


Chef exchange Poland - Madrid



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