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Manual for SSAS programming by easyTrack configuration tool program.

First make a connection from the PC to the SSAS by a RS232 cable to the connection box. Click at connection and connect; now the program will make a connection from the PC to the SSAS.

But before you can change the configuration you should login as System Administrator (SYSADM) by the default password SYSADM for a new unit.

If the default password has been changed, please use the new password and click Establish.

When you are connected you will get the information from the unit as below.

Click at easyTrack ConfigurationTool to get the Ship Security Alert option.

Click at the first line (number 1) and Enable.

Select E-mail if you want to program an E-mail address into the first line, and type the E-mail address as below. Routing of Alert Messages and Test Messages. By usage it is possible to configure to which addresses the alert messages and test messages should be routed to. However, please notice the alert message always should be configured so it is received by the addresses 1 and 2. The test message can optional be routed to the addresses 1 and 2 additionally. The address no. 3 is fully user programmable for alert messages, test messages or both.

Multiple addressing of the E-mail/Fax function. You can add more then one address at the same line for the E-mail and Fax service. Max 79 characters per line with semicolon (;) between the addresses. You can NOT do it for SMS service

Programming of SMS function. If you want to program the second entire for SMS by EIK/TELENOR, please do as below. Please remember to select EIK for all 4 oceans. If you want to use XANTIC as LES, you should type 696 instead of 66, and select LES 012, 112, 212 & 312.

Programming of Fax function. Select Type (PSTN). Type the Fax number. Select Extension T30

Programming of the free alert text. Up to 199 characters in the free alert text from software version 2.12.

Export the configuration to the unit. Click Configuration and Export and select Ship Security Alert.

If you have more than one unit with the same configuration, you can save it and load it into the next one. But most of the time you should click NO, and the program will delete all information.

If you want to import the configuration from the unit, you should click Configuration and Import. And select Ship Security Alert.

If you want to change the SYSADM password. Click Connection and Change Transceiver Password.