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Published by Michael Allen
storm update
storm update

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Published by: Michael Allen on Jun 05, 2013
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Weather Briefing- 9am EDT June 5th, 2013

• T.D. or low expected to move into the eastern Big Bend early Friday. • We could see tropical storm formation, but overall system will likely remain sheared and fairly disorganized. •Specific impacts (depend on evolution): • Heavy rain (~1-2” most areas, 3-4+” eastern Bend into far south central GA where local amounts could be much higher.) • Limited direct impact over se AL/sw GA/much of Panhandle unless system moves west of current forecast. • 2-3’ increase in coastal tide Apalachee Bay, 9-11’ seas offshore. • Timing: Thursday into Friday morning


- Disorganized area of clouds and moisture at this time. - 50% chance of development next 48 hrs.

-Various model solutions for eventual track of the system. -Most models keep system below TS strength.

Weather Briefing- 9am EDT June 5th, 2013


- General rainfall expected through Saturday morning. - Local amounts could be much higher in the eastern Bend.

-2-3’ increase above normal tides psbl in the Bay, 1’ or less elsewhere Friday morning. - Offshore seas increasing to 9-11’.

Discussion: Area of low pressure remains poorly defined early this morning. However an area of thunderstorms increased overnight near the ‘center’. Overall forecast remains unchanged, although there is now a 50% chance of development into a TD in the next 48 hrs. Heavy rainfall, especially near any intense thunderstorm flareups, could produce flooding. Greatest likelihood of this would be eastern Bend into far s-central GA Thursday into Friday morning. Could see 2-3’ increase above normal tides in Apalachee Bay.

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