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REDC 2013 Guidebook

REDC 2013 Guidebook

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Published by David Lombardo
The 2013 REDC Guidebook provides the competitive guidelines
The 2013 REDC Guidebook provides the competitive guidelines

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Published by: David Lombardo on Jun 05, 2013
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Regional Councils will advance projects and other actions identifed for
implementation in 2013 and identify new strategies, as appropriate, to
pursue for 2014. For example, a region may need to adjust its priorities
due to damage caused by Hurricane Sandy or to complement new private
sector investment.

REDCs should review their implementation agendas to ensure all necessary
actions will be taken to implement the strategies. If a proposed project
received CFA funding, a region may need to expand its implementation
agenda to refect steps necessary to move that project forward.

Where implementation agendas have been focused primarily on CFA or
other state-funded projects, REDCs should consider what other actions
can be taken by local or regional entities to advance priority strategies.
For example, an implementation agenda could identify actions needed
to overcome regulatory barriers, or identify steps needed to further build
business alliances.

In addition to the strategies established in their regional strategic economic
development plans, each Regional Council is asked to focus on the following
priorities, many of which are being addressed by each Regional Council:

• Keep the project pipeline fowing;

• Select “Innovation Hot Spots” to facilitate tech transfer;

• Develop an Opportunity Agenda to revitalize distressed communities and
address barriers to entry into the workforce for people living in areas of
concentrated poverty;

• Assure the workforce is being trained for today and tomorrow;

• Engage local government ofcials in reshaping the regional business


• Create interregional collaborations around shared resources and

• Advance regional Cleaner, Greener Communities sustainability plans; and

• Measure performance.


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