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AACS3763 Managing Information Systems - Coursework

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NO. 2 3 Acknowledgement Content   Question 1 Question 2 (a) o o o o o  Dell Online Shop Interface and Assistance Dell Product Customization Dell Shopping Cart & Payment Process Order Status Check Dell Member Registration and Support 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-15 16-18 2-3 TITLE PAGE 1

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we would like to thank Dr. 1 . We do appreciate his support and help in completion of this assignment. we are able to complete the assignment that satisfies the college requirement. this assignment would have been a distant reality. Besides that. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of them. we are highly indebted to our MIS (Managing Information System) lecturer. Wong Soon Haw for informing us the information and guidance given by tutor.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . Dr. we would also like to say thank you to our class representative. we would like to express our gratitude towards the Principal of Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC). Hoo Siew Ming for his guidance and support to us in completing this assignment. we would also extend our heartfelt thanks to our family members for giving us support all the time. Say Sok Kwan for extending their support in completion of this assignment. Tan Chik Heok and the Head of School. Firstly. Ms. However. it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of lecturers. we would not be able to complete this report in the given period of time. Without her guidance. we would not be able to complete this assignment in such a short time. Without their permission. Secondly. our thanks and appreciations also goes to those people who have willingly helped us out with their abilities. Ms. Mr. Next. Last but not least. we would like to thank our MIS tutor. Teh Peng Hong for his provision and guidance to us in completing this assignment. Thank you. tutors and other fellow students. Without his support. Thirdly. Without his support.Coursework ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We have taken efforts in completing this assignment. Credit to his help. Tan Choi Weei for her assistance and constant supervision as well as for providing necessary information regarding this assignment and also for her support in completing this assignment. Besides. we would not be able to know the importance of teamwork in completing an assignment.

Many people. Thus. The operating activities of Dell Company include developing and servicing computer and related products. When order is confirmed. Dell Company is well known in its Online Ordering System. Call Support or E-mail. 2 PREPARED BY WHOLE GROUP MEMBERS . 2012) Nowadays. customers will be able to contact and ask for assistance from Dell sales team directly via Live Chat. customize their products. For example. and make payment online without the need of going to conventional store. E-Commerce is becoming more popular. the product details and promotion deals will be displayed in a more userfriendly way and the ordering process is simplified for customers’ convenience. Over the years.  Provide better service and more responsive By using the system. the system provides an efficient and time-saving way to meet increasing technological product demand. Through acquisitions and mergers. Dell has become the third largest PC manufacturer in the world following HP and Lenovo. Dell sales team will be able to deal directly with their customers without any intermediary. It is founded by Michael Dell in 1984.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . Dell customers can purchase their preferred products. (Czech University of Life Science Prague. especially the Internet users prefer to purchase goods and services online. customers will be more confident of buying Dell-related products. the production department can start their production quickly and deliver products to customers in the shortest time. Any enquiry by customers can be communicated to Dell sales team immediately. Thus. 2012) The objectives of implementing Online Ordering System by Dell are stated as below:  Provide user-friendly interface and variety of choices In the Order homepage.Coursework CONTENT QUESTION 1 Dell Company is one of the most famous technological corporations in the world. it will be easier for the customers to order products and make payment. The system is used to create a direct connection between Dell Company and its customers through Internet without intermediaries. By using the online ordering system.  Stay close to customers (Customer Relationship Management) By using the system. (Wiki. Thus. Dell sales team will be able to keep in touch with their existing online customers via E-mail for their after-sales service. Dell recorded Annual Sales of $ 62 Billion per year credit to the effective online ordering system. Thus. Dell sales team will be more responsive and solve their customers’ enquiries faster compared to other competitors.  Increase productivity and shorten delivery time It will be easier for Dell sales team to interact with customers who are actually thinking to buy their products and the transaction process can be done faster through the computerized system.

 Increase sales and profits Online users are increasing over the years and most of them prefer online shopping more than conventional shopping. make payment and ask for order or technical support. IT (Information Technology) Department and specialists Dell IT department staffs and specialists such as programmers and system analysts are in charge of plan. After an order is received. Thus. By using the system. including individual consumers.  Minimize cost of sales and unnecessary intermediary cost As the customers buy Dell product online directly from the Dell sales team. Dell company sales and profits increase dramatically over the years. Besides. They will also in charge of confirming the order details and communicate with the suppliers or production departments. Once the system is implemented.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . (Czech University of Life Science Prague. an established online ordering system with a simplified ordering process will be able to attract more potential customers and thus it will boost the sales.Coursework  Assist in implementing Just-In-Time (JIT) system By using the system. Dell Company will be able to keep their inventory at minimum level. they will interact with the customers for any enquiry or new promotion and assist them in making orders and payments.    3 PREPARED BY WHOLE GROUP MEMBERS . send enquiries. business companies. As a result. Thus. customers’ order will be sent immediately to the respective component suppliers and manufacturers to build up the product. The users of Online Ordering System are stated as below:  Customers There are many categories of Dell customers. the suppliers will supply the components required to Dell production factory or its contract manufacturers for production. it will save any intermediary cost for the customers and Dell Company such as delivery cost and commission of resellers. government agencies and healthcare organizations. demand for middleman will decrease and it helps in reducing Dell operating costs. they provide maintenance and upgrade service to the system in order to keep the system updated and free from error. Thus. 2012) They are the persons who make order. Thus. Suppliers (Production Teams) The suppliers of Dell products include hardware and software suppliers including contract manufacturers. 2012) Marketing & Sales / Customer Service Department staffs (Sales Team) They are the main users of the system. (Ehow. design. implement the online-ordering system. suppliers play a critical role in the online ordering system. payment in advance through online transaction helps Dell Company to ease their financial difficulties as they received the money from customers before they pay money to suppliers.

Thus. In Dell Company Homepage. Dell’s customers come from every part of the world. Home & Home Office Deals and Support & Drivers. For example. small and medium business (SME). Thus. As one of the top online retailers in the world. many consumers prefer to purchase their computers online as it is more convenient. Alienware. this automated processing tool helps to provide more userfriendly interface to visitors. under “For Home Users” section.Coursework QUESTION 2 (a) FUNCTIONS OF DELL ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM Dell Online Shop Interface and Assistance Nowadays. By using locator software. Dell Company provides a well-managed Online Ordering System and user-friendly homepage to boost their online sales. there are four sections of product display for different categories of customers: home users. public sector and large enterprise. a homepage which supports and provides user-friendly atmosphere to each customer from different countries must be created. For each section. When visitors select one of the countries provided in the list (Input). (Refer to Illustration 1) Illustration 1: Product Categorization As an international online retailer. Dell offers country differentiated homepage and language support for all visitors. Dell internal system will process the visitor’s requirement and display the homepage based on the country selected. Dell online processing system will also be able to track the location of the visitors and display the homepage based on their location. Thus.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . (Refer to Illustration 2) Illustration 2: Country Support 4 PREPARED BY HENG KAI RU . there are many subsections to support and guide the customers. there are subsections such as Monitors. Thus. this feature will guide the visitors (customers) to the sections in which they are interested. save cost and time.

Thus. visitors just have to select the specifications provided according to their requirement and they will reach their desired product more conveniently. they may request for detailed information and comparison. For example. (Refer to Illustration 3) Illustration 3: Refine Your Search After the search result is displayed.500 and for multimedia purpose.Coursework There are hundreds of Dell products in Dell online shop. visitor just have to press “Compare” button and Dell processing system will process the products information and display the result showing the comparison of each component between the products selected. he may key in his requirements into Dell online processing system by selecting the options provided under the “Refine Your Search” section. which might cause inconvenience for the visitors to search for their desired products. customers may compare two or more products at the same time by either pressing “Compare All” or “Add to compare” button. from the list of product. “Refine Your Search” feature is provided to solve the problem. Thus. some visitors may face difficulties of choosing the product which fulfills their requirement at most. Once two or more products are added for comparison. It will also cost a lot of time for the visitors and might cause their dissatisfaction. if a visitor wants to buy a Dell desktop computer which the price is below RM 2. Dell processing system will process the data and display the result showing all Dell desktop computers which fulfil l the visitor’s requirement.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . Comparison feature is also provided in pre-sales stage. Once the options are selected. With this function. (Refer to Illustration 4) Illustration 4: Product Comparison 5 PREPARED BY HENG KAI RU . if there’s no proper search function in place.

Coursework Visitors may have some enquiries regarding the sales. As shown in Illustration 5 below. support. upgrading and updating the online shop interface and assistance function. (Refer to Illustration 6) Illustration 6: “Add to Cart” and “Customize & Buy” Option There are three categories of users of Dell online shop interface: Customers.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . “Add to Cart” button is selected if the customers prefer to buy the product without any modification required. a Dell sales representative will assist them via the chat box. Dell online system will process the request and record the product in the shopping cart. “Customize & Buy” is selected if the customers prefer to customize their selected product before add it to shopping cart. 6 PREPARED BY HENG KAI RU . payment or delivery. Within a minute. Dell Sales Team will also be using this online shop interface to interact with their customers. They may also add or update new and latest Dell products into the online shop for marketing purpose. the product selected by visitors will be shown in the shopping cart interface. It is recommended for users who prefer to use DIY (Do-ItYourself) product. Illustration 5: Live Chat support When customers have selected their desired product. They may also provide maintenance services to the system in order to maintain the system at the optimum level. Dell Sales Team and IT specialists. Dell customers and visitors will be able to search. By providing online shop interface. they can request for assistance from Dell sales team directly through live chat. Thus. On the other hand. they have two options to buy it online and add the product to their online shopping cart in Dell. view and compare Dell products in which they are interested by using assistance function provided such as “Define My Search” and “Add to Compare”. customers just have to click on the “Chat Now” button. and the system will forward their information to Dell sales team. IT specialists will be in charge of developing. Thus. key in their name and E-mail address.

For example. especially DIY (Do-It-Yourself) computer users. while other home users especially the gamers require their computer to have better graphic cards and higher processing speed. customers may also refer to the explanation and assistance provided by Dell Company. Besides. everyone’s tastes are unalike. Thus. and peripheral accessories. Illustration 8: “Icon View” & “List View” 7 PREPARED BY GOH SZE PAN .Coursework Dell Product Customization Nowadays. higher processing speed. there are varieties of options (Refer to Illustration 7) available to satisfy their needs such as:     Graphic Card RAM Hard Drive Operating System : Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon Graphic Card : 8 GB or 16 GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM : 1TB 5400RPM Hard Drive or 256GB Solid State Drive : Windows 7 or Windows 8 Illustration 7: Three Steps in Computer Personalization Stage There are three stages on the Computer Personalization function: “Personalise My Dell”. This feature is ideal for the buyers who prefer to build their own computers. “Help me choose” or “Product Detail” button provides all explanations and suggestions about the option s in order to assist them in choosing the right option. some users need a specialized computer which is not available for current ready computer in order to increase their productivity. customers will be able to choose the components that build up their computer according to their needs such as hardware. Thus. In Computer Personalization (Build my Dell) function. software. customers may need to select “Customize & Buy” button from the list of item displayed in the homepage. (Refer to Illustration 3) In the first stage (Personalise My Dell). perfect gaming accessories and larger storage. While choosing the components. customers may need to choose the components according to their needs. However. some typical home users require their computers to have larger hard disk storages and better display. To customize a Dell product. cheaper price. “Popular Add Ons” and “Review & Add to Cart”. “Choose what you want and build it” is the core value of the function. it is unlikely for Dell Company to build a computer that satisfies all customers. Computer Personalization is the best solution for Dell Company to satisfy everyone’s needs.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . It is one of the most attractive functions for Dell Online Ordering System. Different customers have different demands such as higher resolution.

AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . updated price of the product and changes of the component options (add or subtract). it provides better opportunity for Dell Company to promote popular or discounted accessories and services for marketing purpose. component options are displayed in a list. the product information or price will be updated once a component of the product is modified or added. customers will be able to view the product or brand image of each component used and clarify that they are choosing the component they want. when a visitor customizes his Alienware Aurora R4 operating system by choosing Windows 8 Pro. the customers will proceed to the second stage (Popular Add-Ons). Besides. For example. Illustration 9: Personalize My Dell After choosing the components. Illustration 10: Popular Add-Ons 8 PREPARED BY GOH SZE PAN . (Refer to Illustration 10) Under “Popular Add-Ons” stage. If “List View” display mode is selected. However. Besides. the desktop computer price will also change and the summary will be updated with the changes. customers may also choose the components or services which may add value to their computers. Dell processing system will process the changes or modification made and display the updated result such as the summary (placed at right hand side of the page). it is similar to the previous stage which is to modify or customize the product. Dell internal system will process customers’ request and display the view in Icons.Coursework Customers may also choose “Icon View” or “List View” display mode while choosing the components for their convenience. Thus. making it clearer for them to choose. (Refer to Illustration 8)If “Icon View” display mode is selected.

customers will proceed to the third stage (Review & Add to Cart). the final step is completed by pressing “Add to Cart” button. a summary specifying all the details about the product chosen will be displayed for verification and checking. They use the function in order to build the customized products as required by their clients. The relationship between the users is shown in the diagram below: CUSTOMER S Customise Product PRODUCT PERSONALIZATION Update Items and SALES TEAM descriptions Upgrade and Enhance Functions IT SPECIALISTS Provide Guidance and Assistance 9 PREPARED BY GOH SZE PAN . and assist the other users in using the customization function.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . They are in charge of maintaining the whole process in the optimum level. Customers may also print out the summary for referencing by pressing the “Print Summary” button. After all the details have been checked and verified. Thus. The first category of users is customers. If something is wrong with one of the components. sales team and IT specialists. they might also need to update the items and description along the customization process. the product ordered will be added into online cart for further payment and delivery process. Sometimes. they might also need to upgrade or add new features into the customization stage. The third category of users is the IT specialists. Illustration 11: Review & Add to Cart There are three main categories of users in Item Personalization process: customers. The second category of users is Dell sales team. Those customers use this feature in order to build the products based on their customized needs. (Refer to Illustration 10) In the final stage. customers may click on the “edit” button that appears beside the component details in order to make changes. Sometimes.Coursework After choosing the popular or discounted add-ons.

Once the customers finish checking the details and decide to make payment for product delivery. many people prefer to purchase goods and services online.k.a. Thus. it provides more convenience to online users and save time. the details about the products they selected will be displayed for checking and removal. Thus. Online Payment) is 10 PREPARED BY GAN KEAN HOE . Once the button is pressed. Dell Company provides a user-friendly shopping cart system for online users. With current relatively high broadband penetration rate and changing of consumer purchasing behaviour. online shopping cart and payment system has become one of the most popular online services.Coursework Dell Shopping Cart & Payment Process As number of online users keeps increasing over the years. online businesses have become more popular than before. Online shopping cart is a type of E-Commerce software in an online processing server where the visitors can select several items and make online payment when they are shopping online. visitors will be able to buy Dell products in a simple way. Electronic Payment (a. 2013) Thus. What they need to do is choose the product they want to buy and press “Add to Cart” button. For users who choose to customize their product before they buy. (Wiki. In order to boost online sales. it is more time-saving. cost-saving and convenient for the customers. there is also an “Add to Cart” button under the “Review & Add to Cart” section. Dell internal system will process their requests and record the product selected in their “virtual” shopping cart as shown in Illustration 12. In Dell online shopping cart system.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . Illustration 12: Online Shopping Cart Under “My Cart” section. they may press “checkout” button and proceed to online payment process.

Besides timesaving and cost-saving. expiration date. city. customers are required to fill in their personal information such as their first name. Illustration 13: Shipping Registration In the second stage (Payment stage). Payment. Once the information required is filled in.Coursework a financial transaction that takes place between buyers and sellers through online system. Dell online processing system will verify and 11 PREPARED BY GAN KEAN HOE . The first stage (Shipping) is also known as delivery registration stage. many companies and businesses including Dell offer online payment solutions in order to attract more customers. street address. Dell system will process the information and record it into their server for delivery and referencing purpose. his name. After that. (Refer to Illustration 13). card verification code (for security purpose) and country of issuing in order to complete the payment process. last name. card number. (Refer to Illustration 14) Thus. Verify & Submit Order and Order Submitted. it provides flexibility for customers to choose the payment method they prefer. cheque. customers may proceed to the payment stage. In this stage. it provides better security and convenience to customers as there are a lot of security protections provided.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . the total amount payable and cart summary will be displayed to ensure that there is no mistake during the payment process. state. Illustration 13: Four Stages in Dell Online Payment Process There are four stages in Dell online payment process: Shipping. Thus. he may click “Visa” link button under “Direct Payment by Credit Card” section. If a customer wants to pay by using CIMB VISA credit card. Various payment methods are provided for customers such as payment by Credit Card. bank draft. The system will link the customer to a new page and he i s required to fill in his credit card information such as card type. name of issuing bank. postal code. and contact details for delivery purpose. (Refer to Illustration 14) Once the information is filled in. or telegraphic transfer.

These departments need these orders for further invoice processing. Illustration 15: Verify & Submit Order In the final stage. After that. Illustration 14: Payment Stage (Payment by Credit Card) In the third stage (Verify & Submit Order).AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . sales team. Once the order details has been verified and confirmed. Customers may also print the order by pressing “Print Order” button provided. customers may proceed to the third stage (Verify & Submit Order). 12 PREPARED BY GAN KEAN HOE . customers may submit the order to Dell sales team through the system. product details. Thus. production and delivery purposes. Dell processing system will display the order stating all details about shipping address. customers will be notified by the system that their order has been submitted. the system will process the order and submit the order to respective departments in charge such as finance department. payment method and billing address for verification and checking purpose. They may also receive notification regarding their order submission via e-mail or SMS update. production department (or suppliers) and couriers.Coursework record all the information into the server for payment and delivery purpose. Thus. whole payment and order submission process is completed.

As one of the largest online retailers in the world. Customer Number. he can log on to Dell official website and choose the “My Order Status” button. 13 PREPARED BY GAN LE YING . customers will be more confident and feel secured of purchasing goods online. Customers will also be notified through SMS or E-mail updates from Dell processing system. Thus. the invoice and order will also be submitted to production and delivery department for manufacturing and delivery purposes. Whole order status checking process is reflected in Illustration 17. he just h ave to key in the order information such as Order Number. By providing online order support system. Whole order processing process is reflected in Illustration 16. For customers’ convenience. if a customer wants to check his order status. customers may check their order status and keep updated with the information about their product delivery. Thus. For example. Dell provides a systematic and updated order support system to assist customers in checking their order support. then the invoice will be sent to customers’ E-mail for referencing purpose. When he is directed to order status login page. the department will process the order and create invoice.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . Dell automated system will verify and process the order information and display the page showing all order details. they may also check their order status through Dell official website. Once the product is ready for delivery. PO Number or Quotation Number for verification purpose. Once the payment is made and order is submitted to sales department. Invoice Sent to Customers for Referencing Order Submitted to Sales Department Sales Team Process the Order and Create Invoice Invoice/Order Sent to Production and Delivery Department Illustration 16: Order Processing Process Once the invoice and order are submitted to production and delivery department through Dell internal processing system.Coursework Order Status Check For security and time concerns. IR Number. production department staffs will manufacture the product according to customers’ requirement stated in the order. Besides. online customers may request for order support by the online retailers to check whether their products are in delivery stage to them. Dell authorized couriers will deliver the product to the customers’ specified address from the warehouse.

When one stage is completed. 14 PREPARED BY GAN LE YING . (Refer to Illustration 18) Besides. Ship from Factory.Coursework Illustration 17: Order Details (My Order Status) There are seven stages in the delivery process: Order Received. For example. billing or other order-related information. Thus. customers may need to sign in to their Dell accounts in order to view some confidential information such as shipping information and billing information. he may need to provide more verification codes such as customer number. In Transit. customer privacy and information is kept secure against unauthorized access. order number and post code. they may need to provide more information for verification purpose. However. Customers may also check details about the product included in delivery. Thus. With Local Carrier and Delivered. Manufacturing Build Complete. Dell internal staffs will notify the system. there is a section provided in the right hand side of the page to fulfill their requirement. status history and order date for verification purpose. If they request for further information such as shipping.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . for some confidential information. if a customer wants to request an invoice. Work-in-Progress. the system will process their request and display an updated order details page with √ button on the completed stage.

Besides. They may also provide assistance when it is necessary. they are required to provide some verification numbers in order to do so. However. Dell Sales Team. Production Department and Delivery Department (or External Courier). The relationship between the users is reflected in Illustration 19 below: DELL SALES TEAM PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT CUSTOMER DELIVERY S CUSTOMER S DEPARTMENT Illustration 19: Users of Online Order Status Checking Function IT SPECIALISTS PREPARED BY GAN LE YING 15 . production department will manufacture the product according to the order details and notify Dell sales team or delivery department once the product is ready for delivery. Any delivery update will be reflected in the order details page such as delivery date and carrier provider.Coursework Illustration 18: Request an Invoice There are four main users of Dell online order status checking function: Customer. Besides. Dell processing system will notify the details to delivery department or external courier to perform the delivery service. Once the product is ready for delivery. Customers may login to the page to check their order status and request for some documents related to the order. Dell sales team will monitor the delivery process and update the order status.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . members. the competitions between online businesses are more intensive than before. Visitors can also subscribe to Dell offer newsletter by pressing √ button at bottom of the page. (Refer to Illustration 20) Illustration 20: Member Registration There are various sections of services provided for Dell. (Refer to Illustration 21) 16 PREPARED BY GAN SIOW FERN . To be part of Dell Account Registration page such as name. Without a continuing connection with customers. they will be able to use these member members at Account homepage such as Shopping Resources. In order to provide better services and more responsive to customers request. once the visitors have successfully registered as Dell. the company may lose lots of future sales and market shares. Once their information required has been submitted. Dell Company provides member registration and support service to its website visitors and also existing Dell customers. My Account Settings. My Orders. My Support and My Software. Thus. My Products and Services. Dell Subscription Center. Dell system will process and record the information in the system. Thus. Then. contact details and password for account sign member).AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . the registration process is completed and the visitors will become part of Dell online members (Dell.Coursework Dell Member Registration and Support Online users are increasing over the years. a systematic and effective customer relationship management system should be implemented in order to keep an active interaction with current customers and also future customers. visitors are required to fill in their personal information in Dell. Thus.

manage or remove Dell subscriptions from their accounts.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . billing and shipping address. he will become the subscribers of Dell emarketing newsletter. he just has to select “Sign Up/Subscribe” link and choose the communication method he prefers. e-coupons available for them and to manage their payment Account Homepage Under Shopping Resources section. Once the information is submitted. members will be able to view the products added into their shopping cart. members are able to subscribe. Thus. if the member wants to add his credit card details for payment purpose. Under Dell Subscription Center section. Dell online system will record his credit card information into the system.Coursework Illustration 21: Dell. For example. (Refer to Illustration 22) If a member wants to subscribe to Dell emarketing newsletter. password. Illustration 22: Dell Subscription Center (Subscribe Option) Under My Account Settings section. Once his request is submitted to the system. members will be able to change their e-mail address. members account information can be updated and stored in Dell 17 PREPARED BY GAN SIOW FERN . he may select “My Payment Information” button and key in his credit card information.

For example. (Refer to Illustration 23) He may also provide password hint in case he might forget his password. if a member requests to change his Dell account password. Dell members (customers) may add or remove their Dell product from their Dell. he just have to select “Email and Password” link and key in both old and new passwords. Illustration 23: My Account Settings (E-mail and Password Option) Under My Orders section. Illustration 24: My Products and Services (View My Products and Services) Under My Support section. For instance. Under My Software section. he may select “View My Products and Services” link and the list of his product information and warranty status will be displayed on the screen. the member will be notified through the Warranty Dashboard. Dell members (customers) are able to check their product warranty status. This feature is helpful especially for those customers who have just formatted their Dell computers and have to reinstall the software. Dell members are updated with their product details and be notified when their product warranty are expiring soon. Thus. if a member wants to check his product details or warranty status. Dell customers will be satisfied with after-sales services provided by Dell. it provides more convenience to Dell members than Dell nonmembers. When there is a product warranty expiring within 30 days. This feature is provided especially for new customers who haven’t registered their Dell computers in their accounts. (Refer to Illustration 24) Thus. manage their products and services.Coursework system. Thus. Once his request is submitted to the system. Thus. his old password will be replaced and new password will be updated and recorded in the system. 18 PREPARED BY GAN SIOW FERN . Dell members (customers) are able to check their order status without having to key in any verification code.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems .com account for verification or personal concerns. Under My Products and Services section. it provides flexibility and more user-friendly interface to Dell customers. Dell customers may download Dell pre-installed software from Dell factory.

AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . visitors are not able to search for different categories of Dell Product at the same time by using the function. Thai and many other popular languages. Malay. Thus. Under current Dell Product Search (Refine My Search) function. Thus. Therefore. more language supports should be provided in Dell homepage for visitors’ convenience such as Hindi. Thus. Firstly. Dell homepage is displayed based on the country selected by customers or automatically by system. Thus.000.Coursework (b) IMPROVEMENT FOR DELL ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM Language Support and Product Search (Improvement) There are still some areas of improvement required in current Dell online shop interface: Language Support and Product Search. For example. it will help Dell Company to capture more customer groups from different countries around the world and boost its online sales. Besides. Dell internal system will process their request and generate a result showing different categories of product which suits their requirement. In short. he has also the option to choose the language to be used on the homepage or just leave it blank. he has to choose “China” as the country selected in order to do so. he is not able to do so as there is no product categories option for him to choose under Dell “Refine My Search” function. there should be a language support option provided in Dell homepage. further improvement should be made on language Support function. Therefore. there should be a product categorization option under “Refine My Search” function. Dell Company should provide its homepage and online shop which supports customers from different countries and regions. Currently. if a Malaysian visitor wants to view Dell homepage in Chinese words. Customers will be more satisfied with services provided by Dell Company and thus its popularity will increase. improvement should also be made on Product Search function. (Refer to Illustration 25)Thus. some national languages of a country such as Malay (Malaysia) and Hindi (India) are not available for homepage language support. Once the option is available. 19 PREPARED BY HENG KAI RU . There are also some limitations of languages used in homepage and product details displayed. visitors may not be able to choose which language to be used on the homepage. once a visitor select the country he is situated in. For example. it provides more userfriendly options for customers and better comparison options between Dell products. As an international computer manufacturer and online retailer. Illustration 25: Multiple Language Support Option Secondly. The “Language Support” function can be placed beside “Country Support” function. if a visitor wants to search for laptops and desktops which the price is below RM 2. They can only switch to another language display when they choose other country from the list. For example. customers will be able to key in their requirement and different categories of product requested into the system. these improvements are suggested to be implemented as it provides better services and more user-friendly interface for customers.

improvement on these areas should also be considered to attract more home office customers. the product customization feature is limited for certain Dell products only. similar product customization functions should be provided for each Dell product. Therefore. preview image or 3-D illustration of the product selected or customized should be provided to Dell customers besides the product details and summary. sound card. Dell provides product customization feature to its customers. Thus. CPU model. For instance.Coursework Product Customization Area Improvement As one of the top online retailers in Malaysia.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . There is also inconsistency of product customization feature for each Dell products. Thirdly. However. Some professional software for those home office users are also not available to be bought and pre-installed under current customization feature. Therefore. Therefore. he will be able to have a preview image of each product selected and combination of these products together. network card. Secondly. once a customer has chosen the monitor. these improvements on product personalization feature are strongly suggested as it helps to provide better services and attract more customers. (Refer to Illustration 26) Illustration 26: Differences between XPS 8500 and Alienware Aurora R4 Customization Feature Therefore. there is no preview image of Dell product selected by customers. customers will be able to have a clear view and understanding of how it looks like if they select a different of Dell products and accessories. For example. For example. customers are not allowed to customize or modify graphic card of Dell XPS 8500 Desktop but they are allowed to change graphic card of Alienware Aurora R4 Desktop. it provides more user-friendly feature and equal services to every Dell customer. and hard drive can be customized. 20 PREPARED BY GOH SZE PAN . similar function should also be applied on other Dell products except those promotion products. mouse and keyboard. there are also limited options of pre-installed software for Dell products. In short. They are also unable to view the preview image of their customized product. under customization (customize and buy) option for current Dell products. there are still some leakages and improvements are required on its customization function. Firstly. Thus. if Alienware product internal components such as graphic card. customers are not able to view the side and back part of the product.

Customer Number and state reason of cancelling the order. under current Dell online ordering system.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . there should be an order cancellation policy explanation in “Shipping Registration” stage during the payment process. However. For instance. order cancellation option should be placed in the “My Order Status” section so that customers will be able to track their order status and check whether order cancellation option is still allowed. Thus. Therefore. the order cancellation process is completed. Firstly. 21 PREPARED BY GAN KEAN HOE . Besides. system will process their request and submit the report to respective departments for order cancellation. invoicing and initial production cost has been incurred for the order. once the payment is made and the order is submitted. this option can be a Dell’s marketing strategy in order to boost their online sales. Secondly. if order cancellation option is allowed. It provides a competitive advantage for Dell to attract more customers. customers are allowed to cancel their orders within few days but can only claim for recovery of certain percentages of full amount paid as for penalty. or SMS about the updates. they just have to select “Cancel My Order” button under “My Order Status” section and the system will automatically link them to Order Cancellation page where they are required to fill in some information such as Order Number. Once the information is filled in and submitted. phone calls. it causes lots of customers’ dissatisfaction. Thus. the customers are responsible and agree to comply with Dell’s order cancellation policy. Illustration 27: Dell’s Order Cancellation Option and Policy Agreement However. Thirdly. order cancellation option is suggested to be provided. it provides alternatives to meet customer demands without causing loss to Dell Company. in order to create a win-win situation between Dell Company and customers. There are many advantages of providing order cancellation option. Thus.Coursework Order Cancellation Buying a computer is not a small deal. Thus. As shown in Illustration 27 below. (Refer to Illustration 27) If customers request to cancel their order. Dell Company may suffer loss as they need to return the money received to their customers even though some processing. it helps to reduce customers’ dissatisfaction and helps Dell Company to maintain a good reputation. an order cancellation option with detailed refund policy and terms can be provided. Customers may have their order cancelled but is subject to certain terms and conditions. Verification Code. some Dell customers may want to cancel their orders due to financial or personal concerns. customers will be notified through E-mail. customers should also be required to notify that they have read and agreed to Dell’s order cancellation policy. Thus. However. Once the order is successfully cancelled. customers are not allowed to have their orders cancelled even just few hours after the order submission. Thus. They may be allowed to claim for up to 90% of amount paid if they cancel their order within 3 days. it should also be stated that no order cancellation is allowed once the order has moved into delivery stage.

Bricks and Clicks delivery model is suggested as it will be able to assist Dell Company to attract more customers and boost their sales. Under this type of delivery model. contact number and order number for reference. it might cause inconvenience to some online customers. Once the products ordered arrive at their selected store. (Vector Study. Besides. it provides more convenience to the online customers. During the delivery stage. once the order is submitted and payment is made. request for instructions from store assistant or even pay at the time when they collect their products. The delivery process is illustrated as below: Choose Delivery Option Select Store Make Payment Check Order Status SelfCollect Illustration 28: Bricks and Clicks Delivery There are many advantages of using Bricks and Clicks delivery.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . it may save part of the delivery cost as the product ordered by customers can be delivered to the store together at the same time. By adding Bricks and Clicks delivery (self-collect) option. Thus. For security and time concerns. some of them might prefer going to nearby Dell authorized stores to collect their products. E-mail address. Besides. there may also be some circumstances that the recipients might not be around when the product is delivered to their homes. Thus. After all the necessary information is provided. Thus. Thirdly. either by deliver directly to their homes or by deliver to nearby store for self-collect. By using this type of delivery. customers will have two options for their product delivery. In short. 22 PREPARED BY GAN LE YING . customers can only have their products delivered to the address stated in the order. they may select one of the physical stores provided for self-collect by referring to the list provided or using locator software provided to identify the nearest Dell physical store available. customers are given the opportunity to verify and check their products before they clarify the acceptance of product. Besides.Coursework Bricks and Clicks Delivery (Self-Collect Option) Under the current Dell online ordering system. Bricks and Clicks delivery is an option whereby a company conducts both online and offline presence. customers may also check their order status through Dell website. it provides flexibility to the customers who prefer to collect their products themselves. an email or SMS will be sent to notify them about its arrival. 2012) Customers may also check their products. the order will be submitted for delivery. they can bring their order copy and collect their products at the store. customers might be requested to provide some information such as collector’s name. the online store (Dell Company) may allow customers to order their products online and collect it at Dell authorized stores according to their requirements. For those customers who choose “Self-Collect” option.

it may help to increase Dell product popularity and improve interactions between customers and Dell Company. Dell members can also add comments and reviews on Dell product by using their social network accounts which has been registered as Dell member account.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . and contact numbers which may be similar to that information stored in their social network accounts. 23 PREPARED BY GAN SIOW FERN . Thus. Therefore. Dell company visitors or customers will be able to use their Facebook and Twitter account to sign up the company member account. social networks have become one of the popular platforms for users to interact and communicate such as Facebook and Twitter. Thus. Dell online synchronizing system will synchronize their social network account details and record it in the system. members will be able to buy Dell products faster. visitors will have the opportunity to check existing customers’ review on Dell product before they purchase it. easier and more conveniently. Thus. Instant Sign Up (Sign up with Open ID) is an option where members to sign up or login to a website account using their social network account such as Facebook and Twitter. there is no connection between Dell member’s account and those social networks. password. and assists in promoting Dell Company product at low cost. they may also share. publish and recommend Dell products information on their social networks by pressing “Share” link. Instead. more convenient. under current Dell member registration system. Therefore. The member registration can be completed within fewer steps and shorter time compared to current Dell member registration system. it will cause inconvenience and inflexibility to their customers. Furthermore. Illustration 29: Member Login/ Signup Page with Open ID option Besides. (Refer to Illustration 30) Illustration 30: Social Networks Share Button This feature (Sign Up with Open ID) is beneficial to both customers and Dell Company as it helps to save customer’s time. Thus. they may not need to key in lots of information which is also stored in their social network account information. However. as the number of online users keeps increasing. They just have to provide address and payment method preferred in order to purchase Dell product online. By providing this option.Coursework Option to Sign up with Open ID Over the years. Dell visitors have to enter their personal information such as name. The example of the member registration or login interface is shown in Illustration 29. it is suggested to be added into Dell online ordering and support system.

Q8. DATE NAME Q1.Coursework INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Dell Online Ordering System OBJECTIVE : To study the use of current Dell Online Ordering System. : : Over the years. how does Dell homepage be displayed to cater for different visitors from different countries and cultures? There are hundreds of Dell products in Dell online shop. 24 PREPARED BY WHOLE GROUP MEMBERS . Dell internal users’ opinions and improvement requested by them. is there any function of Dell current online ordering system that you think is troublesome and need improvement? Why? Q2. Q10. what are the services and support provided to Dell members? How will it help Dell members to shorten the online purchasing process? Based on your experience. Thus.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . How do the customers check their product delivery status? Who will be in charge of updating the delivery status? How do the visitors sign up for Dell member account? What kind of information they have to provide during their member registration process? Compared to non-Dell members. Q5. Q7. Dell Company is investing heavily on developing and improving online ordering system. How does Dell product customization process work? Will it affect the production and delivery time? How do the customers make payment for their products? What are the payment methods provided by Dell? Customers want to keep updated with their product delivery status. Q3. is there any form of assistance or function provided for customers to search for the products they want? Customers may want to customize their Dell products according to their needs. Thus. Q4. Q9. What are the objectives of Dell online ordering system? Dell is an international online retailer and its customers come from every part of the world.

To answer the following questions. Which of the following payment methods will you prefer when you purchase Dell products online? Payment by Credit Card / Debit Card Payment by Cheque or Bank Draft Telegraphic Transfer 25 PREPARED BY WHOLE GROUP MEMBERS . No Does Dell product customization feature (Personalize my Dell) user-friendly? Yes No Q4.Coursework SURVEY FORM DELL ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM OBJECTIVE : To study the use of current Dell Online Ordering System by Dell online customers. Are the component selections provided by Dell sufficient when you customize your Dell product? Yes No Q5. Why would you prefer purchasing Dell products online rather than through conventional store? Save Time and Cost Able to Customize Dell Product More Secured Convenient and easy to use Q2.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems . please tick (√) only one of the boxes where indicated. DATE NAME : : This survey form consists of TEN questions. Are you satisfied with Dell current homepage interface and language support? Yes Q3. Q1. their opinions and improvement requested by them.

________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for your Time! THE END 26 PREPARED BY WHOLE GROUP MEMBERS . Give your comment or suggest improvement (if any) on Dell current online ordering system. Have you thought of cancelling your order after the payment is made? Yes Q8. Do you face any difficulty when you sign in to your Dell account? Yes No Q10. No Does Dell current member registration process simple and short? Yes No Q9. Which of the following delivery options will you prefer? Direct Delivery Self-Collect Q7.Coursework Q6.AACS3763 Managing Information Systems .

AACS3763 Managing Information Systems .Coursework APPENDICES Stages in Dell Online Ordering System: Appendix 1: Dell Homepage Appendix 2: Dell Product Personalization 27 .

Coursework Appendix 3: Dell Online Shopping Cart Appendix 4: Dell Online Payment Process 28 .AACS3763 Managing Information Systems .

AACS3763 Managing Information Systems .Coursework Appendix 5: Dell Product Order Status Appendix 6: Dell Member Homepage and Support 29 .

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AACS3763 Managing Information Systems .Coursework ASSESSMENT CRITERIA FORM 31 .

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