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Eyes,Ears and Tongue

Eyes,Ears and Tongue

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Published by Jinnat Adam
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Published by: Jinnat Adam on Jun 05, 2013
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Nawaab Sajjad Ali Door No: 204/ 21, Main Road Cowl Bazaar, Bellary +91 8867722589 Nawaab92@rediffmail.


Ears, Eyes and Tongue
By Nawaab Sajjad Ali

This is the free thinking book written with personnel experience in my life and my friends towards finding the new path of success within our country and our city. rice and vegetable prices I struggle with what I get from my salary. without health. but we don’t know when our government will setup something for the youth. without food. where life is a not so easier as it seem. Everywhere. but what is the future our children are going to . as we seem from outside and rich here get richer and poor is getting in even worst conditions. I am a graduate still not settle in life. without money and without shelter. everyone is not cool. This book is going to change our life by changing the System that we are all living within. in a private firm doing computer programmer job. being a common man with monthly salary of twelve thousands Indian rupees with raise in petrol. it is a day to day struggle to full fill our dreams. My family. Our time will pass away soon.Nawaab Sajjad Ali / Ears. For me. Eyes and Tongue / 2 Need to Talk In India. goals and desires. and there are similar to me in thousands. friends and everyone around me and I consider in my whole nation has same kind of situation.

Read this book as dairy maintains by YOU and try to implement it as soon as you read it. Now we begin our struggle for Independence. Eyes and Tongue / 3 have? I and we don’t want them to suffer and we don’t want them to be in the hands of uneducated. freedom and safe life. Nawaab Sajjad Ali .Nawaab Sajjad Ali / Ears. Again we seek independence from British? No we seek from our own INDIAN. Come join the group for free INDIA. Your brother in arms. corrupt and selfish person who are in charge of our country.

and style of work.” In our place. uneducated. and many local parties are also there. it is not to means that everyone is corrupt. there are only two nationalized parties. Every party has its own agendas. There are very good and . Eyes and Tongue / 4 Elections and Common Man As usual election date is announce by election commission of India. In our place as well as yours. It is fully occupied. But there are also other parties who also play a very important role. While moving to my job. I smile and said “ Very true! It will for sure. All the parties are in full enthusiasm to get the best of results and make some change. my friend Sulaiman said “ Again. sometime they work as kingmakers or spoilers in the formation of working government. there are few people who are born politicians and there are others who by chance enter inside politics and some are force by the system to enter politics to hide their dark faces and to escape the wrath of GOD.Nawaab Sajjad Ali / Ears. unfit member of society etc. But it is very rare to find a professional. hence prices and taxes are getting increment”. The reason for this vacancy is no room left for them. educated and noble man/woman enters inside or make up a career as a Politician. bad records. One Congress and the other BJP. I and my friend started to talk about elections. Election are coming.

Only one thing to consider. who will plan for us? . It is a time to come forward and make a change. with such feeling we integrate ourselves to shape our nation. We want to have corrupt free. come out of your inner circles and join politics. Is it possible for all of us to come forward and make a change? If answer is no. my brothers and my friends to adopt their characters and follow them . If you click with the answer YES. We want to get change. caste fights free. please think again till you get your answer to yes. Eyes and Tongue / 5 professional types also available. Only yes is needed now to get our future and our upcoming generation future to be safe and well planned. as a young man/woman you only judge about them with one simple question. If you get answer other way. poverty free. this type of India. absolutely you are progressing towards a great nation building process. crime free. idol and ask my children. Only you can make the difference. To get this type of India. can I take them as my model.Nawaab Sajjad Ali / Ears. only you can make our nation as pure as the thoughts of our freedom fighter that fought with each and every drop of their blood to shape our bright future. hero. who is going to guide us?” “Yes! We want to change. as a student. “Yes! We are ready to get inside the great Indian politics. and food for all.

a nation that other nation depends for help. A nation that rule UNO. Developed nation. again who will lead us? . a nation that make peace between other countries.Nawaab Sajjad Ali / Ears.” A nation that fills all thirst and no one in this country sleep without food and water. Eyes and Tongue / 6 “Yes! We want to make super power. we live as one nation. healthy and tension free. one soul and one body. ready to help underdeveloped nation. a nation who create opportunity for everyone and make them feel secure. a nation that proudly say “ In this country. For this type of nation.

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