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Mk5a Premix Spray Gun for Grc

Mk5a Premix Spray Gun for Grc

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Published by Hans Hans Sadz

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Published by: Hans Hans Sadz on Jun 05, 2013
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MK5A Premix Spray Gun

uk www. The design of the MK 5A gun has fully addressed this aspect.co. From the gun inlet through to the specially developed premix nozzle a clear open passage is maintained. For more detailed information and product specification. The spray air is added only at the nozzle.co. please contact your local agent or our UK based sales team. Experience in pumping and spraying GRC materials has demonstrated the importance of minimising interruptions to the smooth flow of the material. the spray output rate can controlled up to 25kg (55lb) per minute. which ensures an even spray distribution without interruption to material flow. For further information contact: Power-Sprays Limited Avonmouth Way Avonmouth Bristol BS11 9YA : +44 (0)117 9820067 Fax: +44 (0)117 9820060 info@power-sprays.power-sprays.MK5A PREMIX SPRAY GUN The MK 5A Premix Spray Gun has been specifically developed for spraying Premix Glass fibre Reinforced Concrete. When used with the PS38A or PS38B Combination Spray Stations.uk MEMBERS OF THE INTERNATIONAL GLASSFIBRE REINFORCED CONCRETE ASSOCIATION . A bayonet coupling allows the nozzle to be quickly released in the case of blockages and for cleaning.

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