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Legal Aid

Legal Aid

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Legal Aid
Legal Aid

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Chapter Two Paralegals in the Legal System

After reading this chapter, the you will be able to:
– Define the meaning of “paralegal” – Describe paralegal education – List the key professional paralegal associations – Define registration, certification, and licensure – Explain what paralegals do – Identify where paralegals work

The Definition of Paralegal: Commonly Heard Terms Traditional paralegals and legal assistants Freelance paralegals Legal technicians. lay advocates. and document preparation Independent paralegals Law clerks and document clerks .

law office. governmental agency or other entity and who performs specifically delegated substantive legal work for which a lawyer is responsible. . or work experience who is employed or retained by a lawyer. qualified by education. corporation.ABA Definition of a Paralegal A legal assistant or paralegal is a person. training.

Freelance Paralegal A freelance paralegal is a paralegal who works as an independent contractor rather than as an employee of a law firm or corporation. .

Attorney Qualifications Paralegal Undergraduate Education Specialized Education None Required Attorney Bachelor’s Degree Usually a degree from an accredited ABA Law School Passage of State Bar Exam Must be licensed None Required Testing None Required License and morals check None Required Figure 2-1 .Paralegal vs.

Certified is the status of being formally recognized by a nongovernmental organization for having met special criteria.Registration and Certification Registration is the process by which individuals or organizations have their names placed on an official list kept by some private organization or governmental agency. . established by that organization. such as fulfilling educational requirements and passing an exam.

What Paralegals Do Communication with Clients Research Drafting Case Management .

Types of Private Practice Arrangements Traditional Partnership Professional Corporation Limited Liability Partnership Sole Proprietorship Office-sharing Arrangements .

Ethics Alert: Three Points of Special Importance to Paralegals – Unauthorized Practice of Law: Paralegals are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice. or appear in court on behalf of client. you must alert your new employer to any cases with which you were involved while working for your former firm. . – Conflict of Interest: If you change employers. – Confidentiality:You must treat anything you learn in the law firm as confidential and not discuss it with anyone outside the firm. sign court documents.

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