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TRA At ACARI OTA Pee FACSIMILE TRANSMISSION FROM: DENNY CHIN United States District Judge Daniel Pattick Moyaihan United States Courthouse 500 Pearl Street, Room 1020 New York, New York 10007-1312 Telephone: (212) 805-0200 Facsimile: (212) 805- DATE: TIME: 4/24/09 11:22. AM To: Hadrian R. Karz FIRM: Amold & Potter LLP FAXNO: — (202) 942-5999 MESSAGF: ** YOU ARE REQUIRED TO FAX COPIES OF THE ATTACHED DOCUMENT TO ALL COUNSEL OF RECORD IN THIS CASE ** Number of Pages (including this cover page): PATH ATA AEM ee OTA Pe Ae USDC SDNY UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTNERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK THE AUTHORS GUILD et al., Fl Plaintiffs, - against - : ORDER GOOGLE, INC., : 05 Civ. 7384 (Dc) Defendant. : CHIN, District Judge The Court has received requests for pre-motion conferences by the Internet Archive, Lewie Hyde, Harry Lewis, and the Open Access Trust, Inc. (the "proposed interveners"), secking eave to intervene in this action. I have construed their letters as motions to intervene, and the motions are denied. The proposed interveners are, however, free to file objections to the proposed settlement or amicus briefs, either of waich must be filed by the May 8, 2009 objection deadline. SO ORDERED Dated: New York, New York April 24, 2009 NY CHIN United States District Judge