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Michelle Breen March 12th 2009 Shannon Consortium LNSS Talk

Michelle Breen March 12th 2009 Shannon Consortium LNSS Talk

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Published by: Michelle Breen on Apr 25, 2009
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•Avoid repeatedly checking websites to see
if there is any new content: Content is
delivered to you
•Avoid clutter and spam in your inbox
•Handle notifications of changes to multiple
websites easily, while the results are
presented to you in a well organized

How does RSS work?

•The website author maintains a list of
notifications on their website in a standard way.
This list of notifications is called an "RSS
•Special computer programs called "RSS
Aggregators" automatically access the RSS
feeds of websites you care about on your
behalf and organize the results for you.
•Hundreds of thousands of websites now
provide this feature, including major news
organizations like the New York Times, the
BBC, and Reuters, as well as many weblogs.

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