By : Shama P.


I was getting bored sitting at home when the phone rang. It was a pleasant surprise to hear Mitali's voice after such a long time. She was my childhood friend who had gone to the States after getting married to Anand. She had come to India for a few days. She had decided to surprise me by not telling me about it beforehand. We decided to meet in the afternoon. Now, Mitali and I had shared a lot; right from secrets and money to even the bed. We had learnt about our tendencies in college when we had shared the same hostel room. We had a lot of fun together until she got married and went away. Her phone rekindled a lot of memories but I wondered whether we still had a chance. I wondered if she had changed after her marriage. I reached her house at 2pm. We met like old friends did and sat and chatted about the past. After some time, Mitali got up and walked down the hallway. She made me a gesture to follow her. I got up to go behind her. Mitali quickly disappeared down the hallway and into the darkness of her bedroom. As I peered into the bedroom, I could not see her anywhere. There was no noise or movement in the room, so I eased the door open and begin to walk inside. Just as I stepped into the room, I heard a faint giggle. Mitali had already undressed down to her panties and tee-shirt. She took me by my hand and lead me toward the bed. Mitali was very attractive, she has short dark hair and a full figure with very nice large all natural breasts. I still had not said a word, as I sat down on the bed. She wasted not in pulling off my shirt and bra, revealing my bare breasts and now erect nipples. My breasts are not nearly as large as Mitali's, but they're nice, just about a hand full. She then began to run

her fingers through my long dark hair and gently kiss my shoulder and neck. It felt so good to feel another woman next to me this way. My entire body began to shake with excitement. The build of my body is smaller than Mitali, but I am well developed in every sense and I am very young looking. After hesitating, I could not longer restrain my desires. I began to reach out and caress Mitali's beautiful full breasts. They felt wonderful, I could not seem to touch them enough. Her nipples were now tall and erect as she gave a pleasurable and inviting moan. She took a step backward giving me room to remove her shirt and expose those mammoth breasts. They were even more attractive in the flesh and suddenly I wanted them on my mouth. I hurriedly began to kiss and suck each nipple as I held one breast in each hand. Her skin was soft and warm, we had waited a long time to experience this pleasure. Still we said nothing. Mitali continued to run her hands through my hair, her head now leaning backward with sexual joy. I could think of nothing else but her body and the satisfaction it gave me. My tongue swirled around each nipple leaving a trace of wetness with each gentle lick. I pulled her closer by locking my legs around her thighs, her knee now lodged between my legs. An overwhelming ache now began to take over between my thighs. I could now feel my panties beginning to get quite moist. The smell that only an aroused woman can make, now began to linger in the air. Mitali glanced down to me with a naughty smile as I removed my right hand from her breast and placed it down into my pants. My fingers now begin to probe the moisture of my aching and starved pussy. I had never been so horny in my entire life. Mitali leaned into me with a passionate kiss, our tongues intertwining. Her hand now pressed against my crotch, pushing my fingers deeper into my pussy. Wasting no time, Mitali quickly pushed me onto my back and removed my pants, revealing my moistened panties. I was even wetter than I thought. My panties actually clung to me as she slid them down. I could feel the dampness across my legs as the panties were removed. Mitali finished undressing as well, the rest of her body was gorgeous. She maintained a nicely trimmed dark bush, just as mine. I could see that she was very wet, her lips glistened from the dampness. Her hand now began to explore my tight pussy, the feeling was incredible. It was such a turn on to look her in the eye as she stroked my pussy. Occasionally, she would place a tender kiss on my stomach as I held my legs wide. She leaned to me and told me it was now time for the present that she had got for me. She gave me a wrapped present. On opening it I found a 12" dildo having the perfect appearance of a man's penis. Mitali reached out and took the dildo within her hands. She licked the head of the dildo, preparing it for me. Two of her fingers were still buried deep inside of me as she sucked the fake cock. Soon she removed her fingers from my sweet treasure and begin to strap on the dildo. I had never taken such a large cock, but I was up for the challenge. After strapping on the enormous cock, she positioned herself behind me and told me to get on all fours. She wanted to fuck me like an animal which was fine by me. I was now facing the bedroom door and could see into the hallway. Mitali gently ran the head across the length of my slit, teasing my pussy and covering the dildo head with my sticky juices. Suddenly, she inserted the large cock into my awaiting pussy. At first there was a little pain, but the pain quickly turned to pleasure. She began to stroke me, slowly

at first, but every stroke grew with intensity. I was surprised at how well my pussy engrossed the dildo. I could think of nothing now, but my pussy. I loved the feel of being fucked, I felt like such a dirty whore, but I liked it. She pounded me harder and harder, I could now tell that the dildo was completely covered with my essence. My sweet juices now began to drip from my cunt and run down my thighs. My eyes were now closed as I just enjoyed the feeling of being fucked by another woman. Just as I felt myself nearing climax, I opened my eyes to see Anand walk through the door with his erect cock in his hand. Mitali and Anand had planned this whole thing. He walked straight to me and placed his throbbing cock into my mouth. I gladly began to take the length of his tool deep into my throat. I was even hotter now to think that I was sucking Mitali's husband's dick while she fucked me from behind with a strap-on. I ran my mouth up and down the shaft of his cock, kissing and licking his head every few minutes. Anand was already fighting off the desire to shoot his wad. I was ready to explode and so was Anand. Mitali just continued to ram that dildo home. I was so very wet; I could not believe it. The feel of taking a real cock in my mouth and a dildo deep in my pussy was finally too much for the both of us. Anand removed his cock from my mouth and spewed his load onto my face. The warm cum covered my mouth and cheeks. I could taste the salty liquid on my lips as I licked a little off of my fingers. My focus quickly went back to my pussy as I neared climax. Finally, with a shattering final stroke, I lost it. My pussy exploded and released a river of cum onto the dildo. I moaned pleasurably as she inserted the dildo back inside of me to cover it with my fluids. I fell onto my back, tired from the torrid session. Mitali straddled my face and told me that I was not quite done yet. She placed the cum covered dildo at my mouth and demanded that I lick it clean of my own nectar. I happily obeyed. I must admit I tasted pretty damn good. I licked the dildo dry. Mitali removed the tool and put her soaked pussy on my mouth. I loved the taste of Mitali. Her pussy was so tasty, bitter but yet so sweet. I attacked it, licking it with reckless abandon. I wanted my face covered with her cum as well. Some of Anand's cum remained on my face, the taste of Anand and Mitali would mix at times to make a savory treat. Mitali began to thrust her pussy across my face and I knew she was close. I began to suck her clit and that was all she could take. I spread her lips wide and awaited the flow of cum. Finally it happened, she released her love juice, it dripped directly into my hot mouth. I relished the taste and then swallowed it down. I wished that she had more as I finished licking her pussy to get every drop of the remaining cum. Mitali and I embraced in a sultry kiss and asked Anand to leave the room. Soon we were at it again, I came three times that day. We stayed at each other throughout the vacation, allowing Anand to join at times. I can't wait till next time when they shall be back and our orgies shall continue.



I live in Karachi, and belong to a very conservative family. In our family boys and girls are not allowed to mingle freely and even otherwise interaction between the sexes is considered taboo. Hence, in such an environment pussy is hard to come by, and for the past ten years I have been married to my hand. In other words, my sex life is non-existent. As I told you before, my family is very conservative and deeply religious. So every year at Eid ul Azha, we sacrifice many goats and cows, and it is my responsibility to look after these animals and fatten and feed them until they are slaughtered. So last year, a few days before Eid ul Azha, I was bathing a cow outside my house. As I was rubbing it with soap near its tail, I noticed that it started mooing softly and then lifted its tail up. At first I disregarded this behavior, but it continued doing so. It then occurred to me that she might be sexually excited, since I had been rubbing near its tail, and the pussy is not far away. Now I got excited, because it was the first time in my life that I had managed to excite a female, albeit a cow. Anyway, I quickly glanced around to see if anyone was watching. There was no one. So I slowly inserted one finger and then another in the cow’s pussy and started moving them in and out. The cow liked this. She emitted an even deeper and more contented moo. But this was risky business. Anyone could see me fingering the cow outside on the road. So I withdrew my fingers from her honey pot, licked up the nectar from them and then untied her from the electricity pole she was tethered to, and led her inside the house and into a back alley. Now since it was 7:00 am on a Sunday morning, there was not the slightest chance that anyone would wake up before 9:00 am. Once she was inside, I devoted my full attention to satisfying her needs and mine. First I indulged in some foreplay by playing with teats – squeezing and sucking them. Like me, I think she was a virgin, too. Her teats were quite small, but when she got excited, they hardened up immediately. My dick was also threatening to burst out of my pants. While I was squeezing and sucking her teats, an idea occurred to me – why not finger her now. So I assigned my right hand to this task. With great dexterity, I slowly inserted two fingers , one after the other, into her cunt, and started working them once again. Thought it was a tight fit, I thought why not gradually shove my whole hand inside her. So I withdrew from her teats, and whole heartedly addressed her cunt. Before long, my whole hand was inside the honey pot, and soon my arm was in too. As I worked my arm, she started mooing in contentment. And this scared me a bit. I thought it wake up my folks, but then since we were enjoying ourselves so much, I thought what the hell and continued to hand fuck her. Before long she came, and I felt the nectar welling up inside her. I pulled out my hand and licked up the love juices dripping from it. I then thought it would be a pity if this poor cow were to die without ever getting laid. (She was to be sacrificed three days later). So I decided to screw her properly – with my dick. But as a precaution, I wrapped her muzzle with a thick old towel and then tied it up with a rope so that her mooing would be muffled. (In case she got too passionate and started mooing loudly). Once I had tied her so, I got behind her and pulled my pants down. My Willie sprang out and throbbed wildly. I immediately tried to insert in the cow’s cunt but lo and behold,

that cottage was at least a foot above dick level. So here I was confronted with a problem. But luckily I spied a big bucket at the far end of the alley, so I quickly zipped my pants back up and ran down and got it. I then upturned the bucket, put it behind the cow, got up on it, pulled my pants down, took out my cock and very gently inserted into the cow’s cunt. Very slow I started moving back and forth. The sensation was unbelievable. I couldn’t control myself anymore now. So I pulled back a bit and then rammed in my manhood with all my might and BANG!!! The next thing I knew I was on the ground. The cow did not appreciate my passionate gesture and literally kicked the bucket from underneath me. As I fell down, my face smacked into her rump and slid down her bristly legs while my erect cock hit the ground at right angles and bent under my weight. I rolled on the floor in agony clutching my rapidly softening dick, while pieces of the shattered plastic bucket pricked my balls. Still writhing in pain, I got up slowly, pulled my pants back up, untied the cow’s muzzle, and hobbled to my bedroom, lest my parents, awakened by the destruction of the bucket, come out and figure what actually happened. However, this was not my last encounter with animals. Next time I shall tell you about a tryst with a goat. If have any similar experiences that you would like to share, you can mail me at

By : Nighat Jav (


Hi! I am Nighat. I am 28 years old and a happily married woman. I have two lovely kids. And my husband loves me very much. We belong to Pakistan and now my husband is working in Canada. We have a very nice apartment here in Canada and my husband has hired a servant for me, who helps me in cleaning the appt. He is a Hindu and his name is Manohar Das. He is 30 years old and having a wife in India with four kids. Manohar Das lives with us in our appt. in the servant quarter. My husband usually goes to Pakistan for his job and Manohar Das stays with us. This is my true story and myself (Nighat) narrates it. My husband had gone to Pakistan for three weeks and told Manohar to take care of the house. I feel that Manohar Das is very happy. The next night I saw that Manohar has gone to his room without watching TV. And I became curious why he did so. I went to my kid’s room and saw that they are preparing for their beds. I kissed them and they replied me in "good night". Then I went to Manohar Das’s room and slowly opened the door and started peeping inside. I found Manohar Das masturbating his jumbo-sized cock. I kept on seeing him. I don’t know what makes me to stop there. Definitely it was Manohar’s dick. There were lots of thoughts in my mind that I am a Muslim and he is a Hindu. There is something happening with my body chemistry. My BP and also my erotic desire aroused a lot after seeing Manohar’s huge dick. Suddenly I felt my heartbeats irregular and I tighten up my thighs, while looking at his gigantic dick. I become misbalance and tries to gain the balance but my bangles rang and Manohar stood up while seeing at me. Then he slowly stepping towards me and came close to me. Now

he can easily judge my condition and he whispered me " come inside Nighat" and soon he placed his arm around my waist and pushed me inside. I hesitatingly walked inside while looking at my feet with shyness. Manohar then bolted the door and smilingly he slapped my ass and said " Nighat don’t worry, your husband will not be able to know what happened between you and me. (He hugged me and started kissing my neck, face and lips and his hands are on my ass and his fingers are inside my butts) Nighat you are the prettiest and hottest woman I have ever met. Nighat your ass is also very pretty and soft". I can’t stop Manohar by doing all this. I wanted to stop him but he is very nasty at that moment. Manohar hold my right ass butt in his hand and guided me to his bed. There he asked me " Nighat sit down, I know that you are nervous right now, please don’t worry, we shall become good friends after this beautiful meeting" then I said " Manohar please! Don’t d o anything to me which is wrong in words of society, and I don’t want to have an illicit relations with a Hindu man" Manohar replied " Nighat don’t worry Jaan! (He sat besides me on the bed and placed his hand on my shoulder and pulled me towards his thickly hared chest, and he was completely nude at that time and it was pretty difficult for me to control my sexual desires, because the man sitting besides me is nude and having a gorgeous dick, so I placed my head on Manohar’s shoulder and this was the sign which I gave him that I direly in need of a throbbing fuck). And I think he understands my position and he placed his hand on my thighs and also his fingers are trying to enter in between my thighs. I didn’t say anything to him when his fingers reached the most effective area of the woman ‘her clit’. Manohar’s fingers are doing magic with my clit. I started losing my control and said "Manohar plz! Don’t do it, plz let me go" Manohar kept on playing with my clit. No sooner I laid opens on the bed and loosen my thighs so that Manohar’s fingers keep on teasing my clit because this is very enjoyable time. Manohar started kissing and licking my neck and now I am totally under the control of my partner. Manohar placed his lips on my lips and pushed his tongue in my mouth so his juicy saliva is straight coming to my mouth. When he completely satisfies that she will not go anywhere, he got up and said " Nighat got up and put off your clothes". I extended my hand towards Manohar and he holds it and pulls me up. I got up and pulled off my shirt. Manohar came from back and started licking and kissing my waist. His one hand entered in between my thighs from the front and other started pressing my breast. I kept him doing this and pulled down my shalwar. While putting off my shalwar I bent down and when I got up Manohar’s lovely dick stuck up in my ass. I pressed my ass so that I can enjoy his dick and Manohar started jerking my ass. Then Manohar unhooks my bra and holds my breasts in his hands and said "Nighat you have very good pair of breasts and I think your husband is damn lucky that he has a woman like you to fuck and now I think that I am more lucky than him because you are going to fuck by me". Then I lay down the bed and waiting for Manohar’s loving dick to fuck and tear off my pussy. Then Manohar sits in between my thighs and spreaded his saliva on my pussy with his fingers and also put some of saliva on his cock’s big head. Then Manohar wide opens my legs and make an ample space for his dick on my vaginal opening. Manohar pressed his cock in my pussy. OOH! God! Plzzzz! Manohar easy, AAOUCH! I’ll

die, Manohar your cock is toooo big for me, plzzz easy and slowly. Manohar was a real cool- fucker; he holds my face in his hands and started kissing my lips. My mouth was filled with Manohar’s juicy saliva and he keeps on building pressure on his cock and it was slipping inch by inch in my soft pussy. Manohar’s cock is just like a hard iron’s rod and I can bet that by his first push my soft vaginal walls started bleeding. My husband’s dick is smaller than Manohar’s dick. And Manohar’s dick was uncircumcised so it is very thick from middle due to lot of flesh on it. Manohar keeps building the pressure on my pussy and his cock was penetrating in my pussy inch by inch. When his whole cock penetrates deep inside my vagina I hold his waist and my eyes were tightly closed. Manohar whispers in passion "Nighat you are really a tight and hot bitch". Then I hold his face in my hands and kissed his lips and replied in a whisper "Manohar My Jaan your dick is so hard for my soft pussy that I can’t be able to bear your brutal jerks, plz jerk modestly to your Nighat’s pussy". Manohar replied "I’ll fuck you like a whore! Nighat, you fucken bitch today you will forget your pimp husband". He started pushing his dick heavily in and out of my pussy regardless of my painful moan. Then he took my legs on his shoulders and fucking me like anything. Then Manohar pulled back my thighs and touched them to my breasts and keeps his fast brutal thrusts on my pussy. He fucked me for more than 20 long and painful minutes. Manohar ejaculates his hot and viscid sperms deep inside my vagina. In this fuck I ejaculated for three times. Manohar has really a gorgeous dick. I always remember this fuck when I was in mood. And Manohar is still with us and I always have fun with his dick. Now his dick is my property and I usually give Manohar good blow job and he loves to fill my mouth with his sticky, hot and salty semen. Usually I conceive pregnancy by Manohar’s thick semen and till now I already aborted my three children because Manohar was their father and, he and I don’t want those children. Manohar also fucked my virgin asshole but I mail this story later to you people. HANG AROUND DON’T GO ANYWHERE YOUR NIGHAT WILL BE BACK WITH MORE FUCKING EXPERIENCES LOVE U READERS FROM NIGHAT & MANOHAR



Dear Readers, This is a story of my teenage. I was about 18 years old and I used to study in E.M.U.I was not at all good in studies. Every night I used to see horny pictures and then slept the whole day missing my lectures. This was my normal routine. During those days I was really turned up by the sexy movies which were broadcasted late at night by the local TV channel. Then one day my whole life turned upside down. In my Physics lecture which I had already failed four times, I saw a beautiful girl named Aisha Iqbal. She was a good looking girl with fairly average figure but her tits used hang out of her shirt as they were really big. The

tits were the most sexy things in her which attracted me the most. So slowly and carefully I started to make my moves upon her. Ofcoarse she didn't have a clue of my intentions. Any how our friendship gradually began to grow and we became good freinds. We used to go out together on dates and we used to have fun together. One day Aisha told me that she wants to go to the beach and we took for the nearest beach. As the day was hot, we were really having fun together but suddenly her exposed body turned me on. And I started to think that how can I convince her to go with me to my house since I used to live alone. Suddenly a wonderful idea struck me. I told her that I am beginning to fell sea sick and I need to go home other wise I will become ill. First she refused to go with me but then I told her that she could stay there with me as long as she wants and then she could leave. She agreed and then there the real story began. We reached our house. I told her to wait while I am taking a bath. In the mean time I called Aisha to hand me the towel since I forgot to take it with me. As she knocked the bathroom door i suddenly grabbed her inside. She started screaming but i dint let her go. Then slowly clamed down and very furiously said," YEH TUM KIYA KAR RAHE HO" .I TOLD HER nothing, i just wanted to see you naked. She told me that ," TUM PAGAL HO AUR MUJHE JANE DO ".She insisted to leave but i grabbed her tight. She started kicking and jumping but my grip was really firm. I became angry by her ruthless behavior and i couldn’t control my self, so i started to rip her clothes apart. First i tore off her shirt and the lovely site of her tits was just exposed to me. She was wearing nothing at that time. Then i ripped her pants off. She started screaming ," BACHAOO BACHAOO". But it was all in wain. I removed my pants and forced my dick in her mouth and told her to give me a blow job. first she refused but later i grabbed her by her hairs and started to move her mouth over my 7"dick.At the same time she was crying but i didn’t give a dame. After that i removed my dick from her mouth and started fucking her boobs. The were really beautiful. I sucked them and licked them. Now i was thinking to fuck her pussy but the bitch didn’t allow me to even touch her, so i didn’t have any option instead to tie her hands with the bed and the legs with the rear end of the bed. Now she was moveless. I started to lick her pussy. I was fucking her pussy with my tongue. She was crying and shouting but I didn’t stop and soon she became to cum but i drank her sweet juice until she was finished. Then i held up my dick and slowly forced her in her cunt. She could not bear the sight of her virginity being lost due to my price less dick. She said ," No No please don’t fuck me, i will loose my virginity but i laughed at her and said that stop me if you can ".So gradually i moved my dick into her cunt. She gave a loud scream as i inserted my dick into her and tears began to run through her eyes. I began to give her hard and fast strokes until i was about to cum. I took my dick in my hands and started to cum in her mouth and nose. Soon she was full of the lovely white juice that i had just sproued. I still remember that day and the screams, cries of the poor girl. Now after many years i still remember that incident and my dick gets hardened.I t was really the best time of my life. FAWAD ASAD (USTAD)

By : Neena Hi, my name is Neena. I was born and raised in the United States, I currently live in Charlotte, NC with my parents. I am 26 years old, 5’2 inches, petite and well endowed. I want to share my stories with those of you who love having sex but have strict parents. I discovered at an early age that I like having sex but not the relationships that come with it. I have always been very active with all types of men (younger, older, American, Indian, etc.) My problems began when I graduated from college. See, in college I had a regular Gurati guy, (I think I even loved him, but that is another story) I would leave my home and go to his dorm room almost every morning before class , we would have all types of normal sex. As they years went by I got bored of him and started finding other guys while I was still dating him. To this date, the best sex I ever had was with a married professor… I don’t know if it was the fact he was married or it was 9 inches but he made me cum 3 time in 90 minutes. Once I graduated college, I had no regular or any method to find a regular, till my parents decided I needed to get married. Since there are not many Indians my age in my town we decided to find a "suitable boy" for an arranged marriage. This was a great way for me to find new guys to satisfy my needs. I would talk to the guys directly (I did not want parents involved) and they would come to see me. In most cases if I liked the guy we would do some serious making out. The cool thing was that while my parents thought we are out seeing the town and doing dinner, we would be in a hotel room doing each other. If I really liked the guy my parents would suggest that I go see him and his family (by myself). This of course opened the door. I thought I would share one such adventure with everyone. I had spoken to one guy for two weeks when he decided to come and visit me. We hooked up the first night he was here and he sure knew what he was doing. We did it several times that weekend. He came to my house and parents loved him and told me that I should go visit him. We had been talking to each other for a few weeks when I went to spend a weekend with him. I arrived at the airport and he was there waiting. We quickly got my luggage and went "home". The first night we made love the usual ways, sucking and fucking each other until we fell asleep. The next morning I awoke with him staring down at me as I slept. I knew that there was something going on behind that sheepish grin and it was shortly thereafter that I found out just what it was. After taking a shower, I came out of the bathroom wearing just a towel. He came over to me and pulled me close to him. His hands ran down my back and rested on my ass. "Tonight, I want to take you in there", he said. I had never had anal sex before and told him that. "I know," he said, "so I will have to prepare you to accept me." He took me into the bedroom and told me to bend over. He spread my cheeks and I could feel something entering my hole. It was, he explained, a butt plug and would help to loosen me for later. I was to wear it

all day and only take it out to use the bathroom, after which I was to call him and he would put it back where it belonged. It felt strange at first. I wasn't used to having something back there. But, since I wanted to please him, I did not object. We spent the day doing normal type things, only every time I took a step I could feel the plug in my ass. Even at dinner, when I sat down, it was obviously there. When we returned home, he told me to undress and wait for him on the bed. I undressed and waited. He came in shortly and told me that our relationship was in trouble. He said that I was a spoiled brat (which is true) and that I needed some discipline. Before I knew what was happening he had turned me over his knee and was stroking my ass. "Now you will get what all spoiled brats deserve" he said. And with that, his large hand came down on my ass with a loud smacking noise. I jumped and tried to get away, but his arms were strong and he held me firm. Over and over again his hand hit my bottom and I could feel it sting and start to get very warm. I also noticed that after awhile, I was beginning to enjoy it. It was painful, but it was also a turn on!!! He must have spanked me for a good five minutes, when he suddenly stopped and I could feel his hand on the butt plug. He removed it and told me to get on the bed doggie fashion. I did as I was told. He told me to put my head down, to raise my ass as high as I could for him, and to spread my legs wide. I did, and before I could catch my breath, I could feel his large cock at the entrance to my ass. He smeared some KY on my hole and then pressed forward. Since he is large and thick, the butt plug had not really prepared me totally. He pressed harder and soon was buried in my ass. Once in, he started fucking my ass. He went slowly at first to give my muscles a chance to expand to accommodate his huge cock. He reached around and began playing with my clit, all the while thrusting his cock into me. We seemed to go on like that for hours.....I wanted to come and wanted him to fill my ass with his cum. Suddenly, he began driving his cock furiously into my hole and I could feel his cock expanding. I knew that he was about to come and he would come hard. He grabbed my hips with both hands and pumped faster and faster and harder and harder. I thought that my asshole would split in two!!!! My fingers took over on my clit rubbing furiously, faster and faster!!! I couldn't believe the feelings that were going through me. My cunt was soaking wet and every nerve ending in my body was ready to explode!! Finally, he was fucking me as if there were no tomorrow! I screamed as my body was racked with floods of orgasm. I could feel him come as jet after jet of hot cum filled my ass!! He kept up his fucking motions until his cock finally went limp. We both collapsed on the bed totally exhausted, but I couldn't wait to ask him when we could do that again!!! The sex was great, but on the night I was departing, we both decided we were not meant for each other. I went back home and told my parents that we both agreed that it was not going to happen between us. At which time they said that an uncle had suggested another guy. I will keep you posted….



By : Shabana Kausar It was a somewhat warm though pleasant day at St. May's School Karachi and Miss Roohi, the class teacher for Class X had had just completed her lecture on English literature. At school all the teachers were called "Miss" irrespective of whether they were married or not. Roohi was 30, very attractive and stylish and loved to wear a sari. Her pupils were 15 boys between the age of 14-16 years who were either just into puberty or at a very awkward age. Although Roohi was a very considerate teacher and went out of the way to instruct her pupils correctly, she was also very strict in matters of discipline. The boys dreaded meeting the gaze of their teacher when they were detained after school. More specifically they dreaded the contact with the cane that she kept in her desk drawer for such eventualities. Roohi was most particular never to use the cane unless it was totally necessary and warranted by really bad behavior. Today Roohi was annoyed with Omer, the handsome boy who was doing very well until he came to Roohi's class since which time his grades were getting more and more dismal. As it happened throughout Roohi's lecture all he could see were her boobs bouncing up and down inside her blouse covered partly by her sari. When she turned to write something on the board he would watch the graceful movements of her behind with intense fascination. But of course the great moments were when Roohi bent down to pick up a piece of chalk from the floor or while talking let the palloo of her sari fall to her hands giving the class a lovely view of her glorious behind and shapely breasts, respectively. Those occasions were unfortunately rare but even one such gesture unperceived by some would send Omer's mind in a turmoil making concentration impossible. Omer sat in the front row. Today twenty minutes before the class was over, Roohi gave a brief assignment to the class to see what they had imbibed from her class. Fifteen minutes later she got the sheets back. Those were the most miserable 15 minutes in Omer's life because he didn't have a clue what to write. Being so mesmerized by his lovely teacher's body he could hardly listen to what she was saying. Anyway Roohi examined the sheets hurriedly. When she came to Omer's paper she was shocked to find nothing of consequence in his paper and started to analyze his behavior. She came right to Omer's seat and slowly but surely her sari fell to her hands. She bent down a little and stared directly at Omer giving him a lovely glimpse of her breasts and coming so near him he could even smell her perfume said, "Omer we need to discuss some matters after class". "Y - Y Yes Miss" stuttered Omer so close to his goddess. The class knew what she meant. Omer was going to be caned. Soon the period bell indicated that the class was over and all the boys except Omer left. Roohi went and locked the classroom from inside, opened her drawer and took out her cane from it and faced Omer. "I noticed you were not paying attention to what I was saying today, Omer", As she said this, she seated her self lightly on the top of the desk next to his and there was just the hint of a smile on her lips as she waited for his answer. "No - No Miss" Roohi came close to him, her palloo again fell, she bent towards Omer and gave him such a voluminous hint of her innermost secrets that he at once felt pressure on a part of his anatomy. Her blouse was just near his nose

now and Omer could barely reply by now. "Your assignment indicates that I will have to teach you how to concentrate from now on to ensure that you don't fail." She moved back a little and picked up the cane and told the boy to stand up. As Omer stood up Roohi noted the bulge in his trousers but ignored it just now. "Now boy, hold out your hands" she ordered. Omer held out his right hand. "Both". Omer held out his left hand too and looked at his teacher timidly. "Higher, a little higher" she touched his palms with her cane and tapped it. Then lifting it high in the air she brought it down with full force on his right palm. "That will teach you how to concentrate my boy". Omer was devastated y the blow but managed not to cry out. His hand was shaking though and was beginning to get marked. She now caned his other hand so hard that he let both his hands fall and started rubbing them. "Resume your position, immediately" yelled Roohi and the boy did so. Soon both his palms were caned twice more despite his cries for mercy. "Now, now dear don't cry out just yet. That was just the first part of your punishment. Your buttocks must also feel the sting of my cane this evening. Concentration is not going to come easily to you." "Miss, Miss --- please forgive me. I will be good in future" said Omer in between sobs. "No, Honey you must be punished more" she said, "Take off your trouser and lower them then similarly lower your briefs and bend down over this table" she tapped the cane on her desk. Omer did as ordered humiliated to strip before the object of his young love. While he removed his briefs he tried very hard not to show Roohi his partially erect penis but she noted everything. As he bent down, Roohi lashed his bottom six times very hard making him yell, shriek and scream in agony. "That will teach you to concentrate" said Roohi as she replaced the cane in her drawer. "Now Honey stand up and face me" Omer turned to face her and could no longer hide his penis, which had some awkward movement in it. "Well, well what do we have here" she said caressing his penis and making it longer. "So you have evidently been enjoying your punishment. I think you should be given a dozen strokes more". So saying she again took out her cane and terrified the boy. "No, no, no Miss I can't bear any more, please, please, p l e a sss e. I beg you." "So be it" she said throwing away the cane, "but I can see you need firm control". "Now dear I think you can't concentrate because you are far too busy concentrating on my body and fantasizing about my secret parts. Is that right?" He was silent. "Answer me or shall it be more cane?" "No. No. Yes-Yes Miss. You are right" he admitted slowly. "Naughty boy, have you never seen a woman naked?" "No, Miss" She took his head in her hands and kissed him full on the lips for about a minute then pressed him against her chest. She then made him stand at a little distance from her and began removing her sari. Soon she stood in her silk blouse and petticoat giving the boy a lovely sight of her bare arms, a hint of cleavage and a bare midriff. "Now Honey, you can take the rest of the clothes off your Miss". Kissing him again she pulled him close to him and asked to unfasten her blouse which had three small hooks at the front. With trembling hands Omer unfastened the three hooks one by one and soon Roohi's bra was revealed to him in its entirety. Roohi then removed her blouse completely showing him her armpits too. "So a woman's body fascinates you. Come closer and see all you want. And it was a little hot too today. Smell my armpits to see if I perspired."

Omer was beside himself with ecstasy and his penis was fully erect by now as he pressed his nostrils in her two roomy armpits, hich had a lovely erotic odour in him. She next instructed him to unfasten the rope of her petticoats. With awkward movements the boy finally succeeded in untying the knot causing the soft petticoat to fall on the ground. Roohi stepped out of the petticoat and soon stood in just matching bra and panties, and shoes. She next told him to unfasten her bra, which he did, not knowing whether he was awake or dreaming. He removed the bra completely and threw it on the floor. "There, there you should be more respectful to my intimate garments, Omer." She admonished him. "Don't you want to smell my bra?" Omer muttered an apology. He was beyond making coherent speech now and took the bra on his nose and smelt its intoxicating perfume. Roohi now diverted his attention to her two exposed glories. She had lovely fair breasts with dark areolas and nipples. Omer stood transfixed but Roohi encouraged him to taste her nipples one by one. After a brief sucking session, Roohi instructed him to remove her panties. As he did so and brought them to her knees she turned around and revealed her glorious buttocks to him. She remove her panties completely and put the inner side to his nostrils transporting him to heaven. After a minute or so, she made him kneel and examine her bushy black pubic hair and her secret entrances. She even made his fingers make contact with her clitoris to initiate him into the mysteries of the female sex. After a while she again faced him and held him in her arms. "Now my dear you have seen a woman's body entirely naked. Not one boy in ten thousand in Pakistan can taste the luxury, which I am now affording to you. Many boys will have to be content with the sights of their undressed maids or worse. Now that you have seen my body fully there is nothing more you can do. You have all your life in front of you to explore a woman's body. But the more exploration you do the more you will want to do and I don't want you to start now. Before your life is out you will go through may tunnels and recesses" "Y - Yes Miss" he said. Roohi now looked down at his penis. "However there is one small thing. Every time this thing stands it has a right to leak. So let us do that". So saying he caressed his tortured penis. Then opening her purse she took out a small bottle of hand lotion and applied some of it along the shaft of his penis giving him pleasurable sensations. She now started rubbing his penis with expert movements. Very soon he couldn't control himself any longer and sent squirts of semen flying all over the room. Roohi touched the base of his glans penis to give him a satisfying feeling and to feel the semen waiting to fly out of his young body. After a minute or so it was all over. Omer crumpled up in Roohi's arms and she pressed him to her exposed chest and let him rest for a while. After that she got up and ordering him to dress up started putting on her clothes too. Luckily her sari was not of a material that crumples up easily and her appearance was soon fairly normal. She now looked at her educated pupil. "I hope you learnt something from this class because if you haven't I will be forced to keeping you after school again. And remember the cane will taste much worse if you upset Miss too much." She said smilingly and again hugged him and kissed him goodbye. The boy left thanking his teacher almost as if she were a goddess and Roohi sat

down in a chair thinking, "that lesson was necessary if he has to pass the final exam but I wish I had taken his penis in my mouth and tasted his load of cum.

Here is one that is true and I would like to share:


It was when I was 22 and had just started working for a big company. I had bought a scooter and used to drive to work everyday. On my way to work I used to cross a bus stop, and one day I noticed a beautiful woman, of about 20, standing there, obviously waiting for the bus. We looked at each other for a brief moment. I wanted to stop and offer her a ride, but I was scared that she might raise a commotion, and I had no intentions of getting beaten up by a crowd for trying to act smart. I therefore continued on. The next day, again I saw her at the same place and the same time. Again I looked at her, and this time I smiled. I thought that if she smiled back, that would mean that I could make further advances with little risk. Sure enough, she smiled back! With my heart pounding, I stopped my scooter a little way down the road, and looking back nodded at her to come and get on the scooter. My scooter engine was running and it was in gear, and I was ready to take flight at the slightest indication of her trying to make any noise. Though horny, and eager for sex as all are at that age, I was a well respected young man. But nothing untoward happened and she demurely walked down and got on the pillion seat. I drove off and then started talking to her. After getting to know her name, which was Sushmita, I asked her where she wanted to be dropped. I was not one who was looking for a long term relationship, and so I was in a hurry to make the best in the shortest possible time. The fact that she had not minded taking a ride with a stranger, increased my boldness. While on the scooter itself, I caught her arm which was around my waist, and pressed it lower in such a way that her palm was on my crotch. She made no move to take it away and I then pressed her hand gently onto my crotch, while driving all the time. My tool inside was straining. Then I realized that she was gently rubbing my crotch without my trying to help her! That felt better, and also helped me because now I could use both hands to drive! Soon, we reached her destination, and she got off. She was teacher and said that she would get off in the afternoon. I asked her what she was doing after that, and when she said that she was free, I suggested that I pick her up and then we could go home for a cup of tea. She agreed, and that afternoon I picked her up at the appointed time. I was not married then. I had an apartment where I lived with a servant who did the errands and cooked. When I got home, I sent the boy packing on some pretext. We were now alone! I asked Sushmita, that was her name, to sit down beside me. We got talking! Then I asked her whether she would like some tea or something better, like a cocktail! She said that she had never had alcohol before and she was afraid. I told her that she should try it out and there was no need to be afraid at

all! She agreed and both of us had a few drinks while we chatted. During this time, I had started moving closer to where she was sitting and my thighs were touching hers. I was trying my best to wear the image of a gentleman and at the same time playing to get what I wanted - her pussy!! After a while I realized that the drinks were having an effect on her, because the 'palloo'of her saree had slipped, exposing her beautifully rounded and straining breasts, but she made no attempt at covering them. I slid closer and put my hands on her breasts, and gently squeezed them, and at the same time started kissing her. She squirmed a little, but not much, and I sucked her warm lips, biting and nibbling them. I felt for her tongue with mine, feeling her warm breath and kissed her long and deep. While kissing her, I unbuttoned her blouse and felt her soft breasts over her bra. My cock was hard and straining against my pants, wanting to be released. I picked her up and carried her to the bed, where I slowly disrobed her, taking off her saree. I left the petticoat on, because I have this thing, to fuck a woman with her petticoat on but raised to expose her cunt and ass. Looks sexy and turns me on sort of! I also like a woman adorned with ornaments, but naked, when I fuck her. After taking off her blouse, bra and the saree, I stood by the side of the bed and took of my clothes as she watched me with intoxicated eyes and a sexy smile. When I pulled down my underwear, my huge fat cock sprang out in full erection. I watched her as her eyes grew wide at its size and width. She caught my cock in her hand lovingly and said "Bahoot bara aur mota hai! Mein to mur jaoongi!" She lovingly fondled my penis as I stood over her. Then I sat down on the bed and admired her beautiful white sculptured body! I put my hand over her nipples and rubbed them and squeezed them between my fingers. I played with her breasts and slowly let my hand wander down to her pussy, which was hidden in a light growth of her satin smooth pubic hair. I could feel the warmth of her cunt, and it was all wet and hot as I slid my finger in her vagina. I started sucking her nipples and then kissed her on her stomach and then licked her on the belly button, all the while my finger exploring the depths of her lovely wet cunt! She was moaning and her eyes were half closed, as she held my cock and rubbed it and played and squeezed my balls! We continued this foreplay, I rubbing my hairy chest against her breasts, slapping and squeezing her ass, rubbing my knee against her cunt, feeling her whole body against mine. After a little while, she started panting and said, "Haai, ab rooka nahi jata!" But I was a slow player, and knew that the slower and longer the better it is! Her thighs readily separated when I licked her thighs, and buried my face in her pubic hair, my tongue frantically searching for her cunt! It smelled sexy and heavenly as I licked her love juices and drove my tongue deeper into her vagina, sucking and licking! I could feel and taste the soft, warm, wet walls of her cunt. Squirming in pleasure, she tightened her thighs over my head, and pushed my mouth deeper into her pussy. She was writhing, as she grabbed my penis and took it in her mouth, as were in the 69 position. She eagerly sucked my cock and then took my balls into her warm mouth and sucked and licked them! I then got up and faced her as she sat up, and held my shaft and took it in her mouth up to her throat and started sucking on it, in and out of her mouth. I felt her tongue as it licked my cock wildly. My penis was bursting, and it wanted her cunt. I lay her down and she opened

her legs. I sat between them and with my hand rubbed the bulging end of my penis against her wet cunt, up and down feeling her clit with my tool. She moaned," Ab daal do andar raja, ab aur mut tarpao!!" I put the end of my 9" long and more than two inches wide piece of engorged meat on the tip of her cunt and gave a slight push, and I watched it slide in slowly, her cunt lips opening and yielding to the intruder, enveloping it in warmth as it entered. I rotated it slowly for a little while, drawing it back, teasing her a little, as her hips raised themselves invitingly, wanting my cock. Love juices were dripping from her cunt and I could feel the heat of her pussy. She looked at me with begged me not to torture her further, saying that I was driving her crazy. Then, with one mighty push, I drove my cock all the way in! She gasped in pain and pleasure as my mighty tool went tearing, deep inside " Aaaaah! Phat gayee meri choot", she said! I could feel the enveloping warmth of her pussy as my penis went in. Then I started to fuck her, slowly at first, kissing and biting her nipples while driving my tool in and out. She was heaving under me, raising her hips and cunt to meet my strokes. The room reverberated with the sounds of meat striking against wet meat, as I rammed my cock into her wet cunt again and again, my balls dancing wildly and slapping her ass with every stroke. Fuck...Fuck...!She started panting, and writhing in pleasure, as she shook her head from side to side, and heaved under me. I continued to fuck her, deeper and harder, licking and sucking her breasts and nipples from time to time. I could sense her pleasure rising as she moaned and groaned. I got off and asked her if she would like to fuck me. She grabbed my cock and held on to it as if she was afraid that it would go missing if she let it go. She pushed me down on the bed and straddled me on my hips. She then bent down and sucked my cock and took her mouth down under to suck my balls. I could feel her flicking tongue as she licked my balls and then she started licking my ass. Oh what a pleasant sensation that was, as she ran her tongue over my ass. Then, she got on top of me and raising herself, positioned her cunt over my throbbing penis. She slid sown taking in the whole length of my massive dick. She started pumping, up and down! She was bent over me and her beautiful teats swayed in front of my face as she fucked me. I pulled and played with her breasts, slapped her ass and rubbed her clit as she pumped me, enjoying the fuck. Soon she started going faster, and I could feel that she was about to climax, as she held me closer and panted and heaved her hips. Suddenly she trembled and let out a deep moan, and held me tightly, her nails digging into my back, her legs clasped around me, and I knew that she had climaxed! I reversed positions, so that she was under me now and started fucking her. Very soon she started climbing again, as kept up the strokes! " Haai, kyaa chodtey ho raja!!", she said as she looked at me riding her! With every stroke, her entire body under me would be pushed up as my hips slapped against her ass driving my penis deep into her cunt. Her knees and legs were spread wide, and she had her hands on my hips to pull me deeper when I went in with every push. A sound of 'Seee...seeee..' came from her mouth as I fucked her. After a while, I took my penis out and bought it up to her breasts, all wet with her cum. I slapped and rubbed her nipples with the end of my shaft and said" Ab isko tumharee gaand chaheeye!" She looked at me first in bewilderment, and then smiled in

anticipation! I turned her around and grabbing her by the hips I pulled her up so that her beautiful ass was in front of me. It was the typical dog-fuck position, something that I enjoy very much! I slowly rubbed my stiff penis on her asshole and with my hand rubbed her wet cunt. I brought some of the juice of her cunt and spread it over her asshole. I then spat on my hand and rubbed it up and down on my penis. It was glistening in her juices and my saliva, as I positioned myself standing on the floor and she bent over on the bed, so that the head of my penis rested on her asshole. She was bending down with her hair hanging about her face and she tried to turn her face to look at me. I held my cock and putting it at the mouth of her asshole, pushed it in. Her ass was really tight and only with more force could I manage to slide in about an inch. She was in some pain as was evident from sounds that she was making and the way her asshole was pulsating! I told her that she just has to relax and bear it for a while and then it would be nice. Slowly I drove my whole cock into her ass until it was fully in and the root of my tool was against her ass cheeks. She was sobbing in pain! I then started to fuck her very slowly at first, pulling my cock out and sliding it back in slowly! Soon she stopped the crying and started moaning in pleasure, as I drove in and out of her ass. "Ah...Ah...Ah.." she went with every stroke, as her breasts lolled below her and swung wildly with every push of mine. She got into the rhythm and started to heave her ass to meet my driving strokes as I drove deeper, harder and faster into her ass. She started to pant and her head flailed wildly as she screamed and moaned in pleasure. I could see my huge penis, glistening as it came out and disappeared into her asshole again and again! Fuck...Fuck...Fuck..! We went on! After a while I, took out my penis and just by changing the angle slightly, rammed it into her cunt which was dripping juice. She let out a cry as I entered her from behind and continued to fuck her. She moved and thrust her hips faster and faster, and made sounds of "Oh....ah...ah....oh..." as I fucked her. My balls danced wildly, and that sound of fucking, the "Fuchh...Fuchh" sound of meat against meat, was heavenly as our pleasure went rocketing. I could feel the juices in me rising now and my cock became harder! I could feel the stirring in my loins as the cum welled up, and my excitement started rising exponentially! My strokes became faster and harder as I fucked her deeper with every shove. I was pulling her hips with every stroke and driving my penis deep into her, tearing away at her cunt, as her love juices soaked my balls. I knew that I was about to cum, and a deep groan started in throat. I took my cock out and in the same motion turned her around so that once again she was facing me. I was standing on the floor, my engorged, pulsating cock was in my hands as I started stroking it, up and down. She sat up and grabbed my cock and started to stroke it, and sucking it with her mouth and licking it with her tongue. My cum was rising in me fast as I saw her head bobbing up and down on my penis, taking it deep into her throat. As I was about to cum I grabbed my cock and gave the final few strokes myself and then it exploded, the cum shooting out of my penis, in strong spurts and falling on her face, again and again, my cock pulsating as it shot out the hot load, my hands jerking my penis. My thick milky cum fell on her face and she licked it as it dripped down on to her mouth and breasts. She took my throbbing ejaculating cock in her mouth, a deep groan

escaping my throat as the load continued to erupt out of my cock in response to her sucking tongue, my penis filling her mouth with cum. I caught her head, grabbing her by the hair, and pulled her mouth into my crotch, shoving my penis deeper into her mouth, the cum continuing to come. While she sucked and swallowed my seed, I fondled and rubbed her cheeks, spreading my sticky cum over her lovely face as she looked up at me and squeezed my balls. She drew my cock out of her mouth after she had sucked and swallowed the last drop of my cum. I was exhausted, and flopped down on the bed, panting and enjoying the calmness at the end of the climactic pleasure as she fondled my hair and cradled my head in her breasts. That, my friends, was one of the best fucks I have ever had. I continued to fuck her for a long time, and she enjoyed it because she often told me " Tum bahoot maahir chuddakar ho! Aur tumhara lund....haai!!"

By : Raj Radhakrishnan


Hi, I am new at this. Never got a chance to share my sexual experiences with others. Let me see how well I can recapture all those hot moments. My girlfriend's name is shehanai. She is a pretty and intelligent female, with a nice ass. I fell in love with her because of her big ass, which shakes a lot when she walks. I would like to thank all those ancestors of ours for inventing high heel footwear, which increases the asss haking capacity of girls. Let me not wander around and get straight to the POINT. First of all shehnai is not the heroine of this story. I had gone to visit her at her apartment one Saturday evening. Usually we meet and have sex during the weekends. I rang the bell and was waiting for her. It took some time for the door to open. But it was not shehnai. "May I know who you are", I asked. Then she gave me a big lecture, through which she basically conveyed the message that she is Shehnai's elder sister who has come for a visit, and shehnai has gone to another friends place for a party. I was a bit disappointed, because I was out of town during the week, and hadn't 'done IT' for almost one week, and now shehnai is not there. But suddenly I realized that I have overlooked something,. YES, this sister of shehnai had big tits. "Can I come in", I asked. "Of course, please come in, ….Sheh had told me about you", she showed me in, with an inviting smile. I was trying not to look directly THERE, but failing miserably. "Oh, what did she say about me" " That you are a very nice guy, …anyway… would you like some tea?" I wanted to say her, how beautiful she looked, and how big her tits were etc. But I was trying to be a bit decent. Our Conversation went on, and I came to know that she is married, and also that her husband is in the army ..etc. Her back was facing me and I just couldn't control

my eyes from massaging her body with my looks. I took all the courage and went closer to her and kept my hands on her shoulder. She turned and gave me a cold stare first, and then slowly blushed, and then asked "Raj will you make love to me??, I haven 't had sex for 3 months… Please". This is too fast I thought, but there was no time to think anything. I pulled her neck towards me and forced my lips into hers, wow… It was hot, I could feel the blood flowing in her lips, I kissed her even more passionately, by inserting my tongue into her mouth, and she responded by exploring my mouth with her soft tongue. It was nice to feel her tongue touching my throat. She started kissing all over my lips and ears and behind my neck, and her hands where grabbing my buttocks. I was searching for the hooks of her blouse. Suddenly she pushed me back, and made me sit on a chair. Then she thew the top part of the blue sari down, and started unhooking her blouse hooks, my eyes were bulging out , and I could not wait to see those boobs getting uncovered. After removing the blouse she turned back and started removing her bra also. I pulled her towards me and kissed her back ,while she was doing it. I ran my lips and tongue across the length of her back till I touched her neck. When I kissed her shoulders she moaned passionately….. She turned back, and with a naughty look through her bra off. The sight of two tight tits with the big pink areola,… wow, I could feel my dick banging on my pants trying to come out. She pulled me towards her, and kissed on my lips again, Here tits were pressing hard against my chest, and I was feeling her big ass in my hands. I made her sit on the chair, and knelt on my knees, I took one of her big tight tit in my hand and caressed the nipple with my thumbs. I could see her shivering. At the same time I started licking her other nipple, and after some time I couldn't control it. I took her boob fully into my mouth, while my tongue was pressing hard against the areola and nipple. Whenever I bit her boob softly with my teeth, she gave me a very sweet "Raajjjjj…" moan. My experienced hand was fondling the other boob. At some point, she grabbed me by my head and released her boob from my mouth, and pushed me back she spread her legs more widely and showed her velvet panty.. She pulled my hands and made me place it there. (Those of you who would have 'done IT', will know and how hot and wet it will be).Then she made me put my hand inside her panty. I just moved my fingers touching her cunt lips, as she sat back and enjoyed. I pulled her panty in a bit hurry; and it tore off. From her face I could make out that she liked my aggressiveness. I just pushed her legs wider and showed my head into the right place. I spread her cunt lips and pushed the tip of my tongue deep into her love hole; the nice aroma, and the wetness, and hot ness of her cunt made me wild. I used my thumb to play with her lovebutton also. She was clutching my head and pushing it deeply into her crotch. My nose was buried deep into her thick bush and was getting tickled nicely. She stopped for a moment and separated my mouth from her wet hole and stood up. I started kissing her thighs, and went down till her tows. Then she kept her leg on my shoulder, and slid it behind me. Now my head was right under her cunt. She lowered it slowly again, and pushed me down till my head touched the ground. She started fucking my mouth with her cunt. She was rubbing it so hard against my mouth and nose as though she had gone mad. I realized that she is wild and will come at any time. I wanted her to

cum along with me and climax at the same time. I unzipped my pants and took my tool out. I pulled her right hand and made her wrap her soft hand around my hot cock. She still continued rubbing her cunt lips against my face, but started working with my tool also. After some time, while I was on the verge of coming, I lifted her body grabbing her ass and managed to slide my crotch under hers. My dick was so straight I had tough time directing it into her cunt. When I entered she gave a deep sigh and moaned "thanxxx raj". She started fucking me softly and slowly in the beginning looking right into my eyes, and calling me all sweet names. She was so wet that, when I looked at the base of my cock, I could see the cum dripping at the opening and lubricating my cock. With her banging movements getting stronger and stronger, I could feel my balls shuddering. She was very good at the art of fucking. I was lying down and enjoying her body working around my cock. Some times, she just reduced the speed of fucking and looked deep into my eyes, and whispered, "Raj you are a very nice guy". She even made her cunt a bit tight, at times and made it a difficult for my cock to slide through. But The feeling of her cunt tightening and loosening around my cock was heavenly…. I could feel her movements becoming stronger and moanings became louder. My hands were fondling her tits, which had become as hard as metal. She was shouting I am coming… I am coming…, and she pressed my hands against the boobs which I was fondling, I was also on the verge of climaxing , and started rocking my cock hard. I could feel my dick going deep into her, and then the waves of passion, flowing across my body, and the semen splashing deep into her vagina. She had also peeked, and there were those orgasmic waves occurring in her cunt, crushing and loosening my dick periodically. I don’t remember how much time I lied there with my dick in her cunt. She was kissing passionately on my neck when I got up. "Do you still want the tea "she asked. "Probably something cold would be better, to chill me out", I answered while grabbing a piece of her ass. It was the greatest fuck I ever had….



Here's my story of my childhood, say, as I was only 13 at the time of happening. I was living in the great city of Pakistan - Karachi and along with my studies I was used to sit with our street's Air Conditioners' Mechanic Chacha Fazloo and used to know about the repairing of A.Cs. My childhood was not your normal, typical childhood. As most kids were chumming around with others, I ended up spending most of my time at home, or with my siad Chacha Fazloo. Interestingly enough, I went a number of times with Chacha to his favorite hang-out; a friend of his operated a gas station that was frequented by truckers. So, by the age of 13, I had been exposed to every known word in the book, along with stealing some glances at the magazines that they had there. Seemed like some of them used "Fuck" for every other word coming out of their mouths. Needless to say, this left me with an idle curiosity of women as a whole. As I grew older, Chacha started

taking me on jobs with him; he ran an air conditioning business on the side. One of his clients was the apartment complex next to the high school I was going to. I'd go with him on these jobs, helping him out with the ladders, installing Freon, swapping out compressors, etc. Occasionally, we'd have to go into the apartments to make sure that the air conditioner would kick on and cool down the apartments. Well, one day there was a problem with the air conditioner in an apartment nearby my house. Needless to say, since it was a Saturday, I went with Chacha to help him. We'd went to the apartment manager's office to get the work order, and then proceeded to the apartment. When we got there, we found that there was a leak on the roof, and that it would require only a small soldering job, along with filling up the unit with more Freon. After doing this, we went down to the apartment itself, and knocked on the door. A woman, I'd say in her late twenties, answered the door. We told her that we had worked on the air conditioner, and wanted to check to make sure that it was cooling her apartment. She invited us in, and let us go to the thermostat. Chacha started to play with the controls, as I just scanned my eyes around the room. She seemed to be into computers, and music (which was my pastime; I was programming in three different languages, and enjoyed computer music/synthesizers). We started to get into a conversation, and then wouldn't you know -- Chach said all looked okay and that we should go. As we were leaving, the girl gave me a slip of paper. Not thinking anything about it, I put it into my pocket. Later on that day, when I was at home and in my room, I started to empty out my pockets. I came across that piece of paper--it said that she wanted me to call her and gave her phone number. Not knowing any better, I went to the phone and dialed the number. After a few rings, the phone was answered--it was that woman. "Yes, who is it?" she asked--not thinking anything was wrong, I said it was the kid she gave the note to earlier today; from the air conditioning job. All of a sudden, her voice changed-- she sounded mysterious. "I wanted to talk more to you about things, but you had to go. Could you come over some time so we could talk more?" I guess that I might have found a new friend, so I said that I could ride my bike over. I told my parents that I was going over to a friend's house, and would be back later that night. When I got to the apartment complex, I found a place to store my bike and lock it up. I went to the apartment, and knocked on the door. "Who is it?," I heard her call out. "It's me, the kid you asked to come over." I heard her say "Come on in, and close the door. I'll be out in a second." So, I entered the apartment and closed the door. She had on some rather soft music and one of the lava lights going in the background. I sat down on the couch and waited for her. After a few minutes, she walked into the room. I was completely shocked; I looked at her and saw a completely naked woman coming towards me. I started to back away from her, on the couch. She looked at me, and started to chuckle; "Well, what do you know -- a virgin!". I cringed, not knowing what to do. "Please, lady -- what do you want?" My body was trembling at this point; it would be obvious to anyone. "Relax, and calm down. I just wanted to show you how much I appreciated our chat earlier today, and that I want to share myself with you..." "But, I've never ...," the words coming out with a nervousness that I'd never had before. "Look, let me show you that it's ok." She took my hand and

kissed the fingers slowly, then guided it to her body. "This is a breast, and see my erect nipples? Feel how soft and hard they are." My hand was guided around the mounds that I’d only seen in pictures. It felt so different,, I just couldn't describe the difference in touch. She moved my fingers onto her nipple, and started to lightly touch them with my hand. "See what you do to me?," she said in a low voice. " I want you to come here and kiss my breasts." I was pulled towards her, my head drawn to those lucious mounds. I started to kiss each one; in doing so, i could hear her make different noises. "Suck on my nipples!" she commanded, pressing my mouth onto one of the erect brown beauties. I started to suck on it, ever so lightly. I wasn't sure, but i thought that i could taste something liquidy in my mouth that I was unfamiliar with. I'm not sure why, but i started to slowly and gently nibble on them also, as she held me close to her. While I was doing this, I opened my eyes and found that i was looking right into her "private" area. I'd never seen anything like it; she had her pubic hair trimmed, exposing herself to my glances. I guess that after a while, she knew that i was transfixed on something else. She started to open her legs, to reveal her "womanhood" to me. Nothing in the pictures that I'd seen earlier had a woman with her legs spread...I was completely unprepared for this... "Wait, now, I want to let you look at me...", she motioned me away, as she re-adjusted herself on the couch... "This is my clitoris," she pointed to me with her long fingers. "It's commonly referred to as a 'clit', and what is right below it is the entrance to my vagina...also referred to as a 'cunt'. I want you to look at my clit now, and see what you have done to me." She motioned me towards her again, wanting my face to be in the area of her clit. "I want you to kiss it, just as you did my nipples," she said in a rather low voice. I bent forward and kissed her clit, and the surrounding areas.. "Lick it!", she ordered, as i was kissing her inner thighs. My tongue started to move around, in circular motions, on her clit. It tasted different, like nothing I’d had tasted before. While doing this, i could hear her moan softly, but it increased in sound as i touched various parts of her with my TONGUE. She pulled my head towards her, demanding that I place my TONGUE in her cunt. I was in a fantasy world, there was nothing else to do but comply. I could taste and feel a whole different world, with my TONGUE probing around inside of her cunt. Her moans became louder, and i could feel her body start to tremble...All of a sudden, fluids started coming out of her cunt--i jerked back not knowing what had happened...I could see her body trembling, as she held herself and the fluids dripping from her body. After a few moments, the trembling stopped, and I could see that she had a smile on her face. I asked what had happened. She looked at me and grinned; "You made me orgasm, or "cum". It's a very pleasurable state to be in. I'll show you what I mean, and then we can both "cum" together." She reached over to me and pulled the T-shirt over my head, exposing my upper torso. "See, yours gets hard too, and responds just like mine", as she bent over and started to lick and suck on my nipples. A strange feeling was starting to come over me. I didn't know what was exactly happening to me. I could feel that my 'thing' was changing; it was getting hard. She noticed this, and made a comment of now taking off the rest of my clothes. I wasn't sure what to do, but after all-she did let me see her body. So, I let her unzip my jeans, and pull them

down. My 'thing' was starting to bounce a little, and i noticed a little wet spot on the underwear. She got on her knees and pulled down my underwear, exposing my 'thing' to the open air. "My, what a beautiful, large penis you have. This is also called many things, but the most common are 'rod' and 'dick'. I want to kiss it now." She moved towards me, kissing my throbbing 'thing', ahh rod, with her ruby lips. The next thing I knew, she had placed most of my rod within her mouth, and started to suck on it. I could feel her TONGUE circling around the shaft, and tracing itself up and down. My body started to shake; I found myself duplicating her "moans" and didn't know exactly why. She also started to fondle the two mounds underneath my rod, touching them gently with her fingers. I found that something was building up inside of me, and before I knew it--I felt something coming out of my rod. I could hear her swallow whatever it was; I never had this happen before to me. After a few moments, the feeling subsided--no more gushing from my rod. I looked down to her, and saw that she was smiling; something white was dribbling from her mouth. "What happened?", I wanted to know what just occurred to me. She looked at me and said that I had climaxed/"cum", just like her. She also said that this was a first for her; not ever having tasted a man's semen (later to find out this was called other things too...). She noticed that I was still rigid. Looking at me, she asked if I'd like to now find out what it was like to "cum" together. After all that had happened so far, I figured what the heck -- "Sure". She got up, and pulled me with her into her bedroom. She laid back on the bed, and asked me to slowly lay on top of her. As I was doing this, she grabbed my dick and placed it between the lips of her cunt. "Now, push slowly, and come to me", she asked. It felt as if I were entering another world, with my rod slowly entering her moist, wet cunt. As I was close to being all the way in, she wrapped her legs around my body and pulled me in all the way. "God, you feel good!", she cried out, as I felt the tip of my rod hitting something inside of her. "Let's get used to each other for a while", she moaned in a low voice. "Kiss me, she asked". So, as I started to kiss her cheek, she turned her head and we kissed on the lips. After a few minutes, something strange was happening; she started to enter and explore my mouth with her TONGUE. It seemed pleasurable, so I started to respond likewise. Her legs started to move, something on building up a rhythm method. I started to match her movements, with that of my own. I could feel different things happening to both her and myself--her body started to tremble as I was feeling different things contracting around my dick. After a few minutes, I found that we were both getting short of breath and moaning...we were both reaching that climax stage. I began to emit the jets of my 'cum' again; I guess this triggered something in her, since she cried out "My GOD I'M CUMMING!!!". Both of our bodies became locked--fluids were flowing from the two of us and intermingling. We were locked together for what seemed an eternity; finally, the throbbing went away, and we both collapsed on the bed. I opened my eyes after a few minutes, to look at this beautiful woman who had introduced me to the knowledge of sexual pleasure. Her body was magnificent, and I could only think of reaching over and kissing her again, and fondling her breasts. After some time I have left

her apartment and she said to me that all the things not to be told to anybody and also that I should come to her as and when my rod requires her. ASIM



Hi, My name is Dipti this is my true story, I want share with girls like me. I left my village for my studies, as I’m a brilliant student and I got admission in engineering, which is far from my village, so I joined in ladies hostel. In hostel I got a room with three beds so I have to share with two other girls, out of the two girls one girl is new like me and another girl is our senior. I was very tired with the journey, and very uncomfortable as it’s a new place, I washed my face and started changing my dress to nightie, and I absorb that the senior girl Sangeeta is looking very curiously at me, and smiling. I fell shy, let me tell I’m a beautiful girl 17 years old fair, 5’6 height, 56kg weight and very big breast that can attract even the girls. 38 size, firm with dark brown nipples and pointed tits, with a good shape. My belly is round, deep and big. I’m having round beautiful ass. Long legs and good thighs, I removed my salwar kameez and I’m wearing only bra, which can’t cover my big boobs and panties. Sangeeta passed a comment wow you are beautiful, I received the complement with smile. Like all other collages in India in my collage also there was a ragging problem, around 10 PM at the night, my senior girls came to my room, there are six girls in that batch, they closed the doors. First they caught the other new girl, who stays in my room and asked about her personal things, and asked to sing, dance etc, after Sangeeta introduced me to the girls. One of the girls asked about my bra size, I fell shy, another girl squeezed my breast and said wow it’s wonderful, and all other girls asked me to take of my nightie. I was helpless and I obey there order, and take off my nightie I was wearing pink color bra and panties which is very suitable for my color, Sangeeta asked take off bra, and I refused but one girl pulled my bra and my boobs came out. One girl pulled my panties, and all of them saw my clean shaved pussy, with long lips, "nice cunt" one other girl passed the comment. And they asked how you masturbate, I said I won’t. "tho kiske saat choodwayegi" one other girl asked, I got annoyed and shouted shut you bitch, she slap on my face and said "saali tere gand chodhungi", and she took off her cloths. She is a beautiful girl with 34 size with black nipples, her unshaved pussy is having silky pubic hair, and she pushed me on the bed. I confused, I unable to understand what’s happening, she started kissing on my lips and I started protesting her. Sangeeta started squeezing my nipples and she also took off her dress, and other girls also become naked. The girl started kissing deeply with her tongue in my mouth, one girl started sucking my nipple and some others started licking my thighs. My body becomes so light, and I started feeling like flying. That

was my first kiss and I cooperated to that girl by opening my mouth, and she got from me. I was laying on bed naked, all other girls are around me with there naked bodies, I felt so hot and started sweating, one girl smelled my under arms, and started licking my right breast and another girl from left. Two girls shared my thighs and one girl started licking my wet pussy. I wanted to be fucked by someone. And I asked the girls to fuck. They took the promise that I will keep open my wet pussy for them, to fuck any time, and asked me to choose any of them as it’s my first experience. All of them are beautiful, but I choose Pooja. She is really a rare beauty, fair long dark hair, 5.5" height 36 size perfect breast with brown nipple, deep belly and sweet horny cunt, with light silky hair. All others appreciated my selection, and asked me to open my legs so that they can lick my pussy for that day. After squeezing my breast and ass, all are taken a kisses from me and they took the new girl to lick there pussy’s. Pooja, Sangeeta and me left alone in the room, Sangeeta said she is my bitch and I can do anything with her and she is going to sleep with me in the room. First time I kissed Pooja on her lips it was really very sweet her boobs were very firm and I bite the nipples, sangeeta started licking my ass. And pooja with the dick (dildo) fucked my pussy with very fast jerks. That was my first experience. Any girls want to share there experiences are wants to be my pen pal they are welcome my address


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