Stars in Their Eyes-pages 82-85 (1

Exercise 4 page 82 a) Alma: The Atacama Large Milimetre Array.

b) Chajnantor, in one part of Chile's Atacama desert c) A transportable receiver which shows and let analize signals from deep space

Exercise 5 page 84 paragraph C Starts describing the top's telescope and ends with the bottom.

Questions 1-4 labelling diagram 1 2 3 4 dish sub-reflector cylindrical platform Steel base

Questions 5-11 multiple answer questions 5-7 8-9 B,C,E A, B

10-11 B, C

Questions 12-14 true/false/not given 12 13 14 TRUE TRUE FALSE

Exercise 6 page 84 featureless arid dead l negligible hostile empty desiccated lifeless puny inhospitable

. continue studying with our life existance and galaxy existance..Exercise 7 page 84 a) 3 synonyms of “very big” (pg.. mammoth.F) human f) 2 synonyms of “receiving” (pg. But sure. manned moon flights.D) giant.E): faint c) opposite of “solid”(pg. B. I would First of all erradicate human and societies drawbacks or illnesess. outrageously b) opposite of “bright”(pg. And after. . our being hisory. b) Although it has a huge cost. to reach Exercise 8 page 84 a) b) c) d) e) f) outrageously mammoth giant faint /galaxy fluid bright Exercise 9 page 84 a) The existance of new galaxies.G) to collect.F): fluid d) 2 synonims of “universe” (pg. black holes. c) I will find interest to have the opportunity to travel beyond the systems or flights beyond the solar system. it has an understandable value for money.F) cosmos.. galaxies e) a synonym of “ people” (pg.

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