Comparing Two Stories: Bravery

Name ________________________________________ Date ____________________ Character Comparisons, Story 1 Rosa’s family had moved to a new town during the summer, so when school started in the fall, Rosa was a little bit nervous, even though she had made a few friends over the summer. Her mother offered to drive her to school on the first day, but Rosa declined. She wanted to ride the bus and get a look at the other kids on her way to school. As luck would have it, she knew two girls on the bus. She had met Keisha and Patti at the local swimming pool this summer, and they called her over to sit with them. They talked on the ride in to school. They took turns trying to impress each other with stories about all the fun they had during their summer vacation. Keisha and Patti seemed to be popular with the other kids, because everyone said “hi” to them when they got on the bus. They also introduced Rosa to everyone. Rosa was relieved. Maybe things would get off to a good start after all. Then some children got on at the next stop, and Rosa noticed some of them were picking on a little girl with thick glasses. No one let the little girl sit with them. Someone threw her lunch out the window. Rosa couldn’t believe that she wasn’t crying after that treatment. “Who’s that?” she asked Keisha and Patti. “Oh, don’t pay any attention to her. That’s Pig. She doesn’t have any friends,” said Patti. Then, much to Rosa’s shock, Patti made oinking noises. Rosa found out the girl’s name was Peg, but everyone called her Pig. No one could explain to Rosa why they picked on Peg: they just did. As Keisha told her, “someone has to be the lowest of the low.” At lunch, Rosa sat at the popular kids’ table in the cafeteria and joked around with Keisha and Patti. It felt good to have someone to joke with. It was only the first day of school, and she already had friends – popular friends! After she finished eating, Rosa went outside to play with her new friends until class started. She saw Peg leaning up against a tree, at the other end of the school, and for a moment wondered why she hadn’t been in the cafeteria. Then she remembered what had happened to Peg’s lunch on the bus that morning. Suddenly, Rosa felt sad. That night she baked cookies with her mother, and told her about Peg. “I think I have to make a decision,” Rosa said to her mother. The next morning she sat with Keisha and Patti on the school bus again. When Peg’s stop came, and no one wanted to let her sit down, Rosa waved her over. “There’s room here, Peg.” “What are you doing?” Patti hissed at her, but Rosa ignored her. “They steal your lunch again, Peg?” Rosa asked her. Peg nodded glumply. Rosa gave her a peek into her lunch box. “Thought so. I packed an extra ham sandwich just in case. And some cookies.” Then she turned to Keisha and Patti, who were rolling their eyes. “Bullying hurts people. Her name is Peg. And she does have a friend: me.”


If he went with them. Saturday came. If he declined. It had been closed for at least ten years.” he said. even if it was a derelict factory. “Good man. “What about night watchmen?” one of the boys asked. playing computer games and running around. The boys crowded through a hole in the chain-link fence and trotted in the dark through twisted machines and piles of debris. Thomas?” asked Jack. Jack shook his head. he would be branded as a wimp. he would be one of them. “We’re going to the factory Saturday night. Thomas was an athletic boy. breaking and entering wasn’t his idea of fun. Story 2 “How brave are you. But the boys had other ideas.” Thomas said. the other boys were already there. “We’re going to take some ropes with us and do a little climbing. When he got to Jack’s house. a big pile of rusting machinery and broken down buildings. “I have something to confess…” ©2008abcteach. “What happened?” Thomas said.” Thomas said. “I’m out of here. and Thomas got permission to spend the night at Jack’s house. and then helped Jack hobble to the street. It wasn’t hard to keep track of the others: he could hear their shouts and laughter clear across the factory. but Thomas didn’t tell that to his parents. A guard drives by once or twice a night.” one said. The other boys looked frightened. He doesn’t even get out of his truck.” he said. He disappeared into the shadows. together with some cans of spray paint. There wasn’t much he was afraid of. He was shocked to see the boy on the ground was Jack. “I’m in.” Jack said. Jack’s parents were out of town.” he said. “but you have to go to the hospital. Thomas knew what “out” meant. He nodded. “There aren’t any. As soon as it got dark they packed some climbing ropes into a pack.” Then Thomas called his father. “Are you brave? Are you chicken?” Thomas sensed that Jack and his friends had something dangerous planned. “This machine tipped over on top of Jack. “I’ll get you out of here. he could see the gang of boys looking at someone on the ground. In the moonlight. “Maybe we will. Suddenly. and walked through a big field alongside the freeway until they got to the rear of the factory. He ran across the building. Jack patted him on the back. His leg is stuck.” he said. Jack protested. except maybe being called a wimp. “Wussies. Are you in or are you out?” Jack said. He was new in . where Thomas called an ambulance. “Dad. he heard a crash and someone yelling. But somehow. He used a steel rod to lever the machine off Jack’s leg. and the rest followed him. He liked to climb.” “Then what are we waiting for?” said Thomas. And some cans of paint and write our names up on the roof. I think it’s broken!” “We have to get it off of him. Jack. saying they would get into trouble. but he just stops in the parking lot and looks around.” Thomas said. Thomas wandered away from the rest of the boys and spent an hour exploring the factory.Comparing Two Stories: Bravery Name ________________________________________ Date ____________________ Character Comparisons.

Rosa Is Rosa new in town? Thomas Is Thomas new in town? Does Rosa want to be popular? Does Thomas want to be popular? Does Rosa discuss her situation with her parents? Does Thomas discuss his situation with his parents? Does Rosa succumb to peer pressure? Does Thomas succumb to peer pressure? Does Rosa do something brave? Does Thomas do something brave? What consequences will Rosa face for her decision? What consequences will Thomas face for his decision? Would she make a good friend? Why? Would he make a good friend? Why? ©2008abcteach.Comparing Two Stories: Bravery Name ________________________________________ Date ____________________ Comparison Charts Use the charts to compare Rosa and .

Comparing Two Stories: Bravery Name ________________________________________ Date ____________________ Now compare the other people in the . Rosa Are the other children friendly to Rosa? Thomas Are the other children friendly to Thomas? Do the other children behave responsibly? Do the other children behave responsibly? Do you approve of the behavior of the other children? Do you approve of the behavior of the other children? Which of the children in the story would you like to have as a friend? Which of the children in the story would you like to have as a friend? Does Rosa change her opinion of her friends? Does Thomas change his opinion of his friends? Do you think Rosa’s parents have taught her to be brave? Do you think Thomas’ parents have taught him to be brave? ©2008abcteach.

Comparing Two Stories: Bravery Name ________________________________________ Date ____________________ Comparison Outline Use the information from your charts to write a compare/contrast response using this outline. Thomas _________________________________________________ his friends. Courage Rosa shows courage by __________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Thomas shows courage by ________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Short Writing Use what you have read to write a short paragraph on how Rosa or Thomas (or both) is (or fails to be) brave. responsibility for her actions is ____________________________________ For Thomas. Relationship with parents Rosa _________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Thomas _______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 5. Responsibility For Rosa. Friends Rosa ___________________________________________________ her friends. responsibility for his actions is __________________________________ 4. Desiring popularity Rosa ________________________________________________________________ Thomas ______________________________________________________________ . 3. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ©2008abcteach. 1. Fill in the blanks with your information.

Thomas: Yes. they break and enter. they are cruel to Peg. What consequences will they face for their actions? Rosa: She might lose her other friends. No – Thomas succumbed to peer pressure. but she will have Peg as a friend. Are the other children friendly to them? Rosa: Yes. he cares for Jack when he gets hurt. Thomas: Yes. but they pressure him to do something dangerous. and they run away when there is an accident. Peg Thomas: Answers may vary. Most likely: Thomas. Most likely: Rosa. she defends Peg and befriends her. Do they change their opinion of their friends? Rosa: Yes. Thomas: Yes. and then they run away when there is an accident. Would they make a good friend? Rosa: Yes. Do you think their parents taught them to be brave? Rosa: Yes. at least Jack. and probably the respect of his friends. they vandalize. she is brave and considerate of others. Yes – He stuck by Jack. but he will have self-respect. ©2008abcteach. Jack. Thomas: Somewhat. Do the other children behave responsibly? Rosa: No. Thomas: No. Thomas: He might get in trouble for entering the old factory. Do you approve of the behavior of the other children? Rosa: No Thomas: No Which of the children in the story would you like to have as a friend? Rosa: Answers may vary. probably Thomas: May . he doesn’t abandon a friend in a time of need. and she will have self-respect.Comparing Two Stories: Bravery Name ________________________________________ Date ____________________ Answer Key Are they new in town? Rosa: Yes Thomas: Yes Do they want to be popular? Rosa: Yes Thomas: Yes Do they discuss their situation with their parents? Rosa: Yes Thomas: No. Do they succumb to peer pressure? Rosa: No Thomas: Yes Do they do something brave? Rosa: Yes. They include him in their gang.

Short Writing Answers will vary. One possibility is: Rosa is new in school and wants to be popular. 5. Thomas wants to be popular. however. and second by confessing to his father what he had done. Responsibility For Rosa. Rosa shows bravery by deciding to do what she knows is right – defend Peg from bullying – despite peer pressure to bully Meg. Thomas goes along with and is loyal to his friends. 2. but not at all costs. Thomas initially lies to his parents but then confesses. In fact. responsibility for his actions is something he ultimately learns. Thomas shows courage by staying with his friend and getting him to a hospital. doing the right thing is more important than being . 4. ©2008abcteach. first by helping Jim after the other boys run away. responsibility for her actions is a high priority. Thomas does not show bravery. even though it means he might get into trouble. For Rosa. For Thomas. Friends Rosa defends her friends. and she shows bravery by standing up for her principles. 3.Comparing Two Stories: Bravery Name ________________________________________ Date ____________________ Outline 1. Desiring popularity Rosa wants to be popular. and for Peg. even though she knows she risks losing her popular friends. He shows a lack of bravery a second time by not being open with his parents about the fact that Jim's parents would not be home when he spent the night at Jim's house. He confuses risk-taking and doing dangerous things (climbing around the abandoned factory) with bravery. Courage Rosa shows courage by standing up to peer pressure and defending Peg. he shows a lack of bravery by succumbing to peer pressure to go to the factory with his friends. At the end of the story. Thomas finally shows bravery. At first. Relationship with parents Rosa discusses her problems with her mother.

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