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NPTEL Syllabus

Manufacture of Automobile Components Web course
COURSE OUTLINE To understand the various manufacturing processes of automobile components. At the end of the course, the student will be able to identify the processes used to manufacture the component(s).


COURSE DETAIL Sl. No Course contents

Automobile Engineering
Pre-requisites: 1. Basics of Automobile Engineering. 2. Manufacturing Processes. 3. Production Technology.


Casting of engine block - conventional and expendable pattern.


Casting for cylinder heads, , forging of crank shaft, connecting rod and gudgeon pins.


Casting of piston, upset forging of valves, piston ring manufacturing & Engine bearing manufacturing.

Coordinators: Dr. S. Neelakrishnan Department of Automobile EngineeringPSG College of Technology Mr. Benjamin Shiloh Davidson Department of Automobile EngineeringPSG College of Technology


Manufacturing of friction plates, Manufacture of composite friction lining, Casting of gear box casing, precision forging of gears.


Continuous casting of propeller shaft, Forging of rear axles, casting of rear axle casing, wheels, brake drum.


Tyre manufacturing.


Thermoforming, hydro forming & press forming, welding of body panels.


Injection moulding of instrument panel.


Metal/polymer/metal panels, Adhesives and sealants.


Leaf spring manufacturing.


Chemical Vapour Deposition and Physical Vapour Deposition.


Spraying, plating and painting in paint booth.

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