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Mt. Lehman Roller Coaster Ride Take Hwy 1 east Exit 73 North on 264 St.

Right on 56 Ave Right on Baynes Street and park on roadside.

58 Ave 64th Ave


right on Riverside and look for Matsqui Park entrance

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Taylor Rd

Burgess Ave

* Be careful not to go out to Harris Road. Turn north on the TCT trail which goes west from the parking lot along Olund to Burgess Ave.

Matsqui Park

Page Rd

Mt.Lehman Rd

* Park on Baynes Myrtle Ave

Lefeuvre Rd

Harris Rd

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Hargitt St

Ross Rd

Bradner Rd


Hawkins Rd Haverman Rd
Mt.Lehman Rd Ross Rd Olund Rd

Townshipline Road
Bates Rd Glenmore

Bell Rd

Townshipline Road


Olund Rd

* South on Riverside St - quiet road just west of highway. Cross at lights on Clayburn Rd.

Clayburn Rd Clayburn Store * for lunch