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Opening Presentation : (Mutia) Assalamualaikum, Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

First of all, I’d like to thank to Mrs.Widya for giving us the opportunity to present our presentation and thanks also to the audience for coming here today. Let me introduce our group, we are here from group 2, the member of our group ar In this opportunity, We’d like to talk about fashion. We’ll start by describing the definition about fashion, then we’ll move on to the fashion style for women and men. After that, we will describe about fashion accessories. Finally, we’ll quickly recap before concluding with some recommendations. Please, hold your thought and questions as I will give you the opportunity for question in question and answer session at the end of my presentation. Let’s start the definition about fashion by…

Answer question : Now it’s the time for you to give the questions that you might have..

Closing Presentation : (Reza Ayu) Before I close the presentasion, I’d like to conclude about what we’ve been discuss about fashion. Fashion is….. And now it’s time to bring the presentation to a close. Thank you so much to all the audience for your kind attention. Wassaalamualaikum wr.wb