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At a 'Ierm of the AppelJ-ate Divi sion of the Supreme Court hecl in and for the First Judiciaf Department

in the County of New York on June 6t 2013.


Luis A. GonzaIez, John lrl . Sweeny/ Jr Rosalyn H. Richter Darcel D. Clark,

Presding Justice,

Black Car Assist-ance Cor:poration, et aJ-. , Pet itioners-Appel lants, For a Judgment Pursuant to Article 78 of the CPLR'
-agains tThe City of New York, et al.

14-2 4 66

Index No. 100321/13


Respondents -Re spondent s,


Metropolitan T'axi<:ab I3oard of

eL d-1 . I


Intervenors -Res;ronden


An appeal havinq been taken from the order and judgment (one paper) of the Supreme Court, New York County, entered on or about

Apri1 26, 2013,

And petitioners-appel-Lants having moved for reief in the nature of a preliminary appellat-e injunctj-on enjoining respondents from proceeding wibh t-he implemenl-at-ion of the so-caIled "e-hail pilot program" by responcJenL New York Cjty Taxi and Limousine Commission, pending hearing ancJ deterrninat-ic>n of the aforesa Ld appeal, and for other refief (M-2466), And Flailo Network USA, Inc, having moved for leave to intervene in connection with the aforesaid appeal, and for other ref ief (M-2514) , Now, upon reading and filinq the papers with respect to the motions, and due detjberation having been had thereon,

It is oclered t.hat- the mo1-.ions are den ed, and l-he interim relief granted by an order of a Justice of t-his court- dated May 1, 20I3t is vacated.