One fine morning a man w as le aving a cafe after his mo rning c offee, wh en he no ticed a m ost un usual funeral pro

cession A funeral coffin was fol lo wed by a second one about 50 fee t behind t he first. Behind t he se cond c offin w as a sol itary ma n walking wit Behind h im was a queue of abou t 2000 men w The man c ouldn 't s tand h is c uriosity. h a black dog. line.

alking in a single

He ap proac hed t he man w alking wit h th e dog, "I am so sor ry for your loss, and I kno w now is a bad ti me to disturb you, bu t I've never seen a funeral like th is wit h so many of you walking in singl e line. W hose funeral is it? "The man re plie d, "Wel l, th at first c offin is for my wife." What ha ppened to h er? her." He inquired furt "The man re plie d, "My dog at tac ked and kille d

her, "Wel l, wh o is in t he sec ond c offin? "

The man ans wered, "My mo ther-in- law. S he was t rying t o help my w ife and t he dog atta cked and killed h er also. "

A th oughtful mo ment of silence passes bet
: :

ween th e tw o men.


Then the first one asks in excitement "Can I borrow the dog? "

The man calmly replied "Join the queue."