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Information Services Department

OB JEC TIV ES Intr oduct ion t o Micr osof t Ex cel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that includes
 Describe features that are sophisticated charting and database functions that
common to all electronic quickly and easily allow you to:
spreadsheets - Perform simple and complex calculations
 Define common - Filter data from a database or spreadsheet list
spreadsheet terminology - Chart data in numerous formats
 Create a worksheet in Excel, This class will help you get a comfortable start with this
enter labels, constants, and popular application. You will have the opportunity to
create and edit an Excel worksheet, work with formulas
 Format a worksheet by
and functions, and basic spreadsheet planning.
manipulating labels,
Additionally, you will be able to learn simple formatting

Ge tting Hel p
It is not expected that you will remember everything St eps in De velop ing a
from this workshop. If you need further assistance to Spr ea dshe et
customize your Excel spreadsheets please remember to
use Schooldude for your technology requests. Please 1. Determine the purpose –
remember to use the following link: what inputs, what outputs,
what printed reports
If you do not have access to the internet you may call
the Helpdesk Voicemail at extension 1956 and someone 2. Planning – put it on paper
should respond promptly. first
How do y ou ent er 3. Building and testing – make
sure it manipulates the data
form ul as? correctly
4. Documenting – should
Remember to always start with include something within the

^ - Exponents Examp Please

+ - Addition le: Excuse
My Dear
* - Multiplication
/ - Division
- - Subtraction
Ex cel S pecif ica tio ns

Maximum number of rows 65,536

Maximum number of columns 256
Column width 255 characters
Row height 409 points
Maximum number of sheets 255 (3 is the default) – limited by memory
Number of Functions 329
Zoom Range 10 - 400 percent

REVISED 2/9/2008