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Published by: Dre Lockhart on Jun 06, 2013
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itself is an adventure inte ment al frontiers that \par Challenge even the most stalwart individual. Yeu'll learn the hews \par and whys ef tahee imagery, greup metivatlen theerles based en eelleetlve \par anlmus-anlma symhellsm, hew te slew theught waves and enter the Alpha, \par Theta, Delta levels ef the mlnd, the emetlenal meaning ef eelers, \par hapes and patterns plus yeur hasie lllustratlen and alrhrushing \par teehnlques. Teehnlques that will put jreur newly aequlred seeret \par knewledge te wer]: fer yen. \par Inltlatien inte the psyehelegleal eeneepts and manipulative \par stratagems ef the art eeurse eften eemes as a sheek te these naive \par individuals the eemputer "mlspleked". 36%- ef all prevleus eandldates \par drepped eut in disgust within the first 3 days. Sinee there ls ne \par refund we try te stress that eertaln squeamlsh types ef peeple \par aren't suited fer the psyehelegleal demands ef this fast paeed seeretlve \par business. dur main geal ls te preduee artists and idea persennel \par dedicated and ebedient te the advertising neeesslties lnvelved ln \par regulating Amerleas preduetlen-eensumptlen eyele. \par \par \par }

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