Shopping List for Acadia Trip

Stuff to Buy Here Ocean State: Marshmallows Graham crackers Seltzer Basmati rice Baking mix Ketchup Yellow mustard Dijon mustard Chips Salsa Paper towels Maalox Kalamata olives Grated cheese Reduced sodium chicken broth Cinnamon sticks Bay leaves Sweet pickles Ibuprofen Cookies Soy sauce White vinegar

Stop and Shop: Chocolate bars Fruit and veggie juice Onions

Muffin mix Bread Hamburger buns Potatoes (2) Garlic Tomatoes Red bell pepper Zucchini and squash Eggplant Baby beets Red onion (2) Naan Mayonnaise Eggs (6pk) Milk (small) Stuff to Buy There Goat cheese Mixed baby greens Basil Chives Butter Eggs Parsley Kabab stuff Sandwich meat Stuff Already on Hand Marjoram .

Olive oil Balsamic vinegar Red wine vinegar Jar of red peppers Tea Other spices Dark brown sugar Cider vinegar Honey Miscellaneous Packing List Fire pit Mosquito repellent stuff Suntan lotion Beach towels Beach blanket Hydrogen peroxide Neosporin Bandaids Books Stamps/address book Board games Phone chargers Deodorant Birth control Camelbak Camera Face wash Shampoo and conditioner .

going out shoes) Swimsuit (both) Side Dishes Burger night -.Toothbrushes Female stuff Bar soap Kabab sticks Clothes Packing List 12 pairs socks 8 pairs underwear Hiking shirts (6) Shorts (3) Jeans (2 .Grilled vegetable salad Curry night -.3 nice. 3 comfortable) Sweaters Shoes (Sneakers.1 nice.Spiced basmati rice Pork/fajitas night -.Na'an Kababs night -.American potato salad . 1 relaxing) Sweatshirt Jacket Pajamas Tops (6 . comfy flats.

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