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Rottnest Island- The Storm Begins

Rottnest Island- The Storm Begins

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Published by Dr Paul Weaver
Casual observations of nature and other things on Rottnest Island in May, 2013.
Casual observations of nature and other things on Rottnest Island in May, 2013.

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Published by: Dr Paul Weaver on Jun 07, 2013
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Fremantlebiz - Paul's Letter from Australia

18/05/13 8:33 AM


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Fremantlebiz - Paul's Letter from Australia
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Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Time Event Rottnest Island: The storm begins In the 24 hours leading up to our departure for Rottnest Island yesterday morning Jill and I were a bit anxious about the deteriorating-weather forecast. The weather boffins were suggesting that a storm approaching from the northwest would have the energy of a category two cyclone. We knew if conditions became too severe the ferry could be cancelled. That was our worst fear. Otherwise we actually enjoy storms. But luck was with us, the crossing was speedy and relatively smooth, we obtained the key to our bungalow without a delay, and our baggage was delivered to us promptly, and nice and dry. That’s our abode in the left image below with our new bikes out the front. The storm arrived late afternoon, not long after I took the obligatory image of ‘The Basin’ shown in the other image. There was heavy rain falling for most of the night and the wind strength picked up, but we remained snug and warm because our old bungalow is protected by a grove of trees.

Escaped to Rotto Today promises to be a pretty wild day weather wise. We’ve been looking forward to observing a decent storm on the island for a while. Bring it on. Meat pies are scheduled for lunch. © MMXIII Paul R. Weaver.
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Fremantlebiz - Paul's Letter from Australia

18/05/13 8:33 AM

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