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The Rottnest Causeway, May 2013

The Rottnest Causeway, May 2013

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Published by Dr Paul Weaver
Casual observations of nature and other things on Rottnest Island in May, 2013.
Casual observations of nature and other things on Rottnest Island in May, 2013.

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Published by: Dr Paul Weaver on Jun 07, 2013
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Fremantlebiz - Paul's Letter from Australia

29/05/13 1:38 PM


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Fremantlebiz - Paul's Letter from Australia
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Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Time Event The Rottnest Causeway - May 2013

The Rottnest Causeway, May 2013 Every time we visit Rottnest Island we take a few photos of the causeway leading across salt lakes to the island's western parts. I took the above image one morning few weeks ago when the sun was shining behind me from the north east and a thunderstorm was brewing in the west. I prefer with these sort of photos not to show any people or vehicles, so sometimes patience is required. Birds and animals are okay. Notice the pink tinge which has developed around the periphery of the lakes. The colouration is probably caused by a photosynthetic microorganism (algae) named Dunaliella salina. It reportedly reacts to stress by producing carotenoids and reddish-yellow pigments. Shallow lakes such as exist near the centre of the island seasonally become completely pink. However, I'm unsure of the various factors creating the obvious boundary which is evident in the above image. When this photo is compared with an April 2009 one which was displayed in my 1 June, 2009 entry, the overall water level then was much lower and surface salinity was possibly higher. I'd welcome further explication. © MMXIII Paul R. Weaver.
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Fremantlebiz - Paul's Letter from Australia

29/05/13 1:38 PM

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